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Paheli Hai Zindagi Updates-No Comments

~LiL*PrInCeZ~ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 04 February 2006 at 10:45pm | IP Logged

Pehali Hai Zindagi (Life is a Puzzle)



Main lead: Nida/Rida (not sure which 1 haha I 4got) ---Javeria Jalil

                    Faraz: Nida/Rida's husband----Yassir Nawaz


Girl's Family:



                           -Younger sister-Shiza


Guy's Family:


                           -younger sister

                           (Dad died so he is the man of the family)


I'm sorry I can't write a detailed update with dialogues and all hope these highlights are good enough.



Episode 2


Scene 1: At Nida/Rida's house (I will use Nida for this epi and will find our 4 nxt epi)

Faraz's mom comes to Nida's house for Rishta. Nida's mom and Faraz's mom are happy with each other and have no problem with the wedding. Nida is happy to hear this (guys I dunno if she liked him b4 or how the 2 families met cuz I didn't c epi 1). Faraz's mom says lets get them married as soon as possible and Nida's mom said sure but I need time for preparations.


Next few scenes: Wedding preparations!

Everyone on both sides is preparing for the wedding. They are shown shopping, putting together clothes, giving out invitations, arranging the food etc.


Next Scenes: Wedding

 It starts with Nida sitting in a yellow outfit and a bunch of girls sitting and singing and the moms putting uptan on Nida (mayoun)

Then we see the barat coming and the wedding taking place and then the ruksati.

Basically there was one song in the background and the wedding was done by the time the song was over.


Next Scene: Nida's house

Nida's mom gets sick because she misses Nida and can't imagine the house without her. Her husband and younger daughter console her.


Next Scene: Nida and Faraz in their room after the wedding

Faraz tells Nida that he loves his mom and sister a lot. He tells her that he doesn't want a lot from her. She can do as she pleases but the only thing he wants her to do is take good care of his mom and sister and love and respect them like her own. He also said that she shouldn't try to become a wall between him and them or else life won't be good for her and she will suffer.


Next scene: Faraz's lawn

Faraz and Nida are going out 2 dinner. Since she is a newly-wed bride Nida is all dressed up and looks like she is going 2 a fancy party. As they leave, Faraz's mom tells them that go and have fun. She says Nida looks really nice and it isn't safe 4 her 2 go out like tht and she should cover herself with a shawl. Faraz says yea mom ur rite and tells Nida to get a shawl. Nida gets pissed and gives her husband and mother-in-law dirty looks and stomps off.


Next Scene: Nida's Parent's house

Nida is at her maika and tells her mom that Faraz cares too much about his mom and sister. Her mom explains 2 her that now is the time 2 trap Faraz and take him in her "mutthi" so that she can lead a happily married life without worrying about her mother-in-law and sister-in-law


Next Scene: Faraz's Living Rooma

 The wedding pictures came from the photographer and Faraz and his mom and sis are looking at them and commenting. His momo tells him 2 go and get Nida and tell her to come down and sit with them as well.


Next Scene: Faraz's bedroom

Yasir tells Nida to come downstairs and she says wat do u care u only care abt ur mom and sis and if that's all tht matters 2 u y did u even bother getting married? Blah blah blah(u get the point)

He leaves and his mom comes there and asks Nida whats wrong. She says nothing I just have a headache…the saas says don't worry I will "dabaou" your head and your head and you will feel better. Nida puts her head on her saas's lap and is enjoying the "seeva" she is getting. The episode ends by zooming up on Nida and she has an evil smile on her face.

~LiL*PrInCeZ~ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 October 2004
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Posted: 11 February 2006 at 12:14pm | IP Logged

Hi guys...this is a super short upd8....i didnt have time all week and i didnt take notes so itz wat i remember frm tuesday...tht was 4 whole days ago and thtz allota tyme 4 me

Rida..yes i have acomplished it tht her name is Rida!

-Faraz's mom is praying and rida is blasting music in the room nxt door…she goes and tells her 2 lower it so tht the noise stays in the room. She gives her an attitude and talks baq.

-Rida and Faraz get in2 fites over lil things she keeps nagging him.

-Rida tells her nand 2 iron her sari she burns it so Rida slaps her. there is a whole argument. and wen Faraz gets home Rida makes up a fake story 2 tell Faraz and his mom and sis dun wanna disturb him or the "ghar ka mohol" so they keep quiet

-Rida's friend comes over and laffz @ her 4 having her mother inlaw's pic in her room so rida takes it off...wen Faraz comes home he gets mad @ her and tells her he wants his momz pic in his room and is abt 2 slap her cuz she been so annoying all epi long and da other epi as well. Bt his mom comes and stops him and tells him tht shariif ghar ka mard aurat per haath nahi uthataye and itz ok all hubby-wife get in2 lil arguments they shud say sorry and b 2gether. She says tht she will put her pic in a different room and itz 2 reason 2 fite.

-Rida says shes leaving da house and packs her stuff

-Faraz'z sister is sick and even though Rida lives in da same house she dun bother 2 go 2 her room and c her…his sister has really high fever and alotta other things..basically all results of depression frm Rida's attitude 2wards her and her mom.

-Faraz goes 2 his in-laws house and tells thm abt it…Rida's mom (the 1 brainwashing rida) tells him tht hes all bad and he almost slapped her daughter and blah blah. Her husband says lets listen 2 him. Faraz tells thm how rida behaves 2wards his mom and sis and how she alwaiiz naggz him 4 stuff she noes he cant do. Ridaz dad says ur rite and I will talk 2 her and tell her 2 b better etc. Ridaz mom says oh no ur not.. Rida is rite. Faaraz shud devote all his time 2 her and do anything 2 make her happy and y shud Rida have 2 care abt Faraz'z sister and mom she married Faraz not thm etc…

Rida's father tells Rida's mother tht wat she is doing is wrong and beti ka ghar tabah kerrahi hain and she tells him 2 b quiet and she knows wat she is duing.

Faraz getz pissed at Ridaz mom and tells her tht he respecs her and her husband but now he can c where Rida gets her bad attitude frm and hu influences her soo much. She says bad teachings? Luk @ u u can even take care of ur wife….if u luv ur mom and sis so much u shudnt have married thn u cud luk after thm all ur life. Maybe marriage was a bad descision 4 u…he says remember tht Rida is ur daughter and 1 bad decision can run her life 4eva


~LiL*PrInCeZ~ IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 20 October 2004
Posts: 11305

Posted: 26 February 2006 at 9:29pm | IP Logged

Paheli Hai Zindagi –Epi 4


No guys I didn't forget last week…they didn't show a new episode last week they retecasted epi 3…dunno y


The episode starts out with a new twist.


Remember Samina, Faraz's sister was sick? Well Rida is taking good care of her now. Rida visited her and got her juice and basically took good care of her.  Both Samina and her mom are happy to see this change.


Samina, her mom and Rida are sitting together and laughing and talking. Rida is serving them tea and the three women are having a good time. Faraz comes home from work and is happy to see this


Vicky got into a fight at the place where you play pool and other table sports. The other guy was severely injured and taken to the hospital. The police came and arrested Vicky.

His mom and sister went to the police station and bailed him out. His mom was ye;;ing at him and told him to stay away from his friends because they were a bad influence on him. She also said that if he cannot leave his friends then he should leave the house. He takes it literally and leaves


Faraz and Rida are going out for dinner. Rida wants to eat Chinese and Faraz wants to eat BBQ. They are arguing about it (not really fighting like a playful argument). Then Samina comes there and Faraz says lets ask her. Samina says BBQ. Faraz says great go upstairs and tell ammi to get ready all 4 of us are going out to eat BBQ tonight. Hearing this, Rida is upset and just walks away.


Vicky's mom is sick because her son left her. She is laying in bed thinking about all her son's actions. Alam uncle comes and tells her that he promises to bring back Vicky

Alam uncle goes to Vicky's fried's house and gives him a long lecture on how a jawan son is a burri maa's sahara and that what he did was wrong etc. He says Vicky is lucky to have such a loving mother. Stubborn Vicky says he wont return but he agrees when Alam uncle tells him that his momis sick because he left

Rida's dad went to meet Faraz at Faraz's work. Both of them apologize to one and another. Faraz tells him about Rida's change in behavior. Rida's dad is happy to hear this and says that it's really not her fault and that him and his wife spoiled her while raising her so she grew up that way.


At home, Rida is talking to her Mother in law about searching for a good guy for Samina and marrying her off. The phone rings but when Rida's mother in law picks up there is no reply and she hangs up


Rida realizes that it's her mom and she goes to her room and calls her mom and they talk on the phone. Rida complains to her mom that this plan isn't as great as they thought and that she is sick of acting nice and she can't pull this charade much longer. Samina wanted to call Faraz so she picked up the receiver in the other room and accidentally heard all this. Samina coughed (remember she is sick) and Rida heard it and came to the other room…and im sure you can guess what happen….FIGHT!!.....rida and samina argue and fight and then samina's mom stops them.


Vicky returns home and his mom and sister are very happy. His mom hugs him and he promises never to leave again and he asks how she. He says that from now on he will be the best son ever. He will do everything she always told him to. And starting tomorrow he will go to the factory and take over the work


Rida and Faraz are in their room at night. Rida tells him to take her to her maika in the morning when he goes to work. He says ok but ask ammi and if she is fine with it I have no problem. Rida gets pissed but says ok


Downstairs, Samina tells her mom about everything she overheard on the phone between Rida and her mom. She says the Rida's mom was telling Rida to create such an atmosphere where the only solution would be for Rida and Faraz to move out. Her mom tells her that now that they know that is what they want we have to do all we can to make sure no such situation is created. We have to be nice to Rida regardless of her attitude towards us. She says that her son is her burhapaye ka sahara and she has to make sure he does not leave her.


Vicky went to the factory with Alam uncle. They go around and Vicky is looking at everything and Alam uncle is explaining all the stuff to him.

Rida is in her room thinking about the scene with Samina and the phone call. The faraz comes there and they start arguing. She begins to complain to faraz about his mother and sister.

They are arguing and the camera zooms out and the credits start


~LiL*PrInCeZ~ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2006 at 4:46pm | IP Logged

Paheli Hai Zindagi-Epi 5


Hey everyone!


Sorry this is a super short update…I don't have time this weekend and I can't write a long and detailed on a school night.


Really short highlights so that you know what happens for next episode.


        Rida went to maika for a week. Her family asks her how life is and all. She adds namak mirch (knowing Rida we can say she added haldi and all the other masla thingys in the ktchen as well) Her mom tells her that she has to find a way to get rid of her saas and nand and keep full control over her husband she says that is what she did to Rida's phuphis and dadi after she got married. Shiza tells her that she should compromise with her saas and nand and it can't really be that bad they seem like sweet and caring people. Her dad advises her that a good girl doesn't tell susral ki batain in maika and maika ki batain in susral. He tells her that she has to grow up and act mature and take on responsibilities.

        While Rida was away, Faraz noticed that Samina looked tensed and worried. He asked her what was wrong. She hesitated but when he said it would remain between the two of them she told him. Samina explained the whole situation with Rida and her behavior. The phone incident the music incident the sari incident and others. (no dialogues she is talking, voice is muted and we see flashbacks of all these)

        Rida goes home and the cell phone rings. He asks her where she got a cell from and she said her mom said she should have won and her mom bought it for her. Faraz is sitting right there and tells her that she does not need a cell phone. She says well the land line is always busy and stuff so ammi bought it for me.

        More Javeria/Faraz and Javeria/Samina and her mom arguments.

        Faraz is at work and he is thinking about all this and he keeps on thinking and then he gets dizzy and faints and someone from work took him to the Hospital. The episode ends at the gate of the hospital.


Oh yea…there's a whole side story going on…I didn't include it with the other story because it gets too mixed up.

  • Remember Vicky? Well he is at the factory sitting at his desk and Alam uncle (the manager…lol aji I found out this week just for you) is explaining all his work to him.
  • Vicky was eating out with some girl. She asked him when he will come to her house to ask for her rishta he said he does not want to marry yet but when he is ready he will come. Just then Shiza and her friends come to the same restaurant. Seeing Shiza and afraid she will say something to him he makes up excuses to get away from there.
  • He told his friend about her and he said that how will we find anything about her you don't know her name, where she lives or anything about her.
  • Shiza is at a music store and she asks for a tape. There was one last copy and it was sold out a few minutes before. The clerk told her to wait and they will reorder it with new shipment and she can get it. Vicky bought the last tape and when he saw shiza wanted it he told the clerk that he will wait let her take it. Shiza gave him a dirty look and said she does not want favors. They throw the tape back and forth and in the end neither one of them buys it (lol… the shopkeeper was watching their argument with a lot of interest but when none of them bought it the joke was on him and he looked disappointed)
  • Outside the music store, shiza's friend says you met him AGAIN? Shiza says yea why do all these coincidents happen to me? Her friend says itz not a coincident. Coincidents don't happen so often. And in a city as huge as Karachi the chances of two complete strangers meeting again and again is unlikely and she should really think about it…shiza tells her friend that she thinks too much. Just then Vicky comes out of the music store and shiza and Vicky engage in some more tutu-maimai then they leave.
  • At home, Vicky is sitting on his bed thinking about his mystery girl (shiza) he thinks of all the times he spent with her ( and he is just mesmerized by her.


That's all folks!

Come again later for episode 6


~LiL*PrInCeZ~ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2006 at 4:53pm | IP Logged

epiz 6&7.....sorry 4 no upd8z....herez wat happen so u dun miss out

rida and faraz and her in lawz fite....he slaps her his mom yellz @ him 4 slapping her...she slits her wrist...they go 2 hospital....she refuses 2 return 2 farazz house and goes 2 maika and lives there and her mom sayz tht therez no need 4 her 2 go baq till he buyz her a seper8 house..her dad and sis try 2 talk sense in2 her but no use cuz mom is brain washing her.....and comez 2 get her and she sayz no and he sayz fine imma neva come baq

and vicky...well hez runnin da company and 1 of hiz old frendz pissed tht he so professional now n they fiting and thn hiz old frend instig8z da union leader 2 strike and thn they all threaten 2 strike and vicky and alam uncle r tense


nuttin much basically....alotta flash baqz and rida complaining and whining and b****ing

~LiL*PrInCeZ~ IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 22 March 2006 at 4:54pm | IP Logged
noe tht ur all caought up herez wat happened in y-dayz epi


yaayy jav is baqq with her upd8

well heres wat happened in a nutshell (and this is the smallest nutshell of the smallest nut available)

***EPI 8***
-rida had a kid (i didnt even know se was pregnant)

-faraz divorced rida

-there was a strike in vicky's company and thn his mom comez and tries 2 stop it and thn the police find out hu was behind it (1 of vicky's ex-fends)

basically thtz all tht happened and there were a gazillion flash baqz....and rida regretting her actiionz and her dad yelling @ her mom 4 messing up her life 4rva

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