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:)PSDadda#5 (C): pg101:2nd batch of reqs (Page 6)

-nautankidollz- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 28 December 2006
Posts: 20441

Posted: 18 November 2011 at 6:03am | IP Logged
aaahhh man !!!
aquaman congos for a new and gorgeous place baby!!!

sanya's baby!!
or is sanaya your baby???Ermm well whatever!!ROFL
all i wanted to say is i just adore adore adore n really adore ur work !!!
specially the icons of this update !!! man just fida on them !!
 u know seeing ur creations from past feww days is making me want to make siggs soo much . have some time this weekend so me n simi are gonna make loads!!!ROFL
simi is just making them to torture meUnhappy
anyway sidni answer me sth?? how do u end up making so new stuff!! love the way u experiment .. ur each sigg is soo diffrent from the rest n yet their is something about all of them that makes them instantly recoganizable as ur creations!!!
ok abhi mein jaa rahi hun!! was thinking of making a fun filled reply , but my head is too much crammed up with computer graphica right now to thing anything funnyStern Smile

so sionara for now sidni !!!
 but plsss update soon .. man ur siggs calm me down .. just like pari's doo!!
they will be soo great help during examsEmbarrassed

loads of love

so sionara!!!

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-Faiza- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 02 January 2010
Posts: 18308

Posted: 18 November 2011 at 7:15am | IP Logged
congratulations for ur new gallery
OMG such huge stuff..Gosh all of them super duper gorgeous
all the icons and avis are soo awsome
OMG such beautiful additi siggies..i just changed my siggy dabba yesterday but now i can resist my self to use one
other than this i loved monaya,mohit and kartika ones too

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AS.. IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 22 May 2008
Posts: 30707

Posted: 18 November 2011 at 10:20am | IP Logged
wooow gallery 5,, woowClap

liked the way u made, amazing coloring
aww avi is shoo shoo shoo cute.

liked each sig,
aamazing way to use pictures and textures woow
liked text and colorings also..


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~*Mehwish*~ IF-Stunnerz

Joined: 27 July 2007
Posts: 30619

Posted: 18 November 2011 at 10:24am | IP Logged
hfgsjkfgsukshag! i will be backkk!Stern Smile

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KaJen.xoxo IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 July 2008
Posts: 15246

Posted: 18 November 2011 at 3:43pm | IP Logged
Siddd Congratulations on your new shopHug Aww thanks for mentioning my name so sweet of you to do thatEmbarrassed may you have many more shops in future. Lovee your work you're so creative. everything looks so gorgeous. All the tellywood stuff looks awesome especially KaJen/JW ones love the icons & sigs<3

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raspberrytorte IF-Rockerz

Joined: 11 February 2011
Posts: 5892

Posted: 19 November 2011 at 4:44am | IP Logged
OMG GORGEOUS!!! ... Please pm me whenever u update xxx and open soon looll

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aishhh. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 January 2010
Posts: 17849

Posted: 19 November 2011 at 6:25am | IP Logged

i finished editing and im so sleepy that i bet not even DDLJ could keep me up anymoreROFLStern Smile

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yulZ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 17 June 2007
Posts: 17703

Posted: 19 November 2011 at 2:25pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -Ravjot-

Sidoo Sid Verma! YES Ravjot Vatnagar Stern SmileROFL

K so we both know I fail at editing yes? So I thought ki this time forget reserving and seedha comment so here I amCool omgg RV i am totally shocked :O:O:O for the 1st time u have wrote such a lambaaa comment ki meri bhi vat lag gayi Stern SmileROFL

First off, congo shongo on your 5th shopHug Though I haven't commented in most of em, I've definitely reserved in emBig smileROFLROFL anything new ?LOL// and thankyouu Hug teri this comment covered all those reserves spot Big smileI made my presence knownCoolAnyway, that banner does not look like a 2 min jobStern Smile Stop lying to meStern Smile not m serious Stern Smile the only thing that i put on less hard work is the banner ROFL i always make it at the last LOL like everytime i thought maybe some new animal this time aswell ROFL but i thought nahh lets just go with a normal banner LOL And yes of course your PS, Cookie. I'm glad she forced you to open your shop or else we wouldn't have seen this dayStern Smile woh toh hai LOL eventhough sometimes i feel i shd close it down LOL 

I SEE MY NAME! I actually read all the names cuz I was like who supports my Sidoo aww this line is soo touchy RV Hugand I saw RV. For a second I was confusedStern Smile We don't talk that much anymore so been a while since I heard you call me RV. We need to do something about thatErmm Egjactly ! LOL but how can u fgt it Stern Smile

I just read the rules and apparently you make matching avis as well?Stern Smile I should really read that portion more clearly from now onStern SmileROFL u didnt knew it ?ROFL that makes us same to same then ROFL coz normally i just skip rules the most LOL But everytime I think of you and avis, I think of the Yug-Vrinda one you madeLOL It was pretty <3 and as soon as u say yug-vrinda i remember our TSPLS times ROFL and how we left u alone in there ErmmROFL

Such. Pretty. Icons. I loveee Blushing I keep saying ooh I love this one, and this one and this one and turns out I love em allStern SmileROFL thankyouu Big smileHOW CAN YOU MAKE SOMETHING SO PRETTY?! And why do you call them your dushman? They're my dushmans ok. Mine can never turn out as amazing as yoursStern Smile I have never seen ur icons RV Stern Smile kasam se Stern Smile or have i Ermm m confused now LOL but these icons takes ages for me to make LOL Like this one:  Look at the colouring and tell me it's not amazingStern Smile Don't you lie to me SidooAngry no i dont like it Stern Smile coz Mohit is with her Broken HeartROFL

I see you're starting to love making animated stuff too now?LOL Speaking of which, PS tutorials coming soon yes? I still have to download itROFL I love them Day Dreaming I love the text on this one: its coming up but u havent downloaded it yet ROFL dont be lazy and do it faster ROFLWanna know why?LOL Cuz that's Rishi-Ganga's songROFL oh gawd ROFL

Pretty Monaya Siggies! I loveee the 2nd one thoughBlushing I love black and white type siggies. They look elegant or somethingLOL I love the blue bit in it too. Makes it look classyCool i know right Big smile i am not a big fan of b/w coz it normally doesnt come out nice LOL And how many pics did you put in that friendship-to-love siggyStern SmileStern SmileStern Smile I dont know Stern Smile It looks amazingStern Smile They all do but the 2nd one is my fav and this one just leaves me in awe cuz of the number of pics usedStern Smile You're awesome. thankyouu RV Hug m still shocked at ur comment ka length LOL

Yeah I heard about Mohit's new show. You gonna watch? Btw the siggy rocksCool i think so Big smile

I love the pics you used for the first ArHi siggyROFL Her expressionROFL And I love the other one tooBig smile It's all bright and makes me feel khushBig smile thankyou RV and i know its the best expression of him and her so far ROFL

brb need to make chai for momLOL u always make chai LOL i shd officially call u chai wali LOL

Back. Thanks to that animated thing I changed my siggy dabbaROFL Rishi Day Dreaming i wasnt quite sure who they were not i do. thanx to ur siggy dabba ROFL and that was quick Stern SmileROFL

K so where was I? Oh yeah! The offscreen siggies look bootiphulBig smile They seem like a lot of funLOL By they I mean barun and SanayaROFL ohh ok coz i was confused who "they" were ROFL

You still watch Geet?LOL I stopped watching before they even got married and say ily or anythingROFL But I loveee that first siggyBig smile I actually love that styleLOL Nope i stopped watching it ages ago aswell LOL just had thsoe pics so made a siggy out of it Cool I call it Sid-ishtyleCool YAYY CoolAnywho I love the text and the blending and brushes and use of colours anddd I love the fontBig smile And that kurban hua oneStern Smile I loveee the use of blue in itStern Smile It really turned out wellStern Smile THANKYOU Stern Smile

I like the soft look on the first KaSh siggyBig smile It makes me wanna go on yt and watch their scenesLOL Maybe I'll go do that in a bitLOL LOL LOL while making the siggies i realised how good these two looked together LOL I love the text for it. It's so cuteBig smile And the 2nd one is Blushing 3rd one is Day Dreaming Need I say more?LOL i think u said it all LOL

I love JW's facial expressions on the first oneLOL She looks so cuteLOL Which goes with the text. You're a genius! thankyouu Embarrassed  iwas kinda stuck what to write in it LOL And she looks sophisticated in the 2nd one. KSG looks a bit funny there but it still looks "picture perfect" =) The last one thoughROFL I loveROFLIt's awesomeROFL It's one of my favLOL thankyouu .. haha i didnt know what to write so picture perfect eventhough KSG is not facing the camera .. but who cares ROFL 

The Siddhima siggy is so pretty Day Dreaming That's all I have to say for it =) thankyou :)

Atul and Anjali right? For a second I thought you meant Arjun ArohiROFL oh i fgt arjun-arohi are AA too right ROFL But omg it's so cute! It's like... perfect! The pics, the text and them. I never watched their scenes or anything but I know the gist of it. Seriously Sidoo this one is just ugfshgusehgsu thankyouu Embarrassed they are cute :P

OkStern Smile That Virika siggy is just out of this worldStern Smile How do you make something look so good?! I'm jealousUnhappy is it that good ? ShockedSeriosuly that siggy is so beautiful! And then the 2nd one, I like the pinky-ness to it. It's amazingBig smile thankyouu once again RV Big smile

VirMan! I love those twoLOL I love the DDLJ song text on the first oneLOL i had no idea what to write so there u go LOL I love the blending and use of texture and everythinggg! The second one! I really love that sceneLOL But I think I love your siggy more. YAYYY !! *shows thenga to Virman scene ErmmROFL* Seriously I'm already in love with these two and your siggies are making me more obsessedStern Smile hehe Big smile

Those DD siggies are prettyBig smile She looks so pretty thereEmbarrassed They're really well made. Same with the SA onesBig smile I really love the last 2 =) And JW looking all elegant. thankyou thankyo thankyouu RV ! 

KRITIKAAA! I love herBig smile She looks so cute thereLOL i know right LOL i went aww as soon as i saw the pic LOL And omg AA SIGGY! Those two are <3 I miss KMH now =( I'm gonna chori those siggies laterCool same here :( that serial was amazingg .. short and sweet plus meaningful Embarrassed

AG Blushing Those siggies are perfect <3 I loveee. thankyou ! 

So I think you kinda realised I started to rush. I g2g nowROFL yeah i did ROFL But whoaStern Smile I wrote a lotStern Smile When was the last time I did that?Stern SmileROFL  cant remember coz its been ages Stern SmileROFL but thankyouu RV Hug i love you Big smile
Originally posted by siddhi209

 Congratsss once again Bhai, Clap Clap Clap like I said before, you totally deservee it Big smile aww thanx behna Big smile
The update is like super awesome, no, its actually super super super awesomee :P
Your work just gets better each time you updateee! thankyou once again ! means alot Big smile 
The vid avis you make are just simply amaazing, love the styless you do :) thankyou :)
All the sigs, icons, everything, its just fantastic and superb.
Especially loved the Monaya and Maaneet creationss <3 thankyou Embarrassed
 Absolutely out of this worldd, its stunning. thankyouu so much sis !! 
Love the coloring and blending, just too good. Keep up the fantabulousss work Bhai Thumbs Up Wink once again thankyou Hug 
Originally posted by -Aliya-

LOL yaha i realised i was a tad late with my comment in your last gallery when i saw ya already made a new one. your quite fast, its hard to keep up LOL aray i am not that fast nowadays LOL.. i am being too lazy LOL

Sid, how does that even make sense? you make all these difficult, complex and big sigs so easily while icons seem to have your blood, tears and sweat mixed into it ;P Anyway for the icons that ya did make (which was quite a lot really, you sure you didn't exert too much energy making those?..they probably all equal to two masterpiece sigs made by you hehe) they came out great anyway so i'm going to ask ya to sacrifice more of your time to make more icons..i'm just princessy like that in my demands haha i will surely try my best to make more of them Big smile and i know it doesnt make any sense when i make loads of siggies without uncountable no. of pics but i think coz i havent been in a habit of making icons LOL.. plus when i make an icons i dont like it plain so i end up adding everything to it ROFL 

Wow Sid ya just earned yourself brownie points by saying how cute AA are. oh really ? YAY !! LOL You really 
areshocked about me being a AA fan hehe ;P Yesh i love them. Not really shocked but i just didnt knew abt it LOL Always have. infact if your willing to make more on them i could send ya a link to where its only a thread of them with some pix..hq pix..ya will finally see how much of a crazy AA fan i am when ya see that i own that place LOL really ? mann NOW this is shocking LOL sure than pm me the pics :P I do like them coz they are adorable so i might work more on them in the future Big smile 

Sid would ya be insulted if i asked your age? LOL don't start thinking i'm tryna hook you up into marrying a desi kudi or my cousin or something LOL i'm only pulling ya leg Sid. curiosity begged me to ask the question..so tell tell..spill the beans...how old is this bachelor? ;P Aray dont worry.. just for a question itnii explanation LOL.. This bachelor munda is 20 Cool 

ROFL at the comment about people looking forward to your 'guy' siggies. Nah man don't get me wrong i love all your stuff and look forward to em all but i know you understood what i meant by seeing you make things on the female celebs. It just makes the whole intention behind the sig more cute because its kinda romantic for a guy to make sigs on a woman he thinks is pretty LOL no wait that came out wrong...did i just say siggies are romantic gifts to a man's lady love? 
LOL kinda LOL.. and lol i know its ROFL coz ppl tease me like that but everything i make i try my best to make it not perfect but near to it Embarrassed So thats y even guys siggies come out nice ROFL.. but when it comes to Sanaya Embarrassed I make it with all my love Embarrassed so yeah u are not really wrong.. m glad someone sees the love or romance in my siggy EmbarrassedLOL

see i wrote in pink to match your aqua blue Tongue oh and its nice to see my name on your gallery intro under the other people you 'love' list. LOL haha i didnt wanted to be too formal so went with i love you list ROFL . and aww pink -blue LOL
Originally posted by ..Jojo..

Congratulations Sid! Hug A much MUCH deserved shop #5! Love your work <333 Thankyou jojo Hug

I will try and edit this today and comment on the update Embarrassed take ur time Embarrassed
Originally posted by -Zaara-

congratulations on your new gallery!
love the update, fab creations as always Smile Hey there! thankyouu so much :)
Originally posted by shilpaaa.

AWWW. your welcome siddchu Embarrassed ily for that <3 haye this update looks dfghj Day Dreaming thanx Shilpu Embarrassed 
Originally posted by -Pooja-

OMGGG Jij i'll be right back <3 HugPooji kaise hai Hug

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