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IPKKND FF - Hunters and Gatherer (note P96) (Page 4)

_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 2:03am | IP Logged
great start dearClapClapClap i so love the FFs where history is involvedBig smile
thanks for starting off with a new and unique FFClapClap
thanks for the pm Embarrassedn please update soonBig smile

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-Antu-_-Aslan- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 2:07am | IP Logged

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sharneil92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 2:11am | IP Logged

@ayesha_78, sarach, priya_luna, littlemoi, sushiepie1, Arhi-Sarun, shybabe, bookadict303, music1, -Rumi-, lyraa, rechus, anita_21492, shobrakapooor, ANTARA-2244: thank you for Reading, Reviewing and Rave about how much you like it! :D ahaha!, YES, I'M A SUCKER FOR LITERARY DEVICES!Embarrassed

Originally posted by ccuteaangel

Wow, this looks really interesting. Tell me about FF fever, I have it myself :) Do continue !

hey hey hey! thank you for liking the prologue, like literrally! LOLyeah.. speaking of FF fever, i was supposed to undate on saturday, and see what i'm going here! replying to all of you and typing out chapter one! LOL this fever is baaad! atleast better than stupid Bieber Fever!Dead sorry, if you like him.. i dont hate him, but i dont like him either... ahaha!

Originally posted by Artemis678

Cool Write More Please I Want To What Happens. Is Arnav A Killer? Did He Kill Khushi? Please Update Soon And Pm Me As You Compete Each Chapter.

heyyy! thank you for liking the prologue! as to your questions, i cannot directly answer them, but i'll suggest you read the authors note before the chapter update, in my next post, right below this one! i guess, that could help you realise who plays what role. Embarrassed

Originally posted by pinkpearlz

YYYaaayyy!!!!!!!!!! you are weriting a ff, am so happy!
then the intriguing prologue. Its awesome start, the repeat of events in 1998 and 2011, the hunter and gatherer, brilliant!
thx so much for the pm.

I KNOWWW! i'm writing an FF! i can't believe it myself! LOL haha! honestly speaking, i loved the prologue... why i loved it, i suggest that you read the author's note before the beginning of the next chapter.. it'll explain what the prologue, the story is all about. Embarrassed
as for the title of the story, i'll explain why i chose it too. Embarrassed

Originally posted by YPNHK_kiFANno.1

Wow! Shalu you have GOT to continue with this! Your description really sucks you into the story! Clap 

tell me about the "sucks you into" part! i was supposed to update on saturday, but here i am updating now! LOL and I shall update very soon! Embarrassed

Originally posted by FebruaryFlower

 A brilliant start Shalu.
Looking forward to your wonderful writing!!
BTW - Love the title!!

i am so glad you approve! yours and couple of other people's reviews i was dearly waiting for, cos your opinions were the ones that really mattered. and i'm sooo sorry! i remember you telling me ur name, but i forgot what it was. Blushing what i'm actually supposed to remember, i can't remember! HAHAHA! i'm weird. LIKE REALLY. Embarrassed but a cute weird! Embarrassed LOL

Originally posted by ketki_arshi

wow sounds mysterious,good start, what will happen next???
please update sooon...

heyyy ketki! i'm glad you liked it! as for what happens next, please read the author's note before the next chapter, it'll give a deeper insight into the story, and i guess you'll have your answers. Embarrassed

Originally posted by PurpleRain

Whoa! The prologue sounds absolutely amazing! 
I'm so in for this one!
You've written it fantastically! Embarrassed. . . . I could imagine the whole sequence! . . .  LOL

Thanks a lot for the PM! 
Would love to read more! =)


i'm glad what the intended effect took place in you! i wanted you to be able to imagine the whole sequence, cos you'll realise later on, that literary devices like imagery especially would be exclusively used! this entire story is about visual effects, and i'm gonna do my best in using my words at its best! Embarrassed and i'm glad you loved it! your review, i was really waiting for! Embarrassed

Originally posted by _mahi_

great start dearClapClapClap i so love the FFs where history is involvedBig smile
thanks for starting off with a new and unique FFClapClap
thanks for the pm Embarrassedn please update soonBig smile

mahiii! (geet style) thank you for the lovely review! yes, i'm a sucker for the whole "history comes into play" in a story... because i sincerely believe, that we learn a hell lot from past, whether ours or others', doesn't matter. 

Originally posted by shailusri1983

Fantastic beginning! You really are very talented with your words and expressions. Gave me a scary feel instantly on reading. This Sheesh Mahal looked like some scary place straight out of one of the Gothic romances or a murder mystery. 

I also loved the play of colours you introduced in this part. The red saree and with blood-red (murder and violence) and the dark and black night dripping with rain drops telling an untold story of crime, revenge, and redemption. It was almost as though i was looking back at the pages of some lost and forbidden history. 

You also brought out the imagery of the hunter and deer to perfection. But who is the deer and who is the hunter? Will be explained in course of this FF I hope! 

I was just stuck by one thought. We are yet to meet the characters who embody these qualities. Is there a chance that in future, the rules and the roles of this game will be reversed? Will we see the deer turning back and retaliating against the hunter? This one got me hooked up immediately. Continue soon!

shailu, your review i saved for the last, COS YOU FULFILLED MY WISH! YOU GAVE A LONG REVIEW! and i'm a huge sucker for it!LOL anyways, i'm so GLAD, you recognised my EXTEMELY subtle uses of imagery and a hell lot of other literary devices! i'm gonna have an "Author's Note" section right before Chapter 1, and i'd LOVE it, if you read it, cos firstly, it'll be dedicated to you and another friend of mine. and secondly, you'll have the access to dig deeper and find out exactly what compelled me to write this. as for the Hunter and Deer, i suppose, there is a deer in this, but my major characters are the HUNTERS and the GATHERER. (notice the singular and plural uses of the 2 words). anyways, i shall explain more in detail in my next update! and as for your questions, you'll get all your answers in my Author's Note. I dont want to spoil the fun and answer them, cos it'll be like serving you in a silver platter! any information i reveal directly, will spoil the fun. So i'd like you to Hunt and Gather information that you need by reading the Author's Note. Embarrassed

@bold: i love using literary devices. they give out a lot of information, but they're nuances as it keeps you thinking and pondering over what i could mean. i love playing with words, and make people think. plus, this is a MYSTERY genre FF, so i have to do it justice, right? 

@bold and italicised: which is why, we see the same place in 2 different settings, 2 different eras, but the eerie aura surrounding it remains the same. just read the author's note! you'll get what i mean! LOL

@underlined: that's whole point! i wanted you guys to keep guessing! see, that's one very old trick to keep readers stick to your story for a long time! Embarrassed and it's almost like... foreplay! HAHAHAHAHA! keep you wanting for more!LOL even i want more... and i'm scared i'll reveal everything to you guys, cos i'm like bursting with so much info and excitement! LOL

once again, thank you for the SUPER AWESOME AND LONG review! I LOVE YOU FOR THAT! and for being a friend! Embarrassed

P.S. I LOVE YOUR FF! Big smileEmbarrassed

@all: please read the author's note that i'll insert right above the Chapter 1, so as to get a better insight to the story, the characters, the title of the story and a better understanding of the prologue! thank you all for the lovely reviews! Embarrassed i'm veryyy happyyy!!! I'M SO KHUSHIII!!! LOL oh. no. wait. Confused that's khush. right. hahah! sorry... Embarrassed

Edited by sharneil92 - 10 November 2011 at 2:49am

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sharneil92 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 2:13am | IP Logged


Hi guys! After a good batch of reviews, I'm convinced I should indeed continue with this FF! Quite frankly, I'd have continued with it anyway, because I'm hooked, and I love the concept that has been laid out in my mind. The thing is, I don't know what EXACTLY is the destination (I know the ultimate finale of events), but it's the path to that place that's vague. Some things, some events have fallen into their rightful places, the glaring holes are the ones that need to be filled, and I'm sure, that as I'll write down this story, I'll know what to fills these gaps with.

Anyways, on with the description of the story and leaking out some information to you. I won't be serving it to you on a silver platter, so I'd like all of you to put your thinking caps on and really ponder about what I write. And this post is dedicated to Shailu and FebruaryFlower (unfortunately, I do remember her telling me her name, but I forgot what it was! Blah! What I NEED to remember, I don't! -.-)

Anyways, on with imparting precious knowledge.

1. The Title:

Hunters and Gatherer. A hunter is someone who hunts. Someone who thrives on hunting other lives. Someone who KILLS to LIVE. A gatherer is someone who gathers. In the Stone Age era, prehistoric men categorized themselves into 2, the hunters and the gatherer. The hunters killed, the gatherer collected. The hunters kept on killing, the gatherer collected what was in the trail that the hunter left behind. Sort of like, followed a trail that would lead to the hunter's last kill. When in the prehistoric times, we saw the Hunters and Gatherers working together, Kalyug has changed that scenario as we will see them working against each other. That's clue number one.

Hunters and Gatherer. Notice the singular and plural uses of words. That's clue number two.

2. The Prologue in its literal and figurative sense:

1998 and 2011. Two different years. One whole generation apart. Two different eras. The setting is the same, the famous Sheesh Mahal, and in both the years, the place SEEMED to be drowning in happiness, laughter and music that were supposed to lift up one's spirits. But what really happened was darker than the darkest hours of those 2 nights. And the Gatherer, who was left to pick up what the Hunters left behind, was the only one who lived the darkness, and recognized the facade instantly that Sheesh Mahal had successfully put in both the years. HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF. A heavy downpour happened on both the days before the darker hours of the day arrived. Rains are seasonal, thus showing that even the time of the year in both eras is almost the same. HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF. On both the nights, the women are the victim. Both wear red, the sign of extreme danger; sign of fatality. HISTORY IS REPEATING ITSELF. 1998, the woman has gold borders, and in 2011, the woman has silver borders. You must have heard about the phrase, "Old is gold". Gold gives us a vintage feeling, while silver gives us a futuristic feeling. Gold for 1998 and Silver for 2011. In 1998, the Hunter got a Gold medal for being successful in all his "missions", but in 2011, the Gatherer has a chance, since Fate was kinder to him. This time round, the Gatherer has a Silver lining. In both the cases, both the women succumb to eternal darkness. The Hunter was successful in 1998, defeating the Gatherer, but this time in 2011, the Gatherer has a chance to defeat him in one major battle. In 1998, the Shahnai added more beauty to its vintage aura, but in 2011, the rows of luxurious cars, loud and thumping music indicates the arrival of the new era, a deadlier one. The increase in tempo of music from 1998 to 2011 also shows, that time's running faster this time, games and ploys are deadlier and more adrenaline-rushing than before. But the New Age has had a good effect on the Gatherer as his Swords (literal weapons and brains) are sharper. Unfortunately for Gatherer, the Hunter is no less advanced in his field of "expertise". There was a time when Sheesh Mahal was a home, but in 2011, it's a hotel. This adds to the cold and indifferent feelings of the new era and its characters. The lack of emotions just made the games deadlier, since there would be no room for emotionally manipulating anyone to win a round. THE GAMES JUST GOT DEADLIER. But the Gatherer, has the one chance he did not have in 1998, to save his beloved, and this is what will make him stronger. Now, the last part of the description, look at the colours of the paragraphs dedicated to the 2 eras. The first one is green, lush green, like the well-maintained lawn of the home, Sheesh Mahal. The second one, is brown, coarse brown, like the unkempt lawn of the hotel, Sheesh Mahal. This absence of nurturing the vegetation, shows exactly what the story is all about - lack of emotions in my two major players of the story, Hunters and Gatherer, who were both present those nights at Sheesh Mahal. THE GAMES JUST GOT DEADLIER.

3. The general description: 

The prologue is the beginning of the story I am to write. What's written has happened. No change.The characteristics of Hunters and Gatherer (and Deer i.e. the victims of the story) are what they are. One thing that all of you should know, is that people only change when they're deeply affected. So deeply, that the change occurs once or maybe even twice in life. People just don't change to become something completely different from what they used to be. This form of drastic change happen only a couple of times in a lifetime. They develop to become something slightly better or slightly worse. My story would focus on the development of characters, not drastic change, because as I said, they're not of common occurrence. The development of characters in both the positive and negative direction would make you reach the climax of the whole story, where I'll drop you off on your bums to serve to the anti-climax! Haha! And that's how the story would end: With the GREATEST ANTI-CLIMAX OF THE CENTURY (that's promise number 1). And now, we'll move on from where I left off in my prologue.

P.S. I change my mind. I'll update the first chapter on saturday. I just remember that I have to study for an exam! LOL so I'll update on saturday okay! Embarrassed Till then, keep thinking about all the clues I left for you, and try to figure out who's playing what role. Try figuring out who are the Gatherer and Hunters! Let's see who solves the mystery!Embarrassed

P.P.S. Keep a look out for all form of literary devices, and symbolism. I'm a sucker for those too! My major clues will be given in such subtle forms! So you have to keep an eye out!Embarrassed

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peppygeek Goldie

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 2:17am | IP Logged
looking forward to the rest of the FF. Interesting start.Thumbs Up

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Prinsesse.Suvi IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 2:25am | IP Logged
Awesome start..I feel like going 'Bhooot'

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.Sandal. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 2:42am | IP Logged
good start 
add me to ur pm list

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SillyPepper IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 2:58am | IP Logged
hey Shalu,Prologue s intriguing...Update soon yaar!

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