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Arshi ff its nt accident but destiny(chapter 1 pg 7) (Page 7)

-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 14 November 2011 at 12:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by chandananagesh

please continue and update it as fast as u can
ya wil continue.wel i'll be updating every monday

-srija- Goldie

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Posted: 14 November 2011 at 12:45am | IP Logged
New neighbour part 1

The morning light entered the room thru the window pane brightening the small room.the room was decorated in simple manner representing the middle class lifestyle of the resident.the figure on the bed stirred with the 1st rays of sunlight teasing her.her beautiful face glowed wid the slight smile on her rosy lips nd her eyes fluttered open.she rose up frm the bed nd looked around the room c had decorated last night wid the help of her sister payal.c opened the window nd glanced around her new neighbourhood.only few people were walking down the street enjoying the fresh morning air.

After a quick shower c entered the kitchen where payal was preparing tea.khusi stood infront of durga's sculpture nd closed her eyes.
"hey devi maiyya plz lead us on rt path nd let us 4get our past 2 start afresh nd provide strength 2 my jiji so dat c can 4get everything nd smile."

khusi felt a hand on her shoulder.c turned back 2 see her buaji standing there.
"aey sankadevi just look at payaliya.c is nt smiling like c used to.u can only make her smile."
"dnt worry buaji just leave it 2 me"

Khusi walked 2wards payal,filled a cup of tea nd started sipping it.
"jiji u know,nothing tastes so gud like the tea u make nt even 'jilebi'.
Payal smiled weakly bt dat smile didnt reach her eyes.khusi knew dat payal was nt able 2 4get the past n was disturbed.c thought of a way 2 cheer her up.

"jiji u know wen did i made the best tea ever?dat day wen sharmaji visited our house.remember dat red chilli powder.poor sharmaji grew al red frm top 2 bottom nd smoke was oozing out of his nose nd ears.remember how dat baldy rushed out of the house."
dat scene was so funny dat made payal laugh out loud.their laughter filled the room.
"tum vi na khusi.bechare sharmaji toh abtak tumhare chaye ke naamse darte hain."
"so wat jiji he deserved dat".

Buaji smiled looking at the two sisters who were the only family c had.c was da 1 who raised dem like her own daughters nd c loved dem a lot.
"jiji,buaji i'll roam around a little.after all we are new here n u know na how much i love roaming around.plz buaji."
"haye re nandkisor wat do i do wid dis girl.c cant stay idly in 1 remember dnt mess wid strangers"
"han han buaji i know"

Khusi ran out of the house in excitement.c roamed around the locality,talking wid people there.c was so sweet nd friendly dat c made a lot of frens wid jst short interaction.just den c saw a temple.
"wow a temple"

khusi was abt 2 enter wen c saw som1 struggling against the stairs.c cld see the woman in golden saree was having difficulty in climbing the stairs.khusi decided to help her.
K:excuse me.let me help u.
K:give me dat thali n grab my hands.
Anjali did wat khusi asked her to do.khusi helped her climb the stairs slowly n cautiously.
A:i had never seen u b4 in dis locality.
K:actually we just shifted here yesterday.its a reli nice locality wid all those friendly ppl out there.
A:ya its reli nice 2 live in.nice 2 meet u.BTW my name is anjali.
K:me khusi.
A:so khusiji where do u live?
Khusi pointed 2wards the one storey house jst beside a grand mansion.
A:dats we r neighbour.i live jst beside u in dat white building.
K:m glad 2 know dat i av such a nice neighbour.
A:me too.
Khusi helped her climb down the stairs nd they chatted abt their family all the way 2wards their house.
A:khusiji lets go inside 4 a cup of tea.
K:nahi anjaliji fir kavi.
A:ok c u later.

When khusi was abt 2 enter her house c saw a small boy sitting in a corner looking sad embracing a cricket bat.
K:hey wat happened?
Boy:nothing.nobody wants 2 play wid me.
K:its too early to play na dats y.
B:bt i want 2 play n nobody agreed 2 play wid me.
K:koi baat nahi.i'll play with u.
B:really?do u know how to play?
K:of course i know.give me the bat.i'll do batting 1st.

Khusi grabbed the bat,tied her dupatta around her waist nd stood in the position 4 batting.the boy spinned the ball nd c hit it wid all her force.c was happy speeding up in the air.
"yehhh dats a sixer"

just den c heard crashing sound of the window pane.c looked up to find dat the ball had broken one of the window pane of raijada's mansion.

Boy:didi vago yahase warna...didi jaldi..

The boy ran 2wards his home leaving bewildered khusi behind who kept staring at the window pane sticking her tongue out widout having any idea whom c was abt 2 encounter with.

part 2 posted below.

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-srija- Goldie

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New neighbour part 2

a man of 26 was sitting in a couch with an open laptop in the table infront of him.the slight frown in his forehead nd his fixed eyes on the screen indicated his concerntration on his work.his long fingers were busy wid the keyboard nd his blank eyes nd expressionless face glowed by the light frm the screen.just then a loud crash in his window pane compelled him 2 jerk his head nd glance sideways 2wards the window.

The broken glass glittered on the floor infront of him making him go crazy wid anger.his eyes were red wid the blaze of anger in it.
O:yes vaiyya.
A:just clean up dis mess rt nw.n be quick.

Arnav moved 2wards the window nd looked down 2 find a gal abt 19 yrs old staring at the window pane wid her light brown eyes catching a bat in one hand nd dupatta in the other.arnav glared at her n c avoided his stare.arnav felt a sharp pain on his left hand.he moved his eyes 2wards the source of pain 2 find a glass piercing his skin nd blood oozing out of it.
Omprakash took 2 steps back nd extended his hand to show him the ball.
A:give it 2 me n leave.
Omprakash nodded,handed the ball 2 arnav nd left the room.arnav looked outside again 2 find the gal standing in the same position as if she was glued to the ground being unable to move.

Khusi constantly stared at the broken window nt being able to decide wat 2 do or wat 2 say.c saw som1 approach the window.when c saw his angry glare c was even more confused.

"who is dat person?anjaliji's he looks yonger.maybe her brother.o god if he is her brother then m gone.hey devi maiyya plz save me he looks angry.watever happens i must apolosise 4 my mistake"

then c saw arnav approaching her spinning the cricket ball in one hand,glaring at her as if he would engulf her at dat very moment.c took long breath in nervousness nd prepared herself 2 apolosise.
A:hey dis ur ball?

His rude nd loud voice nearly knocked her down.he was constantly passing her angry glare nd c took 2 steps back wen he moved closer.khusi closed her eyes in fear nd blurted out. i threw it.m..m sorry i didnt mean 2 break the window pane was jst an accident.m really very sorry.i wil pay 4 the damage.
C completed it in one breath.
A:u wil pay hun?do u hav any idea how much it costs?

C looked up at him hearing the question bt immediately dropped her gaze unable to bear the intensity of anger in his eyes.then her eyes fell on the wound on his hand.
K:oh u r hurt.
Khusi tried to take his hand bt he moved it in a jerk.
A:do u think dat showing ur innocent face u wil get over my anger then u r wrong.i know the intention of low life people like u.u dnt even hesitate 2 throw urself on somebody.

This statement hurt khusi badly.nobody had ever said anything like dat 2 her except 1 specific pinched her heart.her eyes filled wid tears soaking her long eyelashes.

K:u r rude.
A:tears hun??ur tears r nt going 2 affect me a bit.if u ever messed wid me again then i wil nt leave u.

Arnav left her dumbstruck.tears were flowing down her eyes.she ran 2wards her house nd locked herself up in the room.even her past didnt pinch her so much like arnav's words pinched her.actually his words opened up her old wounds which c was trying hard 2 4get nd make payal 4get it too.

"who does he think he is.he is so diff frm anjaliji.its hard 2 biliv dat he is her brother.hey devi maiyya plz dnt ever let us cross each others path."

then c wiped out her tears realising dat c sld get strong nd jolly in order 2 keep payal n buaji happy.c stood infront of the mirror,dried her wet eyes nd smiled at her own reflection.

guys chapter 1 updated.hope i did justice wid the characters.wil be waiting 4 ur response.

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prerna26 Goldie

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Originally posted by -srija-

Originally posted by prerna26

Hey Srija! Interesting Concept. Thanks for Pm dear. Continue soon.Smile
oi prerna yaha vi 1st.thanks yar.wil continue asap.

Kya Karu? Tu jaha ,main waha!Wink
prerna26 Goldie

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Posted: 14 November 2011 at 12:58am | IP Logged
As usual amazing Updates!Smile Aa gayi main apne questions ka pitara leke!WinkLOL

I want to know about her( Payal's)  past?And I know your answer- Thoda inteezar karo. Lol!LOL I like Khushi and Payal's bond!Big smile Arnav is really very rude!
Srija please update soon, OK. Hey devi maiyya mujhe toh yeh update accha laga!LOLLOL Love you. Take care!Big smile

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Posted: 14 November 2011 at 3:55am | IP Logged
 srija me second  give me award ajj kal mein perfect time per comment karti hn .
Clapawesome update srija Clap  i like kushi character  she is fultu jolly and funny .  i think her past was very dreadful and  anjali also nice  very  lovely and  helpful person and come to arnav he is totally rude hai  but i love u writing skill u describe all thing beautiful  . i imagine all this u write .  ha my award joor baj dana ok . LOL    waiting for next . lvu take care .

Edited by abhiyan_soni - 14 November 2011 at 4:17am

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Posted: 14 November 2011 at 3:59am | IP Logged
Originally posted by -srija-

Originally posted by abhiyan_soni

srija wonderful concept yrcharactersketchvery good . kept up good work .
hey sonu.m glad u liked it yar.maine pm se bore toh nahi kiya na.u can ignore it if u want.
hey sriju    u never bore me  ha  tum ko to pata hai yaha tum hogi baha mein aur  i love reading yr  tum write kar mein read karti janogi  ok ab update pad kar comment karogi , 
dbr_kmichi IF-Dazzler

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hey both chapters are very niceSmile

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