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ArHilicious Droolers#5: Ho gya hai tujhko toh pyar

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ArHilicious Droolers #5: Ho Gaya hai Tujhko toh Pyaar

Fairy enters with tissues and Shine enters with Gun

Fairy: What the hell are u doing with GunAngry see I am in no mood to fight wid u Ouch

Shine: I can't tolerate Shayam now I have also lost my patienceAngry
Fairy:For the frst time u r saying rightCry
Shine: Hey lets find dulhan for her so that he dont think of KhushiSleepy
Fairy: yeah u have extra mind so u only decideEmbarrassed
Shine: How about youBig smile
Fairy: Gimme ur gun I want t shoot u like nowAngry
 Minu enters
Minu: Kya karoo ram mujhe do bandar mil gayeAngry

Fairy: I am abt to finish tissues that u bought meOuch
Shine: And I already finished Tape in making aeroplane out of itROFL

Minu: Big boss chahte hai aap dono unka samaan waste karne ka fine pat kareinApprove

Fairy and Shine:Shocked

A BIG THANKYOU and 3 BIG CLAPS to ALL membersof the IPKKND NL teamClap

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

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Joota Scene of the Week: rechup
Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week:aquablue17
Achari Scene of the Week: Mahi0809
Best Character of the Week: shobra
Most Irritating Character of the Week: PurpleFairy
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Winner animated avis: --sunshine--
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Getting everything together & working on the final posts and layout:--sunshine-- & PurpleFairy

Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy) & Sanjana (--sunshine--)
and offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL

Sanju(--sunshine--) Neetz(PurpleFairy) and Minu(minuu)

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Khushi Agrees  for the engagement with Shyam.. All are relieved with the sole exception of Bauji  but he is unable to express himself .. Shyam gloats over his victory and prepares a scam through which he creams of 10k from loyal Anjali ..Shyam plans to buy Khushi's engagement ring  out of Anjali's Money ..Shyam is almost caught when he ventures on this plan by Anjali but he manages to divert her attention and escapes AGAIN .Angry.
Khushi calls up RM and informs them that she will not be coming to RM as her Job has ended ... Meanwhile Buaji has discovered the Mannat Key of Arnav's , seeks to know the  truth behind the key but Khushi ignores her.. Nani invites Khushi for a  last  meeting..A reluctant Khushi leaves for RM with teh Mannat ki Key nestled safely in the bag ..Khushi is met with a great deal of affection by the ladies of  RM who shower her with gifts ... Meanwhile Arnav is frustrated by the thought that Khushi is leaving him and is angry at himself for missing her ..Khushi comes to see him but before she can utter a word , he shoves her away with  ordering her to go out ..Khushi almost falls on the coffetable , grazes her hand..but does not utter a word ..She replaces the Mannat Key on the table and departs...
Khushi heads straight to the temple and places her future in Devimayya's hand ..In RM..Arnav Spots the blood drops , realizes that he has hurt Khushi , heads to  th temple [ which he knows since he overheard where Khushi was going] ..In Gupta House.. Shyam is very disappointed when he realizes that Khushi will not be able to make it to the engagement Muhurat ..but he is determined on getting engaged to Khushi on that very day..he begins to plot his move...In the temple..Arnav and Khushi meet , Arnav rolls the band-aid over Khushi's ring finger, symbolically getting engaged to Khushi  in the presence of Devimayya and amidst holy chants ..but the two head strong ppl  begin to sparr again, with each  vowing never to see one another again ..
In Gupta House , Shyam with holds medicine from Shashi leading to worsening of his health..Shyam plays it out as if Bauji is agitated  bec of the non-happening engagement ..A distraught Buaji compels a highly reluctant Khushi to get engaged to Shyam..Under Pressure Khushi agrees !! ..when she stretches her ring finger, it is found that it is already playing host to Arnav's Bandage..Undeterred Shyam puts his ring on Khushi's right hand ..Khushi is sad and is thinking about Arnav while in RM..Arnav is thinking about Khushi .. A uber angry Arnav decides never to think, dream about Khushi ... Shyam takes leave of Gupta's on pretext of a case, arrives at RM in time for Bhaidhuj ..
Anjali celebrates Bhaidhuj with her brothers, The ladies are missing Khushi and are talking about her which drives Arnav nuts..he blasts out against Khushi Khushi talks only for him to be blasted by Anjali  .. The whole of  Raizada ladies are missing Khushi and plan a elaborate hoax  to get Khushi back to RM.. Accordingly Anjali calls up Khushi in a panic stricken voice and cuts the phone after urging her to rush to RM..Anjali also lets loose the information that Arnav has gone to the office [ finally] .. A perturbed Khushi goes to RM.. where  she is horrrified to discover Nani and La in the midst of a verbal spat ..The reason is told ..Khushi promises to teach La further ...
Akash again meets up with Payal ..both exchange pleasantries 
Arnav who had gone to the office returns unexpectedly, senses Khushi's presence 

This week's Funny Scene of the Week is ofcourse Manorama Mami's acute imitation of Arnav Singh Raizada. The otherwise intense week gets some light moments in the very last episode of the week. We see the Raizada's celebrating Bhai Dooj. When Anjali puts the small red dot on Arnav's forhead, everyone expect him to gift her something, but apparently he does not have any. Mami then very surely puts in that if he doesn't have a gift, he could give her a promise instead.
Then comes the real funny part where Mami imitates Arnav to his finest attitude. The way she clears her throat, straightens up and speaks in a monotonous very ASR like voice, "Di, I don't have any gifts, but there's a promise I make. I can do anything for your happiness. I can sacrifice my own happiness for yours. If any problem arises in your life, I can go to any length to get rid of that. What the...Hay!"
Perhaps it was even more funny because honestly, how many times have we heard the Angry Raizada utter those words, in pain and in anger and in promise? And ofcourse she didn't let the signature 'What the' miss. The scene was exclusively howlarious. The proof? The proof is that even Arnav Singh Raizada could not keep his face straight and smiled along with the family. What a treat at the end of the week!
A special mention to the high class 'nautanki' of Nani, Anjali and Lavanya to get Khushi back to Shantivan. How cool it was to see Nani and La high five each other?
Have a nice weekend everyone...fingers crossed that we get a wonderful week next.

"Evil SmileJoota scene is the scene after that we are all about to break our TV screensEvil Smile
The joota scene of the week is:
Ofcourse "Shyam - Khushi engagement scene"Dead
It was such a disgusting scene that poor khushi was forced by buaji to put ring on shyam's finger.Angry
 She was helpless and was forced to do because shyam had made her babuji's health worse, everyone misunderstood his condition and Buaji got angry and she forced khushi for the engagement by ignoring the muhurat, but shyam was unable to put the ring on her right finger because it was injured and was tied up with bandage by Arnav"

Hiya pals Hug,
This week was tragic for our ArHi lovebirdsUnhappy. Both of them want to let go off each other but their hearts are clinging onto every memory of one anotherThumbs Up. This week's super hot mirch masala scene with love ka tadka has to be the mandir sequence where Khushi goes to seek strength and to make a pact to herself to never meet Arnav againBroken Heart. While Arnav who has spot Khushi's blood droplets due to the broken shards of glass goes to the mandir in search of her. I loved how he is the one who gives her pain, yet he is the one who cannot hold himself to come and ease that painDay Dreaming

He might seem to be heartless, but he hasn't lost his humanity entirely. He is hurting Broken Heart and shows that hurt through his anger Angry which even we have problems understanding then Khushi has no chance of figuring his tactic outD'oh. Mr. Haughty Singh Raizada Blushing finds her in the mandir when Khushi's dupatta has flown onto her face covering it like a "Ghunghat" on her beautiful angelic face. Khushi takes off the dupatta and sees Arnav standing in front of her and both are lost in the tiny staring session. So after the "Mu Dikhayi ceremony" LOLLOL Arnav then notices the dupatta wrapped around the corner of her hand and realizes that must be where she got the cutSilly. They have a tiny squabble with Khushi trying to release her arm from Arnav's grasp and then giving it and letting him wipe off the blood on her finger. Man!!.. This guy sure love to touch Khushi a lot!

He gingerly wipes off the blood with his handkerchief taking his time to steal some glances of his beloved while Khushi Cool is blatantly lost in Arnav and in that moment while the onlookers enjoyed the world's most unique engagement taking placeDancing. Dulha, Dulhan bhi hai, engagement bandage bhi hai aur baraati bhi... toh aur kya chahiye ClapClap... and our lovable jodi got engaged amidst all the tragedy of the week.Big smile Can't wait for next week ... so stay tuned !!
                                                  ArHi ke thoughts main gumEmbarrassed,
                                                  Aapki dost... Mahi

Hey guys!! So this week's best rakshabandhan segment of the week was really hard to pick! As you know, we got some nice Arnav and Anjali scenes with some nice Akash and Anjali scenes and to top it off we also got some Khushi and Payal scenes!I had so many choices compared to last week! Haye!! It was so hard to pick! But after loads of thought, the week's scene award definitely goes to'.

                                                              Khushi and Payal!!!

Yes! The sister bonding was amazing. On Monday, Payal could sense that our Jalebi Bai was not in her top shape. Payal could see that Khushi was bothered by the thought of marriage. Though Anjali could see that Arnav was bothered as well, she was easily fooled by Arnav's  "Off Course". That was not the case with Payal. She knew that her sister was not okay, and even though Khushi said it was okay. The decision is made. Payal knew that Khushi was not necessarily happy with her decision. That Khushi had made this decision in haste and a lot of family pressure. I liked how Payal told Khushi that she does not have to do this if she does not want to.  I also really liked how Payal tried to stand up against Buaji when Buaji was forcing poor Khushi to make Shyam wear the wretched ring. (ahhh it burns to think about that event ).

I did like how Anjali yelled at Arnav! Sorry guys had to mention that, it was too cute to let go! I luved how he was all baffled on why his sister was flipping on him. Poor guy! I would never want to wake up to such a nightmare hah!

Also the Anjali and Akash scene?! HOWW CUTE!!!!!!!! OMGGG. Can it get any cuter?!?!!?

Kay I'm done now haha! Bye guys!!


Hola guys...This week was painful...Sometimes it was heart that got hurt, Remaining times it was eyes n ears...
Almost the entire Monday n Thursday episodes were filler ones...
I hate 2 repeat this but Shyam n Bua's character r getting OTT and nowt heir scenesgetting beyond something to be called as just filler...That too when a track(Payaash) is completely forgotten and is left hanging in midair...
We know Shyam tricks to get money, it was overly stretched...
And I don't get this why Shyam is using Shashiji as his day planner...he tells his plans to him, the carry out them...Every other day this s repeating...By this if they want show him as a psycho, its nowhere near a psycho just a pathetic cartoon show!
Hope we will get a Filler-less and Arhi-full week!


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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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hello Ipkknd'ians me back again!Wink this week too really confused! finally i choosed one but when i saw today's epi i later changed my decision!Wink frm this itself u must've understood who is this week's BC rite! it was my wish to add her in BC list nd nw its fulfilled! so frnds this week's best character is none other thn... our own
i made this decision fast because of many reasons! first anjali as usual cares a lot for her brother Arnav! [have to say more thn our hus]LOL mornin she scolded him for no reason juz for gettin buri nazar!LOL nd she tells sry to him for dat too! anji alwys know dat arnav will do anythin frm her hppiness! she supports akash alot more thn mami. she understands him too! she agrees his relationship wit payal! another imp thing when arnav said abt khushi badly nd she scolded him! he wasnt able to speak anythin after dat! usually he used to tell nd she wont tell anythin but today she advised him dat was best! i lovd dat prt nd i'll juz rite d convo between them:
Arnav:Enough di, please! Stop it! bahut hogaya khushi khushi. y dont u guys understand ki woh ja jukki hai! she's gone nw!Angry
[thn anjali woke up nd gave him a nice convo]
Anjali: chotte ithni behrukhi se bath math kijiye aap. humne kal dekha hain ki tum unse kis tarah se baat ki di.Clap aur ek insaan se ithna gussa. chotte logon se teek se karni chahiye.Wink aur kabhi kabhi patha nahi chaltha ki kis insaan ko akhri baar mil rahe ho. aur unke jaane ke baad patha chaltha hain ki aap kithne galadh hain!
to this he was silent nd thought abt d flasback! wah wah kya baat hai anjali ji! i juz love u! even though u are a foolish wife u prooved today dat u r a gud sister! keep goin. i juz want u to realise dat arnav is behavin like this cz he is in love wit khushiWink nd her idea to bring khushi home too was nice! all in all anjali u rocked friday's epi! im sure all u mustve thought like dat! so im signing off by sayin hello hi no bye byeLOL 

Forgive me if I sound slightly annoyed but this week was so irritating that we have not one but TWO irritating characters.
I'll start with hum sab ka favourite bali ka bakra Shyam. Like, seriously, the guy needs to STOP his sickness. I'm sick of seeing him torture Babuji all the frickkin' time! Such a shallow character. I wish he just leaves the showDead
And of course, Shyam hai toh uski soulmate Buaji kaise peechhe reh sakti hain? To be very honest, Khushi's entire family except Jalebi Bai herself got on my nerves this week but I can still excuse Garima and Payal. But Buaji is the limit! How hard is it for her to read her brother's expressions? Isn't it OBVIOUS that he DOESN'T want that engagement to happen? He doesn't need to say it! The poor man is getting tormented seeing his daughter exchange rings with that creep but no, she has to think it's the other way despite knowing that Shashi had never approved of Shyam. Sometimes, I feel SHE wants Shyam to marry Khushi and hence, she is refusing to see the obvious.
Phew! I should do this section more often. Feels nice to let out the frustration!Tongue

Hiya everyone and welcome to the funniest chacater of the week section...So its been another interesting week with love, pain and frustration everywhere...

This week ArHi missed out on the funniest character award again lol...but not to worry m sure ASR and KKG will be back with a bang next week...
So as for now the funniset character of the Week goes to Hello hi bye bye aka Mami Ji..i know i know this is the second in a row..and u guys are probably taking ur shoes off to throw at me...but come on her imitation of ASR in Friday's epi was quite funny...i found it very very Humorous..i know i laugh at pointless
But remember main apni di ki khushi ka liya apni khushi kurbaan ker sakta hoo...ROFL(Poor guy why does he hear the word Khushi everywhere now a days?)LOLShocked
So anyways m done for now...i already know who the funniest character is going to be next weekApprove
You guys keep guessing...a hint: It NOT mami ji!!LOL
Till then bye bye...see u laterEmbarrassed 
Love Ammie

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hey all.. it narrows down to this one after much thought process..Smile
have to applaud the crew of technicians, camera, sound and direction departments for such lovely shots of the AK engagement.. the sun as the backdrop and music adding to the feel with the two silhouettes walking away from each other makes it a treat to watch..

Now Khushi and Arnav are missing each other so this song goes for them

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Prominent bloopers this week of course khushi's gift ka dabba,that La gives at RM ,but it conveniently goes missing when she reaches the mandir and home..LOL

  while leaving RM

 at mandir

 at home

If this is the Gupta's premises?? Then where does it (the fence and all) vanish whenever ASR drops Khushi home??or when Akash-Payal meet right infront of their house??why does the lane look so narrow??Shocked



anjali (11.11.11)

kabhi kabhi aapko patah nahi chalta ki aap kis insaan se akhri baar mil rahe hai..aur unke jaane ke baad patah chalta hai ki aap kitne galat the..."


khushi " aur aap bhi yeh yaad rakhan ki ek din aisa ayega jab aapko patah chalega ki aapne jo bhi likha hai woh devi maiyya ne aapka haath pakad kar aapse likhwaya hai...sab unki marzi se hota hai aur aage bhi hota rahega...bas uss din yeh dekhne ke liye hum nahi honge..

khushi (7.11.11)

khushi "kuch cheezein bas yuhin ho jaati hai bina soche bina samjhe... "...

Pride And Glory
 " Mystified Sentiments "

Silence is gradually being uplifted In His Heart and Mind
As Emotions are playing a Exquisite Game With him
His Mind always recall the essence of her Warm touch
Although, He tries to forget her yet she dwells On his Mind
Warmth and Gentleness have engulfed his soul,
They illuminated even the darkest shadows of his very being,
Neither time nor He can stop his heart from beating,
  No name On his lips apart from her's
As His Spirit being embedded with her Nerves
How much he tries to stay away from her presence
Breezy Winds, Past Memories pushed him into a Frozen Silence
The smell Of Smoke of the Blazing Fire Inside him is yet Forbidden,
A Secret Of soft veils, A Glow Of Candles; yet he unaware

 Losted his Ownself, Desires Only Belongs to her,
Although, He have walked her away from his Existence
Still The Hatred clings in between care and Love
No more her presence Left, No more her face Left beside him
His Eyes, Breath, Memories yearns for her as a Thirsty Soul,
Emotions drowning Into the Blue Ocean, seeking for the right path
 He Never felt this feeling before, never been broken so deep
Never thought someone would make him feel so weep
Running in the Alleys Of Dark Shadows, Ignoring ever Clash of the pasts
Unintentionally feels that his Life, Dreams, Smile, all things Belongs with her
As he's traveling in a far away Land, where there's Only him and his Emotions
He tosse's and turns In the Unconditional Dreams
Memories which haunts him every time, will never let him move
Always tries to close his Eyes, tries to shut it tight,

Carried everywhere by the wind, it seems so real and so true
The LOVE which is yet Obscured behind the Glows Of Shines
The LOVE which Is yet seeking for the strong Avenues
The LOVE which grasps the depth of Passion
His Emotions depicts the Everlasting LOVE For Her.

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The avi of the week goes to the set I'm posting below by -.Preet.-


Beautiful avis, Preet! Here's a small token to appreciate your hardwork

Unfortunately, not too many people came up with icons this week but we did get some beautiful ones and Icons of the week this time goes to RajeevKClap

Here's a small gift for you to use during the week (:

This weeks Siggy of the Week goes to...

yulZ Clap

For making this beautiful siggy, using fabulous amount of colour and the text is just too good, the style is also very unique and blendyStar:

Here is a little gift for you to use as Siggy maker of the week:

This weeks video siggy will blow all your hearts away.. the scene the creator has used and the text and images..Embarrassed Without any more of my bak bak LOL.. Presenting to you this weeks video siggy of the week:

Made by -.Preet-.Clap veru well done Preet, the siggy is FLOWLESS! You deserved the Video Siggy Maker of the Week title for this week Party

Here's a little gift for you to use for the week:

Here is ur giftStar

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Here is ur gift

AJEEB ishq.. by scarletaura (this topic has 520+ repliesShocked)

This weeek was filler week Ouch I mean Arhi as usual was Worth watchingEmbarrassed Like The Bandage kum Engagement scene ;) ! ayee Directly na Sahi Indirectly toh hogaye ;) !! Not much of ArHi toh Confused !! mile bhi Flashback .-. ! where it was like the whole week was about shyam .-. ! and his evil game Angry !! !! not much happened this week so i would rate it 6/10 tho im sure coming week will be dhamakedar Wink ! stay tuned

Ermm CVs... What to say to you this week? Geek Shyam.. Buaji.. more Shyam.. more Buaji Sleepy, We have no interest in Shyam or Buaji's bakwas any more.. you got Shyam engaged to Khushi, now what? We want to see Shyam revealed. All we can say is the Upcoming Maha Episode on the 20th November MUST BE A BOMB. Fans are hoping Shyams real identity is revealed, we have had enough of his bakwaas track now, just end itEmbarrassed.. we want to see ALOT more ArHi, and PayAsh too. Glad to see Khushi back in RM, lets see what you have in stor for us for the upcoming week. All I can say is, DON'T left us fans down or disappoint us.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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