Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

VirMan OS&SS : Note - pg.70 (Page 65)

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Note : This OS may look abrupt but after seeing thursday's Manvi scenes, I just needed to get it out of my head. PMs will be send later.

VirMan OS : Dil Yeh Bekarar Kyun Hai

It wasn't an easy task to keep a smiling face, when the truth was tearing apart your heart. But she had to – for her dear sister. She had no idea how she got the strength to make jokes and play around everyone in the Vadhera house. She hadn't seen Virat since their filmy chase. 'Good thing he's out of my sight. I don't know how long I'd be able to keep my pretense once he start teasing.' It surprised her how easily he was able to read her. She just wished time would speed up fast so that she can be at Hrishikesh before she blurts out the truth to anyone.

The next morning Viren went to leave the Chaudharys at the railway station. Virat was sleeping late after returning home late and no one thought of waking him up. Manvi was relieved on one hand that she didn't 've to face him but on the other hand feeling sad for not saying a proper goodbye. She had a hard time controlling herself from breaking down while hugging her sister. She was scared whether she'll see her again.

She finally let out her tears once their train started leaving Chandigarh station. Beeji hugged her crying. By the time they reached their destination, Beeji, Manvi and Chachu were able to control their emotions. After reaching home, Manvi behaved as usual with her remaining family members while Beeji and Chachu looked on crying inside.


By the time he woke up, it was noon. He had managed to skip lunch too. He was getting bored and decided to irritate his 24/7 entertainment a.k.a Manvi. On the way to her room, he wondered why the house was so silent. And he got the answer once he reached the room. It was empty of anything that said 'Manvi'. He was confused. ' Did she shift room ? Can't be. Then, did she leave with Beeji ? But how can she go without saying a bye ?! It's so unlike her. Where did she go ? I'll ask Bhabhi.'

Jeevika was calling Manvi when Virat came to her room. " Bhabhi, where is Manvi ? "

" She went home. Didn't she tell you ?! I was calling her to ask if they reached home. Just a minute, let me talk and then I'll give the phone." and waited for Manvi to pick up the call.

Virat was shocked. ' That Bandariya !! How can she go without saying a bye ?! Why did she do it ?! Wait a minute, is she upset with me for ignoring Maya ?! '

Meanwhile Jeevika was talking to Manvi. " Mannu, when did you reach ? "

" Just half hour before, Di."

"Why didn't you call then ? Don't you know how worried I am until I hear your voice ?! "

" Sorry Di. Dabbu was fighting with me for leaving him alone. So I was making amends with him."

" Its ok Mannu. I was just worried."

"Of course you would. Afterall Jeeju doesn't call you FM for no reason." She teased her sister.

" Jeeju ki bacchi !! Wait till I get you !!" She got a laugh in response and couldn't help smiling. She noticed Virat standing nearby, lost in thoughts. " Mannu, didn't you tell Virat that you were returning ? "

Virat returned to present when he heard his name.

" I didn't ? Must 've slipped from my mind." Manvi tried to sound as if it wasn't a big deal.

Jeevika was surprised at her response after witnessing how much friendship they both shared. " Ok, talk to him now. He's here. Just a minute."

" Di !! Beeji is calling me. I'll talk to him later. Ok bye." Manvi cut the call. She wasn't lying. Beeji had called her to go to Dr.Manan's clinic.

"She kept the phone ?! " Jeevika murmured surprised.

Virat was now sure that Manvi was upset at him and all because of that Maya. ' What's wrong with this Dedfutiya ?! Why is she so bent on bringing her back to my life ?! '

" Virat…"

" Its ok Bhabhi. I'll talk later." He left the room, thinking how to make amends with his Choudarain.


' Think Virat think.' He paced in his room brainstorming. Viren was passing by when he saw his brother making holes in the ground.

" Chill bro !! Why so much tension ?! "

"Bhai, that Manvi.."

Viren sighed. " My happy child bhai, now what did my saali do ? "

" She's upset with me."

" Is it ? Who told you so ? She was alright when she left. " Viren was confused.

" Bhai ! She didn't tell me she was leaving ! "

Now that made some cupid wheels to turn in Viren's brains. He decided to make or atleast try to make his brother confess. " So…? "

" So ?! Bhai, after all these days together, how can she do that to me ?! "

" So what ? She's only your bhabhi's behna, right ? "

" But she is my friend too ! "

" I see. So tell me my brother, why is she upset at you ? "

" Well that… she wants me to give another chance to Maya." Virat said irritated.

" And..? "

" I don't want to !! "

" Why not ? You loved her once, maybe she has changed now." Viren very well knew how much Maya had affected Virat but he had to say it for his 'mission'.

" Bhai !! Already Bua and Manvi are after me. Not you too !! "

" But why not ? "

" You know why !! " Virat almost shouted. Of all people, his brother too ?!

Viren sighed. " Virat my brother, tell me one thing. Why are you so irritated now ? Is it because you are pestered about forgiving Maya or is it because Manvi didn't say bye ? If it's the second case, why you are so hurt about it ? Wait… don't tell me. Think about it."

Viren left the room but turned back at the door to watch his brother. Virat was standing there, lost and confused, trying to figure out his words. Viren did a bhangra in his mind as he saw his words affecting Virat. ' Mission Cupid on the roll !! ' He couldn't control the grin that appeared on his face as he proceeded to meet his dear wife. ' Im sooo going to win this bet !! '


The visit to Dr.Manan's hospital was both emotionally and physically draining. Manvi, Beeji and Chachu were taken to the specialist by Dr.Manan himself. They were explained more about the illness and the different tests and treatments. It was just too much information. But the conclusion of the day was that they had to start treatment as soon as possible to avoid any complications. Manvi flopped on her bed as soon as she reached her room. She was about to drift into sleep when she remembered her phone talk with Di. She sighed when she remembered how she hung up on Virat. She was sure he'd be angry by now, if not when she didn't say bye. ' Better talk to him before his anger affects my Maya mission.' She dragged her phone towards her and started to dial his number. But the number was busy. ' Which idiot is calling him now?! '


Virat stood lost in confusion as Viren's words started to sink in.

' Am I irritated that I'm facing Maya again ? Hmm…maybe ? Maybe not ? I guess I'm more upset at Manvi for bringing her up than at Maya for coming back. So then, Maya is not the problem here, right ? In fact, I think I'm not bothered about her now. So maybe I'll forgive her and tell her to move on ? But then, why I don't want her back ?

And as bhai asked, why am I upset that Manvi didn't say bye to me ? Why do I feel so restless that she forgot to tell me ? Now that I think about it, I was talking to Maya only because Manvi asked me to. Does that mean Manvi has become important to me ? But…

She means more than my bhabhi's behna now. And she is such a unique person that I don't feel time passing by. But why do I feel she is more than a friend ? Why can't I see her suffer ? Why can't I stay angry at her for long ? What do I feel for her ?! '

His thought train was broken when his phone rang. He didn't even check the caller id and started talking. " Look, whatever you want me to do, I'll do. Just don't stay upset at me."

There was no response but a deep intake of breathe on the other side.

" Hello ? Are you still upset at me ? Manvi ? "

" Its me Virat, Maya. " an upset sound replied.

Virat groaned, cursing himself for not checking the caller id. " I told you not to call me."

" But Virat…"

" Sorry for the confusion. Look, I forgive you for whatever you did to me. But I can't take you back. Our special moment is gone forever. It will never come back. We've gone a long way from those moments we spent together. I don't know about you but for me, priorities has changed. There are more important people in my life now than a lover and I'm happy with the way my life has changed. I'll advice you too to move on and forget our past. Goodbye."

Virat cut th call and let out a breathe he didn't know he was holding in. ' Finally !! That chapter is closed.'


Manvi kept the phone down irritated. " Chep kahi ka !! When did he become so busy ?! I won't call him now. Let him call if he wants." She murmured and started to sleep.

Virat decided that he'll call Manvi and explain what he had decided regarding Maya. He hoped she'll understand his stand and leave her mission. He dialed her number and waited for her to pick up. Sadly, Manvi was deep in sleep and didn't move even a bit, even when the phone rang twice. Virat felt dejected, concluding that she was very upset at him.

The whole night he was disturbed by the thought that she was upset at him and he couldn't talk it out with her. And he couldn't understand why he was so restless about it. Unable to sleep, he gave up trying and tuned into the FM for some distraction. But it looked like luck was not on his side. Because the song that played was an apt one for his situation.

Kyun raaton ko main ab chain se so na sakoon

Kyun aata nahi mujhe din mein bhi chain sukoon

Kyun aisa hota hai main khud se hi baatein karoon

Kyun tu jo bole koi sune na wo main hi sunoon

Dil ye bekarar kyun hai

Is pe dhun sawaar kyun hai

Kyun hai ye khumaar kyun hai Tu Bataa..

Tera intezar kyun hai

Tujh pe aetbaar kyun hai..

Kyun hai ye khumar kyun hai tu bataa

Kyun bata.. Tu bataa... 

Kyun tujhe dekhe bina aata nahi dil ko sabr

Kyun tere chehre se hat-ti nahi ye nazar

Kyun tujhe paake mujhe rehta hai khone ka darr Kyun tere siva saari duniya se hoon main bekhabar

Dil ye bekarar kyun hai

Ispe dhun sawaar kyun hai

Kyu hai ye khumaar kyun hai tu bata..

Tera intezar kyun hai

Tujh pe aetbaar kyun hai..

Kyun hai ye khumar kyun hai tu bataa..


Ye pyaar hai jo tujhe ho gaya hai

Na jaane kyun tu is se tha bekhabar

Jo aajkal ye tujhe ho raha hai

Nahi aur kuch, pyaar ka hai asar


Kyun tere jalwo ka chhant-ta nahi hai dhuaan

Kyun chale hawa toh lage ki jaise tune chhuaa

Kyun maangta hai dil tere liye roz duaa Kyun ho raha wo jo pehle kabhi mujhe naa huaa

Dil ye bekarar kyun hai

Is pe dhun sawaar kyun hai

Kyun hai ye khumaar kyun hai Tu Bataa..

Tera intezar kyun hai

Tujh pe aetbaar kyun hai..

Kyun hai ye khumar kyun hai tu bataa Tu bataa...

Kyun bata..

" Nooo." Virat groaned, flopping back on his bed and covered his head with the pillows. " Not again !! " as the song stated that the restlessness of heart = love.

" Looks like whole universe is conspiring against me !! " He lamented. But then started thinking again. ' Is it possible that I'm in love ?! Nooo…. Maybe ? Can it be ? Argh !!! How did my life become so boring without her ? Why does it matter to me when she is sad or angry ? Why do I want to make her smile or happy ? Oh God !! I'm so confused !! '

He fell asleep finally, thinking too much into his confusion.


Manvi woke up with a start in the early hours of the morning. She took her phone to check time as it was nearer than the alarm clock. She found two missed calls from 'Chep'. 'So he did call !' She dialed back forgetting that he might be asleep.

Virat woke up irritated as the phone ringing disturbed his sleep. He was about to scold the caller but all his sleep went out of the window when he noticed the caller id.

" Bandariya."

" Chep."

" You forgot to tell me that you are leaving."

" No I didn't. I told you Beeji was planning to take me back yesterday. You were the one all happy to send me off."

" What ?! But you avoided it by faking injury, didn't you ? "

" How did you know that I was faking ?! "

" That's not the point here."

" Hey, how was I supposed to know that nobody told you ? And anyway, you went missing after our last talk."

" You could've phoned me. Or atleast send a message. Is this how you treat your friends ? "

" Friends ?! My friends don't walk out on me."

Virat almost slapped himself. ' There she goes again. Now she'll start chanting Maya. '

" Look Manvi, I talked with Maya, ok ? I've forgiven her, but that's all I can do. I can't take her back into my life, because…well, a lot of things've changed in my life since then. We had something special together, but she broke it. A glass piece once broken cannot be joined together. Our relation is like that. So please, don't waste your time on it. I am happy the way my life has changed."

"But Virat.."

" Please Manvi. If you really want my happiness, then please stop doing this. Or is it that you only want to please Bua ? "

" No Virat, you are mistaking me. I'm helping Bua only because both she and I are convinced that Maya is your happiness."

" What makes you think you both know more about my happiness than myself ? If it was about Bhai, I'd say Bua may be right. If it was about Bhabhi, you may know more. But not me. More than you both, my mother and brother knows about my happiness. They know what is right for me. That is why they don't force me to take back Maya. I wish you had understood me atleast a bit after all the time we spent together."

She detected disappointment in his voice and for some reason, she felt bad.

" Virat…" She didn't know what to say.

" Let's forget this Maya chapter, ok ? See you later. Bye." And he kept the phone. He had to, before he became emotional.


Virat had thought of her as a good friend, maybe more than that, as a part of his family. He appreciated that she was trying to bring happiness in his life but her way was wrong, as always. He suddenly realized that he was not upset at his own Bua for trying to bring back Maya. Instead he was upset at Manvi !! He lied down, trying to figure out why she and her actions mattered to him so much.

Manvi felt bad that once again her matchmaking had flopped, right on her face. Virat had been a very good friend, a good support in her flop and not-so-flop plans, a good partner-in-crime. She felt guilty for disappointing him, though her intentions were only to make him happy.

' He is upset with me. Now I've to make amends.' She sighed. ' Oh God !! What's with me and my plans ?! Everytime something wrong happens !! '

Thinking about a new plan, to get into Virat's good books, Manvi fell asleep again.


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awww so much confusion...plz plz pm me the next update i cant wait to read it...thanks oh n btw amazing start

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Wow dear realy a super duper os loved it
n more enjoy virat n manvi convo. Thanx fr pm n realy superb
updt n pm me wen u do nxt prt...

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Originally posted by isha.raj_98

awww so much confusion...plz plz pm me the next update i cant wait to read it...thanks oh n btw amazing start

but i'm not continuing it...its a oneshot...
ashred12 IF-Rockerz

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Originally posted by khusam

Wow dear realy a super duper os loved it
n more enjoy virat n manvi convo. Thanx fr pm n realy superb
updt n pm me wen u do nxt prt...

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wow superb dear... waiiting for an continiounation...

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Cute Smile
I'm in love with this song too, been listening to it on repeat all afternoon LOL

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aaawww super cute os 
do conti it

Edited by tina_1234 - 17 March 2012 at 3:55pm

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