Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

Virat and manvi

KSG_luv IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 November 2011
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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 10:06pm | IP Logged
Hey guys let's start our own story of virat and manvi I'll start and the next person wil continue and then someoneelse will continue and well c fOr hw long we can carry on our story frn where manvi and virat meet and remember include ur own quotes and make it interesting. No haters!

So I'll start

Manvi feels lyk kiling virat for giving her competition in everything. She can't stand anyone giving her competition and she feels lyk jeevika will love virat as a brother more thn her sister... Continue

I can't go any ahead of this czz I lost ideas but u guys cud go as much ahead as u lyk but remember make ur own ideas!
Guys to make it more interesting keys add pictures ad create our own little town of virat and manvi let's show pictures with every para

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lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 10:13pm | IP Logged

Then virat comes to maanvis place for giving some shagun...this is wen maanvi thinks of  a plan...she mixes some tabs in the drink for virat and gives him suspicious virat...doesnt have the drink  he taunts maanvi but maanvi behaves sweetly to make him drink but he does backplays the game and makes her drink and maanvi with no other choice with beeji sitting in the front drinks it...she is abt to faint this is wen virat catches her and with tension in his eyes and  care for maanvi is actually worried...

beeji and co are also tensed nw virat carries her to bedroom...runs to call for the doctor after that doctors checks and says something serious she needs to be tested completely...this is wer virat changes his views abt maanvi and develops soft corner for her...then doctor leaves and virat sits near manvi caresses her hair softly and drools over her with care and may be some love tooo...
guys  continue  if possible i  wl continue later

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-Serene.Rose- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
Then well, a tensed Beeji walks in.Virat immediately jerked his hand away from her.

"Virat beta, is everything okay?"

"Yes, beeji.E-everything is f-fine!" Virat replied running a frustrated hand through his hair.What the hell was wrong with him? He glanced up at now unconscious Maanvi.He intended her to drink that but then why was he feeling so..bad??

"Didi will be okay, right?"  Dabbu asks him tears gathering in his eyes.

"Yes, the doctor says so..it was only due to anxiety," he lied to them, not wanting beeji to know Maanvi actually created the mess.

"Thank you, Virat!" Beeji patted his back, "we were all scared and you just saved her!"

"No- it was nothing beeji! I- It was my responsibility, you all are my family! Am I right?"

Virat gave her a slight smile.Chachi and uncle were smiling too.

"Right, son! Tum kabhi paraye nahi the! Naahi kabhi hoge! You are a part of us!" Beeji hugs him close, "phir bhi..thank you beta!"

"Beeji..come on now! Don't make me embarassed!" Virat glanced up one last time at Maanvi.She was fast asleep.She looked much more peaceful when she wasn't babbling, much more beautiful! Oops! Something was wrong with him today! He cleared his throat.."bahut raat hogayi Beeji..I need to sleep"

And he was gone.

He certainly need to clear his head before he slept.
Next morning at the breakfast-

Virat finished stuffing the aaloo ka parantha made by beeji into his mouth.Beeji was such a sweetie.He was sitting by the dining table seriously typing something on his phone when someone cleared their throat, or coughed more likely.He looked up to meet the eyes of Maanvi.She was dressed as usual in her salwar kameez,her hair tied up into a plait, unlike usual.Her head was bent as she stared at her feet, she kept flickering her gaze towards him every now and then.

"Virat- I just want to say-...I'm..."

He looked at her keenly taking in her confusion and embarassment.

"I'm sorry!" she blurted out, drawing some lazy patterns on the dining table with her forefinger.

"I'm sorry, it was supposed to be fun.I didn't want this to happen to you! I didn't want to poison you.." she finished, her eyes slightly moist.

Somehow, Virat's hand found its way to hers, he seized it with both his hands and chuckled as she jumped a bit.

"You know..things like that happen! You may be a bandarnii but...I know you won't poison me! I mean..come on! How could someone poison me-the most handsome, talented, funloving young man of Vadhera house?" He winked at her as she shook her head.

"You're impossible! And I also want to thank you," she tenderly pulled back her hand," for saving me!" She met his eyes and he was staring at her, there was some spark, something in his eyes which she hadn't noticed before.She blinked.

"Its okay," he was finally drawn back to reality.What was wrong with him? He wanted to say something when a high pitched voice interrupted him.


"Its beeji!" Maanvi jumped apart, "Coming, beeji!!"

Hope its good:) Love virman:)

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KSG_luv IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 November 2011
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Posted: 12 November 2011 at 11:56pm | IP Logged
Virat laughed as he saw manvi run.

Viren had come to visit his sis in law
But it is revealed the viren is in town for work and is Planning to stay in hotel

How can his happen, you will stay with us said beeji
But beeji" viren tried to explain
No buts if u consider us ur family u will stay here beeji said
Ok ok ok happy I wil viren said
This made virat excited as he planned to stay with viren
So now he'd be with manvi for 3 weeks
What was wrong with him he thought? Why did he want to stay with manvi? Why did he feel he shud protect her?
But suddenly something interuppted him daboos scream
Every one ran to see wht was wrong and sw manvi coughing blood

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luvzindagi Goldie

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 3:33am | IP Logged
There is fear in everyone's eyes seeing Manvi coughing blood

Manvi is about to faint and fall down, Virat runs and catches her...
Viren: "We should go to hospital Immediately, I will get the car."
Virat lifts unconscious Manvi in his arms and runs to the car looking at her really worried...
Beeji follows along with everyone..
Virat gets Manvi to the back seat with him. Chachu gets into the front seat with Viren.
Viren drives fast to the hospital, Beeji, chachi and Dabbu follows them in rikshaw...

In Hospital:

Virat lays Manvi on the stretcher, and she is carried away inside by the nurses.
Everyone is tensed while the doctors are treating Manvi and carrying out all the tests.

Please continue ahead guys

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lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 10:27am | IP Logged
The news is given to jeevika who comes to the hospital crying...she is consoled by viren and a hug...
Here virat is getting tensed and tears in his eyes make him think is this only care or beyond that...he i goin to the temple in the hosp and viren is surprised to see virat praying to god with tears in his eyes...there is a bro to bro talk which just leaves virat even more confused about his state...he starts thinking about hte cute moments abt maanvi which leaves a smile on his teary face...
Doctor comes and says maanvi gained her consious u can see her but do not disturb bycrying in front of her or makin noise...they all agree and go to see her...virat is happy... and he is no more angry young man...he looks maanvi with so much of love which he himself has nt realized...maanvi is kissed by jeevika ...maanvi sees virat and smiles which makes virat even more comfortable...
Everyone goes out while virat takes time to stay with maanvi...he then says sorry to her...she asks for wat he says for watever he has done...this makes maanvi clueless at the sametime creates a liking towards this young man...
Doctors virat who is inside to tell abt maanvis health...he goes and doctor tell she is with serious illness and treatment can be given but her survival cannot be guaranteed since she has been suffering for long time...its too late worried virat says how much ever expensive doctor maanvi ko bacha lijiye...doctor says its not abt money but the seriousness of the disease its last stage...he then requests doctor not to tell anyone abt this he will handle things...
Virat goes inside maanvi asks "Doctor ne kya kaha yehi ki mein nikalnewali hoon"  virat tries to hide from her smiles and say "Itne jaldi tum hame chodke thodi jaogi" and says sab kuch teek hai thodi dawai kani padegi bas...she says "muje dawai se nafrat hai mein nahi kaongi"...virat gets angry(coz of love) and kind of shouts "kani padegi matlab kani padegi"... maanvi wonders "virat ko hua kya hai mujpe be wajah chilla kyu raha hai kuch to baath hai"...virat asks sorry for his behaviour and leaves from the room...
hope u guys liked it
guys continue...

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KSG_luv IF-Rockerz

Joined: 12 November 2011
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Posted: 26 November 2011 at 9:01pm | IP Logged

Issey hua Kia ainwaiy reaction de raha ta

Virat Outside tried to get control of himself

Guys how about we write a sentence and someone writes one sentence and someonelse
Continues it'll b more interesting

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varshificat Senior Member

Joined: 23 April 2012
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Posted: 23 April 2012 at 2:37pm | IP Logged
                                                                                                                  virat comes out of the ward were all the family members are sitting including  chachu , beeji , chachu aproches virat to know wht the doc. had told regarding manvi's health 

chacu: virat beta tell me is manvi alright ... imen is.. is she going to be fine ... hua kya hai ...kya ...kya vo teekh hai...virat mera dill be- ta   jaa-raha hai  ... manvi...

(virat did nt at all realize wht ws going on as he ws in his own wrld  he could'nt belive his own ears  about manvi being really ill  were her survival is nt an assured... then is when he  realized someone has caught him by his shoulders he dint take a sec. more to gt back to realty ...)
virat: chachu relax manvi is absolutely fine its 
 (colour reaturning to chachu's face hearing virat say this)

chachu: really rabb ka laakh- laakh  skuqarh hai mannu tikh hai ...lekin virat

 (his expression serious again )

chachu: agar sabh kuch vakahi mein tikh hai tho tum kuch der pehle ithne pareshaan aur khoye -khoye se kyun the 

beeji: kahin thum hum se cuch chupa tho nahi rahe na virat beta. 

virat : nahi beeji main bas yeh soch ke pareshaan tha ki jab dedhfutiya wapas ghar aye gi usa bharpoor seva karna mera karthavya hai jisse main mukar bhi nahi sactha   

 dabbu: aap na manvi di ke size pe math jana virat bhai 
vo bohoth khathi hai , mujhe tho lagtha hai aad manvi di ko khilathe - khilathe bank rupt ho ja - o ge 

 (everybody laughs including virat - giving a fake laughter trying nt to spoil the mood and also trying nt to let anyone knw about the pain he is going through) 
jeevika: ( finally  returning colour says) virenji mujhe mannu say baath karni hai

viren: abhi nahi meri fm (fikar minister ) , manvi ko rest tho karne do thumhare paas kal tho vaqth hi waqth hai . subah uss se baath karlena kay.                                                                                                         
jeevika: han viren ji aap tikh keh rahe ho mannu ko aram ki zaroorath hai

viren: vesse viren manvi ko hua kya hai , i mean agar kuch serious nahi hai tho why did she vomit blood ...

virat: vo bhai... vo ... han  manvi ko bohoth bura throat infection hua hai infection ithna bura hai ki no blood vimit kar rahi hai...    

          ( listening to this viren gives an oh kind of expression)      

beeji:  meri bachi tekh ho jaye bas... aur kuch nahi chahiye .                                        
    ( chachu gives beeji a hug trying to comfort her)                       
the doc says a person can stay with the patient throughout the night afcourse     every boby volunteered but it came doun to virat staying as jeevika was too exuasted   from the travel to rishikesh 
         (virat entered manvi's room after every body left)

manvi: hello veeru uncle what  are you doin here in the hospital this late in the night 

virat: why are you  scared of being alone ina room with me so late in the night, huh!!!!  Wink

manvi: no ... no nt at... huh ...  i am nt scared of you ...i mean why should i 
             she stammers more and more as virat keeps taking steps towards her 
virat: oh really u'r nt scared , okay i belive u

manvi: ya .. w..why should i be scared of you , i know that u vont do anything  to me .

virat stops walking as , and kneels in front of manvi's bed and began to speak 

virat: so u trust me huh! 

manvi: yeah ... what... why are looking at me like that 

virat: u trust me enough stay with me in this room in such a dark night at such a late hour ...

virat coming forward now his face very close to manvi's his lips inches away from manvi's manvi is lost in the feel of the moment and virat's eyes their eyes met were virat almost lost himself got back to to the real world and continued...

virat: with no one around the entire department 
jahan koi hai tho vo sirf thum aur mai     ;       mai aur tum aur ...aur

manvi: aur 

virat: aur ...aur yeh hot nurse jo thumhe dekhne abhi 1 ghanta theen min. aur pacchis sec mein ayegi Wink (  winking at manvi)

( virat burst out laughing)

manvi: Embarrassed ( realizing the fact her cheecs are turning red avoids eye contact with virat ) starts hitting virat with the pillow beside her .

time passes and manvi slowly falls asleep on virats shoulder , virat does'nt realize this as he was showing her a book . when he turns towards manvi for a reply he sees that manvi is  fast a sleep he realizes that its the effect of the medicine given to her.  loooking at manvi's sleeping face virat thinks...      

is it just me or has manvi always looked this beautiful then he tells himself topic change virat ... seriously whats wrong with you , lately you have been acting wierd virat you... idiot.

and puts manvi's head on the pillow also tuching her in making her comfortable , wishing this moment would freeze and never end not wanting to see the pain manvi has to go through in the future to save her OWN  life.Cry

        if you guy's liked it till here i will cont.


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