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zaaratq IF-Sizzlerz

Crazy Creative Minion
Joined: 08 December 2010
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Posted: 16 November 2011 at 10:47am | IP Logged

*disclaimer: im making this post not as a fan of my favourite actors but as a member of this forum. so if u wanna support me, by all means do so but please refrain from using names or dissing any actors or shows... and through my post, im not trying to turn against the admin of this forum or any mod of this forum and neither is my intention to hurt anyone.. im just putting forward my own opinion about the admin and the forum*

Hey frens, im Zaara... Okay my purpose of opening this post is to request to the ADMIN of this FORUM to get rid of this celebrity ranking and chaska meter ranking... As a member, right now i find forum very unfriendly place and im not eager coming to forum nowadays... When i first came to this forum as a fan of my favourite show GEET, i have only one great opinion about this place.. IF gave me the platform to mix with frens from all over the world and this made me more happier and cheerful in my own life... IF was known to be a place where people shared opinions, bonded despite the distance and gave a platform for some us to display our talents be it fanfictions video mixes or siggie was also this time when this celebrity rankings were not of that much importance... i never used to comment on my favourites profile or put in efforts to keep my favourites on top... however lately this year, the atmosphere has totally changed... and because of this, it has only led into the rat race and clashes between different fan groups... and the race have now even extended between two lead characters of the same show... whatever we fans console ourselves that we love the couple equally, at the end of each ranking, if their 'personal' favourites arent at top, members go all out to making posts to show their unhappiness... it never used to be like this... i never had to be on my alert and spend my whole time on IF putting in efforts for my favourites like commenting and so on... i know its important to know and show who is on top and so on... and because of all this celebrity ranking, there are cases of MIDs everywhere, not just restricted for the top stars... i only hope that this ranking is eradicated from IF system, so that there will be less fights and bashing between different fan groups and all members can come here and enjoy making frens and discussing about their favourite shows... because of this ranking, I cant even openly declare who i like, even though i have my own TOP FAV celebs... I just wish this place will be more friendly and peaceful than before and let the members and guests enjoy this place and embrace IF instead of the hating it and leaving... Because of this ranking race, many have left this place... And all this ranking is bringing about a division among FAN groups...  And not just between leads from different shows, now fans of leads on the same shows are having bad fights and name-calling among themselves... Fans of different shows are creating mids just to come over and diss a certain show and thus disrupting the peace in forum.. In addition, some of them are creating ids just to dislike the comments in a celeb fanpage... The truth is, the celeb ranking/chaska meter has further fuelled the hatred a fan shows towards a rival show/celeb..

Also i would like to point out how it could be possible the admin to be showing biasedness towards certain actors when it comes to ranking.. and its obvious this certain actors could be possibly the admin's own favourites.. im not saying that the admin cant have favourites, but then making or changing rules for ranking just for their favourite actor to be on top is unfair to other actors and their fans.. and worse still making many fans go on a wild goose chase finding out why such rules are in place or how these rules works. It may not be true that the admin is being biased... but sometimes the way the rules changes as and when makes fans think that it may be true that the admin is being biased.. And one more thing is its not helping to us in any ways because just like the admins, every member are busy in their own lives like work, exams and studies yet they are being suck into this world of commenting, rating, mids and spamming... this have never been a big issue when i first entered forum in 2010 but right now, its taking away all peace of the members, who wants to come to forum just to have fun... this ranking has made many divisions among fans and also has made people to use offensive words everywhere despite the COC in place... Lets not forget that IF is a very popular online portal among indians and foreigners... and the users can be younger generation or older generation.. when there are such incidents, it only teaches bad things to young users... because of this ranking many have forgotten honesty and are using crooked ways to make sure their favourites are on top..  If the forum has to be peaceful and be a platform to teach right morals to young generation, then getting rid of the ranking and chaska meter is the best way out... i hope everyone supports me in my request and soon we can have the admin taking necessary actions...

||My dear fren has warned me that the admin will be adamant not to take this ranking down because he has said so before that he don intend to.. She also explained that the admin possibly is happier there are more members joining the forum and he is paid for every single comments the celebs get and therefore prefers to keep this ranking.. when i first requested the admin this, he said that fans should take this ranking slightly and should not bother about this too much.. but he just don knw how some fans can be crazy for their favourite celeb and all this ranking is a way they can exercise their egos and the ranking has thus become an excuse for many to trash other shows and actors/actresses just to satisfy their own ego... But this should change and I thought the ONLY way is to stand up against such incidents that are ruining things for every member..||

I need people to support me in this cause to request admin to take down all this ranking and let fans enjoy their time here making frens, discussing their favourite shows and also learn moral ethics in the process.. so if you willing to support, do let me knw by replying... ill add your id in this following name list...

Thank you for your support everyone...Big smile 

NO to celeb ranking and chaska meter:

SRKrazzyanm_anmfarzanamullikcute_drashtisami02Devineddpriyethsasi10amber_gillMaYuRi23nav.navgeetnazdesaitRehan2012Babbar_AvinadimplekushcoolmondacharmingsoniDarkblueparismilesan9211cyaarim33thujaaURME*~*Kamala*~*weepyANNU30babygurl10anjali06mahi246monaloboSanjuARainREA_33LadyFlamekaifiajz4amritloveSRLovelyAbhiyasumannicutiee1992beautylover22nainamainacrystalalena9neelanjana9NiharikaNeha777chandnisahardras123devina22kwfannehaPrashant_JWianRENU1111sangeeta9211MaankigopiMadhumala1108CuteTommydrashtee-MariaMars-Armu4evanikita_88-Madhubala-Visha_DhamiNaina2127shruti.nila little faithpapia-enchanted-Avina_fan1-MohitKiMeera--Gunners-anne156chipakradha_bilahariAmarMotianizor-pratyasha-Ilovepie.shaazisukirti_sanaya_NehaLvsK.Wahi_drashti24fariya94nitikajaiswalv3gradev09Ovi_Tannineet06nacimaprema_ks_Moumi_maanluvsgeetankita24SONOMAKTER1tulip132luvudmgsonia1000afrzsweet_shilpagoldrushsimm28neha_mjhtmaahifunshreya_ksgianR.A.Jpriya_lunasandy118_RiDdHi-Shankar-lola610arp04srockssweetshabnine2dbr_kmichi..Cassie..sia_lovely-SaruuKaSh-saveeta24faria86sdollAuroni.92SM_317-jas--veena.shona-You-Know-Who-pushpa-Afflatus.DDbiggestfannb2011farrooPN_luvs_Arjun-Saania-zoozoo123drashsree100anahita.taanukahkashansakinajyoti_l..Ektaa..hopehot-Saruu-utopia88..SheWolf..-Yusraa-Shravya.MasenagmsRkgeetsweetushasrimaneetlover1OMG1nityataanufanvartikavarshaSA-Kia-XxDeansChickxX_zenith_TheWandmakerfizii_gurl_Oishi_-Jyotika-.Divya.aashizin-Durgavnii-docnussNaDzGirl-x-Reshu-x-prejudiced-BurningDesire-Manjari1104mjht_oneSlov_perfringesraginisharmaashna26cool_tuli-Faiza-XDevilsDesireX-Harshu-kavyasam...Pwincess...sashazmohit-SnowKid-fendCandYlicious_MS--aarthi--R.K.Oshinusdewdropredsanu3108bobby13rocksiMadzkirti_fijiKai.Prishna_DBPSsami01yulZHopelessCaseMoNayaHolicPrag-Kruti.S-26javey26-DamnedDrooler-princessunaraAluu-Sabz--Pooji-piya2025priti11-Fatima--NaGs_BaBy-.MohitzPari.ruky786shamilsweet cocoaanyakunatAbandonedRiddlesigridKyunkiImafansidra2007Lennieshanti05angelic shazPrincessBushissdtvgojanImzikrithikasblessing-beautyPrithviSanyo1-Drishti---Doyel--caprigurlsamratrocksmandymoreFaraan_4_Shweta...Mahak...--Thush--rahmona_pakswe-Rinky-Anjalii...xXx.SB.nikki028JanakiRaghunathYuvika_15

Edited by zaara25 - 15 May 2012 at 12:42am

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SRKrazzyanm_anmfarzanamullikcute_drashtisami02priyethamber_gillMaYuRi23aliciakeysnav.navgeetnazshaadishoppeDarkblueparismileBabbar_AvinadimplekushcoolmondacharmingsoniDevineddthujaasnehasamrim33loveSRTrapti_KaJenmonaloboURMEMaankigopiMadhumala1108NiharikaNeha777chandnisaharnainamainacyaasan9211kaifiaRashiiiiREA_33anjali06weepyANNU30AmarMoti*~*Kamala*~*Armu4evaIlovepie.radha_bilaharichipakRestlessWriterv3gradev09_NehaLvsK.Wahi_nitikajaiswalmokshashreea little faithpapiaMysteryGirl101babygurl10TheBoyWhoLivedDecent6Chorimaahifunsaam123..NiShti_Moumi_Sanju_ARainprema_ksCuteTommytulip132afrz..ayaan..sonia1000shreya_ksgianJennyholic.Scarlett..LovelyAbhiyaR.A.JYuvika_15nine2colling-enchanted-arp04srocksdbr_kmichifariya94You-Know-WhoAnu_R-veena.shona-Ovi_Tanni-jas--Alone-anne156-Gunners-anizor..yajnaseni..Afflatus.sukirti_sanaya_sasi_ClaraOswald.sangeeta9211PN_luvs_ArjunnacimagoldrushPassion_17SnakeEyesneha_mjhtgohem123TanuDDiannb2011vampires-loverDDbiggestfandesait--faroo--..neelanjana-AarYaholic-maneet_forever9asena-Veritaserum-iMadzshinusmahi246sanu3108varshaSAFangirl_AnnieCourageous_LeoTinkerBellaMinnieRose-GoldMist-SandCastle.Renu13shaazicool_tuliKissTheSkyAnotherAdmirerMagadhSundari--Saavi---Shankar--SnowKid-Auroni.92kavyasamXDevilsDesireXYukti_RatzholicSM_317-TeriMalang-Meera1101NaBoleTumNa...-Kruti.S-aanyakunatsigridsia_lovelyKyunkiImafan..Naina..-Drishti---Doyel--caprigurlsamratrocksmandymorekrithikasAabha.MAnjalii...xXxYusBee-Nymphadora-ilovepyaarMoNayaHolicPragromiosugar1-Priti11--Nags-.MohitzPari.fizii_gurlssdtvgojan.Sidraangelic shazPrincessBushi_Rainbow_scarletteblueImzi26javeySahSahsami01AmoureuxyulZKai.shamil-Sara.fendCandYlicious_S--aarthi--petrichorr..-Ayesshhaa-..GulaabiAakhein.NusiSg...Pwincess.....Enchanteur..R.K.OJyo_Ksgfaria86FragranceOfLoverahmona_pakswe-Rinky--Jyotika-MyInspirationz-Faiza--PD-nyctophiliamadhoshiyaan.ashna26mjht_oneSerenity_meRageOfAnAngeldevina22ankita24kahkashansakinaTyro-MariaMars-...vibha...-Jhalli-ReallyCool_Darling_saveeta24maanluvsgeetBElieveYOUrselfshewolf.-Saruu-hopehotutopia88DigitalFortresssandy118_RiDdHiBrahmaputraMohabbateinnushasriBillu-Maamma-Mounika-Game_ChangerMagical_KaShDoItAlready.Mohabbatein.-Araina-bobby13rocksdewdropredSandy-Nazleverne_Oishi_aashizinFaraan92-Mrs.MSK-Silent.Dreamersnowflake.Starktastic-x-Reshu-x--Harshu-kirti_fijiibelieveinpink-Nightingale-Dilbole_ShiOmRuPureBlissprincessunaraAlu-QueSeraSeraruky786nikita_88Lennieshanti05-Fatima-P.Kamaljit.SeanSahiPakdeHai.VishaD...RamKiJanaki..Nikki_TitliKrishna_Souravblessing-beauty

-Saruu- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 25 December 2010
Posts: 10234

Posted: 16 November 2011 at 11:22am | IP Logged
great post and i agree
im not good at writing long paragraphs and i dont need to cos you already did zaaruu

thanks for this great post

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RageOfAnAngel IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 04 March 2011
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Posted: 16 November 2011 at 11:26am | IP Logged

Thank God . I swear I agree , its no longer taken in good spirit ! the place has bacome a war zone ! and 1 of the primal causes being this rat chase to be no. 1 .

It is even promoting the pathetic habit of making incessant mids !!! come forth & disagree on this one !!!! is this fair ranking ... hell no !!!

On top of that if a certain celeb is not atop (currently being mostly the top 2 , we're all aware of) ; then certain someone's fans who's not on top starts claiming of irrational demands  ! 

On the other hand , again , the fans are not to be blamed ! everyone wants to see their Favorite on top . It defo hurts their sentiments to see their celeb pulled down each week .

I know it garners this site loads of traffic & limelight courtesy we all know coz of what . But there's limit !

This forum initially opened as a Fun & Relaxing zone ; but now Omg !!! 1 even shudder to think the kind of groupings & divisions are created .

The less said about mids the better ...  Its a viscous circle !!

These things causes more disruption rather than harmony ... I see the same readers who read the same FF are against each other bashing one another for their respective Favorites !!!

Why ??? 

This ranking has just added fuel to the fire . Its high time a person introspect that this on going unethical process is right or not !!

To me it is definitely wrong !! and certain steps need to be taken to prevent the situation going from bad to worst !!

Good Post Zaara ! Thumbs Up Bravo !! Clap

This post is meant for each & every fan . Think about it coolly . Is it really worth to measure your Love for your Favorite Celeb in terms of ranking ???

You yourself will find the answer Smile

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afrz Goldie

Joined: 29 October 2010
Posts: 1821

Posted: 16 November 2011 at 11:32am | IP Logged
Thumbs Up zaara25 i completely agree with u and its very nice and very thoughtful post and i liked everything u wrote ... 

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amber_gill Newbie

Joined: 22 June 2011
Posts: 20

Posted: 16 November 2011 at 12:07pm | IP Logged

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KyunkiImafan IF-Rockerz

Joined: 03 July 2005
Posts: 6815

Posted: 16 November 2011 at 12:46pm | IP Logged
Zaara hun itni long post...I agree with what all I read...will finish and tell how much more I agreed Hug

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MaankigopiMadhu Senior Member

Joined: 06 October 2010
Posts: 862

Posted: 16 November 2011 at 12:53pm | IP Logged
I agree with Zaara :) and support her all the way :)  Someone has to take the first step :)  

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geetnaz Newbie

Joined: 10 November 2011
Posts: 33

Posted: 16 November 2011 at 1:48pm | IP Logged
hi zaara i am agree with you,i like your post soo much.HeartHeartHeart

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