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kriyaansh & Swaron luv cnfesion(SS) *ended* (Page 10)

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Rey was holing her hanck in his right arm nd left arm was also holding her bac.. kria's one hand was in rey's shoulder while the other was around his neck..!!

For the first time kria felt a different sensation in her body for his touch..!! she was completely gone into rey's thoughts!! She could not even mover her eyes off from him!!!

Rey also felt something different infact a new change in kria's face..! she had a different expression like he used hav before in his face drooling over her!!! Their deep intense LOOK LOOK HAWA HAWA had already strtd! Aftr a long time of bg tune… rey came bac to situation still don wan2 to let her go..

Rey: "kria.. tum teek ho??" (very slow nd sweeet tune..)

Kria was still in her dreamland wer rey had made a spl place..!

Rey: "kria??... kria??"

Kria comes bac to normal realises wat she was doing!! Makes herself straight nd thn… again looks at him .. they wer jus few inches away.. her right hand was still resting on rey's shoulder's!!

Rey's hand was still holding her back (waist)….

Once again bg tune.. it was like they both dint wanted to go away from each other!!

Rey jus held her close to him.. kria still dint have any objection!!!  He tried to come still more close.. he leaned front to KISS her… their lips very soo close 2 each other.. he was waiting for her response (imagine pool scene but there is a slight change in kria's expression as she has understaood the feelings).. he again came close tilting himself a little .. kria was 2 kiss but jus then she stopped herself!!

She came bac to her senses!! Rey to moved back while kria went near the big mirror ..

She was feeling awkward again to face him!!! Rey turned around nd also was in a awkward moment..! he convinces himself turns around moves near kria who looking down infront of the mirror..

Rey: "kria?? Tum itne raat ko yahan kya kar rhi ho???"

Kria: "raat?? (in a slight slow tune..)  (thn aftr realising the time..) 8???!!!!!!!!! 8 BAJ GAYE!!!!!!!!! NOOO!!!!!!"

She jus runs of from the rehersal hall taking her bag..!! rey follows her!!

She is all d way murming.. "MOM tho aaj muje maar hi daalenge! Unhone kaha tha ki aaj jaldi aana yeh mei kya kar rhi hoon?? Kyun ruki itne raat tak yahn? Ab mom ko kya kahoongi?? Kya hogaya muje aaj kal!!"

Rey is all getting irritated of her getting hyper at this moment..

She comes down to atrium rey is still following her!!

Kria moves towards the door..!! AND GUES WAT?? The watchman jus closes the door!!!! Ooops!!!

Kria starts banging door nd screaming to open!! Tired rey running behind her looks at it nd thinks!

Rey: "THO KYAA AAJ RAAT HUM DONO YAHAN PE A-K-E-L-E ? ???? WOOWWW!!!" (giving evil smile!)

Rey moves near her near d door..

Kria: "aap kade kade dek kya raHE ho??? Muje yahan se bahar jaana hai!! Kuch karte kyun nhi?? (getting little frustrated!!)"

Rey: "tumei kya mei spiderman lagtha hoon??? Dek nhi rahi ho darwaaja band kia hua hai!!!"

Kria: "haan toh kisi ko bolo na kholne ke liye!!!! Muje yahan se jaana hai..!!!! (crying..!!)"

Rey: "accha teek hai..! relax relax.!!"

Kria: "aaj mom muje chodonge nhi!! She goes and sits in the steps!!"

Outside watchman1: " tune darwaaza band kyun kia?? Shayad andar koi hai?"

Watchman2: "agar hao toh rehne do tu chal!! Har roz inke yahi haal hai!! Waise b principal ne order kia hai ki 8pm baje ko college ki darwaaz band kia jaye!! Ab yeh darwaaza kal subah 6 baje hi kholega!!" " chal bahar jaake so jaate hai!!"

Kria still tensed!!

Rey in mind: "god!! Aaj kitna accha mauka mila hai isse apne dil ki baat kehne k liye ab yeh problem aapko hi solve karni padegi!! Plzzz aaj toh humari love story take ff hone doo plzzz!!"

Few mins later there is call in the kria's fone!! Looking at it! she is shocked itz her MOM!!

Kria: "m o  m?????"

Smriti: "kria wo aaj gar…!"

Kria: "mom wo mei aapko baatene waali thi yahan ek.."

Smriti: "aaray meri puri baat tho sun!! muje pata hai tum gussa hona ki aaj mei gar nhi ayi?? Sorry beta ji wo.."

Kria: "kya??? Aap abi tak gar nhi ayi??"

Smriti: "huh?? Aisa kyun pooch rhi ho?? Kaha ho tum itne raat ko??"

Kria: "k k kahan hongi mom?? Wo wo gar mei hi toh hoon! Poo pooch rhi hoon aapse ki aap abi tak gar kyun nhi aye ka kab aaoge??"

Smrit: "kria im so sorry beta shayad kal subah!! Meine aapko bataya tha na ki PUNE jaa rhi hoon tho yahan abi tak seminar katham nhi hui!! Soo katham hote hi mein yahan se nikloongi soo kal subah 77 baje tak pahunch jaongi! Agar aap akele nhi reh sakte tho abi mei..??"

Kria: "nhi mom its  its k mei mei rehloongi na…. aap aaraam se kaam katham karke  ajao..!"

Smirti: "accha teek apna kayal rakna waqt se khana kha lena k..!"

Kria: "ok mom!! Byee!!"

Kria is really excited nd happie thinking tat her mom will not come 2 knw that she is not yet reached home!!

In the same excitement she hugs him tight!! Rey is left dumbstruck!!!!!

Kria: "YESSS mom kal subah 7 baje gar ayenge!! Ab unhe pata nhi chalega ki mein aaj raat gar nhi aaongi…!! Yess!! (she jus hears herself once gain wat she said! Nd wat she is doing!!)

Rey was speechless!! He was about to hug her too but she breakes the hug! Makes herself straight! Nd thn..

They both sit down in the steps..

Rey: "kria?? Tum jaldi gar kyun nhi gayi?? I mean itne raat ko akele??"

Kria: "(she dint knw wat 2 ans) wo wo wo actually swayam aur baaki taem members ne rehersal ki aur meine nhi toh socha ki rehese kar leti hoon….. pata hi nhi chala kab waqt niklagaya!!"

Rey: "kyun nhi ki rehersals??"

Kria: "wo meine aapke baare socchhh (she jus bites her tongue frm saying the rest!!! She feels awkward..)"

Rey: "tum mere baare mei?? Kya??"

Kria: "kya kya??"

Rey: "abi tum kuch keh rahi thi ??"

Kria: "mei kuch kuch b toh nhi keh rhi thi??!!"

Rey: "kria joot mat bolo!!! Tum kuch mere baare mei keh rhi thi!!"

Kria: "mei mei aapke baare mei?? Meri itni himmat ki aap ke baare mei kuch bol saku?!! (she  jus changes the topic gets up nd moves down..)"

Rey stands up moves near her..

Rey: "toh tumne kuch nhi kaha!!"

Rey coming close to her..

Kria: "nhi!!"

Rey: "kuch b nhi??"

Kria: "kuch b nhi" (evry step rey keeps front nd kria keeps bac..)

Kria jus puches him nd runs away..!!

Rey: "kria??!! Wait batata hoon tumei!!"

Kria nd rey are running chasing around.. finally kria reaches rehersal hall nd hides behind a pole!! Infact she is sitting (same place wer kria hid in the scene wer Sharon came to meet rey (worrying abt secret admirer)… nd kria had to hide.. same place..!!)

Rey comes in..

Rey: "kria?? Bahar aao muje pata hai ki tum yahi hoon!!"

Kria laughing slowly…

Rey was abt to leave and notice kria hiding ..

He slowly disappears..

Kria jus turns (in sitting position..) nd sees (peeps) wethr rey has gone .. she sint find him soo she felt a big reliev nd got up nd turned to the other side!!

She got a shock!!! Rey was standing jus few inches away frm her nd out of shock she is abt to fall … rey trying to hold her falls over her!!..

Kria lying down rey upon her!!! Both of them has reached to extreme level of sensation all over their nerves!! Rey dint hav control over himself!! Kria too dint knw wat react!! The only thing they cud do was the great LOOK LOOK HAWA HAWA nd giving out blushing expression…

Rey: "tum kuch keh rhi thi mere baare mei abi yaad aya???"

Still in same postion!! Kria tries to get off while rey holds her both hands tight widout letting her escape!!

Rey: "you cant escape ab bolo!!"

Kria: "kya sunna chahte ho ?? tho suno mei tumare baare soch rhi thi isliye rehesals attend nhi kar payi ab kush??? Chodo muje!! (she untangles herself!! Coz rey cud nt believ wat she said!!)"

She was wabt to leave.. rey comes front of her blocking her way..

Rey: "mere baare mei??? Kyun soch rhi thi!!???"

(kria had already planned for the bahana soo confidently she answers)

Kria: "wo principal ne kaha ki Footloose competitions ki tayyariyan shuru karni chahiye isliye!! Ab toh jaane do muje!!"

Rey gets frustrated!! His heart believes she loves me thn y does she not admit it!! y is she avoiding this talk!! He decides!! " chahe kuch b hojaye mei aaj iske mooh se sach nikalkar rahoonga!! Kria watch out im cuming!!!"


sorry guyzz the update is actually short!!Confused i really had big plans for this but unfrotunately my lappy was nt working nd i had promised i will update 2dy soo i came up wid this!!! plzz forgive me aage se aisa nhi hoga Ouch

p.s : NEXT UPDATE WILL B ROCKING!! nd aftr few update in this thread only aftr rey nd kria love confession there will swaron confession too (kriyaansh will help them to get closer) sooo more kriyaansh scenes (imagine kriyaansh love tracks... Day Dreaming) nd swaron confession!! wat else treat u want for this week??? 2mrw nxt update!! PAKKA WALA PROMISE ITS GONNA B QUITE BIG THAN ALL MY UPDATES TILL NOW... GET READY TO ENJOY THE MEGICAL RIDE OF KRIYAANSH ROMANCEWink

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 8:45am | IP Logged
not fair itna chota upateCry.
par fir bhi maza aaya
plz update sooner
_sana.Magic_ IF-Rockerz

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its so dhamakedaar. I enjoyed it
aimy. IF-Rockerz

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"Speechless" ,Sorry yaar I'm not getting anything else than this.
Vaise bhi meri vocabulary thodi kum hai,but still I manages to comment,but today...
Its simply "Indescribable"..!!
Loved it..!! eagerly waiting for the next part.Please update it soon.
_Monu_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 19 November 2011 at 9:25am | IP Logged
omg kriyansh locked in college...
woh b as rey said
rey ki toh lottery lag
thank god krya's mom didnt know abt her not coming home
n in excitement she huged tightly =)
can imagine them!!...
n kriya ko bulwakar raha ki
she was thinking abt him so she didnt rehearsal
but kriya ne bahana mar 1!!
im sure rey will make her say abt her new feelings 4 him
im sooo excited
cant wait 4 tomorrow!!
n u said 1st will be kriyansh confession=)
n they will hepl swaron coming close=)
 so of course more kriyansh scenes=)
the swaron confession=)
aur kya chaye week ki headlines bata
really a super-duper-lovely part
see yaaa
mmuuahh =)
OhMeriJaan Goldie

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OMG OMG OMG!!!!wat an awesome update!!!!!u r truly rocking!!!srsly i m loving all ur updates!!!!Rey nd Kria ek saath college mein aur wo bhi raat ko!!!!wah kya baat kya baat kya baat!!!!!srsly awesome!!!!!nd in d 2nd update it was rocking too!!!!d song sequence!!!!!wow!!!!!!!loved it thoroughly!!!!!m looking forward to ur next update!!!!nd 2mrw!!!!awesome!!!!!plzzz cont!!!!nd thnx for d pm!!!

Edited by jannuabmslover - 19 November 2011 at 9:35am
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wow am super excited as u wrote tommorrow u will update thnx a lot n todays chap was really awesome n love reys line""tumei kya mei spiderman lagtha hoon??? Dek nhi rahi ho darwaaja band kia hua hai!!!" lol...
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