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ArHilicious Droolers #4: Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai...

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ArHilicious Droolers #4: Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai...

Fairy: *Sneezes on Shine Dupatta* Why why snake and bua has to do this to my ArHiDisapprove
Shine: Eeeks what the hell why are u behaving like KhushiEvil Smile
Fairy: How can u be so insensetive like Snake *Sneezs one more time*Pig
Shine: SHUT UP. Already this week forum and newsletter is so cry and I hate crybabiesCool
Fairy: If I am crybaby then u r big time crybabyAngry
Shine: Yeah whatever everyone knows thatDead
StarMinu enters with tissues for Fairy and with tape for shineStar
Minu: Neetz here u go with tissues I can understand how you are feeling here are tissues for u crybaby *Shine Jumps*Big smileStar
Shine: yayyy yayy see everyone calls u crybabyApprove
Minu: Dont worry I have got something for u also here u go with tape so that u speak lessSleepy
Fairy: Now I dont need tissues coz someonegot the tape which she desrved from long time backStar

I would like to thank all the team members for being so prompt and punctual with their sections and helping us bring this out. Congratulations, guys! Great effort!Clap
And of course, biggest Thank You to Minu who is the backbone of our forum.

Please enjoy reading further and do drop in your feedbacks to help us improve and u can discuss whole week episodes over hereEmbarrassed (:

A BIG THANKYOU and 3 BIG CLAPS to ALL members of the IPKKND NL teamClap

Well done to you all for your hardwork and getting your assigned tasks in to Sanju (--sunshine--) and Neethi (PurpleFairy) by the assigned day.

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Sanju(--sunshine--)  Neetz(PurpleFairy) and Minu(minuu)


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Diwali celebration begins in both the houses  , If it is simplicity itself in Gupta House, It is quiet, understated elegance in Raizada's..Khushi Prays for the well being of her father's health.. wearing the sari given by Anjali .. She packs the sweets  and one unsweetened Mithai for Arnav .. departs to RM.. her entry is met with a warm welcome  from everyone except for one soul who is totally zapped !! That is none other than Shyam, Who thinks on his feet ..quickly eats Pineapple Halwa that induces a allergy in him,,He escapes with his face covered , sneezing his way to Anjali's Bedroom and leaving us free to enjoy some alone time with ARHI !!

Meanwhile Lavanya has turned a new leaf and has become Ideal indian  Bahu with a vengeance, finally winning over Nani's heart ..All are delighted with the news ..Lavanya And Khushi exchange hugs and  proceed to celebrate  Diwali ..

Khushi begins to light the diyas one by one .. soon she finds herself encircled by Diyas , watched in a trance by a hypnotized Arnav.. Lavanya  comes in at this juncture , notices the predicament Khushi is in..tells Arnav to help Khushi to come out of the circle.. A captivated Arnav Proceeds slowly towards Khushi, offers his hands.Khushi accepts it and both walk out  of the circle, hand in hand, eye to eye  only to separate with the arrival of Lavanya again ..Lavanya notices that Khushi does not have a Anklet on one of her legs...Khushi explains that the anklet was her mother's last gift , she lost one of them  a while..Arnav realizes the importance of the anklet in Khushi's life and goes away ..

Guests begin to arrive in Raizada mansion while Lavanya is getting ready with Khushi helping her .. Lavanya expresses her fond hope that Arnav will marry her this time since there is no reason for complaint.. In Arnav's room..Nani and Anjali comes in and express their happiness on the turnaround of  and give their approval for Arnav's marriage with Lavanya ..Arnav categorically rejects to marry lavanya or anyone...

All the members minus Shyam gather in the living area where Diwali party is in full swing ..Arnav and Khushi cant keep their eyes away from one another ..To escape the heat, Khushi goes to the  ARHI Taj Mahal , the Pool Side .. Khushi is engrossed in lighting and arranging the diyas..Arnav follows her there too, he calls her softly ,,A startled Khushi rises up suddenly, loses her balance and sprains her Ankles.Arnav helps her to the poolside chair ...slips off her feet from the constraining slippers, puts it on his lap and gently kneads the ankle to alleviate the pain... Arnav manages to remove the sprain with few twists and turns .. Khushi begins to remove her feet from his lap but Arnav gently restrains her from removing her feet.. A puzzled Khushi looks at him.. Continually looking at her, Arnav slowly brings out the lost anklet and ties it around Khushi's Ankles.. Khushi is very puzzled and confused ..

Arnav gets up and begins to leave but turns to have one last look at the ravishing beauty, he is lost !! A admiring Arnav slowly approaches Khushi, who begins to move back , her breath accelerates as starnge and new emotions begins to course through her.. Arnav backs her into corner... he plays with hr hair.. slowly cups her cheeks as a prelude to kiss, Khushi closes her eyes in anticipation when the mobile phone rings jerking both the lovers to reality ... Arnav is shocked  and coldly furious with himself ... A sorely confused Khushi wants to know some answers ..she confronts Arnav demanding to know the reasons for  the safe keeping of the anklet and also the 99.9% Kiss.. Arnav tells her to leave him alone..Khushi is insistent ,demands a answers.. Arnav promises her to reply, strides into the party hall, declares that he will be marrying Lavanya ..All the while his mocking gaze directly trained at Khushi who is simply broken when she hears this news .. family and friends congratulate Arnav..he accepts them indifferently ..his only interest on Khushi's reaction ...

A distraught Khushi  tries to go away from the party , she is stopped by Lavanya, who figures out that something has upset Khushi but has not twigged on to the fact that ARHI are interested in each other..Khushi puts on a mask and plays out a charade of being utterly happy to hear this news, A bit which does not fool Arnav .. Khushi hurriedly takes leave of Raizada's claiming late hours ..and departs rejecting the offering of a drop  by car..

The Raizada's begin to plan a quick engagement and wedding only for Arnav to put a spoke in the wheel .. Arnav says although he agreed for marriage per se, he did not mean he will marry immediately, tells everyone to stop  selecting dates etc.. Arnav stalks out, goes in search of Khuhsi in his Safari ..Arnav finds Khushi walking all alone in the street, orders her to  get in the jeep.. A devastated Khushi  puts on a smiling demeanor  yields to his orders graciously.. Khushi congratulates Arnav  on his  decision to get married.. Arnav is least interested in that and wants to talk about the anklet..Khushi is disinclined to discuss the anklets , both spar on their respective POV's..Khushi reaches home leaving her purse in Arnav's Jeep ..

Arnav discovers the purse, turns , comes to Gupta house hands over the purse to Khushi ..wishes everyone  , departs.. Khushi's Mother tells Khushi to send off Arnav Singh raizada..Khushi goes  to do her mother's bidding.. Khushi thanks Arnav for returning the purse and for her pains is strictly told by Arnav that he does not care for her, and that she must stop day dreaming  .. she never meant anything to him and the 99.9% kiss was an aberration and of no significance to him..Khushi is shattered to hear that ..Arnav starts his car and drives away in anger ..

Meanwhile A much recovered Shyam has made his appearance in Gupta House with a new plot  aimed at getting Khushi hitched to himself..This Plot succeeds, Buaji  emotionally blackmails Khushi into agreeing for the engagement with shyam..

Well, well, well, what a week that was. Started with the extra passionate romantic atmosphere and then ended with a heart-wrenching scenario. It's almost sin to try to find funny scenes in this week. But duty calls, so I guess I have to do it.

Nothing much to mention this week. The only scene I can think of is of Mami when she saw Lavanya's friends Sim, Nitu & Ritu saying Oh My God to Lavanya. The so called modern girls were shocked to see Lavanya in a saree and they went on blabbering 'Oh My God, La, you are in a saree' and etc etc. When Lavanya introduced them with the family, Mamiji was prompt to ask them, "Girls why did you keep saying Oh my God, oh my God, are you girls scared?"

And then she went on with some more comments about this which made even Nani smile a little.

Well though quite lame, it was a scene worth a shake of head if not a little smile. That's the best I can do this week as that's the best we got as far as funny scene is concerned. And by the way things are going, I've a feeling that I'm going to be jobless pretty soon! Take care everyone and stay tuned to Iss Pyar Ko Kya Naam Doon.

Evil SmileJoota scene is the scene after watching it we all are about to break our Tv screens.Evil Smile

The credit of joota scene of the week goes to:

" Shyam had written his and khushi's name in the wall outside Khushi's home, he was also successful in gathering people outside her home so that she will be more degraded, that provoked Buaji and she dragged khushi out of the room and showed that to her. In the mean time Shyam made Shashiji to suffocate by putting sweet forcefully into his mouth.Buaji then blamed Khushi for the current situation of her Bauji, and asked her to give some happiness to her father, a confused khushi thought about her moments with Arnav n then remembered his words and agreed to marry Shyam. Khushi was in pain and in tears while Shyam was smirking."

Buaji and Shyam were at their best in annoying us to the core.

This week was a galore of Achari scenes between Arnav and Khushi. The Diwali sequence with trapped between the diyas till Arnav's missed kiss was a treat for die hard romantics. So I'll write this entire sequence which made us 'the audience' blush, be-kaabo, and drool. With Arnav providing his hand to Khushi and guiding her through the maze of the diyaas and the following "Jaado hai Nasha Hai'Heart...Khushi's version where both of them kept on stealing glances at each other and nervously basked in each other's gaze were fireworks for the ones who like subtle, decent romance Embarrassed.

While during the Payal sequence when Arnav returned Khushi's anklet to her after knowing how much it was worth to her, he not only showed his caring side, but his inner caged up romantic guy as well while he caressed her foot and tied the anklet on her anklet. Then followed the mindblowing intensive version of "Jaadu Hai Nasha Hai"Heart...Arnav's version. So for him love is passionate and a way to lose yourself. It was a beautifully shot sequence with great bluish lighting in the background heightening the effect of the moment. This scene was a moment for those who crave a harder more passionately physical romance Blushing. So as far as this week was concerned... it was filled with a delicious, delectable helping of ArHi till wednesday Day Dreaming. Really not anticipating ArHi scenes next week, but would still keep my fingers crossed.

With tons of jhapeez n pappeez,

This week there was no Rakshabhandhan scene of the week so we will give this award to Khushi and ShayamWinkLOL

So this week was a treat for us...romantic,emotional,painful...There was not much of fillers...yet, there were  some really ridiculous ones were there...
First, It was Shyam stuffing halwa like he was starved for years...that scene did not make any sense when there were pineapple cubes of 2 inch thickness were decorating the dish
And another hit and miss by Khushi...Taking so long 2 enter only to b disturbed by Anjali...
Mamiji's yapping with the guests about phatee saree,that is repeating almost every week
And Shyam's monologue...Ufff! we had had enough of it! 
And Buaji creating a scene for a graffiti is highly irrational...It was she who accepted him as PG...Now shouting at her , May b necessary for the story but meaningless...

That's all for this week guys, Heart wrenching week to follow...Tighten your seat belts...Get ready for a bumpy ride...

Sharmi Smile

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 8:20am | IP Logged

hello pps! welcome to yet another segment of...!   D'ohoops wat am i doin here! ive gone crazy! im here for presentin d BC of the week nd yeh lo im tryin to present a show!LOL nywys this week's BC is...? im a bit confused. so this week we have got two best characters! nd they r none other thn...
so first i'll go to lavanya. she is nt da old la we have seen before! she has totally changed nw!she nw understood hw to talk wit others etc etc! d way she handled her crazy frnds nd made them understood abt d significance of mandir was gud! she also got angry when they said abt nani! she nw considers khushi as her best frnd! she got sad when khushi was cryin. she tried to know d reason frm her. nd she even asked ru nt hppy abt meWink she even tells arnav to help khushi frm dat diyas! if it was another suspicious girl she wont allow her BF to even talk wit another girl! she trusts khushi a lot nd likes her! so well done la u rocked this week! superb work sana!Clap     Clap
nxt stuff wit ours own sweet chamkili khushi! she is confused abt d change in her behaviour. she has bcome so carin for arnav dat she made sugar free halwas for him! she has developed some feelings for arnav. she is so courageous dat instead of sittin nd thinkin y arnav did like dat to me she went straight away to him nd asked abt dat! she even made arnav to tell everythin but he avoided her! she hid her sadness frm everyone nd tried to hppy when arnav agreed for marriage wit la! she was heart broken when arnav said those things doesnt matter to him! for her buaji she was ready to sacrifice her own hppiness nd is ready to marry dat creep!!!!
                              luv shobra!          

Hmm well this week's most irritating character surely has to be Arnav Singh Raizada himself! *covers herself with shield* Wait wait! Before you guys start to throw chappals at me, I'll tell you the reason why I found him irritating. This was only because despite knowing how he feels about Khushi, he still announced his engagement with La in the heat of the moment without considering the consequences of this decision. Agreed that though he was having a problem with ackonwledging his feelings for Khushi, but he shouldn't have taken such a hasty decision. That's all. Plus I couldn't find anyone irritating this week.LOL Haha so he's the one.

Hiya Guys and welcome to the funniest character of the week section. So this week without a doubt has been full of love, passion and desire. I'm sure we all will always remember it... Choosing a funny character this week felt like answering a trig question lolLOL


But oh well i've got it here...never in my life had thought that i will be giving this award to one of my least liked characters lol..but oh well sometimes you do things that u haven't even dreamt of doing before lol..


So without any further delay the award for the funny character goes to Hello hi bye bye Aka Mami Ji...i know i know most of u would be staring at the screen and saying Wat the...??ROFL


But she did a good job by shutting the weird anties up who were insulting the Raizada ladies...her fake crying when Arnav announced his marrige was worth ROFLing...and her english was amazing as always...(yay u guessed it right i've gone retarted..its all due to ArHi RomanceSilly)


So i should zip my mouth cause even giving mami ji an award is boiling my blood...LOL

Bye for now folks...have a good time...

i'll be back with a better winner next week...pinky promiseROFL


Love Ammie


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--sunshine-- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 8:40am | IP Logged

Uff Teri Ada
Dekh ke bhi nahi ho yakeen
Itni kyun hai bata tu haseen
Tere husn se zindagi haseen

Tere husn ke aagey koi haseena kuch bhi nahi Day DreamingDancing

The Costume Of The Week Goes To Our Sweetheart Khushi Embarrassed

Ufft She KILLEED Me In That Outfit And It seems Like Arnav Just Couldnt Stop StaringEmbarrassed

Red Just Went Perfectly With sanayas Gora Gora FaceEmbarrassed

Lovee Sara

Well I had two choices this week either Jadoo hai nasha hai or the song  which is playing right now that is Yeh dooriyan from Love aaj Kal. But frst one depicts earlier scenareo but now this song predicts the current scenareo so this one according to me is best option,

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 8:43am | IP Logged

Okay what's with all this sudden evaporation of diya's from the main hall??at one point there is no trace of diyas in the scene where La is defending her traditions near the Mandir area, and then suddenly for the ArHi scene the entire hall is emptied to shoot the whole *Arnav-saving-khushi-from-the-diya-maze* scene and again in the next moment all the diyas vanish??and guests seem to have taken its place..was it just for the ArHi scene??weren't the diyas lighted for the diwali??



I totally fail to understand how come nobody sights Arnav-Khushi having a discussion together ,if the view from the pool-side is this clear and visible??i mean not a single guest /family member notices them through the huge French window??

And wait if Arnav is facing this side (towards Khushi) while announcing the wedding how come he approached from the opposite end to grab La's hand ??is it just me??or am I wrong about this??but it did seem like that!


Though I just loved the way this scene has been shot (the set up), in the dark and gloomy atmosphere which signifies regret, The after effect of the just missed kiss..but it was an obvious blooper with regards to the place taken, this happens to be again the main hall of the mansion right??the huge French window is the hint guys!

Well there are many others like a few technical ones,but I found these prominent and worth mentioning..


Have a great weekend..

KauserBig smile

5th Nov
@khushi's house


"Apni cheezein yahan wahan chhodne ki aadat hai tumhari

tumhari payal mere paas thi uska koi galat matlab mat nikaal lena

yeh mat sochna ki ek ameer aadmi tumhari payal ko apne seene se laga kar baitha tha...

doesn't mean a thing

mere liye uss baat ki ya tumhari..koi ehmiyat nahi hai"

2.The car dialogue- 4th Nov

Arnav- toh tum khush ho

Khushi -arre hum khush kyun nahi honge? hum bhi toh yahi chahte the ki..

arnav- Oh really?  tum yahi chahti thi...

3.La- on 31st OCT

la- It's not funny. Naniji ke baare mein baat mat karo. Woh humse badi hain aur hume unki respect karni chahiye.
apni family ke liye care karna...doesn't make me a behenji and tum logon ka aise behave karna doesn't make y'all modern.
mujhe bhi yeh baat samajhne mein time laga lekin apne traditions, sanskar seekhne koi buri baat nahi hoti . Agar tum kisi baat ko nahi maante lekin usse hi humare bade ko khushi milti hai toh use karne mein problem kya hai?

Pride and Glory
"Two Soulmates Swinging In the Deep Ocean Of Distress"

I wonder why do I love you when its all just a feeling? 
Why don't I just stop dreaming, for it's just a feeling and nothing more
The Feeling which loses my Control Over you
You made me subtle, You made me sooth with calmness
This place is the best where she will never know,
  A heart so deep and steel things will go in, but not come out
My heart starts racing faster and faster, as my smile slowly starts to fade,
All the pain coming back to my mind,, reminding me why we aren't together,
Telling me don't you dare go back to that,, you know the outcome will be the same
Memories are replaying In My Head taking toss and turns

I'd run across deserts, swim across the ocean 
Sitting alone, Locked up myself in a room
Thinking about My Life, Thinking about that agony that has been given by You
My hope is faded away somewhere deep inside,
Praying to be subsided slightly, if you just salvage me In your Hands
Now You're gone, Still my mind is rushing and making silly hoaxes
Are you really Outta my Life ? Are you No longer by my side ?
This heartache I just can't explain, All I ever feel is pain,
That passion I long for true love for real,
 Your gentle caressing what I long to feel, 

A love that when we are together, i'd rather die than be apart,
A love that when our lips meet, I can feel the kiss from your Breath
There's a rain that will never stop falling , From my eyes, these tear are not stalling, the memories of us I carry in my heart, 
Because of these unspoken words, we fell apart
Trying to convince myself that I ain't Losing, yet i get backfire every time
Moving On further with unknown i couldn't do,
Don't you care enough to Lose me ? Doesn't your Heart beats for Me ?
I don't wanna Hurt You, I Don't wanna set you free by my sight
B'coz My love for you is strong, So strong i can't breath when i see you

There is nothing better than the presence, Of the one you love the most,
To see no one else's reflection except yours
Will you ever make me yours ? 
Will you ever dare to confess your Love ?
Will you ever divulge your sentiments ?
This is the play of Hide and Seek
she finds his feelings, while he veiled it deeply in itself
The Game of Hide and Seek secretly be seen, or secretly not seen.

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 8:59am | IP Logged

honestly it was hard to choose and i could i would choose everyone's stuffHug but i choose the winner according to the votes/liked + persons who used the avi so the most <3
hope you'll agre with me EmbarrassedBig smile so the winner avi(s) is/are

made byy the talentued :


announcing the icon of the weeek )=)
1st of all i would like to say that every creations weer fab once again and especially with lots of  Diwali Kiss Stuff Day DreamingLoved it !! okaat so **drumrollz**Dancing
the lucky and deserving icon is ...none other thaan ...

made byy
 our own

Gues who's back? Back with a bang LOLCool.. This member disappeared with makig siggies for months but is back and made siggies recently.. She is none other thanjenny1000 Clap And the winning siggy for the week is:

Here is ur gift

FINALLY!!!! After so many weeks, I see a member made a video siggy at its best.. such a beautiful scene and siggy.. without more of my bakbak LOL, Lets see what the video siggy looks like and who made it:

Made by: CUTELOVE/IF - Congrats Party AMAZING work ClapThumbs Up

Here is ur giftEmbarrassed

By ...-Ammie-
Here is ur giftStar

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 9:00am | IP Logged

Most active topic / thread of the week is:


Here is ur gift

Here is ur gift

CVs, what a great week of ArHi time you have given us Star. Viewers enjoyed each and every ArHi scene they saw onscreen, especially the 'Payal scene and the seductive scene after'Embarrassed.There was a lot of drama, tears, laughter and happiness in store for the viewers in the past weeks episodes and each and every scene was loved by all. The Shyam and Bua scenes did get to a few viewers, but kya kare they're part of the show too..LOL We just hope, this whole Shyam track ends soon and his truth is revealed so all the show concentrates on is ArHi and PayAsh. Yeh kya CVs? No PayAsh scenes?? Whats going on.. they seem to be getting sidelined, viewers want to see more of PayAsh than Bua and  Shyam!!!!!! 

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.Jane.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 9:01am | IP Logged

Waiting for the End, by storybooksgd
She may be new to I-F, but the writing and story is fabulous!!Star

The Big Bangby minimuffin86
This FF has moved to my favourites list, now! 
Khushi's past, Arnav's attraction to her, its all so intriguing!

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