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Kuch love jaisa- VirManFF part22:pg81 updt19/6/13 (Page 5)

-Serene.Rose- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 8:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Desi_angel90

I love it!!!! Please continue and can you pm me for updates? Thank you :D 

Sure..thanks for the comment:D

-Serene.Rose- IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 12 November 2011
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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 8:44am | IP Logged
Originally posted by aaliya25

Hi thank you so much for the pm Smile once again an amaazing job I can't wait for the next part!!! please upload it soon LOL GREAT JOB!!!

Ohhh! Thank you..I'm part will be out on saturday! Sorry, I have a crucial exam on friday..
shaimah Goldie

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 12:00pm | IP Logged
hii.. can u plz PM me as soon as u update!
luvzindagi Goldie

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Hey, its awsome...!!!Smile
Please continue and can you PM me next time when you update.??

-Serene.Rose- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 15 November 2011 at 8:54pm | IP Logged
Shaimah, luvzindagi and Naima..

Hello! Sure yar..I'll pm u all:) Thanks so much for the comment:D
-Serene.Rose- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 16 November 2011 at 12:28am | IP Logged
Ah! An unexpected update! muahahhh..!LOL

Hey guys!! Thank you so much for all your lovely comments! Here is part three, hope you like it!


"Virat, oye! " chachi's voice reached him and he abruptly stopped dancing.

His eyebrows knitted up into a worried frown for a moment before returning to normal.

"What's the matter?" Virat asked a tensed chachi who stood there nervously as if she had just seen a horror film.

"Its your mobile, Virat, " she reminded him handing over his phone, "never give it to Shlok again.I had to steal it from him just like Aamir Khan did in Andaaz-"

The phone rang interrupting her sing-song voice.

"Just a moment chachi, " Virat excused himself and escaped from the spot.

"Oye rabba, no one is interested in listening to my words these days," she exclaimed before breaking into a jig to a peppy number that began to play.


Maanvi looked around.Everyone seemed to be happy.Some were dancing, the others were singing while few others were chatting merrily enjoying the music.And her sister, she had never seen her more happier that she was today.

'Its such a beautiful day,' she tried to remind herself.No matter howmany times she tried she couldn't just shake off the feeling that the day was looming closer.The day when she would part with her sister.
She grimaced.Atleast, there was jiju, who would certainly take care of her.She looked up to meet the eyes of her sister who looked worried.

"What's wrong? Mannu, " Jeevika asked while signalling her to come closer.

"Nothing, di, " Maanvi smiled as she went to sit with her sister, "I was just wondering, you look so beautiful today!"

"Not as much as my princess, " Jeevika smiled hugging her little sister.

"Come on, di! You look more beautiful, after all its your wedding time..Hain na, jiju?"

Viren smiled shyly and mumbled a small 'yes'.Aww..he was such a sweet jiju!

"I must get away from here and let you guys talk in private!" Maanvi exclaimed and jumped up from her spot.She must find a way to cheer up herself.She looked around.

The music was loud enough to break her eardrums and she decided to dance.Dabbu pulled her along, she laughed.She wasn't quite sure how to sway to the song.Perhaps, Virat would make fun of her again.
Speak of the devil, where was Virat?

~~Outside the hall

Virat covered one ear with his palm and held his mobile tightly against the other.

"Hello, " he sighed, "hello?"

"Hi, Virat, " came a reply from the other side.

"Prem!?" Virat let out a chuckle, "what a pleasant surprise! How are you?"

"I'm doing fantastic, dude, "Prem cooed, " shaadi kar rahe ho? Haan? Ladki kaun hai?"

"What! No-No, its bhai's marriage, man! You chocked me out!"

"Relax, I was kidding.So, uh,  we are planning to start things over in the US.You wanna join? After the wedding, you know..sorry I was too busy here to attend the marriage in person," Prem asked him.

"Actually, no.Its bhai's sangeet today.I'll call you later."

Virat hung the phone, just to see dadaji giving him stern looks.

"It was a friend!" he blurted out as dadaji continued to stare at him.

"Come with me, " the old man commanded and Virat followed him.

"Oi! Virat!" Maanvi called him, her voice died down as she saw the mogambo with him.

~~Inside the Vadhera mansion

Virat's day couldn't have been better.With dadaji stepping in, it could be any worse.
Maanvi watched him with interest as she followed them both into the hall.Dadaji paused a bit to talk with someone, she sighed.

"Virat! Maanvi!"

It was Virat's mother, calling them.She looked back and forth between them and smiled.

"Where did you go? Aren't you having fun, my son?" She asked him casually, the smile never leaving its place.

"I was- well, its just Prem, "Virat answered calmly.

"Prem? Why did he call you?"

"Oh! Its nothing mom," he assured her and hugged her close, "he just wanted to say hello."

"Were you looking for me?" he added releasing her, smiling gently.

"Yes.I actually want to thank you beta,  everybody is amazed at these decorations.It was you who planned it out!"

"I thought the event managers did," he laughed.

"You did supervise them, didn't you?"

Virat smiled, "of course, I did.Its my bhai's wedding.I love you mom!"

"Love you too beta!" his mother hugged him again, tears filing her eyes.

Maanvi felt like crying, how she wished she could talk to her mother! Now, she would be loosing her sister too!

"The reason, I called you both-" his mother began, wiping her eyes," you will be keeping an eye on the preparations for wedding and Maanvi- What's wrong, beta? Are you crying?"

"Kabhi kabhi shernii ki ankhon mein aasu aa jaathe hai!"

Maanvi smiled at Virat's comment, wiping her eyes.

"Its, just- maa ki yaad-a- aagayi!" she chocked.

"Oh, beta! Now I'm like your mother too!" Virat nodded st his mother's remark, "come on!"

She pulled Maanvi into a sweet embrace.Virat pouted.

"Now, I'm your son, maa..remember!" Virat exclaimed as he hugged them both.

Maanvi looked up at his tall form.

"Deir footiya!"

She shook her head as he teased her.

"Didn't I ask you to come with me?"

Maanvi watched how his smile slipped away on hearing dadaji's voice.

"Yes, dadaji."

His mother squeezed his hand and left him.


Virat grimaced as he followed his dadaji. They  went to stand before a sophisticated young man.

"Humara chota- Virat, " dadaji began, "Virat! Meet Rahul, he lives in the US too!"

"Hey! You're from US? Cool, What do you do?"

Rahul extended his hand.But before Virat could reply, dadaji answered him.

"Ah! Used to do some business, never suceeded."

Hurt flashed across Vira's face.Tears began to form in his eyes.
Maanvi watched in horror.Was he going to cry?

"Excuse me, "Virat managed to smile a little before turning away from the spot.


Maanvi had searched the whole Vadhera house.She couldn't quite understand why she was looking for him.But, she would think about that later.

"Maanvi!" Beeji called her, "chalo so jaav!!"

"Bas, jaahi rahi, beeji!" Maanvi lied.Where the hell was Virat?

She quietly slipped on to the terrace, thankfully with out anyone noticing her.It was cool, the wind was strong,her hair was flying haphazardly due to the strong gale.It wasn't totally dark, it was then she saw him.
As expected , he was in a foul mood.What made dadaji make fun of him? What happened in the US?
He was staring at the now darkened sky, probably replaying the whole scene in his head.For the first time, Maanvi was scared to go to him.She brushed it off.He certainly needed someone to talk.Since his brother wasn't around, she could be the one to go there.Besides, she owed him so much.


She greeted him quietly.He refused to acknowledge her, so she decided to be a bit louder.

There! It worked.

"Partner?" he asked while still looking at the sky.

"Yes, we are supposed to work together.Remember? Your mother asked us to."


Silence filled the scene.He was still so lost in thought.She decided to ask.

"Hey! Come on, what's the matter? Don't be upset because of-"

"GO AWAY!!" he yelled cutting her speech, his eyes were red due to anger and frustration.Or was that humilation?

She cringed.Why did she come looking for him, in the first place? She should have left him, alone.She wasn't annoyed, but then she deserved some courtesy.
She stood there, staring at the star lit sky.The moon was shining above their heads, cascading a cool beam on the area.

He turned to look at her face now shone in moonlight.She looked almost angelic.

"Its beautiful," she commented, smiling slightly, "don't you think so?"

She gestured towards the moon, humming a quiet tune.She looked innocent, almost like a child.Angelic too,he thought.He crinckled his nose, strike the ast part.He looked around.

Then it struck him, it was almost nine pm in the night.The house was eerily calm and that would mean she came there looking at him.

"I'm..I'm sorry for yelling at you!" he spoke in a whisper.

"Okay, maaf kardiya!" she smiled at him, her beautiful smile reflecting in her eyes.She was about to tuck a strand of her hair behind her ear, but he reached there first.

"You do that a lot," he remarked, seeing her turning pink, "the hair thing!" he pulled back his hand, tucking the strand in its place.

She couldn't believe her luck.Why was she getting herself into such situations? A slight shiver travelled down her spine.It was really cool, she reasoned as she met his eyes.

"And, kya baat hai? Aaj to taras aa gaya mujh pe?"

He smirked easing the tension, she smiled.

"Haan, taras aa gaya..tum ithne sweet the na..isi liye!'' she smiled.

He chuckled.

"Raat bahut hogayi..ab jaao!" he replied turning to the face the sky.

He was casually leaning across the railing, still dressed in his sherwani.

"You know, dil ki baat baatne se dard..," he glanced up at her as she continued, dard kam ho jaatha hai, Virat!"


He remained silent for a while.He checked his clock, it was nearly ten o'clock, an hour passed since he talked to Maanvi.

He turned to leave, he didn't want his mother to worry about him.He rubbed his eyes, stifling a yawn he advanced towards the stairs.His eyes widened a bit, his legs rooted onto the spot as he saw a distraught Maanvi shivering in the chill.

"What the hell! Maanvi!!" he exclaimed reaching out  for her.
He took her tiny hands which were numb due to cold in his large ones.

"Maanvi, why are you here?" he asked rubbing her palms.
"I just asked you a question, " she reminded him," I couldn't leave till you answer."

She was so stubborn.Bandarnii. He grimaced as he spoke.

"Kya jaanna chaahthi ho tum? Ek haara hua insaan ki kahani?"

She looked determined.Amazed at her maturie behaviour,He sighed.

"US mein kuch nahi hua.I was a fresh graduate back then in 2007.I started a marketing company that suffered losses.I had to ditch that.And that still haunts me in the form of my grandfather!"

He closed his eyes.Somehow, he felt relieved, speaking about his past.

"I came back to India,this year.Dadaji couldn't afford to take me into his business.But, I'm sure..I'll prove my point to him one day!"

He finished, releasing her palms and looking at her in the eye.

"Its too late.Now, if you are done,we can move from here."

She nodded and together they stepped down.


Ah! that was long update!! Hope you like it:) Plz leave a comment.Thanks:) Not much of Virman banter, but a lot more is to come xD

Next part~

Virat stood there in the middle of the great hall, a garland of flowers wrapped around his neck, a pair of goggles nested on top of his head.He was busy instructing the workers, obviously supervising the preparations.Maanvi smiled as an idea struck her.

"Oi! Phoolwala!" she called after him.

Virat raised an eyebrow.

'Oh! Its the bandarnii of chowdhary pariwaar!!' he thought and grinned.Somehow this bandarnii did seem to have found a way to cheer him up.

"Hi bandarnii..kya haal hai?" he greeted back.He could imagine the look on her face on knowing he had brought her a gift.He tucked the package into his trousers.

"Voh kya hai?"
Uh-oh! She caught him.

And fun began.

****Plz Let me know...what gift do you want Virat to give her? For cheering him up that night?***

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awesome hun thanx for the pm
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loved it... :)
thanx for d pm n index... :)

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