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ArHi FF: Kahaani Mei Twishttt! *Completed*

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Okay, this boring track is driving me crazzzyyy now! Nothing is happening! So just thought should write what I felt would have done miracles in Arnav and Khushi's life and of course, consequently ours!

This is the first time I'm writing anything on Arnav and Khushi; I hope you guys like it! I'm quite nervous about this, actually!!!

I will start with the almost-tagline of this serial and from where I last liked any scene. Here I go with my first ever FF on ArHi..!



Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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Part 5

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"Aaj ke baad na tumhari shakal dekhni hain, na tumse baat karni hain... " Arnav said to Khushi at the mandir after their mini-engagement.

"Thik hain... Mujhe bhi aap ki shakal dekhne ka ya aapse baat karne ka koi shauk nahi hain, Mr Arnav Singh Raizada...", Khushi hissed.

Both of them turned away from each other and walked off in opposite direction, never looking at each other, walking straight ahead. Sure, they loved each other, kind of, even though none of them had realized it till then, but then again, none of them were feeling bad about turning and walking away... Hatred was stronger at that point; Arnav's words had hurt Khushi ... she hadn't imagined him to be so rough with her after everything that had happened between the pair of them and Khushi's words had hurt Arnav's ego so deep that his brain overpowered his heart...

Hatred shadowed love...


Next morning...

The bell at the Raizada Mansion rang. Jai Prakash received the door. Khushi was standing there, looking lost in her thoughts.

"Arre Khushi ji, aap?"

"Ji Jai Prakash Ji... Hume Anjali ji se kuch kaam hai.."

"Accha... Lekin Anjali ji toh ghar pe nahi hain..."

"Ohh... Thik hain, kya Nani ji ghar pe hain?"

"Ji... Lekin who Pooja main vyast hai..."

"Koi baat nahi, Jai Prakash Ji, hum thode der unke liye ruk jaate hain..."

"Thik hain..." 

Jai Prakash went to his work of cleaning the house.

Khushi walked to the living room. She was looking everywhere for any sign of Arnav; she wanted to make sure that he wasn't in the house. But somewhere deep down her heart, she wanted to see him, wanted to talk to him, wanted him to shout at her, wanted him to hold her so tight that her hands bruised, wanted him to say sorry to her again...

Khushi walked to the couch. She stumbled upon a side table on the way. It was the same table from which she had once broken his favourite vase. And then she saw the phone, from which she had once called Arnav during one of his meeting causing him embarrassment... A small smile appeared on her lips by the memory... The way he was angry after all that episode, the way he said 'Khushi Kumari Gupta' after he came to know that she was responsible for that... Maybe her ears were keen to listen to his voice, just once... She didn't care what his intoxicating voice might say, she just wanted to hear him utter her name again... 'Khushi Kumari Gupta'...

Tringgg... Trinnggg...

The same phone, which made Khushi go into the trans, rang... Khushi looked as if she just woke up from a good nights' sleep. She looked around to check if anybody was there to pick up the call; but the living room was empty apart from her. She slowly walked to the phone letting her eyes wander in every direction, just in case someone came round the corner, just in case he came round the corner...

She reached for the receiver and picked it up, just when she saw the heavy bandage that surrounded her delicate finger. The bandage looked at least thrice the size; with the amount of it wrapped around the small wound.

"Hello -  ", The person at the other end called.

But Khushi's thoughts were again wrapped around Arnav, the same how he had wrapped the bandage. She just kept staring at her finger; remembering his hand in hers...

"Hello... ", the other person repeated, his lovely intoxicating voice getting impatient now. He wanted that file badly and he couldn't afford to waste time to go all the way back and collect it himself.

His voice got registered in her mind this time and she almost dropped the phone. Quickly getting hold of it, she brought it near her ears.

"H... He - Hello...", she stammered.

A gust of wind blew as both of them became aware of whom they were about to talk to. One moment, Arnav muttered 'Shit, what the hell she is doing there?'; but a feeling of relief washed over him, allowing all his anger and frustration flow away.


"Ar.. Arnav ji?"

Listening to the 'ji' attached to his name, Arnav felt quite weird. She had always called him using that suffix, but he felt it didn't fit well this time. Not when it was her saying his name... This was enough to trigger the angry-young-man side of him.

"Tum??? Tum waha kya kar rahi ho?", he said, irritated.

Khushi noticed his irritation, and her not-so-lovely-side resurfaced.

"Hum jab chahe, jaha chahe jaa sakte hai... Aap se matlab?"

"Main apne ghar phone karu aur tum use uthao... Ghar pe sab log mar gaye kya?"

"Hai Devi Maiyya, yeh aap kaisi baat kar rahe ho? Aise log marne ki icchha karne wale toh sirf aap hi ho sakte hai..."

"Shut up Khushi...! Kabhi apne muh per lagaam daalne ke baare mei socha hai?"

"Hum insaan hai... Ghoda nahi ke muh par lagaam daal de..."

"Tum ghoda hoti toh mere liye bahot accha hota tha... Kam se kam tumhari yeh betuki baatein toh nahi sunani padti mujhe..."

"Kya? Humari baatein betuki hoti hai? Accha? Toh aapki konsi bahot matlab wali hoti hai?"

Arnav, who was sitting in his glass cabin, looking at his reflection for long, saw a little smile getting carved across the face of a strange-looking man, which he had mistaken to be his reflection!

"Khushi, Dekho - "

"Pehle hum apni baat puri karenge, uske baad aap ko jo kehna hain aap - "

"Phone maine kiya hai Ms Khushi Kumari Gupta!"

"Lekin uthaya toh hum ne na..."

"Maine tumse kaha tha phone uthane ke lie?", said Arnav, his smile widening.

"Par -  "

"Par-var kuch nahi... Ab meri baat suno... Mujhe kuch jaroori kaam hai... ", he cut her midway, his meeting coming back to his mind.

"Jaroori kaam aap ka hain, toh aap kariye na, hum se kyun keh rahe ho?", Khush lashed back.

Arnav sighed. "Sach Khushi, koi gadha hi hoga jo tumse baat kare..."

"Ahh... Sahi kaha aapne.. Koi gadha hi hoga jo hum se baat kare...  Sahi pehchaan hai aap ko apne aap ki... Aaj hume pata chala ke aap sach mei saamne wale ko parakh sakte hai..."

Arnav shook his head. "Rehne do Khushi... Main ghar aake apna kaam kar lunga... Thank you so much for your help..."

"Help? Humne toh aap ki koi help ki hi nahi toh - "

"Khushi, mai phone rakh raha hu..."

"Haan toh rakhiye naa.. Humne kaha roka hai...!"

"Damn it! I am getting late now... Main ghar aa raha hu, Nani se keh dena..." and he cut the phone without listening anything further...

'Ajeeb aadmi hai... Pehle call karta hai, phir kehta hai mujhe late ho raha hai, phir kehta hai ke ghar aa raha hu...' , she stopped midway. 'Ghar aa rahe hai...  Hai Devi Maiyya... Laad Governer ghar aa rahe hai... Yeh maine kya kar diya? Itna shaant, pyara sa ghar, ladai ke maidaan jaisa kyu lag raha hai abhi? Unki poori baat bhi nahi suni, agar koi jaroori kaam hota toh? Par abhi voh ghar aa rahe hai na, toh apna kaam khud kar lenge, hume unki chinta kabse hone lagi? Par Khushi, voh ghar aa rahe hai... Haan toh, unka ghar hai, voh jab chahe aaye, jab chaahe jaye  - KYAAA?????? Laad governer ghar aa rahe hai??? Hai ab mai kya karu????'

Jai Prakash walked in for cleaning the sitting area and saw Khushi fast muttering something to herself. Seeing her like this, he asked her if there was something wrong.

"Ab kya bataye Jai Prakash ji... Pralay ko khud aamantran dene ke baad koi thik kaise rahe?"

"Hum kuch samjhe nahi, Khushi ji..."

Khushi hit her hand on her forehead. "Uff oh Jai Prakash ji, aap bhi na...! Accha, voh sab chodiye, Nani ji ko humara sandesh dijiye ke Laad Governer ghar aa rahe hai..."

Jai Prakash looked confused, not understanding the term. "Kaun?"

"Arre Laad Governer!"


And the bell rang for the second time. Khushi jumped. 'Itne jaldi? Hawai jahaaj se udke aaye hai kya??? Waise kuch keh nahi sakte... Ho bhi sakta hai...!!!'

Jai Prakash went to attend the door, only to find Arnav standing there, looking as handsome as ever in his business attire, not a hair out of place, with his laptop bag in his hands, but wearing an expression that was sooo unlike ASR... The smile which had appeared on his lips during the call was still there...


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-.Pearl.- IF-Dazzler

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Next update... Coming soon...

But till then, please please please please let me know if I should continue... Leave loads of reply for me to get inspired and write more...


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If you think this is an error please Contact us.

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please continue nice one 

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Do continue, this was good. Can u Pm me when u update next, thanksg

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Arnav... you naughty boy...
still smirking ha...
Lovely OS
pls continue
Pls add me to your PM list

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Wonderful .please continue

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Very nice.  Please continue. 

Please Pm me when you update!

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