Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

||*-*Tere Ishq Pe Mar Jaawan: Barun[AT#9]*-*||

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Born on August 21, 1984, Barun is an Indian
TV actor and a model. He was born and brought
up in Delhi. Before entering the entertainment industry, he's worked in Jindal Telecom for 7 years.

He began his acting career with
Star Plus' Shraddha
where he played the role of
He then joined Star One' Dil Mil Gaye's
bandwagon to play the role of

However, he quit the show as he had bagged
the lead role of Sony's Baat Hamari Pakki Hai.
His character brought him the fame and
recognition everyone craves and works hard for.
In BHPH, he was seen as

Since BHPH began, there has been no looking back
for him. Only a few weeks after the show ended,
he bagged the lead role of Star Plus'
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon where is now seen as

And with every appearance, he only gains more and more
fans and applause. And then again, why shouldn't he?

The man's got talent, looks, charisma, charm, and attitude.

He was also nominated twice last year:

1. Most Romantic Jodi for India Ne Bana Di Jodi Awards
along with his co-star Ankita Sharma for Sony's Baat Hamari Pakki Hai.
2. Apsara Best Actor Award 2011 for Sony's Baat Hamari Pakki Hai.

Did you know...?

1. Barun got married to his childhood sweetheart on Dec 12, 2010?
2. Barun is a huge fan of Aamir Khan and liked
Sonali Bendre as an actress?
3. Barun's favorite holiday destination is Melbourne, Australia?
4. Barun has a passion and love for motor bikes?
5. Barun is a foodie? He tends to get very cranky if
he doesn't eat properly.
6. Barun is NOT on any social networking site? (ex: twitter, facebook)
7. Barun loves playing pranks on his co-actors?

niru273 for main banner
for sub-banners
chammak_challo for title
momma1128 for banner caption
Zing Magazine August 2011 issue

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Hello everyone,

I would like to, first of all, thank each of you for being a part of this thread.
We now have over 200 members here and it is a great achievement.
Congratulations to everyone!Party

Now that we have had a smooth journey, I'd like to add something to this thread, our home,
so that we can thank, acknowledge, and continue to look forward
to interacting with others here.

Let's start our very own Barun's pankha aka fan of the AT.
One member will be chosen every time a new AT is created and it will be
based on how active the member is, what kind of discussions they start, and
their interactions with everybody. We don't have a panel of judges or anything
so I'll choose one such person every time. Sounds okay?

What will this do? How will this happen?
Well, what is going to happen is that members will get to know that person
a little more than they already have. The members can ask questions and the chosen
person will have to answer them (follow I-F rules please).
Once a new AT starts, members will have 3 days to send their questions to me (via PM)
that they would like to ask the person on the hot seat. Then I will forward the questions
to the hot seat member and they will have time (till the next AT begins) to answer them.
The answers of the member will be posted in the next AT and along with that, a new member will be picked. Hope that makes sense!Smile

Your goal?
Be active. Participate. Interact.
And you're setWink

We'll begin this from our next AT. So buck up everyone!Cool

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*- Some Barunilicious Scenes -*
(This is not to converse about Barun's previous co-actors at all. Simply to entertain ourselves with versatility of BarunTongue. We have all seen him as ASR. Now familiarize yourself with
other sides to Barun. Believe me, it's worth every single second of your timeWink)

Click on each thumbnail to play :)

Thumbnail                      Thumbnail                     Thumbnail
 **Barun sings**Day Dreaming                             **Barun cries**Cry                       *ahem* water anyone?

Thumbnail                      Thumbnail                     Thumbnail
**Frustrated & angry**                                **hungry**                       **In traditional Indian**

Thumbnail                      Thumbnail                     Thumbnail    **dance attempt**                                  **Hail sabzis**                               **late lateef**

Thumbnail                      Thumbnail                     Thumbnail
**best expressions**                           **king of comedy**                          **he knows it all**

Barunians, we have many more scenes to watch but we'll save that for later.
After all, if we see them all now,
what will we have remaining for the upcoming ATs?Tongue

Hope you enjoyed!!Wink

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Absolutely NO CHATTING; unless of course, the
talks revolve around Barun or his characters.

DO NOT post countless consecutive posts.

NO Bashing or criticizing anyone at any point. If a member's post is offensive, then report it to me or directly to a moderator.

This is Barun's AT. DO NOT compare Barun's co-stars. It will only instigate a fight and this is to be kept as a very peaceful AT.

If you are NOT a Barun fan or do not like him or any of the posts here, then simply LEAVE. No one is forcing you to join.

DO NOT quote more than 3 posts. It only accounts to unnecessary length of pages.

If you are found breaking any of the rules above, you will be immediately reported to a moderator and will be given a warning.

Once this AT is complete (reached 150 pages), only I or another
member assigned by me is allowed to open the next one.
The sole reason being the themes and the layout has been
pre-planned for upcoming ATs and I don't want to let the hard work be wasted.

The graphics used on the first page of the ATs are NOT to be used anywhere else in the forum for any purpose at any given time. These have been created especially for the AT.

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Come on in, troops!!! Party Congos everyone!

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congratulations everyone!! Party

Mar jawaan, mar jawaan
Tere ishq pe mar jawaan

Bheege bheege sapno ka jaise khat hai

Jaise khwab hai ankhon mein basse meri
 (i don't know.. if i post it another 100 times too, i won't get 'nuff of this pic..)

Waise needon pe silvate pade teri

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