Anupallavi 7 - 11 Nov Update Pg 1 & Dicussions

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Monday 7/11/11

Palli goes to RR's office and shouts at whoever cares to listen. RR is asked to come home.
Palli tells him that Priya is in love and says that she has taken some decisions. As a first step, she wants Anu to know the truth ( ayyo da !! enna connection??? This woman has gone nuts, no more sympathy from Roja grrr) RR says that Anu's health wont permit but Palli gives a week's time for keeping Anu in the loop.

Manju and Priya -  in the college. Priya is upset about her mom and in general mommy's behavior. Manju consoles. Balaji comes and both the girls bark at him. he does a TJP and says that he never pOttu kuduthufied to Palli.

RR and Sundu - as usual Sundu says "this too shall pass" RR says that Palli is determined -
"Palli has given me 1 week 's time. If I do not tell Anu, then she will go and inform Anu " Sundu says that Anu getting to know is also for good " Anu might understand and accept you as a bigamist !!" RR is not convinced. Bhaskar comes to meet RR - kindles him some more and says that he is ready to make a deal. "Let the Narayan job be yours. I will do it and we can share the loot " RR shoos him away and Bhaskar as usual doles out a threat.

Bhaskar, his son Balaji and that rubber mouthed manager of Narayanan - as usual "namba ellarum sernthu antha RR ai kizhichudalaam " talk. Bhaskar calls Palli and tells her that he wants to meet her - "ellam nalla vishayam thaan " palli agrees to meet him.

Habba Roja vaale intha kOdumai yai sagichukka mudiyalai da sammy


Update by Eljay

tues Big smile

@eclat - enakku sandhosham thaan - after all, if you can't beat them, join them!  We can't seem to get any kind of sense into the heads of this AP cast and producers - the producers seem to think this is a show worth stretching, and the cast seems to think that a rogue is a "uyarndha manidhan", so I figured - why not go in and make the villains sound really nice?  Henceforth, Palli, Bhaskar, Balaji and Varadhan will be the true heroes of this show!  All less than honorable actions by any of them will be suitably modified - all viewers are hereby notified!

Update for Tues, Nov 8, 2011:

Bhaskar comes to Pallavi's house, and starts talking of how his son and Priya are sooo much in love with each other, so he has come to talk about their marriage.  Bhaskar talks of how she has come to their house with Balaji.  Pallavi (that's the first step - no more calling her Palli!) calls for Priya, she tearfully denies, so Pallavi is forced to ask Bhaskar to leave.  Afterwards, Priya runs to her room and tries to commit suicide, but Pallavi saves her.  Pallavi tries to find out more, but Priya is shocked that she would even suspect her.  Priya and Paati leave for the temple.  

Sivagami and Priya at the temple.  Manju calls, asking why priya hasn't yet come to the bus stop?  Sivagami takes the phone and asks Manju to come to the temple.  Manju arrives, and finds out what happened.  She tells Priya to be strong and face all problems and takes her to her house.  Sivagami is pleased to see the girls being so friendly.

RR's office - Ganesh, Santhosh, and Karthi along with RR - phone call from Pallavima.  She suspects RR of trying to spoil her life by encouraging Priya to fall in love with somebody called Balaji, and she tells RR that his father, Bhaskar, came to see her in the morning.  At first, RR doesn't know who this Bhaskar is, but then later, he realizes that this is Building Bhaskar, and tells Pallavi that this is Bhaskar's way of getting his own back because RR got the contract instead of him.  Finally, RR is forced to hang up on Pallavima!  Poor Pallavima, she throws the phone down.  RR explains all to Ganesh and Co. and they assure him that they will take care of the situation.

Priya in Anu's house - Manju tells her to stop worrying and start drinking coffee.  Santhosh calls and finds out that Priya is with Manju.  A tearful Priya tells all to Santhosh and Karthi on the phone, they tell her to stop crying.  Karthi and Santhosh get on the bike and go somewhere, presumably to take care of the problem Balaji.

Thodarum ...

Update by Eclat

Wednesday - 9th November 2011  Episode - 395

@Eljay - Tuesday update seyya so much santhosham? ;)

VVK & VVS go to see Balaji one hand.  They are unable to loacte Balaji, they finally sit in a park .  VVK asks VVS to call the common friend who knows Balaji as well, speaker on.  The friend and Balaji are together, the friend is asked to Nehru park with Balaji asap.  Any problem asks the friend - no, something good is to happen (serial finishaa??)The friend and Balaji assume they are ready to talk of alliance , reach Nehru park in a jiffy.    Balaji gets beaten up royally by VVK & VVS.

The friend admits Balaji in a hospital.  Bhaskar and Varadu come there and is updated by the friend.  Bhaskar wants beat them blue, Varadhu gives Bhaskar idea to lodge a police complaint first.  Bhaskar lodges complaint that Balaji is serious because of RR's son.   A police constable comes along with Bhaskar to the hospital, gets statement from Balaji and friend, leaves.  Bhaskar shouts at Balaji for being beaten horribly.  Varadu says he would arrange for revenge.  (Eljay - how can you join this kind of bandwagon??)  

Manju and Priya say bye to Anu , Manju is going to drop off Priya.  A police constable comes and asks for Santhosh.  Santhosh not at home.  He is wanted for assault on Balaji. The police asks them to send him to police station once he is home.  Anu promptly faints.  Both girls help her, Manju calls paatti for help.  Anti - Anti goes Priya.  Anti still unconscious.  Sub inspector visits Palli's house and takes Karthik  to the police station.  Palli calls Rogue...


Eljay' s  update

Okaaay, no cool this week!  Here's a brief update of today's joy:

Update for Thursday, Nov 10, 2011:

RR at police station - Inspector says that he will have to produce Santhosh, he tries to call Santhosh, but the line has been switched off.  Karthi is in the lockup, RR says he will bring Santhosh when he returns home and will bring a lawyer in the morning.

Balaji in the hospital, doctor says he can be discharged, but Bhaskar wants him to stay in the hospital for another couple of days.  He wants to use this so that RR can see how much he is suffering.

RR goes to Anu's house, no Santhosh.  He says he will drop Priya in her house and go look for Santhosh.

RR at Pallavi's house _ Pallavi wants to know if Santhosh is also in the lockup, says it is not fair that only Karthi should be in the lockup.

RR goes to Anu's house - Santhosh is there.  Anu has called the station and told them about Santhosh's return, so a policeman comes and takes Santhosh with him.

Pallavi and Sivagami go to the station in the morning.  Pallavi scolds Santhosh lovingly and asks him very nicely to stay away from her family.

Thodarum ...  

Update by Migan

Friday - Helping out Eljay - 11-11-11

RR goes to the hospital to see Balaji and pay his respects LOL.

Balaji insults him telling get Priya married to him as they both love each other then he will withdraw the complaint. RR gets mad and says if he bothers his daughter then even he won't hesitate to hit him and goes away.

He talks to the DR and finds out balaji can go home and only his dad kept him there. Nothing to worry about the injuries.

on his way out that right hand(What is his name - is it varadhu???) and Baskar see him. vardhu hides behind a tree.

RR asks Baskar to stay out of his family. baskar says since RR stole his contract he will make sure RR suffers until he falls on his feet. RR says I believe in God and walks away.

In police station, Palli and mom waiting for RR wondering when he will show up.

RR comes. lawyer comes and takes the boys in bail.

They both nicely hug daddy. RR tells Anu sent Santosh knowing karthi in jail. She didn't want Karthi or palli to suffer. nose cut for palli.

Palli, Mom and Karthi go home.

At home Palli mom scolds her for being harsh to Santosh. palli says he started everything. priya says it was all due to her. Karth says as a brother he has the right and Santosh also has the right. palli says Sntosh has no right. Kids don't agree.

Palli mom says you don't have that maturity. For them and for us both you and Anu are same.

Palli shows the ususal expression and goes away.


Baskar goes t the PS and ask the inspector how come he released karhi and Santosh as they tried to kill his son. Insp. gets mad and calls the DR on speaker , DR says Balaji is fine and he can go home. Insp says I cannot book them on a false case.

Baskar is mad.

At home, Balaji scolds his dad for not doing anything againt both Karth iand Santosh and he has to suffer. Baskar says let me bring them here and tahtti muttikku mutti.

Varadu cautions telling if some thing happens to them then he will be in trouble. so be careful - may be find out where they are and cause trouble there. Baskar agrees.

This driver guy(Baskar's kai aalu - I think he is the driver of Jenny) he brings th car to mechanic shop(Oorula irukkara ore mechanicshop right? MK's?)

He leaves the car, finds a charger inside the shed and puts his cell on charge and walks away for few minutes.

Prompta MK comes and wonders whose cell is this. Gets to now belonging to the driver. Baskar trying to reach the driver to find where about of the boys.

Mk sees baskar's name and just answers the phone not revealing who he is.

Baskar asks where are RR's sons? MK  is shocked and thinking hearing this. baskar throws the phone way thinking no reception. MK continues to think.


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Let me update tomorrow.  I am too tired to watch this nonsense all over again.  In fact, I didn't even watch it fully yesterday.
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I am sorry I need to bail out this week...I am travelling, and very little access to the web in between meetings...SORRY Cry
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Fri - me again.

I just found out that hubby has the day off tomorrow!  So don't be surprised if I update this on Monday only!  My whole Friday's program is goney gone!

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Thanks for the surusuruppaana update Eljay.  Did not know you have become  so "one" with this serial.  ROFL

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This crap serial is toping the worst serial lost ...
Devuda ...
Appreciate the patience of the updaters
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@migan, thank you, thank you, thank you!Hug

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Thanks Migan

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