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||Happy Birthday Gur - GK_09|| - Join the party!!!! (Page 8)

gk_09 Global Moderator

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 10:29am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aahaana

Side by side or miles apart
True friends are always close to your heart
Whether you're turning five or fifty-three
You know that I'm a true friend because you're here beside me
I'm here, right now, on your special day
So lets give a cheer for you, hip, hip, hooray!
A very happy bday Gur...May God bless you and fulfill all your dreams...have a great year ahead...[>D:<] ..
Luv Resham

Thank you Resham Hug
A simple celebration,
A gathering of friends;
Here is wishing you great happiness,
A joy that never ends.
Happy Birthday GurpzHugHug

Wishing you many many happy returns of the day. May today be filled with sunshine and smiles, laughter and love. Wishing you all the great things in life, hope this day will bring you an extra share of all that makes you happiest.
Loads of Love,

Thank you Shru Hug Love you tooo !
 Honestly I don't know Gur to well, but from our chats by god ladki amazing hai
Happy Birthday Gur, may your smile lighten up the candles near you. Your a wonderful girl who is loving, caring, smart and above all has a beautiful soul that anyone can fall in love with. keep rocking sweets.

Thank you Avani Hug It was great talking to you that day!



Wishin You Many Happy Returns of the Day. Now i found it real hard to write msg for you. I find it hard to write it for anyone these days. Call me lazy=)) or just say that i talk to you guys so often that i just dont figue out what to write for your special day.

We've known each other for almost a year now. I remember having Chat sessions with you and all other(DT members) where we cribbed and shared all our forum issues=)) But that was so much fun. Its then we got to know each other really well. And you've bcme one of my best buddies since then.
Though now we dont get to interact much but due to our schedules but i know i still can bother you when and as I feel and your not gonna complain:P
Wont bore you much and would end my Essay wishing the best for you and may almighty always keep you Happy and Smiling

Loads of Love

Thank you Preetzzz Hug I understand. You blank out when you actually need to write something even though you've had so many memories Embarrassed I miss talking to you too and our chaotic chats filled with utter randomness! Hope we have those again soon! 

ehh pshhh words don't describe her. Silly True Story!! Stern Smile You can ask Ravu or myself or herself!! Smile
Happy Birthday BRRR!! Party I hope you have an awesome day and an amazing year to look ahead. Cool Thanks for being an amazing friend. We have been IF friends for over like 5 years I think. Stern Smile And then the whole family thing where ravu adopted me and then how you always wanted to disown me. Stern Smile Man! I wish to write so much more but due to time constrains and all I couldn't Stern Smile. I wished I had written this message earlier. Well always I hope you have an amazing day. Don't forget that we want a party on MSN. Hug
and and and I was a large piece of that chocolate cake. hmpf. Cool

ARRR thankkk youuu Hug Time flies eh?! 5 years Stern Smile I didnt even know you were my child til like god knows when. I hope schools going well and no worries, I understand Hug. Your wishes and love are enough.

The chocolate cake is the mail ... it should be there by now Big smile
Gur is an amazing person and completely trustworthy. She's also a great friend that one can rely on. ...*coughs* She's a dog too. ROFL

Yo Gur! Happy Budday! Cool You've just gotten older buddy. Although, that's not weird at all since you were my daddy once upon a time and i just turned 18 so you would be pretty old. Big smile But OMG. Your birthday is like, ONE DAY AFTER MINE. Shocked Do you realize, how cool that is? Shocked Now i have a friend who's birthday is one day before me and another friend who has a birthday after me so, i get to be in the middle. Big smile ...kay. Um, dog. I love you. Blushing You rock my life. You're lovely. You're amazing. And sadly, you're my BC boss. ROFL I'm just joking. You seriously are amazing and i love you. Big smile Uhh, there's so much i could say but i'll shut up right here because then i'll start ranting about random stuff and this will get really long. ROFL


PS. Your gift shall be "gifted" to you by like, the weekend? LOL

HAAATHHIII Hug Thankkk youu. I love you too <3. Dude, you should be honoured that I'm your quote on quote "boss". Your apart of the best crew on I-F and the best subteam Cool. Writers RULE! Dancing

Weekends almost over.. wheres my gift? *hmph*
Happy Birthday Gur

My heartiest wishes to you on your Birthday..
Have a successful year filled with success and glory.. Enjoy your day and the life ahead.

I wish you a happy and cheerful life ahead .. Happy birthday.. Live every moment, today and always...

Thank you Shabnam Hug
Many Many Happy Returns of the Day.. Wish you a Very Very Happy Birthday dear..  May God bless you and fulfill all your wishes and dreams.. 
I'm wishing to you Gur a very very happy birthday..
May each moment of your birthday
unfold pleasures,old and new.
Making it a very happy joy filled day for you...
Much Love&Blessing&Hugs

Thank you Parm Hug
Happy Birthday GOPLI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Many Many Happy Returns of the day!!!!!
Wishing you a wonderful year ahead!!!! 
I am loaded with projects and test right now so will give you your present later but till then: 
trailer tease
look what i have!!! Evil Smile THANK YOU RADHAAA!!! MuhahahaEvil Smile

Dont you Just Love US???????????????  hehehehehe

Love you Gopli!!!!!! Muuaahhh and loadz of hugs!!!!
once again Happy Birthday!!!!

Thank you Gagannn Hug

omggg... Stern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern SmileStern Smile  Love?! I think my hitler side is coming out. It's my birthday your suppose to be nice to me rmr.. not pull my leg Ouch
Though I have had little interaction with Gur , she is really a sweet person and a good DT member ! Not to forget she handles the Bolly Curry team very efficiently ! 
Many Happy Returns of the day Gur ! May God bless you and fulfill all your wishes ! :)

Thank you Ishan Hug. Its been a long time. Hope everything good at your end.

Gur! You, by far, have to be the most awesomest person alive. Seriously. Your quality traits are way too long to list here so I'm gonna go ahead and announce your most revered one - your patience.
Woman, you've just gotta share some of that out. You've also slightly ruined me - no boss equals to your level of amazingness at BC. Aaand, I'm gonna stop here. Don't want people thinking I've gone soft with this spill of compliments (which is all true).
Happy birthday, Gur! Here's wishing you a fantabulous day with all your near and dear ones, and all the food and prezzies of your choice. (See? I am nice. Now can you inform others as well?)

Thank you Jennn Hug Your always my life saver doing the last minute edits - Jen saves the day. Haha.. i'll definitely let the others know that Jen is actually very very soft and nice.

Gurr Many Many happy returns of the day dear HugHug...May all your wishes come true on this day and may God bless you with lots of love and happiness in life ...May you reach greater heights of success in life and your career Hug..Enjoy this day to the fullest with your family and both real life and virtual life friends Party
You have been an amazing person to work with and you did a splendid job moderating the entire colors section with so much of maturity Clap..Really missing u there nowCry Cry...u better come back soon as we all are anath without your help CryCryCry...U have been an amazing friend and guide for us all and so we want to see u back in blue again WinkCryCry...Ok enough of crying LOL...Once again wishing u a very verry happy birthday Hug...Wish u all the best in life Hug
Here is spl birthday cake

Thank you Jyooo Hug I promise to be back soon. Embarrassed Thank you for the cake, I was craving something sweet hehe.

Gur is really and truly the backbone of BC and a great friend! She's there whenever anyone needs anything and always ready with a kind word or a heated glare (whatever is required LOL). Some call her the 'Hitler of BC', I say she is the guardian angel, always looking over our shoulder, keeping us out of trouble and keeping track of the cookie thievery going on! I'm so glad that we have you hun!!!!
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I'm so glad that I can call you my friend! It's definitely been a long road for us from the days and I'm so glad that I've known you for this long! Don't change and stay as awesome as you are now!!
I hope the day and year to come are everything you want and more!  I'll definitely send positive energies your way on this fine occasion (because I have zero talent to be able to send anything else... LOL). Don't forget to have fun and save us some of that delicious birthday cake! Big smile

Thank you Gunn Hug I like the guardian angel tag Approve I'm so glad I have you guys to *hug*. Yup, i remember those GD days Big smile Thank you for your wishes once again.  Cake is on the way ;)

Well Gur is my sweet granny so describing her in few words is hard She is one of the bestest friends of mine, Always there for me when needed, very helpful and supportive.. Thinking on it, without her something will be missing in my life.. 
Hmm Granny jee, very happy returns of the day.. Wish u all the best in life. May u always be happy ..

Thank you Nadz Hug for your wishes and always covering up for me. Glad to have a friend like you! Thanks once again sweets!

Gur, on this birthday I wish you all the good wishes in the world and may you have a fabulous year ahead of you. May you always keep smiling Big smile Happy Birthday dear and many many happy returns of the day. I wish we can know eachother more in this year GurWink
Have a Great Day ClapClap


Thank you Parii Hug We definitely need to catch up again.


Dear Gur,
You and I have been long associated since Saat Phere days and now on Bigg Boss & CCs.  You are sweet, sincere,creative and friendly. We have had long chats at times and its been quite a long journey together. Hope this bonds strengthens even  more.
On the lovely occasion of your Birthday... Here's Wishing you tonnes of happiness and joy. May you have great fortune, good health and success.
Love and Best Wishes

Lavsss! Thank you Hug I definitely hope that this friendship lasts forever. Through ups and downs you've always been by my side. Thank you for all your support *hug*


Dear Gurpz, Wishing you many many happy returns of the day, I wish and pray you have a beautiful day and a wonderful life ahead filled with happiness success and the dreams you always wished to come true...
just stay the way you are babes u rock the way u are
Luv, Shagun

Thank you Shaggsss  for your wishes and the logo Hug Its reallyy pretty <3


Thank you Yamini Hug

Gurpriiit Hug

HiBig smile

How's you? I'm good. How was your day? K i go sleep. ByeBig smile

I joke. What would you do if that's all I said?ROFL I so funnyLOL

But omg! It's Gurprit dayyy! I swear it feels like just yesterday we were celebrating and everyone was laughing at the family tree I made you and now it's here againStern Smile Time flewStern Smile

I'm not really sure what to say cuz, most of what I wanted to say I already told the world in that love story thingLOL kjfafkjdsajfd Man I really don't know what to sayStern Smile I mean, you're amazing, wonderful and a lot of fun to talk to but you already know that. And you're super talented. Though you do have a problem with thinking your siggies are ugly sometimes even though it's the most amazing thing I've every seen. We need to work on thatErmm You're super cool and awesome.

Btw our anniversary is coming up in JanCool I still can't believe I deleted all my PMs that day and made you PM me that promotion PMROFL Actually I can't believe you even had it. It was like... a year later so nvmLOL And then after that our "fighter" days as Jot called it. I'll never forget thatLOL Btw I still have the avi saved I thinkShocked I'm gonna use it again soonCool

Oh and before I forget, I felt super smart todayCool You seee Melmel asked me how you became a Coolbie and I was like Paalki I think. Then we had to confirm and turns out I was rightBig smile We should have a how well do you know Gurprit quizShocked Though it would be sad if I didn't get everything rightStern SmileStern SmileStern Smile

And I just remembered you and Cookie planning my wedding... other then that though, we've had a lottt of fun. Talking to you always brightens my day. I dunno what I'd do without you! You're the coolest person ever and I'm glad you're my friendHug Better yet, you're my hubbyBig smile I bet everyone else is jealousCool

Anywho, hope you have an amazing day and get 93829323 presents and hopefully you don't get b-day beatsStern Smile

Happy BirthdayHug

- Mrs. Gurprit

Thank you Wifeyyy Hug If you went to sleep, I would uhh hunt you down, wake you up and make you do something Ermm

I remember that LOL I accidently deleted all my PMs, so you wanna send that to me again? Big smile Ahh I remember the fighter days. It was like mission impossible.

Since I-F knows all about us, we should have a grand party for our anniversary Cool We lots and lots of FOOD! Big smile What say?

Well, you are my wifey... your suppose to know everything about me *hmph*

Haha .. I remember the wedding part. Me and Mish have everything planned. Fikar not Cool.

Birthday beats Stern Smile Don't remind me about those. My arms are still sore.

I don't know what I would do without you either Hug Its only been a year but it feels like I've known your for a lifetime. Its like I HAVE to talk to every day. Thank you for always bringing a smile onto my face. I lovee you loadss to wifeyy! Hug


My loverrr <3333333

how you doinnn?!??! WinkWink

hahaah did u really think we wouldn't have a birthday thread made for you?! You cwazyyy girll!!
I would like to wishhh youuu a veryyy happyyy birthday!!!! I hope u have a fantastic day!
Gosh we have come a long way since i met u in the NR the first day!

At first i was like hmmm idk if i should talk to her...but then one day due to jotty i got to talking to u on msn and now we are inseparable! If i don't talk to u for one day i feel like omgg...where did she go! 

Getting rid of my boredom during summer, by making me watch rookie obsessive convos about Sam and Andy and omg LUKE <3333 still love him!! he is so hottt!!! <333 Then forcing you to watch TVD on time, to you meeting my demands of making siggies at 2 in the morning! Also obsessing over and singing random songs on MSN hahahaha We have come a long way =D 

You know im your girl if you need me to tell off someone!! Anyone who bugs you...u just say the name and i got them! Got ur back lover <333 I hope u have a fantabulous dayyy!!!! May all your wishes come true and you find your own personal Shahid/Sam/Jay Sean/Akshay/Stefan as soon as possible! So we can go shopping for pretty dresses for ur wedding heheheheeheh!!!

Happy Birthday! Love youu <3333333


What an order. First wifey and now loverLOL Thank your Hershey bar Hug Actually, I knew you guys were up to something with the sudden question period about what i liked, actors, songs, how I joined IF =P

Jot did one thing good in her life by adding us in the same convo hehe. I know eh?! Even though the convo just sits there, but its always open. 

ROOOKIIEEE BLUEEE! SaNdy Day Dreaming Man, we need to get that AT started up again.

LOL .. your my wing man sending out hate and hitlerish PMs LOL Ahhh, yup I've appointed you as my wedding dress designer Hug I love you tooo <3.
coming soon

... still waiting =P

coming soon

... still waiting =P

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 10:31am | IP Logged
Originally posted by MP_Radha

There is a gift that gold cannot buy and a blessing that's rare and true. It is the gift of a wonderful friend like the friend that I have in you.

People say Diamonds are a girls best friend Embarrassed

And when you are talking about girls how can one forget flowersWink LOL


Sweet Birthday cake
Send this precious heart to say Happy Birthday
True friends are like Diamonds.. they are real and rare. False friends are like leaves.. they are scattered everywhere. And to just let you know.. you are the one like a diamond.

Thank you for all the lovely gifts Hug Using them Big smile

Edited by gk_09 - 13 November 2011 at 10:31am

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 10:40am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Smileyface


Here we bring you a little kahani, of Gur's pati vrata patni -__- Who in a fit of jealousy decided to write up a story and made us put it up...but the world knows...gur is my lover...right gur baby??!? 

xox hershi

Hell yea Cool but hey Ravz is my wifey *hmph* so 'crap' talking her.

This is one of the most amazing and unique love story you'll ever hear (well readErmm) about. It's about a girl who found her better half.

Who is this girl you ask? She's none other then G u r p r i t. If you don't know that by now, clearly you haven't been reading this thread properlyStern SmileROFL

So yeah! This is about Gurprit's not so secret love affairBig smile Why is it not a secret? Cuz everyone already knows she's Ravjot's hubby Cool So you, you, you and yes YOU! *points in random directions* stop trying to patao herAngry Good *hmph* (message from Ravs)

Ravzzieee Embarrassed Hug I love youuu !

Now you're all probably wondering, how did these two first meet, how'd the fall for each other etc. right? Well that's what I'm here forBig smile

*clears throat*

It all started a bit over 2 years ago (almost 3). Gurprit was going about business as usual when she first laid eyes on Ravjot. She became intrigued by this amazing person and wondered why she never met Ravs before! She then gathered enough courage to finally send a PM to Ravjot on Jan 18, 2008. That's right kids, the pehli mulaqaat anni is coming soonBig smile

Yup. Sending a promotion PM takes ALOT of courage Big smile

Anyway, unknown to Gurprit, Ravs already knew who Gurprit was. Seriously, it's Gurprit. She's famous! How can you not know her?Stern Smile Leaving that aside,  it wasn't until Gurprit's mother, Jot [Angelic_J] got the two to talk to each other and over time they became Mr and Mrs Gurprit <3

Anyone who knows them, knows how awesome Gurprit is. She accepted Ravs despite the fact that Ravs was having an affair with Asma [ashmii] on the condition that she be allowed to have an affair with Mimi [mimi0295]

 Were a very modern couple Cool. See we believe its better to have affairs and let the other person know than to hide!

Ok so maybe that's not exactly how it happenedErmm Mr. and Mrs. Gurprit first exchanged PMs regarding Mrs. Gurprit's promotion and then months later, almost a whole year actually, they started talking and became friends <3 Gurprit did not mind Ravjot shamelessly hitting on her and agreed to be Ravjot's hubby. Some sources (Meli a.k.a. Aahaana) disagree and believe that Gurprit seduced Ravs by promoting her. Whatever the case, since then Mr. and Mrs. Gurprit have expanded their family and have 3 kids (they're not too sure with the head count as Mrs. Gurprit keeps adopting and Mr. Gurprit can't keep track).

Seduced?! I didnt even know her Stern Smile Are you sure its 3? I swear there was more now Confused

the end

love Ravu

Now however, Gur's true love is her Apple...arey no no! not the "an apple a day keeps the doctor away" apple...but the u know Apple...Mac...Hot...Computer...Apple...yeah she has gone all high tech on us Confused

Apppleee Heart iPod, MBP, iPhone <3

na chahiye patni, na chahiye lover, gur bas chahiye apna apple Cry


If it wasnt for my 'apple' I wouldnt be able to talk to you *hmph* stop the water works.

well thats all folks...nothing else to see here! go on wish her! move it!


xox hershi



Thanks Hershi & Ravz for publicly announcing my love and affairs story -.-

Jokes apart, i loved it Hug And don't believe Meli. Shes after me because I rejected her love.

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gk_09 Global Moderator

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 10:41am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aahaana


 PMing BC members - Ami

Birthday Graphics - Kaju

Gurprits secret love affair - Ravjot/SmileyFace

Koffee with hitler head of BC - MP_Radha /Aahaana/Smileyface

Decorations/ Name tags/ Text/Main post- MP_Radha /Aahaana

Thank you Ami, Ravz, Hershi, Radha and Melz Hug

The post was lovelyyy Hug You made my day even more special with your kind words. Heart I truly am speechless.

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gk_09 Global Moderator

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 10:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Gaganjot.S

Happy Birthday Gopli!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! muaahhh!!!
My stuff is coming soon LOL

Thank you Gagann Hug

Originally posted by -Nadii-

OMG [:O] Anni coming yeyyy... Time to celebrate Granny's anni,, yeaayy
Congratz Gur wishing u the best

Yup. Make sure you bring a present Big smile Jokess.

Thank you Nadz Hug

Originally posted by vijay

Happy Birthday Gurprit Smile


Thank you Vijay for your wishes! Big smile

Originally posted by pratsy

happy birthday gurHug

god bless

Thank you Hug

Originally posted by jyoti06

Gurr Many many happy returns of the day Hug...May god bless u with lots of love and happiness in life ..keep rockingg Star..You r one of the most amazing and hardworking person I hv come across on IFHugHugHug...really missing u now in colors section Cry...u better come back soon or else we all going for hartal Tongue...
Chal abhi enjoy your birthday Hug

Thank you Jyo Hug Arree no hartal ... Ill be back soon! Pakka promise Big smile

Originally posted by Smileyface

Happy birthday honey bunch!!! Hope u liked the thread :D <333

Thank you Hershey Bar. Liked? I loved it Hug And if theres a word past love, include that too.

Originally posted by Deepali88

Happy Birthday Gurpret..many many happy returns of the day
have a BlastParty

PS..Thanks Aahaana for beautiful BDay Thread

Thank you for your wishes! Big smile

Originally posted by mango


lemme wish u in person first Tongue

Thank youuu Mangopinder Hug Had a great time with you. And the card, I;m going to frame it for real LOL

Originally posted by -Fatima-

Happy Birthday hunHug
many many happy returnz of the day
keep rocking

Thank you Fatima Hug

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gk_09 Global Moderator

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 11:01am | IP Logged
Originally posted by HiphopStahKiran

Happy Birthdayyy Gurpreettt =)
You know our favourites are almost the same apart from 1 guy Tongue
May god bless you! and you know your birthday is exactly one day before Gurpurab so you're quite lucky!

x Kiran

Thank you Kiran. Hug I was hoping on my birthday but a day after works too! Big smile

Originally posted by shobi12500

happy birthday may u have many more

Thank you!

Originally posted by an_k


Thank you.  Regarding sending a post, its basically how you posted here. You write in the textbook at the end of the page and hit 'Post Reply'. Hope that helps.

Originally posted by fairy17

Hapy Birthday Gurprit!Hug

Thank you Hug

Originally posted by Leenasmg

Happy Birthday Gurprit!Hug
Hope you have an amazingg dayyy!

Best Wishes

Thank you Leena Hug

Originally posted by punjaban7

Happy Birthday Gurprit Smile

Thank you!

Originally posted by priya.nair

Happy Birthday GK ...Wishing you a very happy birthday . Hope that you have a great one and that you continue to succeed in whatever you set out to do.

Thank you for your wishes PD Hug

Originally posted by -Honeybee-

It seems most of the DT members have their bdays in nov...coincidently my bday also falls in nov...  
people born in nov are very intelligent this shows that Tongue ROFL
just kidding...
Happy Birthday Gurprit!!!!!!!!! Hug
May you have lot of success ahead in life!!!
God bless you!!!!!!
HarignaBig smile

November-ians rules Cool Thank you Harigna Hug

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gk_09 Global Moderator

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 11:04am | IP Logged
Originally posted by harshabashpam

OMG happy birthday GUR!!!Hug
miss u... and have a great day!!!

harsha... (previously phoenixgirl lol)

Thank you Harsha Hug We miss you in the NR !

Originally posted by Cutiepie Rani

Happy birthday hun! I hope you had a beautiful and fabulous birthday!

Thank you!

Originally posted by Mythily2

Happy Birthday Gur 

Thank you!

Originally posted by andrewmicky

thanks for party

Thank you!

Originally posted by minuu


Happy Birthday Jaanu Party

Wishing you Many, Many happy returns of the day!!!!

Thank you Sweetyy Hug

Originally posted by -Ridzzi-

Happy Birthday Gurpri

Happy Birthday Gurprit Loved reading Everything About u, I don't know u, but after reading this i feel i know u since ages..hehehe. U are truly a Blessing for IF. Embarrassed On ur Birthday, I Wish, u all the success and happiness. May all ur wishes and dreams come true. Happy Birthday Once Again and Have more of these wonderful day and have a great year Ahead. Have Fun and Take Care Hug Hug


PS: Amazing Work Kaju, Radha ji, Ravjot and Aahaana

Aww thanks for your wishes and kind words Ridzzi Hug

Originally posted by DUGGUlicious

OMMGG...I love the layout guys...awesome ji...Happy belated birthday Gur Jaani...much love and hugs

Thank you once again Parm Hug

Edited by gk_09 - 13 November 2011 at 11:04am

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gk_09 Global Moderator

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Posted: 13 November 2011 at 11:08am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Princess_Khushi

Many many happy returns of the day!
May god bless yu with all the happiness you deserve

Thank you Big smile

Originally posted by .SilentPrincess

Happy Birthday! :)

Thank you!

Originally posted by Mllu.N

happy birthday!!!

Thank you Mallu !

Originally posted by BhartiKhushi909

Happy B'day GK HugParty

Thank you Khushi Hug

Originally posted by lavanya1998

happy birthday gurpreet

Thank youu Big smile

Originally posted by stuti_naksh4eva

many many happy returns of the day gurprit!
njoy ur day..
wish u all the happiness in life :)

awesome post!!

Thank you for your wishes! Big smile

Originally posted by Anu*Gayani*Anu



Happy Birthday GK  May your birthday bring you everything you've hoped for, And may each coming day be filled with every happiness. Wish you all the very best. Hug Hug Have a rocking birthday hun. Party 
Luv Gayani.

Thank you Gayani Hug Hug

Originally posted by set_raj

Wish You A Many Happy Returns Of The Day... ClapClapClap
Happy Birthday GK...ClapClapClap

Thanks a bunch Raj!

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