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FF:- Saathi Re(updated) part-15- page 79 9th feb (Page 9)

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Originally posted by ElizaKawa

Aham and Anita wowShocked
I wonder whats Aham past?
eager to read more

tanks eliza...

u wil know ahem's past tomorrow..

thanks for the intrest.

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Originally posted by karth

realy very intrstng yaar...enjoyng t to d core... continue soon...

thanks karth.. i wil update tomorrow and i am really glad u like it.

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Originally posted by rashi.krishna

wow!!! love the new rashi... great starting... please update soon... will u get rashi married to jigar??? if not for god's sake please tell me..

yup me too love rashi..thanks rashi..i wil updte tomorrow as usual..

well i already replied to ur no screts out..

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Originally posted by Bloem123

Thanks for the pm shaina.
Fantastic start Very intresting.
Can't wait to read the next part!

thanks bloem..u were so eager to read the next part after could i disaapoint u..

i wil update tomrrow as usual...

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Originally posted by vibha_v_bhat

awesome. Pl update soon

thanks vibha... i wil continue tomorrow...

Originally posted by sravz23

lovely continue sooon

thanks sravz..i wil update tomorrow...

Originally posted by evanjaidan2226




Originally posted by Nihira-fan

beautiful concept!!!please update soon!!

thanks nihira..i wil updte tomorow...

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Originally posted by magi11

hey shaina.. congrats for your new ff.Clap.. n sorry for commenting so lateUnhappy...tat was a promising start for your new ff... it seems to be different.. n cant wait for the next update since it is gonna be gopi's entryWink...

hey maggi...waiting for ur this was the ff i promised u..during the start of milan..

no pbm for commenting late..u commented its engouth. yup its different in all ways..hope to make it more pleasentalbel to read..

yup its gopi entry for sure..i wil update tomorrow...

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Hai guys thanks for waiting and thanku thanku thanku so much for such a huge response for the first part...and well read and i wil tell u...

The moment ahem set his eyes on her, his past came falling down...all his efforts, all his tries to come close to her, to impress her...everything came infront of him...everything came back and hit him..

"I love u ahem.." those words, the satisfaction he felt at that time, the efforts he made to just listen to those 3 magical words..

Once she turned and saw him..her doe eyes filled with happiness lost the shine and her smile dissaperared totally...and ahem knew it..instantly...she dint forget him either///freeze...

The Excel college Of Mba...the famous college of Delhi...the prestigous institue...the trademark for all the rich families..ahem still dint got how could she entered into his college..and would always thought why couldnt she enter a year later after his pass out...then it wouldnt not have happend at all..

IT was the first day of freshers..and as usual his classmates being the seniors of the college..were ragging the juniors of to their heart content.. AHem was chitchatting again with his friends...his favourite time pass when suddenly one of his friend came to him saying there is a problem going on...need not to say ahem run towards the spot..

when he reached the spot..his eyes fell directly fell on the person who was wearing a long ponytail and dressed in a long skirt and top...too decent in ahem's view, and his eyes moved towards a girl who was crying non stop.. The litte ponytail girl was shouting at top of her voice at his friends and ahem went towards them to know the matter..

"what do u think urselves..its not that u are our seniors that u have to insult us so much..juniors have self respect too."the girl was shouting. "whats the matter?" ahem asked his friends but looking towards her. Her eyes were her special attaraction..cute doe full eyes, whitish complexion, pinky cheeks and looking like a mad tigreess in anger..

"Nothing yaaar..this girl over here! teaching us the meaning of ragging and lecturing on principles," "dont u know these are ur seniors!" ahem asked her. "no sir, but first ask ur friends what they did?"

AHem turned towards them and raised a eyebrow. "What!! its the same..we asked this crying angel to sing a song and to dance...thats it.."

"sir..they asked her to dance on a vulguar song..and she is a shy natured person by nature..and we all know that ragging is done to intearaction and to let us overcome our fear on the first day.

.they were using bad words and insulting her and teasing her. thiss is not the way sir, we are not disagreeing to co-operate, if u come out with a friendly way then why wouldnt we deny to interact."

"well miss..." "gopi..gopi rajvansh!" "well miss..rajvansh , we are sorry for the discomfort we caused u and i am really sorry for my friends stupidity"

gopi smiled a gratitude smile and comforted her friend and ahem turned towards his friends. "Idiots..cant u see that girl is a shy natured person and as gopiji

said it should be in a friendly a encouraging lets leave the shy lady aside and lets interact with the brave girl here, so friends put ur hands together to miss.gopi rajvansh who wil be going to entertain us with her song and dance"

All cheered and jeered and gopi wass stunned and looked at him astounished. "excuse me!" "well u heard me right!, u have told me that if asked in a right manner u people would co-operate so, here i am asking u with humble request gopiji..can u sing a song for us. for ur dear senior friends" Gopi kept looking at him shocked.

AHem continued "what do u thinkthat hearing ur idiotic speech i would go against my 1 year friends and would support u.

And what did my friends ask, just a song that it..everyone are doing the same then what u people have a problem with it.

Listen miss.rajvansh..this is not a cheap public college which u might have attended..its Excel the college of the bright and the rich and here the rules have to be

accepted by the juniors at any cost and those who cant meet the standards of this college and depends on shoclarships...they have to obey us...RIGHT GUYS" "RIGHT" all shouted.

She fumed with anger and humiliation, her eyes streamed with slight tears and she turned to leave but ahem was too fast for that. He caught her arm and pulled her to the side, close to him

and came close to her "when i say somehting..u have to listen and when i ask to do something..u have to do..that the first a nd formost rule of this college. and girls like u. who are depened on the money given by the rich people like us...have to bend their heads down" he said making gopi's hand down by catching her chin..All his friends laughed and gopi throwed ahem's

hand from her face. "what do u think of urself, that this college wil only listen to u. it was my mistake to even try to talk to such arrogant beast like u. and rules are made by the college heads..not someone like a rich brat like u."

"ahem...ahem my name and if u want to complain..the pricipal office is right over their"

gopi gave him a cursed look and took her friends hand and stormed into the pricipal office..

"bring some proof about the complaint..and we will take action" "But sir..he misbehaved with us, tried to humilate us, and if the department is not their to help us then who wil we turn to?"

"miss modi is a brilliant student and none of the teachers nor students ever complained about him. so out of thin air i cant accept ur accusation all of a sudden until u have a proof..i am sorry get some proof and i wil take action"

GOpi rushed outside to all her juniors mates but none responsed to her plea. "Stop searching..its a waste of time.." a girl spoke. "But why..everyone saw what happend but..." "other colleges are different..but this college runs on the modis. They are the powerful family in the entire delhi and mr.parag modi is the turstee and chairperson of this college.

nothing goes against his wish and all the shoclarships and charities are done by him and the remaining members who are faithful to him. One complaint or action against mr.modi is ur downfall.

U wil find not even one evidence for u two once u step out of this office. all the seniors are one and by now the juniors too might have understood their limits seeing ur drama. its thier tactics.

ALl the previous batch members suffered the same fate and take my advice ..its better to stay low in this college rather to put up a fight because its

really a mean world out their and this college runs in the hands of the rich and the faster u getur degree and go out , the safer u wil be here." "so that's it...u mean we are we should just shut our mouths"

"i wont say that..but i would say u to do it here. u dont know ahem modi...he can be really mean. the college runs on his fingers, the peopel who stay in his protection are safe so none go against him and all the pricipals and teachers

wont believe u because he is the golden boy of this college. he bring ranks, bring medals and the money of his father and the soon to be trustee of this i think u got the picture,

ahem never leave any loopholes to find out. he just does things perfectly without any trace mark. and the people who wil support u wil go for the downfall too.. so none wil co-operate with u. its a selfish world and everyne thinks of just chill and forget everthing. and welcome to the college...i am anitha!!"

"hai..gopi!" "hai..nice to meet u..gopi..i have to leave my class is about to begin and just chill and go to ur class...k"

gopi nodded and left to her class when suddenly she was surrounded by a gand of boys. no need to say she raised her head to meet the person she started to hate that very moment..

" where is ur pricipal saheb. did he run away too." gopi took a deep breath and tried to move but ahem stopped placing his hand infront of her. "i already told u...when i talk u have to listen to lets have a proper meeeting now. Here boys and girls of junior section, everyone listen to i am going to annoucne

u the rules of the excel college...the rules of ahem modi." and turned towards gopi and raised her face with his hand.

"the first rule is not to go against me, or never try to complain against me as u may have witnessed...the consequnece already.."

"the second rule is the more u stay quite the better u wil be here! and i dont want any arguments anywhere and the third is..."

Gopi pushed ahem and shouted "what do u think that by buying all the principles and staff, u owe this college..this college belongs to all of us and we are not ur damn servants here!"

"It is my colege!!" ahem thundred. catching her arm nd pulling her closer."this college runs on my family income..since ages my family members are its trustees and only i have the total rights on this college..

what do u think that with ur long lectures u wil change everything going on here...Nothing wil change here..without my notice so understand miss.gopi if u want to stay here, if u want to live here, better start to obey me and if dont...then welcome to hell!" and went away leaving gopi in tears and pain..

"I hate him..i totaly hate himm"gopi said slamming her books down. "chill!" anitha said. "how could u tolerate him?" "because he is my friend!" gopi chocked on her drink. "WHAT!, and u are telling me this now.. wait after...what...3month of our friendship!!"

"thats why i dint tell u because i know u willt take the matter seriously..." "But how could u be his friend?" "i am in his year gopi.. and my mom and his mom are friends, so indirectly i know him after coming to college and well once if u are on the good side of him

he is bearable" "then why did u accused him on my first day?" "i dint accused him, i just warned u because i got a liking at u and anyways...u already got over 6monts...and these 3 monts with me...its just a 2 months chill out

and u wont never realize these months due to exams and all. and then ahem wil be out of the college and u wil be happy without us." "i really hope so, i dont want to see his face again" anitha laughed. "he is handsome for ur kind information" gopi immitated vomting nd anitha lauged harder..

"whats sooo funny going on here" ahem asked coming to them and anitha cautioned gopi and gopi rolled her eyes. "none of ur bussiness"

"language miss.rajvansh" "i know when to mind my language...and i mostly know how to speak to rich brats like u" gopi left fuming leaving ahem blowing with anger. "leave her!" anitha warned and went away. "Ajay..gopi have a practical today...right" ahem asked and ajay knew what he have to do.

"But sir..i completed my thesis!!" "not any more explanation miss.rajvansh..u are a bright student.. i dint expected this from u." gopi's project turned into a book of white papers suddenly and she know exactly who would have done this.

"sir, just give me 10 min..i wil bring my thesis" "k miss.rajvansh considering ur record..i wil give it to u but remeber if u fail..i will fail u and u have to attempt it in ur next year" "i wil be right back sir, thank u" gopi rushed out and she need not to search more..ahem was sitting in the canteen with

her thesis in his hand fanning it. "mr.modi my thesis..give it to me please,...if i dont submit it then my practical wil go waste this year. so please give it to me" "Please!!" ahem said suprised..

"wow..gopiji..i heard the word please from u for the first time i hearing wrong." " education is my life and if i fail in this practical..getting a shcolarship is out of reach for please..give it to me its more important to me than my life"

"my i dreaming!! so this paper is important for lets see how much extent u wil

go to get miss.gopi...ask once more and i wil consider" gopi joined her hands and pleaded "please mr.modi..i wil listen to u from now on..i wont interfere or never try to go against u...iwil live by ur college rules..its not just a piece of paper in ur hands..its my entire career out please give it to me..i accept my defeat today..i gopi rajvansh..accept the defeat infront of u..give it please"

"WOW..i am pleased today totally...really guys..listen..miss.rajvansh have accepted defeat from time" everyone cheered

and clapped and ahem turned towards gopi "so lets see , u want this paper right" ahem took the paper and poured coffee on it. "AHEM...what are u doing..stop it please" but ahem with a wicked smile damaged it and throwed it on the floor.

gopi stood stunned with shock, tears blowing down on her face and collapsed down...catching the theisis her hands. "u said u wil give me!!" she chocked. "i said i wil consider". ahem said "hey what this?" ahem picked up a photo and gopi jumed up seeing the photo in his hands.

"AHem please..give it to me/" "well well...listen guys..miss.gopi keeps her parents photo in her thesis...poor darling must be feeling lonely without mama and paapa right.."

"ahem please..i beg u...please ahem...dont do it" "why shouldnt i do it gopi? " ahem asked anger radiating from his face "since 9 months u have been mocking me, humiliating me, saying words against my back...why should i listen to u now.."

"ahem please..dont do it..ahem please..anything i wil listen anything to u now..please dont do anything to that photo..its my life"

"strange..a thesis is imp to u, a photo is imp to u...but a man's value is not important to u, the value of modis is not important to gopiji..its high time to teach u a lesson that not to mess with ahem modi...and the consequences u wil face are..." ahem said and tore the photo into pieces and blowed it into her face.. gopi felt all her engery drained out of her body.

EVeryone cheered and whistled and ahem looked and smiled at her "so next time gopiji..better dont mess with me...listen everyone..this is the result if anyone goes against me...against ahem modi...understand gopiji"

and SLAP... gopi slapped ahem so hard that it vibrated around thewhole hall...everything went dead silent...immediately...everything and everyone.

Well not so impressed with this part...hope u would like it...

so all the previosue ahem lovers...Meet the real ahem modi of saathi re.

how do u like him...?

so what wil ahem modi gives in reply for the slap given to him infront of everyone.

what change brought him to bring close to gopi and why does he went to anitha now?...stay tuned... and sorry if the part is boring

A small request for all the readers...i dint expect this ff to be so hit with such huge i really dont know to how many people i have to pm so please let me know only for this time to whom i should pm u so that i can make a list..and i wil pm them until the ff ends.

and the people who dont want any pm the daily shedule of update is every friday night or saturdays...its a regular shedule and if any change i wil intimate in the ff.              

thank u 

Note : i alreday pm the persons who requested earlier,.no need for them to ask. again.

                                                    Part 3- pg 19

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