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When Armaan reads Jassi's Diary!

Rumi Goldie

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 Hi !Guys! i am posting that portion of Betty La Fea where Armando Reads Betty's Diary!obviously, i have changed all the names acc to jjkn and edited those portions where it seems that Purab is a newcomer!

It is as follows:

Armaan decides to go to Jassi's office to search for the picture the Gang was talking about in which Purab and Jassi are in a tight embrace. Hearing voices of the Gang in his head, he closes the doors behind him and walks to the back where Jassi left her purse. He picks up the purse and quickly turns his back to the window embracing the purse. Then he fishes for the picture while keeping a careful watch for anyone that might see him. When he finds the photo, he stares at it sullenly then, with a gasp, returns it to the purse. That is when he notices Jassi's diary. After he removes the diary, he puts the purse back. Then he opens the diary (upside down), turns it over and begins to read: "He is a man that I find marvelous. He helps me into his car, takes me to his club. He confesses his fears to me as if all the details would die with me. " ARMAAN, whispering: What's this? "He protects me from the wind and dizziness. He believes in me and begs that I do not abandon him, that I remain at his side, that he needs me ... a man who has everything ... who needs a woman like me ... ha ha ...but I don't know………. but the fact is that I need him too. ..." A shadow passes behind the window at the other end of the office behind Armaan's back ... Suddenly, the doors open ... Armaan quickly tucks the diary inside his coat and stiffens upright. . . . In walks Jassi with Purab . . .

Jassi – Armaan Sir ? Armaan (picking up one of the folders on the desk) -- I apologize, forgive me for coming into your office, Jassi. It's just that I was looking for ... a balance! Yes, last year's balance ... I wanted to check it, I'm worried. Do you have it? I can't find it. Jassi -- Yes, of course, Sir. Armaan simply stares at Jassi and Purab, as if waiting for something. Jassi (turning to Purab) -- Have you two met today? Armaan (looking at Purab as if sizing up the enemy) -- Yes, we had already seen each other a while back. (Ironically) How's it going? Purab (not backing down one bit from Armaan's stare) -- Very well, thank you and what about you?Armaan( Ironically)Fine, thank you. Jassi (while Armaan and Purab keep staring at each other) -- Sir, here's the balance. Armaan (takes the balance from Jassi without taking his eyes of Purab) -- Thank you, Jassi. Armaan looks at Jassi, then stares hard at Purab again, then one more time at Jassi, and he heads for the door. Armaan -- Excuse me. (He leaves Jassi's Office). Jassi (taking a seat on the brown couch) -- Please sit down, Purab. Would you like something to drink? Purab -- No, thank you. (Sits next to Jassi on the couch) What a strange guy ... ……..Jassi -- Yes, he's a little strange. Jassi nods and looks uncomfortably away, fixing her glasses. Purab notices this and tactfully changes the subject. Purab -- I love your new office. Jassi -- Thank you.

Armaan walks up behind the gang, holding his jacket (so that the diary won't fall out, LOL), says excuse me, and rushes into his office. Ruby tells Gang that she's sure something is going on with Armaan Sir... he's acting very strangely.

At his office, Armaan takes out a bottle of whisky, sits down at his desk with the diary, serves himself a drink, and takes a big swallow before tackling the task ahead. He opens the diary and reads an entry: "Today I confirmed that I cannot be loved by anyone. Men do not give themselves the opportunity to get to know 'ugly women'; they get to know women through sight only. A beautiful woman has the homefield advantage with a man just because she is pretty. He listens to her, he desires her, and puts up with everything for her. He doesn't even listen to 'ugly women'. I am ugly, but fortunately, that doesn't matter to one man ... on the contrary, he needs me." Armaan turns back to the page where the entry started to look for the date ... He says to himself, in wonder: "October 23rd ... she was already working for me." Armaan continues reading the entry: "And I'm happy because I know that I can be by his side for a long time even if I don't receive anything in return." Out in the second floor lobby, the phone starts to ring again at Naazneen's desk. Since she has not returned, Pari tells Bindiya that she should answer her friend's phone. Bindiya answers the call which is for Armaan. She walks over to his office to tell him that he has a call.

In his office, Armaan takes another sip of his whisky and continues reading: "He is wonderful to me. He takes me to the club in his car, he confesses his fears to me, all the while not knowing that I'm dying with every one of his little details." Armaan looks up and says to himself, while pointing at the diary, "That was me. She's referring to me in here." Bindiya bursts in and tells Armaan that he's got a call from some client, and he firmly tells her that he doesn't want to take any calls, he doesn't want to see anyone, he doesn't want anyone to come in to his office today. He adds in an exasperated tone, "Do you understand? Please close the door. Thank you!"

Bindiya leaves and Armaan goes back to the diary: "He protects me against wind and surf. He believes in me, he begs me not to leave him, pleads with me to remain by his side, tells me that he needs me. He, the man that has everything in life, needs a woman like me. And I don't know how to tell him that I need him too, that I would die if he left me. And that's why I'm scared ... because he needs me for work-related reasons, and I need him for love." Armaan, noticeably upset now, takes another sip of his whisky, stands up, and continues reading: "He is with me every hour of the day. I spend all day with him, at the office, until night falls. And when I'm not with him, I imagine him everywhere. I am delirious for him. I don't know what I will do after tomorrow ... I won't see him for two weeks. It will be the first time that I won't see him for such a long period of time ... I don't know how I can bear his absence, because I think that there's already something definite within me: I love Armaan Sir. And I'm scared." Armaan looks up from the diary and somberly says to himself, "Since when have you loved me, Jassi? How long has it been?"

Back at Jassi's Office, Purab and Jassi continue their talk: Purab -- If you tell me that you are leaving this dark period that you lived behind, something for which I am prtly responsible and something that happened after my departure which I don't want to ask you about ... that you want to make a radical change in your life and give yourself another chance, that for me would be marvelous, it would be great to work with you. Jassi -- Thank you so much, but I can't believe you're serious, because I know nothing about restaurants or anything of the sort. Purab -- Yes, but I remember that in Mauritus you told me that the world of beauty and of beauty queens was not your world. Now let me ask you something: when you came here, did you know anything about fabrics, stores or clothing? Jassi -- No (Jassi laugh) ... nothing. I didn't even know how to dress. Purab -- And look how far you've come! You are now the chairperson of one of the most important Indian clothing companies. You accomplish everything you want. Now, if you tell me that you don't wish to retire from the fashion industry, then that's another thing. Jassi -- No ... I've done well and I've learned to handle the company's business. But right now I'm saturated ... I don't know if that's because of the atmosphere here ... Purab -- Then you can give Mauritus a chance, try out the atmosphere there, and if you don't like it, then return. But in any event, any fashion company here would snap you up. Jassi -- Are you sure that I would be useful to you? Purab -- I would bet my life on it (literally he said: I would put my hands on the fire, but that doesn't make sense in English, LOL!). I wouldn't only have the best manager, the best administrator, the best executive, but I would also have a wonderful woman whom I always wanted to have. Jassi, I need a woman like you to hand over my company to, a woman that can do what you have done for this company. And I know that this would be just as important to me as it was to your former boss, Armaan Suri.

That certain former boss continues to read the diary: "I don't want him to fail, it would hurt me. And I also would feel responsible for his failure and I am scared. I am scared of what he might do, I'm scared because of the company that he asked me to form behind his family's back, of that blank promissory note that he signed. It's wonderful that he believes in me, that he trusts me so much, but I'm scared of what he might ask me to do for Gulmohur. He's definitely a strange man. He handed his company to me because he definitely trusts me more than anyone else in this world. And I don't want to let him down." Armaan looks up once again; tears have begun to well up in his eyes. Realization has dawned as to how much Jassi loved him.

And over at Jassi's Office ... Purab -- The office that you would have in Mauritus is nothing like this one; you wouldn't have the comforts that you have here. (Purab starts walking around Jassi's Office pointing at all the windows). But, for example, you would have a window like this one, looking out over the sea. Can you imagine sitting at your desk looking out to the ocean instead of into a company? And then, over where this wall is, another window, but without curtains ... and here, only blue, blue, blue. And over here, another window, one that looks like a painting but it's really the Old City. Doesn't the idea seduce you? Jassi -- A lot.

Purab :I would love for you to see the office that I have for you in Mauritus, it's just that it's ... (looks around Jassi's old office, becoming indignant) I can't believe that Armaan had his right-hand person in here, the most important person to him at work.

In his office, Armaan continues reading: "Right now, I am the most important woman to him, even more so than his girlfriend. But at the same time, I don't exist to him as a woman. I spent an infernal night locked up in my office and he didn't remember I was there. (Armaan flashes back to the morning when he found Jassi asleep at her desk and he threw a piece of paper at her to wake her up). I only exist as an employee and not as a woman. I heard him say that he is waiting for the ideal woman and he doesn't realize that she's already there, only a few meters away from his desk. (Armaan is now openly crying). But I don't have the weapons to show him that I am that woman that he needs, the one that he's waiting for." Armaan looks up from the diary again, obviously in pain now ... and crying.

Out in the second floor lobby, Nandini exits the elevator, greets everyone, and then asks Bindiya where Jassi is. Bindiya says she's not sure, but she thinks she's still with the Purab ... she offers to page her. Nandini asks Bindiya how Jassi reacted to Purab's appearance and Bindiya tells her that Jassi almost died upon seeing him, she was so happy ... it was almost like a dream come true.

Back to the diary: "Today one of my most cherished dreams came true ... the one that was the farthest from my reach. One of my fantasies came true, one that I believed would go to the tomb with me. Armaan Sir told me that he loved me, that he was obsessed with me, that he was jealous of Nandu. (Tears are streaming down Armaan's face). I felt that the world was slipping away from me, I thought it was my fantasy playing tricks on my imagination, that makes me see a Armaan Suri that is in love with me but that always walks away. But this Armaan Suri was real, he himself confirmed it for me ... (Armaan's tears keep flowing like a river). He was the bone-and-flesh Armaan Suri that is by my side all day. He was that severe and implacable man with whom I fell in love. " (Armaan cries even harder at the memory). A tormented Armaan cannot bear to read anymore. He looks up once again, brushes his forehead with his hand, looks around in shock and pain, and says to himself, "Noooo ..." Meanwhile, the tears continue to flow ………..

Jassi is talking to Nandini and asks her if she called Purab to come to her rescue. Jassi tells her she's made her decision and that she wants to leave Gulmohur as soon as possible. Jassi informs Nandini that Armaan broke up with Mallika because he is probably interested in another woman and she can't bear to see him with anyone else.

Armaan continues reading Jassi's diary. While he reads all the beautiful things Jassi feels for him, he recalls how he abhorred getting close to her and would have to get drunk to come close to her.

Nandini asks Purab why he thought of Jassi for the job in Mauritus. Nandini tells Purab that she always worries about Jassi and likes to look after her. She also says that she feels that his proposal will be a good thing for Jassi. Nandini goes to the boardroom to talk to Jassi. Jassi is deep in thought and Nandini wants to know if she is thinking about Mauritus. Nandini tells Jassi that after speaking to Purab she feels that his proposal would be a good thing for her. Nandini also tells Jassi that Purab never stopped being interested in her but that Jassi hasn't wanted to notice. Jassi tells Nandini that she still feels something for Armaan and that she can't think about Purab right now. Jassi says she has to talk this over with one more person,Nandu.

Armaan is still reading the diary and gets to the part where they go to Raj's apartment and jassi opened her heart to him and then she was within his arms for the first time. When he finishes reading he screams out, "No, No!!!!"

Jassi goes to see Nandu and tells him she is going to resign form Gulmohur. She tells him she received a very good proposal from. He tells her not to do this to his heart and pocketbook!

Armaan is reading the part where Jassi says she has discovered the man she loves is a traitor" Armaan loses control and begins to shout, "No, No!!" over and over. He trashes his desk. Pari and Maithili are scared by the noise and Bindiya hurries over to where they are and asks what the noise was. Naaz tells her it's coming from Armaan's office. Maithili and Pari look on as Naaz stands at the door of Armaan's office attempting to find out if he is all right. Armaan yells at her to go away and Pari tells them to do something. Bindiya sends Naaz after Raj to see if he may be able to help.

 Meanwhile, Jassi is still discussing the job opportunity and move with Nandu. Jassi is telling him that she can not stay and watch Armaan begin a new life with another woman. Nandu understands her feelings but is also concerned that he and her father will be without a job once she leaves. Nandu jokes that he and uncleji can work in a restaurant or be fishermen. Nandu makes Jassi laugh with the faces he makes as he describes the new opportunities that await him and Billu. Jassi tells Nandu that he and her father must continue on with Kohinoor. Once Kohinoor is disassociated with Gulmohur they must not let it die. Nandu says that he understands. His talking about being unemployed was a means of asking her not to leave. He says that it's fine. That if she has to go she must. He goes on to say that she has done a lot for him, her family and the Company. It is time that they think about her. He says that it is important for them to find out if what Purab  is proposing is serious and correct. They need to make sure that he is not once again playing with her. Jassi tells him that this time she has confidence in Purab.

Naaz is coming around the corner with Raj and telling him about Armaan's behavior and that she believes that he is drinking. Raj wants to know if the door is locked to which she answers that it is. Raj decides to enter through the conference room. Maithili and Bindiya come up to Naaz to find out what is occurring. Naaz fills them in. Armaan is in his office, hugging the diary and rocking himself back and forth. He is telling himself that he is the worst thing that has existed and that he should not have been born. Raj enters through the conference room. He asks Armaan what has happened. Armaan tells him that he wants to be alone. Raj says that it's fine and begins to step out. Armaan thanks him. Raj puts his hand in and waves a white flag. He tells Armaan that he is a friend. He asks him what is happening and advises him to calm done. Armaan becomes upset and throws a book at him and orders him to leave. Raj doesn't. Armaan asks if he doesn't understand that he, Armaan, should not exist. He should be in hell and rotting. He says that he is better dead. (While he is speaking to him, Armaan is holding Jassi's diary in his hand.) Raj tells him that everything is fine and to be tranquil. Raj takes hold of the diary, but is not able to pull it out of his hand. He asks Armaan what it is. Armaan answers that it is a diary of a disaster. Raj takes the diary and Armaan quickly takes it away. Armaan tells him that he is not going to touch it. It is Jassi's diary and he is not going to stain it with his dirty hands. Raj asks how he was able to obtain the diary. Armaan looks as though he is about to cry and he kicks things on the floor and answer that he pulled it out of her purse. Armaan crying tells him that he never noticed how much she loved him and how much pain he had caused her. Raj reminds him that he knew from the beginning that she loved him and asks why is he now tormented. Armaan answers that he fell in love with an angel. He fell in love with a person that put him on a pedestal. He tells him that in that diary he read about the last days of his life. It was written by a woman who loved him and lived for him. He asks him if he can understand that. He says that this woman tried to write what she felt while she was in that dark office that they put her in. He tells him that she loved him before they came up with their formula of seducing and deceiving her. He tells him that in that diary it is written everything that he did to her. He says that she didn't deserve it. He asks him if he knows what he found in that diary. He tells him that he encountered the ashes of a woman that he killed. The pieces of a good human being. After having agreed to all that Armaan was saying, Raj tells him that he is making him nervous and that he needs a whisky. Armaan gets upset and points to where a half empty whisky bottle is located and brings out another in case the first is not enough. Raj asks if he plans on continuing to torment himself. Armaan answers that he is and that it is his own problem. Armaan sits down and turns his back to Raj. We hear Jassi's voice as he continues to read and he finally turns around to look at Raj.

At the moment, Jassi and Nandu come out of his office. The Gang asks if they can speak to her, but she tells them that she doesn't have time. Bindiya tells her that she needs to make time because they need to tell her something. Jassi and Nandu look at her with curiosity. Jassi asks what is occurring. Bindiya tells her that Armaan is acting crazy and that he is very strange. They don't know what is happening. Some of the Gang clear their throats and Nandu says that he understands and leaves them alone with Jassi. They tell her how Armaan went into the women's bathroom on the pretext to find out what they were doing. However, it was a lie because all he did was ask questions about Purab. Jassi is taken aback. Maithili tells her that Armaan gets jealous anytime someone gets close to her. Bindiya goes on to tell her how they told him that they had walked on the beach plus the rest of the story they told. Everyone, including Jassi, begins to laugh. Jassi tells them that she and Purab never walked on the beach. Mithili says what does it matter if they did or didn't. Jassi asks why they told him all of that. Naaz tells her that they did it so that he will know that other men are turning to look at her. Also, that she hasn't lost anything not being with him. Bindiya tells her that they told him that Purab had come after her. Jassi says that he will now believe once again that Purab has come to manipulate her in order to obtain the Company. This explains why Armaan looked at Purab the way he did. Bindiya says that it doesn't matter because Purab didn't come to take the Company or Jassi. Jassi goes silent and turns away. Naaz quickly gets up and asks if Purab came to steal the Company. Jassi answers no, but he did come to take her. In unison the Gang yells, "What!". Jassi fills them in on what he offered. Maithili asks if she plans on accepting. Jassi says that everything is going well for the Company and her relationship with Armaan and Mallika has worsened. She says that seeing Armaan begin a new life with another woman would kill her. In turn, Purab has offered her a new life, a change, the ocean, a better job in a beautiful city. Bindiya asks if she is going………………………………………..

After a brief period of silence, Jassi tells them that she is not leaving right away as there are things that need to be organized. She would like to leave as soon as possible. She tells them not to worry because she plans on leaving them very secure in their positions. Ruby asks Jassi if she has told Armaan that she is leaving. Jassi answers no. Bindiya tells her not to tell him today. They continue to tell her about Armaan's behavior and how they had to call Raj to try to calm him. Jassi asks out loud what could be happening. Ruby says that she believes it has to do with Purab. Jassi immediately believes that Armaan once again thinks that Purab has come to take the Company. She says that it's best not to talk to him today. The Gang is worried that Armaan could hit him and leave his face bruised. Naaz thinks that the bruises would go very well with his brown eyes. Bindiya suggests that Jassi and Purab leave immediately. ………………………………


Jassi and Purab come out of her office.


In Armaan's office, Armaan continues to read while Raj looks on with a whisky in hand. Armaan is reading the section where Jassi has written how Armaan used to be sick whenever he acted to be in love with her. Armaan pounds his hand at the wall saying that it can't be. Raj wants to know what is happening. He tells him that the diary states how he was only with her in order to save the Company and that her company made him sick. He says that this has to stop now. "This has to stop now! She's going to hate me for the rest of her life!" cries Armaan. "Calm down, don't exaggerate so," wheedles Raj. "Keep in mind she has her "visitor"... "That's an even graver problem," Armaan replies, his desperation continues to mount. And (based upon what) I just finished reading, I'm not going to permit him to take her away!" He waves the sacred diary in Raj's face for emphasis and slams it down on the desk. "I'm not going to let that happen! No! I'm never going to let that happen!" Raj will agree to anything Armaan says at this point to avoid further confrontation. "Perfect, perfect!"

Mallika, meanwhile, wants to know what's going on with Armaan and what's behind the racket he's making, so she's come out to check with Pari. "Is it true you don't know what's happening in the office?" "No idea. All I know is that the Gang called Raj in and now they're locked in there together." Just then Jassi stops, she's looking for something in her purse (the diary). Purab notes her hesitation. "Has something happened?" "Yes. It's just that I can't find a very important book..."


Armaan rushes out of his office and slams the door shut, making the two women jump. He heads towards Jassi's office. "Armaan!" Mallika calls after him. "What was happening in your office? They tell me that they heard a horrible noise?" He whirls around to respond tersely - he doesn't have time for this, he's got to talk to Jassi! "Yes, they did. I smashed it up. I did it myself," he takes an impatient, self-mocking half bow".He's very strange," Pari advises Mallika. "He's kind of half crazy!"  

………………………………….. In the doorway to his office Armaan stops, making a fervent vow. "He's not going to take her away! He's not going to take her!" Armaan enters his own office. He notes the diary on the desk and sits down to read some more. He flips to where he left off. "But the brain never can go against the heart because the heart is irrational and mine, in this case, has no dignity. Tonight it beat like it had not beaten in a long time. With his single look, with his voice alone, I felt so weak. My heart did not wish to accept the logic of my disaster. It's as if it was immune to all Armaan Sir had done to me, a traitor that continues beating when I see Armaan Sir." Armaan's eyes fill with wonderment. He looks up and closes the book for a second. "What's this?" His voice barely a whisper. Dare he hope? "She still feels something for me? My God!" He continues reading.

"Today I'm sure about one thing: I can't support the idea of seeing Armaan Suri resume his life with another woman at his side." He rises to his feet, amazement and hope growing in him. "That would be most painful for me and if this were to happen, I would have to leave Gulmohur." His eyes shine. "She loves me!!!!!!!!! She loves me still!!!!!!!!!!! My God!!!!!!!!!!! I'm not going to lose her!!!!!!!!! I've got to get her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've got to get her back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


 Thanks! i hope all of you enjoyed!Big smile!



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that was nice Big smile

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thanx!Big smile
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I cant wait! thanks
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Rumi u r tempting the gallaxy, I hv scrolled down to post this, maybe I will read it later as it goes into my folder...

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