Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 07/03/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 07 March 2005 at 11:43am | IP Logged

Yipee!! Today we get to see Gulmohur, Armaan and...his tears.

The sun rises in Mauritius. We see some lovely shots, the clear blue ocean, fresh meadows, and the clean countryside. Smile

In her hotel room, Nandini calls up the stylist Alex. She tells him about her assistant who needs a makeover and a new hairstyle. Alex (shown in his beauty salon) looks like a really nice man and says that he will be more than happy to do it for her. She tells Alex that it is not easy to bring her asst to him. Alex says that he has the ability to really enhance a person's beauty (chaar nahin aath chand laga deta hoon), there will be no looking back once her asst sees him. Nandini says that the problem is that she just doesn't want to look pretty. She absolutely does not care about her looks. Alex looks puzzled and wonders how he can then help her. Nandini says that she will take it up as a challenge; she will teach this girl to love herself. Alex says that all right, once she brings her to him, he will change her into a true beauty.
Nandini hangs up. She says to herself that if Jassi is stubborn, she can be stubborn too. She says that she will take this up as a challenge.
Jassi comes and asks Nandini if they can leave for the location.

They start to the location in their car and again we get to gaze at the beauty of Mauritius. Really breath taking sights.
They reach their location. Nandini asks Jassi to go ahead and take some pictures while she goes and talks about the charges.
Jassi goes and starts taking some pictures. She looks really pleased. She turns around and her camera focuses on..........Purab....he is walking towards her. Jassi stops, as if the roll has got stuck inside the camera. Shocked Purab comes and stops before her. Jassi turns her face away and starts walking, only to be stopped by his hand. Purab looks at her with agony.
"I want to talk to you Jassi!" he says.
"There is nothing left to talk now!" she says with vehemence.
"But I want to!" he says adamantly. "You know Jassi? I always felt like I was drawn to this place..something here sort of pulled me towards it...little did I know that something was you!" he looks at her with painful eyes. "Nandini told me that you have left Gulmohur. (Jassi is looking away, trying to escape from the place and the awkward atmosphere). She also told me that someone has broken your heart! Who broke your heart Jassi?? Broken Heart " he asks....his eyes looking like they want to ask a thousand questions more.


The answer to Purab's question is sitting pensively.........
Yes, Armaan. He is sitting in his chair, clutching the cordless phone..looking miles lost. He looks quite pale and has not shaven.
Mallika enters. (She is dresses in black, wearing nice earrings and has tied some of her hair, looking pretty).

"Armaan!! Oh! So you are still waiting for Jassi's call....." she looks at the phone in his hand bitterly. "Tell me, what exactly is going on between the two of you??"

"Stop your nonsense Mallika!!" he snaps.

"Why Armaan? You still think she will call you??"

"The truth is that Jassi has left Gulmohur, Mallika" he says painfully.

"And you still trust that woman?? That woman who literally stripped the truth out of you in the boardroom, that woman who even did not hesitate to disclose your personal relationship with her..........(Armaan looks at her as if bullets are being fired at him)
What magic spell has that woman cast on you? Or should I say that this is not trust, but something else? (Armaan stands up). Don't tell me Armaan, that while playing the game of love, you really fell in love with her?? (Armaan is quiet, looking down)
Tell me Armaan!! (she is shouting hysterically) tell me!! Do you really love her??"

Armaan's eyes well up with tears. He looks down.
Mallika looks at him with disbelief and misery.

"You don't need to say anything Armaan", she says slowly. "Your silence has told me everything."

Armaan is still quiet, just the tears glistening.

"Why Armaan..why did you do this to me? If I ever meet that woman..........Armaan..you will have to pay for this!! You will!!" she storms out of his cabin.

"I am already paying for this Mallika, my life is now no worse than hell!" Armaan Suri looks defeated and lonely, his tears his only companions.


Jassi tells Purab icily that she is the one who has the right to ask questions, not him. She says that however, she does not want to ask questions nor know their answers. She walks away. Nandini observes them from a distance.


Puru, Ila, Mallika, Aryan, Raj and Armaan are assembled in the boardroom along with the lawyers to discuss the present situation.
The lawyer tells Puru that such a lot has happened, and asks him how he was unaware of it. In response, Puru just looks at Armaan sternly, Stern Smile making poor Armaan uncomfortable.
Raj looks down (where else) and Aryan smiles to himself. Evil Smile The lawyer says that he will see what can be done now. Puru then hands him some files and says that these are some important documents, the balance sheets of GM, the files Armaan had signed so that Kohinoor could take over Gulmohur and the power of attorney Jasmeet Walia has left them. He passes them to Mallika who hands them to the lawyer. While passing on the power of attorney, Mallika looks evilly at Armaan. Angry Puru asks the lawyer desperately if something can be done. The lawyer says that the only solution is that Miss Jasmeet Walia must herself come to Gulmohur. Ila cries a "No!" and Mallika starts shouting as usual.."That woman cannot come here! Never!!" Raj knits his eyebrows. Armaan looks like a scared kid. The lawyer continues that the power of attorney is not enough, she must come in person to sign some papers or else they may lose Gulmohur. And she must come tomorrow at 10.00 am. Armaan wipes his face. Dead
Aryan stands up and starts yelling that she will never come to GM, she has left them in a state and has run away. Armaan also gets up to loyally defend his Jassi. Puru shouts at Armaan to shut up. He tells him that it is his responsibility to get Jassi back. Armaan counters that Jassi has left the city, how can he get her. Puru says that he doesn't know how, but it is up to him to get her here tomorrow.


Nandini and Purab are talking..it is a beautiful location, in the green woods. Nandini asks him with dismay why he keeps troubling Jassi. She says that she is already upset and every time he talks to her, she seems to get more upset.

"What relation do you have with her, or should I say had" she asks.
Purab looks at her with a pained expression.

"Not had Nandini, I have a relation with her....you remember I had told you about the girl in my life? Well, that girl is Jassi...who was and always will be in my life!" he tells a shocked Nandini.


Raj is sitting in his chair, holding his head with his hands. Armaan is pacing up and down.
"Damn!" he utters. (Ahaha! itna sukoon mila magic word sunkar!)

"Now where will I look for Jassi, Raj?" he asks desperately.

"Go to her house!! Talk sweetly to her people, flatter them, if they don't listen, threaten them....but by hook or by crook find out where she has gone!" he gives his "golden" advice. Armaan gives him a defeated look.


Nandini & Purab are standing near what looked like a ferry or some boats. She asks him why he has come back in Jassi's life. She says that Jassi came here after someone broke her heart, and here she comes and finds him, Purab: who had once broken her heart too!
Purab asks Nandini intently to please tell him what all happened with Jassi after they broke up. He says sadly that he thinks his life is playing a cruel game with him.
Nandini looks away and says philosophically that life is a game indeed. She says that she brought Jassi here, and of all the people Purab came here too, she says she wonders what might be life's idea in making them meet again. Purab says that life makes two sad people meet so that they can share their sorrows and lighten the pain. Nandini tells Purab that she has brought Jassi here to heal her wounds, to help her discover her true self, to give her wings so that she can soar high. Purab says ardently that he wishes the same for Jassi too. But Nandini tells him that it's best he go......for he makes her more depressed.
Purab says that even if he tries to, he can never separate Jassi from himself.


Amrit and Bebe are sitting on the sofa, when the doorbell rings. Bebe says it must be Nandu but the "someone" at the door goes on ringing it repeatedly like a maniac.
An irritated Bebe opens the door and is surprised. "You??" she asks.
Armaan walks in like a zombie. Bebe asks him again how he is here.

"Why doesn't Jassi understand??" he says (he is really looking like he has got a nervous breakdown). He turns and clutches Bebe, making her scared.
"Why doesn't she understand?? We need her Bebe!! I need Jassi!! "
He catches Bebe's face and says with aggression, "She must come back to Gulmohur!! We need her!!" he repeats. Bebe is really scared and puzzled.
"Where has Jassi gone??" he asks. Bebe says that she is sorry but she really can't tell him. Armaan looks very very shattered, his gait is unstable.

Amrit asks what has happened that they need Jassi.
Armaan runs and knees in front of Amrit. (Actually, he catches her feet!! ). He looks very pitiful. He begs that they tell him where Jassi is. Poor Bebe and Amrit are by now, very worried and afraid. Armaan seats himself between them and says that if Jassi won't come, they will all be destroyed, Gulmohur will be destroyed and above all Jassi will be destroyed! Our Jassi will be destroyed!! he repeats, looking hysteric. He tells them that the lawyers will not spare Jassi if she does not come tomorrow at 10.00 am. Bebe and Amrit are scared out of their wits. Bebe just says that she is out of town.
Armaan gets up, agitated, as if he has got a stroke.

"Out of town! Out of town! This is what I have been hearing!!" he twitches his face and opens his mouth, looking really helpless...as if he will pull out his hair.
"Where out of the town??"
He again bends down and catches Bebe and Amrit's hands. He says that they have to promise him one thing. When Jassi calls they must ask her to call him They promise him. Armaan gets up and starts walking like a ghost. "Ask her to call me!!" he repeats near the door.

(Boy, what acting!!) Clap Clap


Nandini and Jassi come and sit in what looks like an open air cafeteria. Nandini's cell rings. It's for Jassi from Bebe. Bebe and Amrit tell her about Armaan and how he asked her to call him. Jassi looks annoyed and says that she does not want to talk to him. Amrit tells her that it really looks like he's in some bad situation and also tells her about the lawyers. Jassi retorts that she has completed all the legal formalities before leaving and that she can't come back now. Bebe asks her what is the problem. Jassi says she will talk to her later and hangs up.
Jassi tells Nandini that these people will not let her live even here in peace. Nandini says that she is so intelligent and qualified but can't manage her own life. Jassi says that Nandini is good at heart and hence she feels this, but the people at GM just want to trap her back at any cost. Nandini says that the only person who can help her control her life is she herself. She tells her that there is a different Jassi hiding behind those glasses and hair and she needs to be brought out. She says that she has taken an appt with Alex for her. Jassi adamantly retorts that she does not want to have her hair cut .
She walks away. Nandini follows her.
She turns Jassi to face her and catches her shoulders.
"I will teach you to love yourself Jassi! Trust me!" she says.

The end.

TOMORROW: Well, we have Gauri Pradhan trying her hand at convincing Jassi for the makeover.


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loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 07 March 2005 at 7:12pm | IP Logged
finally the forum is working!!!! thank u so much daisy!!!! finally we see armaan!!!!!Embarrassed
ExoticDivinity2 Senior Member

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Posted: 07 March 2005 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
i cant wait till armaan sees jassi's new look!  Esp Malika and everyone else. 
Selina IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 07 March 2005 at 7:32pm | IP Logged
Thanks for the awesome update Daisy. Smile
ummm Senior Member

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Posted: 07 March 2005 at 7:52pm | IP Logged
I-F came up just minutes before JJKN episode airing time! I'm watching it and reading the update in the commercial break!! I've got addicted to both! 
mango Goldie

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Posted: 07 March 2005 at 7:54pm | IP Logged
thanks for the update daisy di
sanya_s Senior Member

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Posted: 07 March 2005 at 8:01pm | IP Logged


Thanks daisy for ur update, great as usual! I hope jassi gets her new look this week itself, i cant handle it. i cant bear to see them dragging the makeover...please jassi, be beautiful, soon....!!!

Rumi Goldie

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Posted: 07 March 2005 at 8:04pm | IP Logged
Clap!!!!!thanks Daisy ! wonderful update once again!!!!!!

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