Precap:Veer sees rathod n Iccha in hotel Room (Page 3)

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 9:57pm | IP Logged
I don't understand why Taps had to call the police. Doesn't she realize that it puts her husband also in danger? If she really was a good wife (which she proved when she revealed her infertility issue to Rathod), she should have asked Rathod directly.

I thought this serial cannot get worse, but looking at this incident, it will further drag the show into drains.

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 12:45am | IP Logged
I think Veer being a gentleman give a disgusted look to both and walk away!

but he should blast Ichcha, she deserve it.  How can she hide such a thing from the "world's best husband".  I don't think Veer will suspect Ichcha's fidelity like Tapsif he does then that will mar his character.

Please CVs no more misunderstanding and separation between Veer and Ichcha. Make them more communicative if possible. 

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another misunderstanding as always
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They may further drag this episode till Friday.  Does Tapasya's really love Rathod because she called the police instead of confronting Rathod directly.  Is Icchas hatred greater than Rathod's love making Tapasya do crazy things...

Similiarly Iccha's love for Veer is also strange because she is always hiding things from Veer.  Is Iccha's mahanta greater than Veer's love making Iccha irresponsible...

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Posted: 10 November 2011 at 7:35am | IP Logged
Originally posted by muktha_cute

Originally posted by kikyo

 so veer saw Rathod and Ichcha together Geekwell don't know what veer's reaction will be ?Confusedmost chances are for another misunderstanding uttaran cvs cannot think of anything else apart from misunderstandings between couplesLOLbut whatever i want some strong reaction from veer ..he should blast ichcha and rathore ...OuchRathore how dare he ask Veer's wife to BF his kid without bothering to ask him..this is extremely wrong from Rathore..how can he ask someone else's wife to BF his kid without asking her husband's permission ...imagine if veer has asked something like this from Tapasya to do without Rathore's knowledge then i think Rathore would have killed veer after knowing about it ...and Ichcha for her continous hiding and doing things behind veer's back ...this is too much and from where did they get this hotel idea ..Shockedimagine if someone else saw them going in one room they wouldn't have guessed ichcha was BF rathore's child Confusedthis is height of foolishness from both ichcha and rathore ..it's high time for veer to act like a strong man and stop being a doormat that everyone just walks over him and takes him for granted ..veer give proof of your presence with some strong dailogues to both ichcha and rathore for their this act ...but will this happen Confusedam i asking for too much LOL

kya iccha ne veer ratore tapasya ki permission leke yuvraj ko bf kiya tha
agar veer mard hain aur vuse thodi bhi sheram baki hain toh vuse rathore se nahi iccha se kehni hogi
kaisi aurat hon ghar mein kisi ko puchne bataye bina aise imp aur crucial decision kaise le sakti hon
tumare nazroen mein tumara pati margaya hain kya ya phir tumein muje batana zaruri hen nahi samja

biwi ko control karna ata nahi impotent veer ko bada aya dusro ko sunane ke liye

its icchna who is a characterless and cheap women and disgusting mother who without even asking any1 caring 4 other mother feelings bf that child secretly
even whnehn nani taps asked her didnt said what she done with that kid
again shameless went 2 taps home and again did her disgusting act
par dusri baar vuski chori pakdi gayi
bcz of that bloddy iccha that baby got habituated and stopped drinking bottle milk

so as rathore did nt have any option except 2 ask her 4 help again
agar vus din yeh dirty iccha bache ko yeh aadat nahni dalti rathore kabi vuski muh bhi nahi dekta
iccha jaisi besheram aurat ka kya koi bhi mard bgulayega vuske saath cheli jayegi chahe kisi bhi kaam ke liye kyun na hon
waise iccha madam ko mardo ke saath ghnumne ki aadat joh hain
pehle veer,phir vansh,phir satya,phir avihnashn,ab rathore
pehle jab vun hone bulaya toh vunke saath gayi thi
agar koi achi ghar ki ladki hoti na koi bhi mard bhulane se vuske ghar nahi jati
tab avinash kesaath gayi ab rathore ke saath
iccha ka kya koi bhi mard hon vuse toh sirf apni kwaisheih puri karni hain
apne maa ki training joh hain
apni maa pe hin gayi hain
agar in sab mein kisiki bi galti hain woh iccha ki

agar veer mard hain toh apni biwi ko char thapad marke control mein rakega
agar ab bhi woh impotent hain toh biwi ki gulami karegi
can you read English or not ?if can what have i written in bold part?or have an old habit to write same rubbish again and again without reading others posts  and btw Rathore did wrong  too of asking Veer's wife to bf his child without asking him..did ichcha say to him don't tell veer .huh...who the hell he thinks himself of to do whatever he wants asking someone's wife to Bf his kid if ichcha is wrong of BF other's child without their permission Rathore is wrong too not only he hid the fact from Tapasya but didn't bother to ask from veer too..so he is veer's culprit RATHORE KI ZUBAAN NAHI TOOT JATI AGAR WOH VEER SAY POOCH LAITA ...kya veer usay manah kar daita ? agar yehi harkat veer nay ki hoti to i damn sure you would be supporting Rathore to slap Veer and wow what a double standard you have Rathore hid from tapasya he is irritating more than ichcha  for you when he didn't bother to take veer's permission so curse veer rathore is innocent ..and really disgusting  thing from you is you think being impotent is a sin or makes someone less than others Thumbs Down.. ever  watched serial with OPEN EYES ..veer had fertility issues and from which he is cured and had a son with ichcha YUVRAJ which your role model nani has robbed from them ...btw tapasya too has fertility issues now do you  mock her for that Thumbs Downrest of your  post same old rubbish not interested in replying to each comment Dead..first look into your pavitra nari tappu how many men  she had in her life then put blame on ichcha
and now great wife had  called police without thinking it will cause trouble to her own husband what a great wifeDead ..confront him directly why you hid this from me ..question him , leave him let him come asking forgiveness  from you but great wife put his husband's life and character at stake for revenge thing great wife Dead
a free advice for you bother to read other's post then write and save your and other's time too .i don't  want to fight with anyone and spoil my mood Dead

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@muktha_cute miss what is your problem ..LOLdid you bother read my post? what have i written in my post again you didn't read ..LOLgive me one example  where i have replied you out of context what you have written i have replied you  reverse of it ?LOLin capital words i have written no ichcha jaap again to reply me because i have said she is wrong but you again D'ohok lemme calm down huff  SleepyLOLi know you hate ichcha but please put the facts straight ...Rathore hid this BF thing from Tapu and Veer..he said ichcha come to house to BF my child he needs you..didn't he ?ichcha deserve to be blasted by Veer for lying and doing things behind his back for that agar veer usay thapr bhi mar day ga i won't say he is wrong there ...but what for Rathore isn't it wrong of him not  to ask veer's permission too before asking ichcha come to feed his child .both are at hiding things ...Rathore agar Veer say permission lay laita bajaye direct ichcha ko phone karnay k to? kya qayamat a jaati LOL.shuruwat chahe kisi nay bhi ki ho rathore nay bhi chupa kar galti ki .woh bhi to cheating kar raha hay .ab dono hi galat ek hi hotel mein chaha kisi bhi maqsad say gaye hoon agar kisi nay dekh liya woh kya kehay ga .?Shocked.ab yeh idea ichcha ka tha? ...acha is situation ko reverse kar k dekho agar veer nay aisa kuch tappu say karwya hota aur aj veer ki jaga rathore hota tab tumharay views kya hotayConfused meray to tab bhi same hotay kya tum veer ko innocent kehti Confused

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The story is showing that yuvraj is getting his own mom's milk through god's grace which he would have anyway got if not for the cheap act of that cheap nani (sorry if I unintentionally hurt nani's fans) . There is nothing wrong with this as viewers know that yuuraj is iccha's kid. Every kid has this right if the mother is able to give this.

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Originally posted by muktha_cute

but hnow will rathore ask veer
coz iccha even didhnt ask veer'/rasya 2 bf tat kid
so he thought as icchna did twice she cahn continue that
so hecalled her and asked her 2 continue it as shne started it and baby is habituated 2 her bf
ya rathore is wrong in hiding all this with his wife
but how is his responsibility 2 tell this 2 veer
he thought iccha told her husband
its iccha responsibilty 2 tell her husband
coz no1 forced iccha 2 do it she herself without ahny1 permission did it
did she said this 2 veer tat time no then will she say this 2 her husband this time or not its her decision not rathores na

coming 2 ur point if veer asked this 2 taps
i can say within 100% confidence tat taps would have told this 2 rathnore first then had tookany step
coz when taps didnt hide a big issue like infertitlity how can she hide abt bf
and if taps did this bf 2 muktha with or without veecha permission i would never have supported her coz she didnt knew tats muktha is her baby  and the same is with iccha i think its a cheap act not mahan act

bold  simple by going to meet him and tell him all .the story .LOLand wait for his decision..if he says no then arrange for another woman to do so .ab mister akalmand rathore itna to kar saktay thay veer aur ichcha ki to akal band hay par rathore is a genius according to you so why he didn't do that ?LOL...agar ichcha nay veer say nahi poocha toh rathore ko bhi yeh haq mil gaya to ask ichcha come BF the child without asking veer  LOLwasn't he wrong in asking someone'else's wife to come feed his child without husband's permissionPinch and btw you misunderstood my question again i asked that in reference to rathore and veer not what ichcha and tappu would have done ..for one moment switch the postions of veer and rathore ..if veer had called tappu come BF mukhta and ok lets assume tappu went to tell rathore and i am damn sure rathore would have gone to veer grabbed his collar how dare you ask my wife to do something like this ..who are you to ask my wife to do something like this without asking me ...LOL duinya mein koi bhi mard na to yeh bardasht karay ga k uski biwi uski back pay kisi aur k bachay ko Bf karay na hi yeh bardashat kare ga k koi aur mard uski biwi say uskay bachay ko BF karnay k liye kahe bina us say poochay ...and moreover  it's not a sin to drink bottle milk ...but in the world there are are many women who don't Bf their child daimaa's do so ..so see the whole world doesn't revolve around what you and i have seen..the world is very big many things happen there .Embarrassed and i have said no where ichcha has done a mahaan act Embarrassed

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