Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain


Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain
Ek Hazaaron Mein Meri Behna Hain

SS: Forever Yours (VirMan) Note Pg.11 SSCOMPLETED (Page 7)

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good one

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All I'm gonna say is, Enjoy!Wink
Part 4:

"Crap...I forgot the bag in the car", Viren replied. He'd totally forgotten about the surprise they'd planned out for his saali. They hadn't done much, but considering the time limit they were under...
"Gift?", Manvi repeated...exactly when had they been planning this since? Had her sister always known she'd run away and get married?

"If you could really call it a gift...", Jeevika said frowning - she'd always wanted to give her sister the best and here..."You remember all those fancy saari's and shalwars we bought at my wedding that had to be either still properly fitted or sewed? And the tailor mixed up our measurements and made them all yours instead? You tried them on and they all looked really pretty on you, so even though you told me to get them fixed for myself...I kept them thinking that one day I'd convince you to take them. Please, Mannu...its the least we could do! Besides, you know you look completely awesome in them! Please Mannu...", she pleaded.

"Di...Jiju..I can't.."

"Come on Manvi, don't I have even that much of a right? You kept this", Jeevika indicated at Virat,"a secret so I at least get to give you anything I want and you can't stop me!"

This...Virat thought. Oh well, at least she was still acknowledging his presence.

"Alright Di", Manvi agreed, seeing her sister happy,"Just tell me what you want me to wear for the wedding from those clothes and I will...I haven't got that great choice so...", She broke off at the horrified look on Jeevika's face.

"What did I say?"

"What makes you think you're wearing anything from that - no matter how pretty it is - for your wedding day? You're lucky I'm not more angry about you not telling me. Lucky that Viren decided to open his mouth about the truth an hour before shops closed. I managed to get the perfect lehenga for you!", Jeevika exclaimed, her face lit up like a kid on deewali.

Manvi's mouth opened in an O. 

"Di, you seriously didn't have to.."

"Look, if you protest even a little bit more, I'll actually get mad. First, you didn't tell me...though you told your jiju. Second, you go out with my devar. And third, you dare to protest now that I can actually do something for you two? It's not fair", Jeevika pouted accusingly, crossing her arms and turning away.

Devar...Virat thought. He'd definitely made progress, especially if he'd managed to impress his bhabi.

Manvi stopped her quickly.

"Sorry, Di! Real sorry? Sachi sorry? Please forgive your lil sister?", Manvi pleaded, holding her ears.

Jeevika smiled. She could never be angry with Manvi for long. 

"Viren, let's go get the gift. Devarji, would you be so kind so as to give my sister company for the next 10...no say..20 mins?", Jeevika asked.

Virat was confused...what? Why would she...?

"Make me proud, lil brother", Viren said while winking at him, glancing meaningfully at the band on his finger on the way out.

Virat grinned, understanding what his brother meant. Definitely will, he promised silently to himself, beginning to get nervous.

Manvi watched the exchange in confusion and was just about to ask when Jeevika spoke to her from the doorway, "Oh... and Manvi...He's a keeper."

"Di..what?", the words were barely out of her mouth, but Jeevika and Viren had already closed the door behind them. Her Di's words rang in her ears as she looked at Virat. He's a keeper.

Virat turned off the light in the room, hearing the fading footsteps of his bhai, bhabhi and uncle while his uncle muttered a quick "Good Luck" from the window going with his Bhai and Bhabhi to give them some privacy. 

They waited in silence for a couple moments, each wanting the other to speak first. Virat then took the candle she'd given up on lighting hours ago from the window ledge. She'd been talking to him on the phone then, when Beeji had called her. The candle had frustrated her to no end and the empty matchbox lying next to it was evidence of that.

Virat chuckled in the silence, reminiscing about how she was ranting about it just a couple hours ago. He rummaged in his pocket for a lighter, flicked it and then watched as it came to life, the flame flickering in the darkness as he held it near the candle, slowly and furiously then licking the wax stick, bathing the room in a warm glow. He walked towards her bed, putting the candle on the bedside table.

Manvi sat on the bed then, not knowing where this was headed. After all, it wasn't like this was the first time Virat was in her room - at night and alone yes...but still. It was Virat and she could always be herself around him. Virat sat next to her and Manvi saw mischief twinkling in his eyes. What was he up to now? Before she could say anything though, Virat started to speak.

"So...I noticed you weren't all that surprised when I woke you up a little bit earlier. In fact, you didn't even ask me why I was here...whereas you asked bhai and bhabhi that. In contrast, I received quite a warm welcome. Expecting me?"

Manvi felt herself go red in the darkness as she thought about the hug. How could she have expected that he wouldn't catch that? She couldn't confess she'd been dreaming that he'd come to get her...

"Saleem Javed Miyan, if you're going to blush so much then we won't need to look for an actress to play the role of Anarkali", Virat teased,"If I have to say the truth though...you think I could get a welcome like that everyday?"

"You're never gonna change, are you? Mr. CHEP!" Calling her Saleem Javed. Then asking for...Who did he think he was? Manvi thought, falling into their nok-jhok routine easier than ever now.

Virat looked at Manvi's face. Her face was filled with that familiar smile and her eyes had that twinkle he loved seeing. Mission Successful. Rahul, Roka and all bad thoughts were out of the window. Not that it needed mentioning, but they were alone, he thought grinning. She was still speaking, but Virat just tuned her out as he lied down on the bed, gazing at her in the faint light of the flickering flame. She was exquisite, not to mention probably the only one that could keep up with him.

It's now or never
, he thought, as he looked at the metal band on his finger. He wished he could have gotten her a proper ring...but looks like destiny had something else in mind. 
It might have looked like just any other band, but for him, it was priceless. Manvi knew this and maybe this was part of the reason why it felt so right. It was the only precious memory of his father that belonged to him and as he slipped it off and held it tightly in his palm, he had a feeling that what he was about to do, was as right as things get. He was giving her a piece of him, which no one else in the world could possibly even dream to equal. He took a deep breath then as he got off the bed and stood on one knee in front of her.

"Just who do you think you..."

Manvi didn't finish though, as Virat's sudden change in position threw her off. He was near the bottom of her bed, on one knee, gazing at her intently now. He looked up through his eyelashes at her and she could see his eyes darkening, brimming with passion. Whatever it was that she was saying, she no longer remembered.

"Mannu", he began, his voice was soft, yet husky at the same time.

Her mind flicked back to the exchange she'd seen take place between the three of them. Wait...was Virat going to...? He's a Keeper, her sister's words reverberated in her head. She'd barely finished her thought when he took her hand in his.

"Mannu...I love you. I always have and I always will. You're the only one that's ever touched my heart and yours is the only impression engraved on it. Manvi, for the rest of eternity, will you be mine?...Forever mine?"

"Forever Yours?", Manvi asked, dazed by what was happening. Her thoughts were an incoherent mess.

Virat nodded. "Will you marry me?", his eyes were still burning into her, like they could see deep inside her soul.

For a moment, Virat was nervous. What if she said no?

"Yes!", Manvi exclaimed. Her eyes were bright and excited with the smile he'd been dying to see.

Virat slipped the metal band on to her left hand. He pulled her up against him, hugging her tightly, absolutely euphoric. She was standing, a head shorter than him as he placed his forehead against hers, admiring the ring that sat perfectly on her finger. Both grinning like absolute idiots who'd found the greatest treasure in the world.

Manvi's breathing hitched audibly as she realized just how close they were. She started turning away, when he slid his arm around her waist, hugging her from the back.

"Virat...", Manvi began in protest.

"Shhh..", he cut her off.

At this moment, he didn't want to think rationally..so he let emotions take control.
He put his head between her neck and shoulder, gently kissing her soft skin. She shivered at the sensation that his touch created. Her senses were in complete chaos.

Sudden quiet applause had them jumping apart though, as the smirking faces of his Bhai, bhabhi and uncle came into view.

Way to ruin the perfect moment, Virat thought, frowning at his older brother.

"Couldn't you wait another 2 mins?", he asked, frustrated. Seriously.


So, how was it? I'm not all that great at romantic...haven't delved much into that so this was my first time trying to actually get it right...did it come off alright? Thanx Embarrassed

P.S. All PM's done :D And if anyone else wants to be PMed please add me to your buddy list. 

P.P.S Part 5 coming up...any ideas?Big smile

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beautiful update!

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OK, So I was apparently waiting for the big proposal...and I wake up all early on a fine Sunday morning to see if you have given us a weekend treat and -voila!! - that was delightfully romantic...not a better way than this to kick-start my holiday...great stuff !!!...BTW, the P.P.S said 'part 5 coming up'...a sooner update of part 5 perhaps ???

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awsome yaar i just way to loved this part

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that was really nice :D :D love it!! Love virman:)

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Hi...i'm new to this forum and a big VirMan fan..
Absolutely loving ur SS..Thumbs Up..really lukin forward 2 d nxt part..plz add me 2 ur PM list as well...

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too good, u should work at cinevistaas!!!!

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