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Good Evening Ladiesand Gentlemen...

Welcome to the most awaited Birthday Party of the month!!!Approve

TodayNovember 8th marks a special day for a certain someone!!

You have definitely seen her around I-F! She is an awesome viewbiefor the Twilight forumSomeone we can't live without in the TVD forum as she gives us our daily written updates!

A Crazy-Creative and a BollyCurry Buzzer but along with that she is a bit crazyand a bit weirda little bit silly but over all a good person(yes im being forced to be niceOuchJ/K! 

This awesome chick is known for her secret affairs since the day she was born!!.We proudly presents  them by  leaking out some of her secret affairs for the publicCool



Angel-Jot. was born married to Mathematics  !  Yet her attraction towards English made hermarriage with Mathematics shortlivedBroken Heart.  At the age of 6, she divorced married.  But she sites the reason as "Math cheated on me with Science.  I mean seriously!  Its Science for crying out loud!"  She further adds "And math has started hating me too which is why it screws with my head all the time  !
After that I had to move on with EnglishBlushing!"  When asked how she met Math she replies "Well I was born and I met MathTongue.  We got along so well, and had the same friends, like addition and subtractionEmbarrassed.  And then came along algebra, division, multiplication, trig, and calculus, THE BULLIESPinch.  Soon Math became like them so we divorced!"
Well, we wish Angel-Jot. a happy life with her man, English Big smile!

Lets just go ahead and wish the awesome chick!!Cool


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Koffee with Love guru/controversy queen!

In an exclusive interview just for the members of, the controversy queen and a self-claimed love guru of I-F, Harjot, openly speaks about her controversial love affairs, her new life, her likes and dislikes and last but not the least, love tips (Love Guru) for the members.

Meli: What is your favorite color? And Why?

Jot : Hot Pink.. wait.. OMG F***! I read that question wrong !!!

RED! Like OMG..I LOVE red. Red is my life. Red is like, amazing dude! its great and represent my passion for my vampire hotties...blood is red and they love my blood!! Their lips are soBlushing !!! Seriously dude!!!

Hershi: Are you scared of bugs/bees?

about the bees...well uRm..

and i felt like the bee told me *cry'

Meli: Do you know the difference between a roof and a ceiling?!
i screw it up now. uffD'oh

Hershi: Who is karan?

Jot:Karan ... Well first he dated me and another gal at the same time. and then he dumped me and that was because I was dating someone else at the same time as Karan. Then we both competed with each other to date others. But then we hooked up again and then I dumped him.

Many were so hyper that they resorted to playing games online and making themselves date random computer generated guys. Suneil and I made music together Embarrassed.

Those of you who wonder whom she were talking about. Here is the guy Jot share love/love relation with. (side note - their date ended up in disasterWink)

Meli: Which is your favorite tv show?

Jot: Uhhh. My favorite show? TVD! *runs around in circles*

But then again, that only thing that matters about TVD are the guys in the show. *dreams*

And in Secret Circle? Adam and Jake and Nick. THEY ARE SO CUTE!Blushing

Hershi:Favorite Couple?

Jot: Damon and Elena uRm...because they have an understanding and they just really are epic together... you know? Not to mention they are so Hot together!!

(Side note from meli: that is a total hershi answer about them being hot)

Meli: Favorite actor?

Jot: JUSTIN BIEBER IS SO HOT! Like, OMG hot! I dunno how anyone can not be in love with him.

Meli: i am sorry but Just-in-what beer????Wacko


Those that hate him are just jealous. Hmph

He's so amazing man.

We're like, the same age, except I'm only like 8 months older. Oh well though. He's still amazingBlushing

I just wanna go and drown watching his interviews. He's such a beautiful specimenBlushing. Just look at himBlushing

Hershi: Whats your favorite word?

Jot; FIRE TRUCK but it reminds me of a kid here who says Fire F***. Kids are so screwed up these days

Meli: Describe yourself in 3 words??

(side notes - this was an expected honest reply Shocked)

Hershi: Last but not the least some tips from the Dating Guru for our readers/member?

Jot: here's some free dating advice: don't be such a jerkhole, jerkhole"

"when you said you were gonna show me a good time, i didn't expect it to ya. know..SUCK."

"i can smell the Dean's list in the future. it smells like BRAINS."

"Girls don't love simple, decent, lovely boys. They love bad abnormal boys like Damon, Stefan, Jacob, Abhay, Jeh, Tyler, EdwardTongue".

 This is a spoof interview made by Radha, Hershi, Ami and Meli. We will be back with more controversial interview on our next Birthday IssueCool (sidenotes - Gawds knows when the next time will be *tehe* Probably NEVERWink) .

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our msgs are coming soon...but these are our gifts for u =D

^^ credit for those go to my lover gur <333

^^credit for those siggies to mandeep =D...thanks doll!

Hiya Jajo Hug,
Woman can you believe you are one year older... You are what.. 81 years old now Shocked?  Wow that is really old eh Geek.  Lets see, over the years, you have made, 75847489748738378 to infinity number of babies Shocked.  Yet, anytime a bee flies by and touches your cheek (rather kissing your soft cheeks ROFL), you freak out and start crying na ROFL ROFL ROFL (Source: Angel-Jot.).  Then everytime you ride your bike and a bug touches your cheek, you freak out and SLAP yourself, like a MAJOR SLAP.  Then swear out loud for slapping yourself only to be given looks by strangers ROFL.   Wow Jarjot, you sure do seem to attract insects ROFL ROFL ROFL!  You must really be sweet honey ROFL.   Such an immature, lazy ABCD you are, Jarjot ROFL ROFL.  Its surprising that you don't even know the difference between ceiling and roof ROFL.  Yet your addiction to Avatar University and KS amazes me ROFL, especially since we get live updates on this online game LOLLOL.
Jokes Apart, am not at all surprised that I scared you, even before you befriended me, or even talked to me Approve ROFL.  Well I guess I still have that effect on you eh WinkBig smileStern Smile!  Well, I have a reason to do this, because I can atleast escape from your never ending requests for siggies ROFL ROFL ROFL.  Oh boy, its hard to sit down and write a message LOLLOL, because I kind of enjoy pulling your legs all the time.  Though you complain and whine, you really seem to enjoy that don't you  ApproveROFL.  Everytime I think of you, that *lafing* monkey emoticon comes to my mind ROFL.
Ok now for real Jokes Apart ROFL, hope you have a great birthday Jajo Hug.  Sorry am not here in town to celebrate the day with you on IF and MSN, but I pray for the best for you!  Always be cheerful and have a blast in lifeStar!  Enjoy and tackle life head on, as it comes Hug.  May you succeed in everything you endeavor, and have a blast babes Hug.  I could go on and on, but really have not much time Cry.  So here is a small gift Embarrassed:
With lots of Love,

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1. How did you first get to know jot? BollyCurry
2. One thing you would like to change about her. Her obsession - Justin Beiber 
3. One thing you love about her. This may seem odd but her craziness! 
4. If you were to propose to her, how would it be? Propose?! Uhhh ... she's "was" technically my child so I skip this! 

JOTTT tera birthday aaya, chote tera birthday aaya! Dancing Happy Birthday Kiddo Hug May all your wishes and dreams come true. May this coming year bring you loads of success and happiness into your life. 

So we met through BC - you joined the ever so cool writers group (sorry editors - we simply rock!). I thought you were this crazy girl who was just spamming the writers and chit chat thread. Who knew that I would adopt you one day. Crazy, eh?! Our fights over Canada and which city is the best or which hockey team dominates (obviously Toronto - #3 is the league Cool)- in simple terms has been 'fun'.  Atleast theres one thing we can agree on, Canada rocks Big smile I guess your not a kiddo anymore ... a grown up kid who crushes on Justin (Beiber or Bieber - which one?). While were talking about him, I can't believe I made this for you: 

I'm going to 'try' being nice today Big smile Happy birthday once again!  Love youuu <3. 

PS. I can't believe you actually thought we forgot your birthday LOL. 

1. How did you first get to know jot? I don't know. Who remembers things like that and that too about Jot? :$ Maybe, through BC. Yea, right I met her in the BC forum. 
2. One thing you would like to change about her. She's uh - this um, this little 18 year old girl, who's umm... slightly annoying. LOL. i kid i kid. For once, I'm gonna overlook the fact that I h a t e her for being super annoying and admit, i love her for what she is. Blushing I dun wanna change anything about her. xD. Oh, I remember - I want her to start hating Justin B. again. It's pathetic to know someone who's a JB fan. :$  
3. One thing you love about her. Thats gotta be her encouraging friendly self. She's been super friendly with me ever since I crashed into her at the BC forum and wola - we're friends now, i suppose. :P  Basically, I love everything about her. ;) *Jot - check bhijwa dena.*:P
4. If you were to propose to her, how would it be? You gotta be kidding me. I'm not going to propose to her. EVER. That was a nerdy question! If I were going to propose to her - what would Ami do?! :$ ROFL. 

My Message - 

Hello Jottie. xD Here's me wishing you a very very very happy birthday with the widest smile ever. You're one helluva fun person to be around *virtually* - stay the way you are. Um, and - Happy Birthday. Er, am not good with Birthday messages so um, here a gift for you! :P Yay me. xD 


Hope you like it. xD. 

Wish you a very happy birthday once again. *Love, Hugs and you-know-what* :)

Happy Birthday JotHug hope you have an amazing day Hun!Hug you're an awesome person and I wish you the best in life Embarrassed Take care!Heart 

Dear Jot/Jellybean,

IT'S YOUR BIRTHDAY! YOU ARE FINALLY 18!! And adult! Shocked Aren't you excited about that? You are now finally legal to do everything! Err, well, most things? You know what, I dunno what exactly, but youare legal now. Big smile

Anyways. Do you remember the first time we actually talked? Cause I've got a date and everything. I went stalking through the writers thread in which we did and found the date out. I even went through that convo, it was pretty weird. ROFL I mean, I caught that when I think about how we started talking after a pig, but it was still just such a random conversation. ANYWAYS. The date. Yesh. Although it wasn't when we met, we started conversing on August 28, 2010. Shocked I've known you for over a year now. How weird is that?! Shocked I'd just like to say very.

And if that wasn' t enough, we then got married for the BC awards. Shocked Now, I didn't go through that to figure the date out, it just would've been too much work...which I got lazy to do. LOL We're such an odd couple though. Fighting over every little thing. Tongue But that's just what makes it fun. Big smile

Have I ever told you how glad I am to know you? Because you're like that BFF/sister that I've never had before. I'm always telling you about the crazy little things that I do..Which I probably shouldn't seeing how half of them are embarrassing, but I still do. Ermm You're also that one person who I can't ever get mad at..which, I think is pretty funny because you're the funny who. Wait, did that even make sense? Oh well. LOL

You see, I'm pretty excited for you birthday. You're finally going to be 18! No longer younger than me! Although, you shall still remain to be 8 months younger than me. But I'm willing to overlook that fact for now.

I hope that you have a very fun-filled day. And that you have lots of cake, which you should definitely share with me. Big smile After all, I'm your hubby and all. Big smile So yesh. Have a fun filled day with lots of cake and other kinds of good food. OH! AND OMG. I CAN'T BELIEVE THAT I FORGOT TO DO THIS OR MAKE YOU DO THIS! *runs around in circles* You have to run around in circles on your birthday! Shocked Make sure you do that, cause you know, that's always fun. Big smile

So yesh, I shall bring an end to this message now. I really hope that your birthday goes great. I love youuu! 

-Ami Big smile

Angelll :P LOL first of all I miss youu! :( k now happy birthday! Hope you have an amazing day Jot :) hope all your wishes come true! have fun <33 I would write more but gtg :| hopefully catch up with you soon :$

- Nisa

1. How did you first get to know jot?
In the News Room. When she stole (by mere lucky chance, might I add) MY cookies. MY. We've been best enemies since.

2. One thing you would like to change about her.
One thing? Sheesh! Her inability to stop prying and showing non-existing authority in the Raider's thread.

3. One thing you love about her.
Her cookie stash, I love raiding it!

4. If you were to propose to her, how would it be?
Arch Nemesis,Snotty Jotty, whichever you prefer. I earnestly promise to steal all the cookies you steal from others. How about it, ey? 

So, Arch Nemesis, it's your doomsday, I mean, so-called birthday. You know they say with age comes wisdom, but we all know that's a lost case with you. No complaints from me though - the slower you are in your old days, the better for me to rob you. Muhahaha. But do try to have some fun, with a cookie...or two.


Many many happy returns of the day Jottie, my DevilWicth...Hug...

  On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy; I hope all of your wishes come true. May each hour and minute be filled with delight, and your birthday be perfect for you!
  Have loads of hard...and keep smiling always...Big smile...Its your day rock on and enjoy to the max...!!!Star
This my gift for your day



aka Parm
PS: Hope you'll like the siggie...I made itApprove

Hey Yo...!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Smile

 this is sonu wishing Jot (angad Deewani ROFL ) a very very Happy birthdayTongue Hug

its been 1 yr since we met on i-f...Smile ROFL... and m really happy to have Jot as mah friend
Happy birthday to herSmile
May God bless u Jot and show u the right path and fulfill ur dreams and desires Smile

 I'll post ur gift later... as m not in my hometown...Cry

Hope you have a very happy birthday Jot. May all your wishes and dreams be fulfilled and may you be showered with tons of bliss. More than gifts and cards, may you get loads and loads of love from your loved ones, and that doesn't just include family, it includes 'us', your superhero friends, who will always be at your rescue! Miss Angel_Jot, seems like you get teases a lot--- just noticed that a few days agoLOL How much you get teased is how much you are loved, so you're very lucky to have such friends! Hope that you continue being "SO" nice, and just chill and have fun! Happy Birthday!

Dear Jot,

Wishing you a wonderful birthday with loads of cakes, sweets, paintball ROFL and tvd dvds to cozy up with. Your so beautiful that all your wonderful traits just make you the most unique person we all have come to love. God Bless You dear. Keep smiling and paving your way up in the journey of life. Always stay strong and follow your heart.


Happy birthday Jot , May God bless you and fulfill all your wishes ! Hug Enjoy and have fun !Star


Smile inside
Glow outside,
Happiness won't hide
Cause God will be your guide.

So forget the past
Cause the pain won't last,
Another year is cast
Enjoy it as you must.

Joy is what I wish for you
Success in everything you do,
Hope all your dreams come true
And luck may not leave you.

Be happy on this day
And may you find love someday,
But on this very special day
Happy Birthday! Is all wanna say'..

Happy Birthday Jot !!!! 




How's you?

I'm good. A bit bored. And hungry. Just had a bio midterm. Well actually I had it hours ago, like 10 in the morning but I had classes till 8 =/ I'm not sure what to say right now cuz I'm exhausted. Maybe I'll take a nap.

Actually you know what! Screw it! It's JOT DAY! Well Jot #2 day LOL Did you really think we forgot? Watching you complain was kinda funny thoughROFL

I'm not sure what to say. I'm kinda blank right now cuz I'm talking to you at the same timeErmm But it's your b-day so I guess I'll be nice for once and not be mean to you (though I rarely am, compared to you. I still can't believe you told Sweetu to slap meStern Smile

You're crazy, weird, bossy, demanding, and a bully. But besides all that, you're my Jot <3 Even though you're all that, you're still an amazing person and a lot of fun to talk to. And though I don't really say this to you (and I doubt I will ever again after thisROFL) but I'm glad I got to know you =) Talking to you makes me smile. Even if I had a crappy day, you manage to make me forget about it. And you don't even complain when I have my mini rants and I love you for that!

Your b-day present is in progress. Don't think I forgot about it. You'll get it sometime today for sure =)

Happy Birthday Hug



P.S. Oh great I made it sound all cheesy =/ Btw, when is Jimmy night? It was supposed to be yesterday but SOMEONE stood me up Angry

P.P.S And when is the Switzerland plan happening? I wanna gooo

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Credit for this awesome-tastic post goes to

and Amiii

Thanks a bunch dahlingsss!!! <333 (yes i mean myself too)

love u jotshot!!! can't believe u though we forgot ur burrdayy hahahah silly girl!!!

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Snap. Crackle. Pop

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ROFL ROFL ROFL Oh yeah thas right, we forgot Jajo's birthday ROFL ROFL we REALLY THOUGHT IT WAS IN DECEMBER *HAHA1* ROFL
Now that goes to show you are GULIBLE in additon to this jajo ROFL:
Happy Birthday Hug

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Happy Birthday JOTT! *will edit later*

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