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Tum Mile To Jeena aa Gaya-FF-Arhi; PART 30 on Pg71

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Day DreamingHey Guys, I'm Adden, and I'm truely inspired by everyone's FanFics on this forum, You all do a great job and inspire a silent reader like me to come up with an FF Smile

The title of this FF is from Arnav's perspective, and its regarding Khushi !


My FF is on the continuing from the current track which is
"Shyam and Khushi's sagai" ... aghhh. U should see my face when I say that, it looks something like this ------->Dead


-Part 1-

Khushi was now engaged to Shyam in the eyes of her family, but they weren't aware of the fact that engagement is only considered if the ring's placed on the left hand ring finger, the vain in that finger is directly linked to the heart. But Shyam wasn't that lucky, Devi Maiyan didn't allow him to make that connection with khushi,  that "Dil ka rishta", because that right is for only one person and that is Arnav Singh Raizada.

Khushi was in shock, she hated what had just happened, she had always imagined her marriage to be a perfect "Bollywood Style" marriage with no sadness linked only happiness for miles and miles, but now she thinks that life is strict and doesn't rely on your desires, but relies on what luck requires.
She ran out of the room, where her amma,jiji,buaji,babuji and Shyam were, it was too much to take in and she didn't wanna cry infront of her babuji bcaz she didn't wanna hurt his feelings, so she ran straight out of the house and sat on the steps, looking at her hands, one with a bandage and the other with a ring, she was miserable at tht moment, and asked Devi Maiyaan "Ye kya ho raha hai humaray saath,humme to khush hona chahiye, Shyam jee itne achay hain, to phir hum itnay dukhi kyun hain?" (what's happening with me, i should be happy, shyam's soo nice, then what makes me soo sad?) She knew the answer to her question, but hoped someone else could answer it,  Shyam was watching her...he saw every priceless tear tht dropped from her eyes yet he didn't bother to comfort her, he just wanted to stare at her, look at her with lust...he stood there for a while and then went and sat next to her, khushi was lost into the sky, he put her hand on one of her hands, she didn't realise it until he said "Khushi jee" ,she jerked and got scared, quickly moved her hand away, this made shyam angry, but he ignored the fact. He said "Khushi jee abb hum chalte hein,  aap fikr na kariye hum jald he kaam hatam hotay wapis aa jaien ge" (Khushi i should go now but dont worry i will return after my work's done) ... with that he left ... khushi went in , since it was quite late.
The next morning at RM everyone's having breakfast at the dining table, and Nani asks Anjali, "Anjali bitiya, kuch meetha khane ho hai ka?" (Anjali is there something sweet to eat), Anjali replies, "Jee nani jii , Khushi ki banai hui jalebian abhi be fridge me parri hein, hum abhi OPsemagwate hein" (Yes nani, there are still so jalebis left in the fridge which were made by khushi, i'll ask OP to bring them) with Khushi's name arnav looks up and has a flash back of what happened yesterday, he was not happy, his ASR mode was on, he said, "Di, mai office ke liye jaraha houn, Bye" (di im leaving for office, bye) and with tht he storms out, he felt like he had to go before those jalebis are served, he can't afford thinking of khushi anymore, he stopped before he sta into the car and closed his eyes, he saw khushi saying what she said yesterday to him in the mandir, "humme be apki shakl nahi dekhni, aur aap be hamari zindagi se nikl jai to acha hai" these words echoed in his head, deep within him something was saying him that he had to see khushi and fix everything with her,  apologise to her, but tht something is very deep, one can drown in order to reach it. ASR thinking "uski itni himmat ke ARNAV SINGH RAIZADA se aisay baat kerne ki, hoti kaun mujhe order kerne wali, Khushi kumari Gupta tumhe saza mille gi" (how dare she speak to ASR like tht, who is she to tell me what to do, KKG u will be punished for this) With that he leaves for office, but promise himself tht he will punish tht Khushi for the sake of his self respect but within him he wanted to see his girl Wink , it was night around 10 pm ... Khushi was in her night suit , which was a modest tea pink shalwar kameez and with no dupatta, her hair all lose and silky, she looked beautiful tht night as if something was wanting to see her beauty, she sat in her room... talking to her devi maiyaan...while everyone in her home slept,tonight she didn't want to sleep, as she was alone and to scared to turn the lights off, Payal had gone to sleep on the couch in her Babu ji's room to look after him as he wasn't well, Arnav reached outside her home, he looked that Khushi's house was in darkness, he assumed everyone slept, but he had to have revenge from khushi, and torture her... so he decided to enter Khushi's room from the window, as he walked towards the window of her room, he saw it was lighted, he hope Payal wasn't there, he peeped in and saw the most beautiful sight, Khushi sat there, looking all beautiful, he quickly snapped out of the trance and tightened his fists as she was the girl tht dared to disrespect him, he jumped through the window like a superman, Khushi got scared, before she could scream he covered her mouth, they were very close, Arnav admired the fear in her eyes, and just then rememebered why he was there, his eyes turned narrow and he looked at her with anger, he let go of her mouth, without realising that her lipstick had left marks on his hands...anyways...the convo between these two enemey love birds starts:
Khushi: Aap yahan? (you here) wo be iss waqt (tht to at this hour) aur ye kya ker rahe hein aap, kisi larki ke kamray me bagair pooche aa gaye ( what are you doing in a girls room without her permission)
Arnav: Khushi Kumari Gupta, zada khush matt ho ... ye matt samjho koi ameer insaan tumhe dekhne aya hai ( dont get to happy, dont think that a rich man has come to meet you)
Khushi: maine ya kab kaha, aur abh sharafat se yahan se nikal jaye , warna hum shore macha de ge (When did i say tht, anyways now get out of here before i start to scream)
Arnav: Tumhari itni himmat (how dare you say tht) with tht he takes a step forward.
Khushi with a scared face says: Dekhiye humse door rahe, warna... (look, stay away from me otherwise...)
Arnav: with a smirk, warna kya? kya kero gi khushi? ( otherwise what? what will u do?)
Khushi looks away and tries to run away towards the open door, but before she could do tht Arnav ran towards the door, and locked it, khushi backed away and took a step back. Arnav sees she's getting nervous.
Arnav: Kyun? Darr lag raha to pehle sochna chahiye tha, mujse itni batamizi kerne se pehle... (what? are u scared? u should've thought of this b4 being so disrespectful to me) with tht he pulls her hand and brings her so close tht their chests collash.
Khushi scared: Plz humkO jane di jiye...plz (Plz let go of me)
Arnav: kya soch rahi ho? yahi ke tum ik kawari larki ik jawan larke ke saath, andheri raat me ik kamray me band ho, aur agay kya hoga? (what are you thinking? tht u an unmarried girl locked in a room at night with a young man, and what would happen next?) he still has tht smirk.
Khushi was too scared to speak, normally she turned speachless when he was a meter away but today he was just a cm away from her ... he had invaded her personal space , her heart was beating as fast as a fast rap song... she looked at him with fright,tears,love,hurt,pain and anxiety...
Arnav: Koi jawab nahi hai? koi baat nahi (you dont have an answer do you, no probs.) his face turned angry and he grinded his teeth while saying this: Agay wo hoga jo tum hamesha se chahti thi, aur wahi hoga jo her tumhari auqaat ki larkiyaan chahti hein, aur wo hai ik ameer insaan ke saath ...(the next thing tht will happen is what you and girls of ur status always want and tht is to have an affair with a rich man) he paused and stared straight into her eyes, his sight was like daggers to her eyes. Yahi hai tumhari saza... (thts ur punishment).
Khushi looked at him with shock, she wasn't scared now she was disappointed, she was angry and her eyes filled with rage, she pushed him hard, he banged onto the table on which Devi Maiyan's idol was kept it was about to fall Khushi looked at it, and prayed tht it shouldnt fall, but to her surprise arnav caught and placed it back into place with respect,as if Devi Maiyan had connected Arnav's actions to Khushi's prayers, thoughts and feelings.
Arnav looked at khushi he walked towards her lifted her and dropped her onto the bed, he said: Khushi ye tumne acha nahi kiya (khushi u didnt do the right thing) his elbow was bleeding heavily its blood dropped like water from a tap, no one noticed this, Khushi made an attemt to get up, but to her horror she saw Arnav removing his shirt, while he was doing tht he came on the bed , while week and feeble khushi moved back but he was walking on his knees and she was crwaling on her back, arnav's hands were still in the air he removed his shirt and all tht was left was his black vest, he threw the shirt away, while he was throwing it his arm's jerk made the blood DROP ONTO KHUSHI's Maang aka the centre line of the head Shocked Big smile ... Arnav was a bit taken back and so was khushi as she took her eyes away frm Arnav and touched her maang to her shock her fingers returned back with arnav's blood...she was SHOCKED !
Arnav: oho ye kya dekh rahi ho itne ghoor ghoor ke, abh ye matt samjh bethna ke ham aaj se pati patni hein(what are u starring at? dont start thinking tht we r husband and wife frm now)Khushi looked up, she wasn't thinking of tht , but those words appealed her somehow. he came closer to her nd now he was on top and her head rested on the bed post, she didnt want him to come any closer or make any advances so she said: Dekhiye Arnav jee , humme maaf ker dein, humme aap se aisi baat kerni nahi chahiye thi, ham galt the, per aap plz humme jaane de, humaray saath aisa mat kereni, plz ... humari sagai ho chuki hai, aur humari shaadi do dinno me hai, humaray magetar bohut ache hein aisa kerne se aap unko bohut dukh pohunchaien ge (look arnav, forgive me i shouldn't have talked to you like tht, i was wrong... but now plz let me go, dont do such a deed with me, im engaged and in 2 days is my marriage plz dont do this, my fiance is a very nice man, he would be very hurt if he found out abt this)
Arnav got the shock of his life, or shall i say the pain...he felt his eyes moist as he stared at Khushi who was talking abt her fiance and marriage... he was heart wrenched as khushi didnt want to come close to him bcaz of someone else, it killed him on the inside ... he died there right then... its not like he was actually gonna do anything to her he was just testing her patience and tormenting her to punish her, but when he heard the other man's name he felt like someone intrupted them or came between them ... he didnt care how nice her fiance was he just wanted to kill him ... how dare he dream of marrying his Khushi, his inner core thought.
With that sad disgust in him his hands let go of Khushi's delicate arms, he got away from her but just had quick glimpse of his blood in her maang...he thought of his "pati patni" words, he thought where they came frm...but then he walked to where his shirt was...looked at khushi, with a sad and angry face wore his shirt got out of the window and left...
Khushi with tears in her eyes looked onto where devii maiyaan was , arnav may not express or show the pain in his eyes, when khushi mentioned her marriage, but somehow khushi could read his eyes, but didnt wanna realise it ... she closed her eyes, and before she knew , she was fast asleep, exhausted from the night's events.
Sorry, I know this is a very long update... I apologise for hanging u here with me for soo long Embarrassed But hope u guyz enjoyed reading it ... I'll update the next chapter asap, maybe tomorrow...for now take care and plz dont forget to  LIKE and Comment, all insults, jootay, thappar...etc. accepted with a smile LOL I'll love to knw what u guyz wanna see in the coming parts... see you later alligator...
Sweet dreams , though i believe they are sweet due to Arnav living in them. Hahahah xxx

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great start pls continue pls add me 2 ur pm list pls pm me when u update next part

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loved it!! can you add me to your pm list if you have one please?

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Awhhh, I LOVED IT ! Embarrassed

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Lvd it
add me in
cont soon

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add me to ure pm list!

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soo good yaar!! update for sure and pm me Big smile

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Hehe. I can't thankyou guyz enough, like seriously I really appreciate such warm comments from you all :) xx

I will definitely try and PM you guyz, as I'm new to this forum ... I'm not very sure hw tht works ... But hopefully I'll get the hang of it ... Part 2 coming up soon :) xx

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