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ArHi FF: Kahaani Mei Twishttt! *Completed* (Page 8)

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Next part... 


Tringgg Triinggg…

Khushi's phone rang, making both of them come back to reality. Khushi tried to pull back her hand from Arnav's iron clasp, but he refused to let go. She looked into those chocolate brown eyes and frowned. Arnav's face reflected nothing but his desire, his desire to hold her hand in his forever. Khushi twisted her hand in an attempt to free it from his, in response the grip only tightened.

"Stop fidgeting Khushi… Tum mere sawalo ka jawaab die bagair kuch nahi karogi, samjhi tum?"

Khushi alternated glances between his face, their hands and the bag which held her ringing phone. "Hamara phone baj raha hai…", she muttered and attempted to pull her hand back. He let her go this time somehow. She quickly pulled her phone out of her bag and saw who was calling.

It was Shyam…

Arnav saw his name flashing on the screen and he made a face, lips pressed into a hard line. Khushi saw the change in his expression, but pressed answer.

"Hello…", she said, holding her phone by both her hands.

"Arre Khushi ji, hum kab se aap ka phone try kar rahe hain… Kaha ho aap?"

"Ji, hum…", she looked at Arnav, whose gaze was penetrating so deep into the steering wheel as if he wanted it to turn itself with just a look from him.

"Woh chodiye… Yeh bataaie ke aap ghar kab aa rahi hai… Kya hai na Khushi ji, hume kuch kaam se bahar jana hai, toh hum ne socha ke aap se milke chalte hai… Chandigarh ja rahe hai, pata nahi kitne din lagenge, wapas  kab mulakat hogi…"

"Shyam ji, hum bass kuch der mei ghar aa rahe hai…", Khushi talked into the phone causing Arnav to look at her in with a quick movement of his head, eyes having villainous stare now.

"Thik hai Khushi ji… Waise aap ko agar kuch pareshaani na ho, toh kya hum aaj sham ko bahar ja sakte hai?"

"Ji sham ko? Bahar?"

"Agar aap ko aitraaz nahi hai toh…"

"Ji thik hain… Hum aap se ghar par milte hai…"

That was it. Arnav pushed open the door, jumped down his SUV and thundered the door shut behind him.

"Woh kaise awaaz thi Khushi ji?"

"Kuch nahi…", she said, looking worried about Arnav and about what was going to happen next after she cut that call, "Hum phone rakhte hai…"

She quickly hit the end call button and climbed out. She walked to him on the other side of the car, where she saw him leaning against the drivers' window, staring at his feet.

His mind was on what Khushi was saying on the phone. 'Does she need to be polite with him??? Can't she just cut his phone on his face or tell him that she is busy? That b*****d deserves that, he dared to look at my Khushi that way, so he deserves everything bad in the world… And Khushi… She has to hurt me, right? Why she does this to me? First she comes into my life like a bubbly hurricane, leaving my life in a complete mess… Everything was so perfect before she came butting in… Perfect life, no emotional contamination… How am I gonna sort this out now? B****y hell, I am not used to all this… When I tell her that I love her and all she does is pick up the call of her fiance and talk to him about a date??? Who does she think she is? That she can play whatever games on me wherever and whenever she pleases? Her Highness Princess Khushi Kumari Gupta, is she now??? You will pay for all this Her Highness…', he flinched in anger. He was furious at her. He heard her approaching, but didn't look up.

"Arnav ji –"

He quickly grabbed her hands and trapped her between him and the car.

"Tumhe kya lagta hai ke tum jab chahe apni marzi chala sakti ho, huh?"

She looked into those eyes that help immeasurable anger. What she hadn't grasped immediately that the anger was for her. He tightened the grip on her by pressing her more against the car. She moaned as it left her no room to move even a muscle.

"Tumhe kya laga ke tum mere sawaalo ka jawaab bhi nahi dungi aur mai sirf dekhta reh jaunga? Tumne apne aap ko samajhke kya rakha hai, huh?"

Her face started twisting in pain as he pushed her more. There wasn't even a small gap between them. His face centimetres from hers, his breath on her, her breath on him.

"Woh…", she begun but he silenced her as his lips pressed hard into hers. There were so many emotions in that kiss. Anger, frustration, desire, love, passion, possession, selfishness, need, victory, defeat, apology, confession… Khushi was taken aback by this sudden gesture, first it felt as if it was too much to handle… A normal person could not handle what was hidden behind that kiss. He was trying to get some response out of her, but she didn't… She was there, standing frozen at her place, unable to take any of the things that the kiss was offering…

Arnav frowned as her passive behaviour irritated him, but didn't let go of her, he didn't break the kiss. He knew that if there was any way to get her heart talking, was to tell her what she meant for him, to make her realize what he is to her, it was this… Because she was way to stubborn to listen to anything he might want to say… And he could not let her go… To her fianc… The instant he thought about her fianc, his anger increased in multiples of thousands and he bit her lip. Khushi gasped; and that was it, he deepened the kiss, his tongue found a way in. It was too much on Khushi's resolve and she melted into him. Her immobilized hands now flew to his back, holding him firmly. His kiss became gentle and soft when she kissed him back. His love for her overpowered the anger and loathing he felt for her fianc…

This was their world, a world where they were at peace. A world where everything was beautiful. A perfect world… Under the cover of the stars, under the protection of each other's' arms… A dream world… Where there was no other thing in the world apart from their love, where there was no greater joy in life apart from their love… The wind blew past them, causing the leaves of the tree shower on them – a message from the stars, a blessing from their parents… None of them wanted anything more than what they held in their arms right now, none of them thought they would need anything more than this…

None of them knew how long they were interlocked this way; neither of them wanted to break apart…

Finally after what seemed like ages, Khushi broke apart, breathing heavily. Arnav closed his eyes when he felt her pushing him a bit for air. He obliged at her touch and stepped back, giving her some space. There was no sound except for both of their breathing for a moment.

"Khushi…", Arnav muttered, his eyes still closed.

"Hmm…?", she said, leaning into him, cuddling back into his arms. Arnav wrapped his arms around her and kissed her hair.

"You still want to go home?"

Khushi pulled back and looked at him. Arnav, surprised at her sudden action, opened his eyes. Their eyes met and all the questions were forgotten. They just stood there, now lost in the deep ocean of the eyes, full of love.


Arnav giggled. "Yeah yeah I know ke aise laga nahi ke yaha ke alawa bhi humara koi ghar hai, par sacchai toh hume lagne ya na lagne se nahi badalti na…", he smirked smugly. Khushi stood mesmerized by the sound of that giggle. She had never seen him smile, let alone giggle; except that one instant before Nainital. She couldn't help but notice that it was her who made him smile all along. His giggle, she felt as if it had become the most significant sound in the world. He made it so…


"Hmpf..?", she said, as if pulled from a long chain of thoughts.

"Toh ghar chale ya yahi rehne ka iraada hain?", he asked, raising his eye brow.

Mention of home bought a very unpleasant image in front of his eyes. Shyam… How was she going to explain any of this to him, to buaji, to jiji, to ma, to bauji…? She was engaged to that person… How can she break the promise ring he had given to her? How can she forget the ring which she had slipped into his finger?

Arnav noticed her going silent and he got worried. "Kya baat hain Khushi?"

Khushi slowly lifted her face up from the ground to match his and whispered, "Shyam ji…"

Arnav sighed. He took a step towards her and hugged her by one hand, pulling her into him. "Hmm… Shyam… Don't worry Khushi… Is ka bhi koi na koi solution nikal aayega… I will talk to him if you cant… But this time, I wont let you go away…. This time, I wont hurt you… Ever… I promise this to you from the bottom of my heart Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta…", a faint smile lingered at his lips. He bent ahead and planted a light kiss on her forehead. "Arnav Singh Raizada promises you all the happiness in the world…"


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Precap... Expose' Shyam...! ArHi moments...!

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Cool.. Loved it.. I like Arnav's anger filled love and passion.

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Amazing! Very cute

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wow fab update and rocking precap i love it

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really v goood.finally they confessed

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