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Simply "Crush"-OS (Page 2)

jes_jade IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 13 December 2011 at 11:53am | IP Logged
I didn't get PM for dis one too...Is there some prob with IF??Angry

I loved the intro...Avi as a trainer..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

Plzz cont soon...Smile

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--ambar-- IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 21 December 2011 at 10:16pm | IP Logged
very nice mate ...i am back after so many days ...wonderful brillent 

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joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 9:39am | IP Logged
Originally posted by suvarnaawt

very nice plzzz update soon Wink

Hey Dear thanx for showing interest in it and commenting too Embarrassed

i was not sure to update it or not but got time so here is the Update Smile

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 9:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by cscs

   nice n different..really likd it..pls continue..Smile

Thanx dear for liking and comment  too

hope next UD will not be boring  hehe

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 9:58am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MuktaJaiswal

nice UD  Neha.Smile
I liked it. do continue Wink
fr next  UD pls PM dr Big smile

Hey Mukta di
thanx for liking it di
i didn't PM anyone for this one di but this time i m going to do it for sureWink

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 10:13am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Cuty16

Nice intro dear sounds intresting.
Wowafter diwali we are getting 2-2 os.
Update dear we are are waiting

Hey Rups where are you dear Cry

hwz ur studiez going ?

no comments no like no PM at all

where are you hope to see you again soon

thanx for liking it Embarrassed

joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 11:36am | IP Logged
Originally posted by sana141994

very nice mate ...i am back after so many days ...wonderful brillent 

hey Sana welcome back dear

n thanx for commenting dear Embarrassed
joliefille Goldie

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Posted: 28 December 2011 at 11:43am | IP Logged
Hey friends thanx for liking

the intro hope you will not be so bored after reading this too hehe

Simply "Crush"

So after our first meeting we started the classes, he was not that bad as I thought him just a bit show off , but when it came to his work I can say now he was the best. He use to came at 7am and his shift ends at 8pm quite long time to shout and break your head with irritating students specially when it includes junk heads like Pappu and Ansh.


Yaa these were two guys of our batch which formed in two weeks. In those two weeks I was the only gal in our class and some how he get that m not comfortable with guys so he never forced me to do one on one convo with any one may because when he asked me for it I gave him and that guy an angry look hehe, and when I did that boy! I almost eaten  that guy he changed his timings after two days. So I think Mr. Thakur got that I hate guys. Till now we were quite gelled up with Simple and Manjari mam. Oh Yaa I forgot to tell about Manjari mam, she came as Presentation trainer, so now Thakur sahib was our GD teacher only. But these guys were quite influencing our lives as now after a month I feel quite comfortable and confident in front of them. Once we were jotting down his phrases he said one thing I still keep it in mind, he said-"Never trust your pen paper keep precious things here, in your mind, it will never be tore or misplaced " from that moment I hardly jot any thing and for my surprise now I forget less things ;-)


Ohh how can I forget to tell you guys, you know His classes were scheduled after Simple mam's class and she use to teach grammer so when ever her class's timings over he use to come few minutes before to capture our class hehe and the way he disturbs her was quite hilarious, he knows that she  hate if anyone stare at her or make fun of her subject so he came and says-"Mam! Its my time" her reply was simple like her "Avdhesh wait out side let me finish." But he was not saint as I told you he use to stand behind us resting one foot at back wall leaning at it and keep staring at her until she left room. And once she left it he use to come at white board and make fun of her sentences hehe you know once she was teaching Tenses and as she left he came running and made it Tension as we all were laughing she came back to collect her duster and marker and poor guy hide it with his hand hehe.

Well its all was fun but as I can think I linked them in my mind and for me they were just perfect for each other. But there was something cooking up at my back too, That village jerk Pappu was in his graduations finals and preparing for Civil Services too but he was considering himself superior to everyone else specially from me, but the way he looks at me and that yaakkk smile my blood boil at his sight, thank god Bhaiya was there with me so that jerk never got chance to sit beside me except few GDs and luckly most of the times we always take opposite sides, its all started when he came first to our class he introduced himself with a bit of attitude and when he was given topic to speak he speak against gals that made me furious, Avdhesh Sir was must be observing me as he called me next after him and when I replied all his words back he was quite pleased as he want to say all that.

It was first time but not last at all, after few days there was Teacher's day we planned a party at institute Jagat bhaiya was arranging for Camera to capture those moments as he love to click. We had blast at party, there was everything Dance, music masty fun and the the person who ruled the floor was none other then Avi Sir he danced like crazy, some one ask him to show us salsa, I suggest Simple mam for his partner but don't know he didn't heard it or avoid it he choose a gal of our batch, she was happy as he found bi treasure and her frn was fuming at her hehe, she said "she is already so proud that Sir give her importance and now she will fly grr"

It was not all as I said they were my fav teachers so I want a pic of them and only them

Avi sir and Simple mam but when I ask for it he get back to his chair, after insisting so much they agreed for one pic vo bhi when another mam was there between them. Hum bhi haar manne wale kahan the, I looked at him with pleading eyes when Bhaiya was busy in clicking and he was sitting alone but he looked at me seriously and nodded in No don't know what he had done with his eyes but I accept his words without any voice


After few days Simple mam left the institute. And when she told us that we were shocked I was almost crying. I asked Sir about it he was amazed too, as he didn't know that. And it surprised me more.

From that day that guy Pappu was jealous of me and Avi Sir both hehe and frankly speaking don't know why but it seems as Sir him self like to irritate him he use to make his fun but as he was famous for his jolly nature Pappu can't say anything. With passing time we use to those classes or frankly speaking I was almost addicted to those classes that fun my batch everything, that's the place where everyone knows me, and when ever there is any hard topic Sir use to call me to intiate  and the way he say it "Arpita.. lets initiate" it shows his confidence in me and by god's grace I never let him down.

Oh I forgot again to tell most important thing that on Saturday's there was activity sessions sometimes movies too, and as my University classes were started so now I use to go there while returning from Univ. On one Sat. I didn't find any conveyance so I walked for 5 kms and when I reached there I found there was no activity. All my frns were quite sad when I asked Payal she told me that manager mam just rebuked Sir as he as listening music on his lappy while the other batch guys bunked it and said her that Sir didn't took their class.

After few moments sir came in and he started to collect his things from table he looked at me and I smiled he smiled back at me as nothing happened. I dared to ask "Sir what's today's activity?" though I was late but he never mind it for us. He said-"well I had planned to show you guys a movie but the projector is not working so what ever you guys wish can be our activity or if you wish you guys can leave its an off."

We all looked at each other and Guru said-"Sir how about a game?"

He asked in amazement-"Which Game you want?"

"Spin The Bottel, Truth or Dare"

he smiled on it and said "OK but don't make noise" and he was about to leave when Sakshi said-"No sir that's not fair, you have to join us"

He smiled and said "Ok you guys make circle I am coming, but where is bottel"

At this Sourav Bhaiya(the most aged guy of our batch , even he was elder then Sir) snatched Pappu's bag and bring out his water bottle. "Sir see bottle ka intazaam ho gaya"

Hehe and Pappu was looking at him miserably,

The game started we all trapped one by one but when it came to me I choose truth first. At this Sir announced-"No personal questions" (do I told you he was quite protective for me hun) and as usual the only jerk Pappu and his smirk –"I want to ask some thing"

Sir looked at him and so Sourav Bhaiya (he always took me as his younger sis and it was visible in his eyes too) Bhaiya just said-"Pappu!"

I stopped him –"yes ask what you want"

M sure he want to ask something else but after that he can't dare it idiot asked-"do you know everything about your bro?"

Everyone laughed at this I said "yes, so what?". He continued further-"Are bhai puchne to do that was not my question, my question is Do you know how many girl friends he had till now?"

I laughed at this seriously, why was he asking about bro, sir looked at me puzzeled don't know why . I said the truth "Yes I know about all of them."

His face and Sir's laughter was watch worthy,

Game continued further soon Sir was in trap he choose truth and Man it was real fun and intro of his real self to us, we all had librty to ask anything one by one as he was our Sir and we had right to know about him, I just asked " do you still miss Delhi or now comfortable in Lucknow?" as once he told us that he was from Delhi an MBA student and HR in MNC and came to stay with his grand parents and sell their old property located at outer skirt of city.

His reply was "yes I miss my Delhi days"

But others were not in mood to allow him easly..

Pappu the jerk jumped most to ask and what a great question he asked –"Do you Drink?" at this Sir laughed as he craked some joke and Sourav Bhaiya hit him hard at shoulder "idiot you had wasted a question" sir's reply was –"Yes I do, and even in Delhi I use to carry flask, and for you kind information I smoke too" yaa I was surprised but not for that he drink or smoke, but because of his way of accepting it in front of everyone, clearly he was in mood now.

Next question was from Bhaiya-"Now my turn my turn"

"had you ever drunk so much that you can't manage to get back to home?"

He  smiled and said proudly "No, my frns use to drink that much so I never got chance as I had to drive naa"

But it was Sourav Bhaiya "No not possible tell us truth na, kya kabhi nahi hua?"

So he confessed it-"Yaa once I was over drunk, it was a bet and I won it but to win it I drink so much that my friend had to take me her home, I slept in her room and on top of all in morning I asked her for champii because I had bad hangover, socho yaar  that day an IPS's daughter was applying oil in my hair that day I swear ki kabhi itni nahi piyunga ke ghar naa laut sakun "

We all were laughing while Pappu was smirking as he won some big battle.

No no  no that was not enough my frn performed too but again when I got trapped again same announcement by Sir and no questions for me hehe

Next was Guru we all knew that there was something cooking between him n Manali so it was Sakshi who give him dare to propose anyone but Sir  modified it and now he had to propose Pappu hahaha

But he denied by saying "Sir I never did it how to do it?" and this is the point where he got in trap of gals. He started to teach him how to propose and Payal cought him "Sir he can't do it Please you show him, take this pen as flower and propose any gal, we will not mind" he was shocked but don't know why he did it, he took that pen and turned toward me I was shocked but don't know why a bit happy too somewhere but he didn't came close, stopped two steps away from us and hand it to Sakshi as she started it all and said –"what is so difficult in it Guru just hand it to gal like this and say what you want."

She was sitting next to me. But Payal was not in mood to spare him.

"Sir that's not fair show it naa, OK tell us how do you propos your gal friend?"

he folded his arms and smiled don't know it was truth or not but he said she was working with him in MNC and he arranged a small get together at caf where he proposed her with bouquet of 101 red roses, a ring, big choclate cake and self composed song, he sung it too, I have to say he was not bad in singing too. Don't know why but I stared at ground when he was singing and felt as he looked at me too once or twice while singing and when gals want to see that gal's pic he showed it in his lappy. She was milky white, beautiful hairs big eyes everything was just perfect but when I moved my eyes from her pic I found him looking at me, I still wonder why he was looking like that at me? Was he expecting any reaction from me? But I didn't felt bad at all why should I ?

when we all were leaving after class I looked back at him and said byee sir he give a smile only. 


well if any one dared to complete it and still not slept

thn like button press kar dena yaar hehe

good night guys byeeEmbarrassed

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