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Maneet FF - GEETIKA (OLD THREAD 3 - 2011-12) IMP NOTE ON PG 87

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THREAD 2 - PART 38-55
Will add details to this later


PART 56 - PAGE 1
PART 57 - PAGE 15
PART 58 - PAGE 37
PART 59 - PAGE 46
PART 60 - PAGE 56
PART 61 - PAGE 65


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PART 56:

Maan drives the car and Aadi takes the front seat while Pinky has taken a back seat and Geet lying down on her lap. Yash and Meera drive thro their car. They all reach Pinky-Geet's residence. Maan carries her again. Pinky guides him to Geet's room. Meera, Yash and Aadi follow.

Maan gently lies Geet on her bed. He is tensed what to do next. the doctor.

Yash interfares...Maan, I dont think its necessary. Lets allow her to sleep and take rest.

But Yash, so far as I remember, she didnt have anything for Dinner and this alcohol with emty stomach...

Dont worry Sir...Myself and Meera will be with her. And will make her drink hot soup. This should help.

The door bell rings...And everyone looks at each other.

Hey guys...I had ordered food as I knew none of us have had it during the party. So, it must be the food delivery guy.

Yash collects the parcel.

Challo...lets have dinner.

You people carry on and finish with your dinner. I am not feeling hungry. I will stay here with Geet.

All leave from the place leaving Maan and Geet alone in her room.

Maan sits next to her and admires her innocence while she's asleep. Guilt is eating him more and more for what he has done to her.

He gets to look at the side table adjacent to the bed. There were few pictures of Geet with her Appa-Amma-Raji and Gopal and one picture of her Paati (Grandma). The photo was adorned with flower indicating she is no more. He remembers what Daadi had told him...Geet's Daadi is no more and that's why she got close to his Daadi...and he closes his eyes again with disgust.

Geet..Wake haven't had anything for dinner...he pats on her cheeks

GEET...he holds her hand and she shivers with his touch. All what happened in Khurana Manscon is running deep into her thoughts and she gets restless with it.

GEEET...He could make out this restlessness is all because of him.

Pinky and Meera rush to her room

What happened?

See she's getting restless in her sleep.

Pinky and Meera sit on the either side of Geet and making her feel relaxed.

Maan closes his eyes for a moment. Pinky, Let her relax. No worries if she's late to office tomorrow...hmm?

Thank You sir

Maan smiles and leaves from the room. He sees Aadi on the way to exit.

Sir...what happened?

Kuch nahin Aadi...

S..S..Sir, I am sure Geet will make up her mind soon and she will forgive and forget what all had happened.

Maan comes close to Aadi and rests his hand on Aadi's shoulder. Aadi, today I have realised the deapth of the sin what I had done. I dont deserve easy forgiveness what so ever.

S...S..Sir..What are you saying? You have realised your mistake and I am sure Geet will forgive you if you truely communicate your realisation.

No Aadi, its not Geet, its me..I dont want to forgive myself that easily.


I have to leave...bye and see you in office tomorrow.


Soon, Yash and Aadi leave from there making sure Meera and Pinky would not require any additional help. Meera and Pinky made sure to help Geet to consume hot soup.

Next day, Geet wakes up at 9:00, Her head is heavy. Just then, Meera enters her room with a glass full of lemon juice.

Good Morning!

G..ood M..or..ning Meera! What's happening to me? Why my head is heavy? When did I land here? I dont remember any thing!

Relax...Will tell you everything dear. Now finish drinking this lemon juice.

Lemon juice? But why?

You trust me na? I am giving this to you with  a reason. Just drink this, go and freshen up. You will feel much much better.

Geet just did what Meera asked her to do and she was feeling much better. She joins Meera at the Breakfast table. Just then, she got to see the wall clock it was 10 minutes past 9:00 AM already.

Oops, Meera, I am already late to office. I have to leave.

Geet...dont worry, boss will not be angry on you if you are late today.

Maan Sir and not angry? But why?

Meera explains to her all what happened on the previous night. Geet remains shocked.

What? Me and Drunk? I just had a fruit cocktail that was ordered by Yash.

Yes darl, but the waiter got the wrong drink for you and you consumed it unknowingly. Well...Your boss had suggested you get more sleep than usual...So, dont worry dear...he will not be angry on you.

Meera, did Maan sir really did so much for me?

He handled the situation so well..Moreover, he trusted that you had consumed alcohol by mistake.

Geet is still shocked...not able to understand what's going on. Meera pats on her shoulder...GEET...what are you thinking? Have your didnt have anything last night, only a hot soup.

Meera makes sure that Geet finishes her breakfast.

Meera, its getting late and lot of work in office. I have to leave now.

Ok Dear...and one more thing...Myself and Yash have kept a small get together this evening. So, be here as early as possible. Hmm?

What else she could do apart from nodding for an YES.

Geet reaches office and gets into her cabin

first thing first...Pinky and Aadi reach out to her... are you feeling now?

G...Geet...Did you have a good breakfast today? It was important for you.

Pinky, Aadi sir, thank you so much ...I am all fine.

G...Geet...You have to say thanks to Boss he was not only helpful but also thoughtful.

Haan Geet...He even told us not to disturb you and not force you to wake you up in the morning and its ok if you are late today.

Pinky leaves from there but Aadi had few more things to talk.

Geet..If you dont mind, I have something important to discuss...

Aadi know I will not mind anything that you say...please go ahead.

G..Geet...Are you still angry on Boss?

Me...Angry? What for?

For all what happened during last week

Aadi knew it?

Yes, I knew it from Maan Sir's Daadi...that Maan sir is the reason behind all what happened last week...And even I gave him a good peace of mind...But..


He is guilty and realising his mistake...and he has been trying his level best to make up for it...Please forgive him...

Aadi Sir...She closes her eyes for a sec as she didnt know what to say... What are you saying?

Yes Geet...I can understand that after all what had happened to you, it wont be easy for you to forgive him that easily but he is  a person who has been regretting for all what he has done...he deserves forgiveness doesnt he?

But sir..

Now the decision lies within you. I dont want to force you into it...hmm

Geet is all confused...

 Enaku yen Kovam? (Why am I  angry?) After that incident all I tried to do is to maintain safe distance that he expects from any other employee...I am just working here like any other employee do...Nothing different. I dont deny the fact that I am extremely hurt with what ever happend but still, I never showed that on Boss...why should I? She turns around to look at Maan's cabin. He was busy with his work. Bhagawane...enna nadakudhu inga? Avaruku eppadiyum nethi senja udaviku nandri sollanum...Apparam...enaku avar mela endha kovamum illainu sollanum (Babaji...what's happening here? I have to tell him thanks for yesterday's help and I must also tell him that I am not angry on him).

The next minute she stands out of his cabin...and knocks his door.

Come in

She slowly walks in... Both look at each other for a sec. looking at Maan, She instantly recalls what ever happened last evening...especially her dance with Maan...she closes her eyes and plays with the edge of her duppatta with tension and restlessness.

SS..Sir...Good Morning!

Maan is glad to hear this from her almost after one week...but he is feeling more guilty after knowing true reason behind Yash and Geet's dance on Trident Square...

Oh..hie Geet...


She is not able to meet his eyes...

Yes Geet...

Even he's in a similar dilemma...not able to meet her eyes...

Woh...Thanks...Thanks for yesterday...I mean for dropping me home and ...and for every thing..

Its ok... more thing...

Geet...I have a meeting I have to go...

But Sir...

He leaves from the cabin..She gets back to her desk...Bhagawane...Enna sodhanai idhu (Why are you testing me like this?) I came here to tell him two things and he didnt even allow me to complete it...

She gets back to her cabin...She sees Aadi passing by

Aadi Sir...

Yes Geet...

Sir, Boss has gone for a meeting...

Yes Geet, he will be back in an hour. He will come back and then leave for another meeting in the evening. Now, I have to leave as well...I have lot of work petty issues to sort out...I will be back in 3-4 hours. Bye.

But Sir...Aadi disappears before she could complete her sentance.

What work do I have today? Let me rearrange the entire cabin...files and folders

Its been nearly one hour and Geet has been busy rearranging her cabin...she sees thro the blinds...Maan comes back to his cabin. As Aadi was not around, He had assigned the puen to get the key documents signed by Maan...Then enters Sasha with her usual short and deep neck tops

Cha..indha Sashavuku eppo thaan buthi varumo? (When will this Sasha be blessed with brains?) she doesnt leave any single opportunity to seduce boss...

Sasha bends in front of Maan with a reason to show a file but actually finding a way to give more access to her hidden treasure behind her deep necked top.

Geet is fuming with Anger (And also Jealousy).

Actually, Boss is to be blamed for this...he doesnt care for all these tricks of Sasha but also he doesnt warn her...Grrr

The puen is still standing there waiting for Maan to complete signing with all documents. Just then she notices some thing. She is shocked to see it...She tries to get a closer access...but not sure.

Once the documents are signed, the puen leaves from his cabin. Geet immediately rushes out and cought hold of the puen.


Ji madam...

Show me the documents which you got signed by Maan Sir...

He shows them to Geet...She checks all the pages and She was shocked to find what she got to see was correct.

Bhaiya...did  you check these documents before signing?

No Madam...I just took it to Maan Sir as it is given by Aadi Sir.

She takes few pages out of the lot and returns back the rest to the puen.

Madam...Aap kya kar rahi hain?

Ji...Maan Sir had asked to keep these documents with me...that's why.

But Madam...

Dont worry, I will inform Aadi Sir about it.

Geet gets back to her cabin...What is this? Aadi sir can never make such a mistake. Also, he is a true and honest employee close to could this happen then? I am sure someone has planned this knowing Aadi's Absence. I must inform Maan Sir about this...but how?

She turns to look at Maan's cabin...he was not around. She checks with Pinky on Intercom

Pinky...Where is Maan Sir?

He has another meeting..

Oh yaah...Aadi Sir had told me...What to do now?

Geet...what happened?

Nothing Dear...Just crowded...

Hey...Wait a minute...Did Meera inform you about the get together this evening?

Yah...She told me...challo will talk later...

She keeps the phone...What to do now? I have to inform Boss about this...I have to talk to him when he comes back...No...No...I cant tell this to him during office hours...

She is pacing between 4 walls of her cabin...playing with her Dupatta...

Should I tell Aadi Sir about this? No...I must tell this only to Boss...

She has been waiting till 5:45 PM. She finally sends an Email to Maan...

"Sir...I need to meet you and talk something very important. Meet me at TURNING POINT at 8:00 PM. Will wait till I see you and please dont tell anyone that we are going to meet."

She leaves from there after shutting down her system

Maan comes back at around 10 minutes past 6:00 PM. He checks his emails before leaving...And his eyes widens with the email he received from Geet...Not sure if she is the one who has sent it. But why she needs to meet me out of office? Why? He sends an SMS to Geet's mobile to get the confirmation.

Geet reached home already...

Hey Geet...Get ready, we will be leaving in next 15 minutes.

Geet nods for a YES...

What if Maan sir didnt come back to office or didnt check his email for some reason...let me send him an SMS as well...Just then Geet gets SMS on her mobile...she checks its none other than Maan Sir

"Did you send me this email"?

She replies back saying "YES"

He replies with a confirmation... "Will wait for you"

She checks  the message...wonder what boss will think about me...But have to meet him at this time...there's no other choice

Maan looks at his mobile...What ever it is, let me meet her and then comment...I will not make a mistake in giving any false judgement.

Geet, Meera, Pinky, Yash get together to begin at 7:00 PM..and its 7:45 PM already...Geet is all restless...she checks her watch every now and then.

Geet...what happened? You look tensed

Yash...I have some other important task come up...I need to leave now

Geet..What happened?

Tell us na..we will help you out..

Pinky, Meera, Nothing to worry about. Appa had called me and asked me to some important task that's why.

Oh ok...challo, finish with your dinner and leave


Geet, Should I drop you?

No Yash..I will stay back here and also spend good time with my friend Meera...Hmm? And Thanks for this get together.

Geet finishes with her dinner and immediately leaves from there and takes a Taxi to reach "Turning Point" and waits for Maan's car to arrive. It was a place close to one of the highways and its least crowded. But today, this place was deserted and not even one single person around. She gets scared now.

Maan reaches there sharp at 8:00 PM. He comes out of his car...Geet turns around and all nervous and shivering to the core...Bhagavane...Kaapathu...Enaku dhairiyam kudu (Babaji, please help me, give me strength) and she takes a long breath


She slowly turns to look at him with an angered look.

Oh...Mr. Maan Singh Khurana is here...Oh yaah the richy rich guy whom every girl loves to date with...

Maan is wondering what is she upto...he acts as a good listener and allows her to talk
But let me make it very clear...I have not invited you here for a date...I have suggested you to come over here because I want to show you mirror of your own image...I never expected this from you... "Mr. Maan Singh Khurana"

Oops what did I do now? Why is she upset with me? She seemed to be all fine in the morning...what happened now?


How could you be so careless? There's a limit!

Careless and Me?Shocked
I know, whenever that stupid Sasha comes in front of you, you just stop thinking...Your brains stop working automatically...

What is she saying? Aur...Aur yeh SASHA? Ab yeh Sasha kahan se aagayi?Confused

And you take pride in praising and boasing yourself...MAAN SINGH KHURANA wants things perfect...MAAN SINGH KHURANA can never accept any mistakes...blah blah blah...

That's true!

Oh if that's true then what is this? She throws the set of papers on him which he catches hold of...and opens to look at the bunch of papers...he's shocked with what he has seen...these bunch of papers had 2 blank papers and 2 stamp papers that had his signatures.

See the height of your blindly signed on these papers without even seeing them?

Can you ever imagine what it would cost you? Your so called Khurana Manscon or your business...or everything everything that belongs to you...And all what you have with you, your property, good will, name, fame...everything you had been proud of gets away from your hand in fraction of seconds...Can you imagine? This business doesnt only proves your achievement but also the achievements of your ancestors...It takes ages to build an empire...but it takes seconds for it to vanish...FINISH!

He's dumb stuck...not able to understand what to comment further. These documents has his signatures...he has blindly signed on them without even checking...

When I got these documents in my hand, I could have filled in any thing and everything to my name...But to remind you again, I am not such a person as I have been educated by my elders right from my childhood...that not to take interest in other's belongings...I am answerable to god after I die.

He instantly shuts her mouth with his hand...Please Geet...please dont say that...

She slowly frees his hand...but this is the opinion you have about me with her teary eyes...


But god has given me an opportunity today to give you an answer...

Geet...I dont need God to give me an answer...I know  you are not such a kind of person...

She looks at him with a owe..

He holds both his hands on her shoulder...Believe me Geet...All what happened last week was way beyond my control and when I realised it, it was too late...

She closes her eyes...Sir...I have to leave...Its getting late

She turns to leave from there...

GEET...She turns to look at him..


S..Sir...There's no point in thanking me...please be careful henceforth.

And she turns to leave...I will drop you home..Its going to rain...

NO Thank You...I will manage myself...It doesnt suit you to drop me in your car...The lessons I learnt last week, I will make sure I dont forget it.

She turns to leave...Maan doesnt dare to offer her again.

A lorry comes out of blue on the road and Geet could see a sudden flash on her face...She was not prepared for it...the lorry comes too close to her...


Maan reach the spot on the time and pulls her away from the road...The pull was so strong that she came too close to him and hugged him for support...She is so terrified with what just happened that was clearly visible with the way she clinged to him...He responds hugging her back and comforting her. His one hand slowly runs thro her back and the other hand rests on her head and he closes his eyes.

It starts raining but both are so lost in each other with their hearts beating faster, they didnt realise the rain, if there's any passer by...nothing, nothing seems to matter to both at this point of time.

Precap: True Confessions

Sharing one of my favourite rain song. Its a song from a reasonably old movie The lyrics, situation everything matches to Maneet's current situation... and AR Rahman's music has created the additional magic.

Movie: KARUTHAMMA (1994)

Song: Thenmerku Paruvakatru

Music: A. R. Rahman

Singers: Unnikrishnan & Chitra
Cast: Maheshwari (Cousin sister of Actress Sridevi) , Raja



To download this song in MP3 format:


Here goes the meaning of the song...

Thanks to UTHRA (Viji79) for helping me with the lyrics. HugShe gave me the lyrics almost one month back...sorry for the delay dear. Also special thanks to all Tamil friends who voted for this song. Hug


Monsoon winds bring with them beautiful rains

That sing melodic folk songs while spraying cold pearl droplets

Magical enough to make cactus bloom

Mystical enough to make succulent blossom


Stanza 1 

Your eyes reflect myriads of colors that even earth and space don't have

Your praise for me rings musical notes that are sweeter than mother's lullaby

What penance have the raindrops done that they are bestowed the boon to touch your feminities

 Oh my mind is hazed to imagine your touch on those places that raindrops have touched


Monsoon winds bring with them beautiful rains

That sing melodic folk songs while spraying cold pearl droplets

Magical enough to make cactus bloom

Mystical enough to make succulent blossom


 Stanza 2


The words you and me have become one word in 'us'

The words you and I have united to become 'couple'

Love is so magical that stones and thorns feel like flowers

 And no one knows that a piece of rainbow is here in the form of this girl


Monsoon winds bring with them beautiful rains

That sing melodic folk songs while spraying cold pearl droplets

Magical enough to make cactus bloom

Mystical enough to make succulent blossom


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COngratz for the new thread.
Glad you are baxk dear.
Cant wit for the update :D

Hop you wont end both ffs so soon yaar coz i love them :)

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Congrats for new thread..
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<div></div>congrats 4 new thread

wow superb
loved it

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nice to see you after long
good that you are ok

good to read
very nice update
this time update real fast

waiting for the other update (JCL)

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