Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

os kitni mohabbat hai...maddy di <3

lazyblues IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 3:14am | IP Logged

well happy birthday maddy di...
luv ya!!!!!!!!!!
dis one is for u...
i hope dis makesu happy

dis is purly fictions i had riten dis while back
n i dint wnt to shaare t ere
dis r n real lyf incidents n r is pruly intended for readin !!!
i dnt want to apper in ny celebs personal lyf n its nt my intntion to hurt ny fan bt its jst d reason im usin arjun arohi nt kk n krits...
plzz ny coments on their lyk wil nt b allowed 
criticism welcums...wid comments 
hit lyk button...
luv mansi...<3

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lazyblues IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 3:14am | IP Logged
here is d os...
i dnt intent to hurt nyone
dis is purly imagination...

She was a girl frm a small town she stdied in delhi. Her parents were doctors she was a fun luvin bubly girl she luved playin pranks n hittin boys she was very pertty n sexy lukin girl. Gusy used to drool over her bt she was sumones elses ...her name was arohi sharma. She wrked in indain tv industrty n lived in mumbai..she had a brother which lived wid her ...she missed her parents n where ever got time went to spend time wid dem she was a ''kitini mohobbat hai '' fame der was a person in her lyf yes Arjun ...arjun kundra he was he boy frnd..they had common frnds n had met on d sets of ''kitin mohobbat hai '' they had instntly hit it off...they were frnd before dey got

Into a relationship...she luv bein his n he luev d idea of bein in luv wid her. Arjun was nt romatic bt arohi was he used to suprise him wid little gifts n cute presents...!!!

Afert kmh got over dey had got different shows to play bt stil they made time for each other most of d time they wid go out togater wid common frnds...well der were sefali simmi n romit...dey were a crazy grp n luved spendin crazy time togater...

Arohi n Arjun did spend alone time ...

Arjun had a very luvin family of three sisters n mum n dad back in jalandhar...he also visted dem whenever possible

He had a sister in mumbai name madhu n manu...they were basiclay his neighbour n smaller to him bt he had lotz of fun wid her...his nature matched to her carefree n fun luvin... Plus watichin lotz movies n loud music...arjun listend to madhu n manu ...he n even arohi was very close to them!!!

After two years...

Today they were goin back to where it all strted ...yes 1st day of shoot of kitin 2...

Alot had changed by now durin d endin of 1st seson they strted datin n now dey luved each other!!

As n when day passed eveythin wa goin well

Dey wrked day n night ...faught asusual...

Six months later kitn came to end...

Now it was time to party for dem ...

Lotz of vacations ...parties n fun as d time passed they did follow dheir plans did lots of vactions togather ...

Had fun movies...they did spend their time doin nuthin!! N they luved it...their time togather they were luvin soon to b sahterred were their dreams of bein togather...

Now dey were njoin their present bt didnt no wht destiny had planned for dem...

3 months dey had lots of fun goin to different places...wid frnds full on fun wid each other...n frnds. It was lyk a dream to dem these three monthes were most memerable

Arohi accepted a serial where a arjun didnt wnt to stepinto tv!!

He got a punjabi movie whcih he accpeted he was happy so was arohi

It was a stepin stone in his carrer ...

He strted shotin in jhalndar n she was here shotin for her serial!!

Differencs strted buildin he nt pickin her phn when she called her nt pickin when he called ...him nt cumin over for diwali...den it was big she was nt here for her bday!!

Arohi was now fumin she wnted to tlk out he had no time ...when he wnted she had no time...

It was now time for arjun to cum home...she was wtin so they vld tlk out their differences...

When he came dey did tlk it was intense dey brk up!!!

Now livin their lives they showed dey were happy bt inside it was killin dem ...dheir bein apart nt able to shre nythin more den boyfrnd girlfrnd dey were bst frnds dey fought bt fter solvin dey laughed on it...they missed it all showin ppl dey were happy...was getin difficult for nights dey used to spend their nights thinkin wat was rong arohi cried n hid it all wid make up for d shoots...she used to tlk to his photos...he used to pick up his phn n keep it...back thinkin wether to cal or nt ...thinkin wht wil she say...

Almst a month passed

He had jst done one movie n now he had offer for two more back der he was laeavin jst tom...she knew it he had goten it n was happy for him

She was nuthin bt haapy she made herslf realis bt her heart was nt ready to listen ...

She tried to make herskf strng bt tht was nt possible now it was nt done...

From his bbm status she got to know he was laevin d nxt day for jhalandr...

He was stndin in balcony a beer in his hand he wnted to tlk to sum1 bt his frnds were her frnds so nuthin...madhu came to balcony she was tlkin on d phone when she noticed he was stin der sad

Madhu tlkin on phn asked wht happed motinin wid hand...he noded a no she cdnt see clarly his face bt his eyes were twklin she knew he was cryin or on verg of cryin she kept her phn n rushed over to his sein his sis he huged her ...n cried !! He tlked to her!!! Finaly he let it all out!! He said it his felins for arohi

His emotions... All poured out n madu was smilin...he kept on sayin he luved her bt noe didnt bt his sadness showed it all n maudhs reason to smile was same...she came to know it...''baiya u need to go tel her u luv her'' ''i dnt luv her ...i used to luv her'' ''bhai u cnt jst stp luvin sumone in sum days especily one u consider ur bestfrnd ur soul mate'' ''i dnt think tht is true madhu'' ''bhai then y u cried?'' ''cause i cnt see her widout me!'' ''if u r over her den u shld b able to do tht ...n ur dis behaviour her sadness sattes d same'' ''u met her?'' ''yes i was goin to col i thouht to stp at her shoot'' ''how is she wht was she doin?'' ''she was wid sum nyc guy'' ''wht do u mean'' jelousy seen on arjuns face ...''madhu strted laughin...''ha ha tht was nt funny'' arjun said ''for me it was '' madhu replied...''bahi go get her..i no u bth r miserable wiout each other u might nt b mushy mshy bt certinly hold a very imp place in each others lyf'' ''bt was she sad when u met her?'' ''bhai she was showin she was happy bt i no it sad'' ''arjun bhai u always listen to me na jst try once'' arjuns face lit up wid smile he wanted tht push n she did it fr him

''wht if she dsnt accept me casue im goin back tomwht if all questions cum back lng distance n all'' ''bhai clear everythin wid her u wil tlk everyday ...u wil cumdwm to met durin ur holidays n if she sys it wont wrk dne also clear it once n for all n on''

''madhu im goin now'' ''bahi its 2 at night n if she might b shotin?'' ''well where is my pphn?'' madhu handed his bb to him he check her bbm status n found ''tired fter a lond day of shoot finly goin home'' ''madhu she is home luck is wid me'' ''yes bhai n wid ur luck u wil get ur lady luck back'' she said wid smile on her face arjun grabin her car keys hugin madhu went out slamin d door ...behind him!!

Arjun lued dis city to core n now even more cause he found no traffic on d roads...he he her house in 15 mins ...he thought she wld b asleep bt then again thought he was levin tom n he wnst goin to go let go off her easily he rang d door bell continusly agin n agin!!! Until she opend it...n she onpen to she a very excited arjun n he say a arohi whos eyes were red n swolen...n sleepy

He went inside her house closin d door behind him...''arjun wht r u doin her at night 2:30'' ''wel aru its nt 2:30 yet n im here to tlk'' arohi felt so good to hear aru frm his mouth ''arjun r u drunk'' she asked worried cause she thought tht if he said sumthin hed regrt n den mornin wil b bad ''arohi i sware i didnt drink ...'' ''wht happen arjun u woke me up frm sleep?'' ''''fisrt u were nt slepin u were cryin n wash ur face n cum'' ''mr arjun kundar i was nt cryin wht makes u think tht i was?'' ''hmm wait ur swolen eyes or ya red eyes'' ''ok fine '' she snapped n went to wash her face when she was back arjun had made himslf comfortable on her sofa...she came n sat besides him he strted ''today i tlked to madhu i realied rather she made me realis tht i luv u ii luv u'' he said it direct nuthin here or der straongt to point leavin arohi shcoked bt fter 5 mins he face curved into smile'' so i have madu to thnk for makin a stpid realise'' ''so u knew it all along?'' arjun asked ''no madhu did same to me she came n tlked wid me n i said everythin to her thts when i redalsed tht i still luv u'' ''so why didnt u cum n say'' ''u r guy u shld say''

'' bt tht dsnt mean u cnt express'' ''huh bt it is lyk tht nly'' ''wht do u mean lyk tht?'' ''i mean u have nevr actuly proposed i dnt care i no u luv me er t guys have to 1stu shld no tht'' ''excussme even if nt my mistake?'' ''umm yes'' arohi replied...they both looked into each others eyes n vursted into laughter ...''ill never stp fightin wid u '' arjun sia pickin her n twrilin her around... ''i luv d fights'' arohi replied...''im goin to aru'' he said kepin her down makin her sit besides him on sofa...''i no tht'' she said ''arjun ''she strted again ''i need a promise'' ''nythin aru'' ''arjun i need u to cal everyday n tlk atlest one in a day'' ''yes i promise '' he said takin her hand n kisin it...

''aru cum wid me na tom is ur holiday na?'' ''no arjun nt tom day fter...'' she stopped sayin n on her face s smile lit up sayin ''ill cum ill get three days off'' ''two days '' arjun said...''no sat sun n mon'' she said smilin takin her phn n calin ''aru its 2:50'' yes dey r shottin tonigt for other sceens they wil shoots 3 days widout me actuly two days'' she made arrangments ...

To their amusment evetythin fel into place again all very happy n they thanked madhu while goin to airprt

Two years passed...

Arjun was doin very good in punjabi cinema n even bolywood arohi was bst in tv industry she did two punjabi movies wid arjun on him insitin to much ...n

now two yers later they were goin back to d strt...yes today d shoot of kmh 3 strted...everythin had changed again...dey vere more in luv nly tht much? Nah!! They were engaged n soon to b married!!

It was a perfect lyf which they lived it

They had their ups n dwns bt fter tht sepration theur relation haf grown strnger n now they cld over cum every obsticl in lyf...they were happy n now wnted to get married!!!


comment n hi d lyk buttn

once again happy brthday di

luv ya!!!!!!!!

PS- maddy di i need a lng comment!!!!!!!!

n gusy im sry i dnt have time to rite up vivah i had riten dis lng back!!!!!!!!!

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Anupa28 Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 3:51am | IP Logged
you brought tears to my eyes...I just sinecerly wish that this OS come true..never ever wanted anything to come life as I have this one...Praying with every hope against hope that this OS turn into reality...

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veds_6791 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 3:52am | IP Logged
I Dont Have Words To Express What I'm Feeling after Reading this... It was amazing...

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Anusha.V Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 3:54am | IP Logged
Very very nice Mansi
This is the best OS
u worried unnecessarily whether to post this or not but after seeing the comments i think u are very very  happy
This is the best gift for Madhu 
loved this OS

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sreya19roy Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 4:03am | IP Logged
OH GOD!!!!! This is just the best OS ever...
I so wish that each n every word that u have written comes true...Thanking seems just so small in front of what u have given all of us through this OS...hats off to u Mansi

N Wish u a very very happy b'day Madhu...Love u

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justprati Goldie

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 4:22am | IP Logged

aweee beautiful os mansi

n wish u many many happie returns of d day madhu...keep smiling forever

tc :)

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cooljaya11 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 November 2011 at 4:42am | IP Logged
it was an awsomee:)
 but u force me to thinking tht reall and reel life r different :)
hope everything gooing ok 
 again nice update by you
love it 

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