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FF:- Saathi Re(updated) part-15- page 79 9th feb (Page 79)

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shaina... wtng 4 d update...

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don't worry ...take your time seethaartBig smile

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hei darling...

im missing my weekend tablet (update)...n now weekend is over without my tablet...

miss u dearly...

tc...take ur time..will be waiting eagerly as always...

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No problem but love the story so much
Please pm me when you are ready to update
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Thanks for ur lovely patience is to read something..not much though..


"in short..we are banckruted.." Ahem said and a dangerous silence filled the hall again...Not even one person dared to open to voice out..everyonne lost in their own thoughts. After a couple of mins a voice broke out "Ahem...what are u saying?"Parag asked unbelivable...definetly he dint expected this day to come. "how come the project is fail...what are u trying to say...whats all this...ahem what happend?" "Ahem can we land in such a position..tell me what happend..maybe we can still sort out.."chirag said "why are u remaining silent now..speak "parag shouted.

But ahem dint speak because he was lost thinking what happend just 5 min back...//freeze

"what the hell does she thhink of herself..?"ahem thought watching gopi walking away. Suddenly his phone rang and ahem saw its umang calling. "Hey umang..what man where are u.its getting time.." "AHem..this marriage wont happen, anitha wont come" It felt like someone punched ahem in the stomach. His mind couldnt register what he was saying.."what do u mean..anitha is not she not well." "Ahem..this marriage wont happen..not urs not mine."Umang said in a curtless tone. The ice in his voice chilled ahems spine. "What...what..what are u talking...what happend..did anitha said something..whats this?"

"Ahem i already told u..this marriage wont" "I heard what u told me..."ahem shouted..."listen umang..what happend..tell anitha that i am sorry for yesterday if that is the reason...Umang its common for lovers to fight...its not like that the engagmeent should be canceled.." "its not about ur fight ahem...this marrigage cant happen.." "Stop repeating urself like a tape recorder..."ahem shouted.."what is this stupid u know how many people arrived here, did u see the time..its nearly time..stop playing ur stupid pranks umang...this is not the time to play jokes." "Ahem..calm urself..and this is not a joke..

Everyone dont take life..easily as u do..and i seriously..know..that its not the time for jokes." "Then what are u doing right now"ahem shouted and took a few breaths to calm himself..."Listen umang..if it is about something then we wil settle it later, if u want something..i promise we wil discuss it later..but not right now..the whole city turned out here, if anitha dont come right now...then our family name wil be ruined..people wil laugh at us. Listen buddy..understand...whatever the matter is we wil deal with it later..." "Ahem u are not understanding" "No ur not trying to understand..its my family status out thier.

Listen let me talk to anitha..i know she wont let me down...just give the damn phone to her." "AHem...she dont have anything to do with u anymore..this is thre reason i am calling u dont have anything to do with her, so stay out of her life." "Umang this is the last time i am saying u...stop this drama right now..its enough..what do u think that u would talk nonsense and i would keep on listening to it..stop ur games right now..i wont let anyone play with my family and its status." "what status are u talking of ahem..which status. wil u have when the news get leaked." "what do u mean?"ahem asked for the first time feeling lightly tensed thinking of kinjal.

"Dont u know yet modi...the project which we invested have gone to the drain, the project failed.!!" Umang gave the unpleasent news in a unpleasent way. AHems mind filled with blankness,everything was clear infront of his eyes..but nothing was registering in his mind..his project failed...even this thought couldnt register in his mind..Slowly the mind occupied the confusion "how can the project was so planned, so correct so progressing...his was about get suceeded with the plan, so much investment on it, so much profit, so much sucesses..where could it go wrong...wheere did he perform the mistake...

He planned so well..he have trusted so much...He have trusted..U!!" Ahem shouted..."U...i have trusted U with this project..this was ur idea...this project was suggested by U and ur sister, i have given the second partnership to u, i have given every equal rights to u..u promised that this project wil be a huge sucess, u said our deal is strong, our partners are strong..then how could the project fail" "what i would know ahem, i did my part well, what could we do if the others cheated us..? " "U said u know the dealears" "I did knew them, one knows the other in bussiness..but it doesnt mean that i am responsible to every one"

"u cant do this umang...u have landed me in the project in the first place, u suggested that i should keep all the shares on this project, u cant ditch me now" "The project is already ditched ahem, whats the point in jumping into a drowning ship, infact i would suggest u to take ur steps back right now to limit the damaage,...alteast something woould be saved." "Umang..what do u mean something would be saved...we are joint partners in it, we have to share our loss too." "i am sorry Ahem, unlike u..i have a pratical mind...i just offered u some help...infacct i have never agreed to a major patnership...

Most of the profits was decided to ur company, i was just assissting u...whats the point to assist when i find no profit in it.I am sorry but i dont have any intrest to do anything with u now." Blood boiled in ahem's body. He still remembered how he had first rejectd the proposal and how anitha had convinced him to trust was his plan to invest the propery, his handling and when the time came...he made his escape so conviently leaving him in a mess. It was then ahem mind struck to the fact..he was not leaving him or his bussiness,...he was leaving hiss sister too.

"Umang...dont do this...i am warning u...dont ever think to ditch my family" "i am sorry i said..whats the point to continue the deal anymore" "Fine...leave about the deal...but my sister..Umang u and my sister are engaged..the marraige is within days..what wil happen to her..who wil marry her..fine..i wont bring the deal with u..let this issue be over here, i promise i wont bring it again.." "u are not understanding ahem...i accepted kinjal propposal because i thought our bussiness dealings would get strong.., but when the bussinesss is not present..what the need of proposal."

"U cheat...U sister life is not a bussiness deal or she is any doll to get played with. U are forgetting one thing umang..if u are rejecting my sister...then i can reject urs too." "U are still not getting ahem..I dont want my sister to marry would i send my sister to a family which is going down the wil she be happy with lets say this is a final goodbye.." "No No..umang wait..please...please i ...i beg u...please..everyone knows about this marriage..the cards are sister really loves u..she is so happy..u want me to forget anitha right..fine i promise i wont disturb her life again..

i wont talk to her again..just marry kinjal ...if u want..we wil maintain our distance with her after marriage..but umang please..marry family wil be doomed if the marriage is sister life wil get destryoed...please" "I am sorry ahem...i dont get emotional like u...i am a practical person..i am sure everything wil be alright...hope for the best ahem...Goodbye!!" Umang cut the call leaving starting at the disconnected cell phone.

How did everything went so wrong...How wil they face the situation...How can they wil he break the news...How wil kinjal feel..How wil his family feel...what will happen to her future now..!! AHem mind was buzzing with so many thoughts that he dint notice that someone was calling him. "Ahem dikra..what are u doing here...the time is getting up...they are calling u!!"someone said..and slowly ahem realized the serious pbm he was facing now. His engagement...what would everyone say when all wil realize that their no bride . What wil happen to their prestage...if everyone knows that the girl dumped him because they are broke.

His family dint know this yet...what wil happen to their name...How can he save his family from the humiliation. what should he do"  He slowly came inside and observed the surroundings..everyone were looking so happy and excited...How would they be when they know the truth. He slowly serched for the person he was looking for. Rashi was beside jigar looking here and their slightly angry...and amused at the same time..a small hesitant smile slipping from her lips. The only way he can delay their humiliation is to bring someone in anithas place. Just for the show..and rashi is the perfect person to play with..

She is the best partner who could support him in this situation..but AHem could take a step..another thing realized..Rashi was not his partner anymore...she was going to be someones soon. She cant take anithas place..because her place is reserved for someone. He was doomed...totally doomed..he moved his eyes from rashi to jigar who was laughing he was laughing at ahems fate..and condition and joining in his mockery is gopi...both were laughing at him together..his so called brother and his ex...HIs EX...gopi...why dint he think of that...she can take anithas place...he can save his family name through her ..but...

She was going to be his brothers wife...then how can he...but why cant he...jigar already decided to marry her even though he knows that she is his naturally this drama wont affect their relation as jigar already know about him and her very well. Thier was no second thought...this was his only option and ahem proceed towards gopi and caught her hand////Freeze.

"Now why are u standing like a statue...speak!"Parag shouted.."i already told u that this deal is not so good as it seems but u convinced everyone..u made us investment so much money on it..and today because of ur carlessness...we are was my mistake to give u responsibilty..u were never responsible ahem and u never could be.." The words stabbed ahems heart but he dint open his mouth..thier was no point in arguing...their never was.. "Mota bhai...this is not the time to argue...we should think about what to do next.."hetal said calming parag down. "u are right point in wasting our heads on ahem ..i think its better to talk to umang about what to do next..

Unlike somone he is a sensible person..." Ahem rage knew no bounds seeing everyone were trusting that snake against him. "Fine..go and speak to him"ahem shouted..."go and do his prayer...the scheming fox..who have dumped kinjal so conviently..the person who turned down the proposal because we are totally doomed..the person who told me that he dont have any intrest in my sister but he was only intrested on our money.."ahem shouted and kinjal broke into tears and ran away. "I know u are not capable of anything ahem..but atleast show some sympathy towards ur sister is this the way to break such horrible news to her...i dont know what i wrong i did that i got a son who dont care for anyone except himself...not for his sister, nor family..only himself.."kokila said and ahem looked at koki with painful eyes.

"Mom...why do u say that...dont u think that i dont think about kinjal...she is my sister mom...i tried so much to convince umang...i said so much to him but..." "i knew it ...i knew would be u..and as i have expected...u are the root cause of this problem...the main pbm for everything..."Jigar shouted..and gopi and rashi looked at him shocked, ahem looked at him with anger blazing eyes. "Jigar what are u saying dikra?"hetal asked. "Maa..dont u hear it what he said...he said he talked to umang and we all know how well ahem bhai talks..He should have definetly said something to him that made umang upset and cut the deal off..."

"what nonsense is this..why would i say that..." "u can say anything mr.modi...u can hurt anyone until ur motto is acheived. u dont think whom u are hurting in this process..let it be ur sister, brother, friend or lover...anyone is the same to u..u dont care for anyone...Umang should have said something about the project, and u as usual might have said something hurting him and being a respectful person Umang might have got hurt." "Oh its my reason for evreything...i made kinjal marriage broke, i badmouthed u really think that i would be so dumb...i tried every possible reason to  save this marriage and u are blaming me...!!!"

"why shouldnt i blame u...everyone knows about ur reckless behaviour and ur anger when someone points or holds u something responsible...i bet that as soon as umang told u the news u would have blowed the gun down on his head." "Jigar...think before u talk." "why should i ...its ur duty.." "SHUT UP JIGAR" " Jigar dikra..stop it"Hetal pleaded..."why should he stop hetal?" kokila asked. "everytime some tries to show ahem his mistake everytime either u or rashi or devarji..will put a stop to it leaving ahem let loose..and today because of this nature...we are suffering now.." "Mom..."Ahem said shokced in a hurt voice.." can u say that..does his one word turned ur own son ur enemy...

mom..i thought u would  support me in this stage..than to blame me..if kinjal marriage is broke.. do u think that i would be happy with that..i am her brother mom..her real brother...why would i be so reckless about her u dont know what that scheming fox have said about kinjal and our family" "Shut up ahem...u have done everything u like and now u are blaming us..!!"Parag shouted and ahem faced him stunned. "i did..i did..everyone is saying that i did..its my mistake...just tell me what is my it my mistake to save this family" "Save this family...its because of u that we are landed in such a situation first..what did u do to this family, that u are talking about urself so great..

U never treated this family as urs, nevr cared for anyone in the family except u and the people who support u and all of a sudden when u say that u tried to save kinjal can we belive it.?" AHem dint had reply to that can he answer what he did to save her...and how can he say that he went to the extent of begging to make umang stop. Gopi looked at ahem thinking the same thing about what he did to save kinjal and his helplessness to say anything..Rashi looked at jigar..who looked away. "coming to what u have done to save the family...does anyone in the world wil get engaged to his brohters wife..infront of the whole society...u did..when jigar and gopi gets married

what wil we tell the society when they ask us how did the brothers wife changed to the younger brother..u have made a mockery of the relations and all because u couldnt keep ur mouth shut when the time is needed. Ahem dint have answer to that could he say that it doesnt matter as gopi is his ex-gf and also how could he say that jigar dint mind anything as he is he digging his grave himself. "U were never responsible ahem and because of ur careless behaviour we have got landed in such horrible position and its only because of u...if he dint know how to handle the project then u should have let jigar handled it, or take our help, but no..all u do is to take ur own decision and when time comes throw the blame to someone else...

I did thought that some day ur carelessness wil ruin us and it did u a have always been a dissapointment to us..and today u have proved that u are a failure i wish that i never had a son like u" Parag shouted and the moment regretted his words seeing the look on ahems face. Kokila was stunned but dint utter a word. CHirag and hetal looked protested. Jigar moved his eyes from Parag to ahem and turned his head side ways. Rashi's eyes were wide with shock and held her breath and gopi couldnt belive what she was hearing from ahems parents. It was shock first, then next came the hurt and pain and ahem fought back the tears trying to escape, and finally the hurt turned to anger and he never realized when he burst out.

"Failure...Yes Failure yes thats what i am...only a failure,...i have always been and always will be a failure to u no matter what i do or how much hard i survive. For u i am the unwanted burden in ur life, and this jigar is the apple of ur eyes. Why because he studies well than me and maintains the u love ur children only when they get suceed...will their value lies only until they are sucess in their careeers and once if they perform any mistake.wil u throw them out from ur lives.Should the parents love their children basing on what their sons wil give them back again. Then i ask what kind of love is their. if u think that i am not worthy of ur son mr.parag modi..then today i say that u are not worty to be called my parents either.!!

"Ahem!!"kokila thundred. "Ahem dikra..stay calm please"hetal begged. "why should i be silent kaki...why now when all the barriers are broken..finally today when everything is open then why to play hide and seek game again. Finally today my father accepted that he hates me so why shouldnt i say the same." "Ahem dikra its not what bhai meant?"chirag said. "Its exaclty means what he said.."ahem continued "from my childhood i was always a burden to him...always a twig in the eye...whatever i do is wrong and whatever jigar do is right. if i climb trees to pluck mangoes its wrong but if jigar throws stones at the tree its right. If i do my homework in the late night its wrong, but if jigar do it in the morning its right. if i won 2nd prize in race its wrong

and if jigar wons first prize its right, if i say something in any party its wrong and when jigar says a joke its right..if i stay in delhi its wrong and if jigar goes to forigen its right. if i am angry its wrong and when jigar is upset its right. if i select a girl as my partner its wrong and when jigar selects a partner its right. Everything..everything i do is wrong for him and everything jigar does is right...only because he is perfect, and successful in his life. They dont want a  son kaka...they want a robo who is perfect at everything but dad..i wil ask u one thing today...iif ur child donts get to ur expectations then wil u stop loving him and start punishing him. is it not ur duty to catch his hand and guide him forward. Is it not ur duty

to explain him what is wrong and what is right, how should he behave and how should he talk...tell me mr.parag is not ur duty to guide ur child if u are expecting him to take ur place."Ahem shouted and all remained stunned tongue tied. "ahem is this the way to talk to ur dad...say sorry to him"kokila shouted. "I wont"ahem shouted leaving koki stunned "I wont say any sorrry because he wont deserve that.. and why should i say sorry, what wrong i have asking my own right became a blame too...dont i have any right in this family" "Their is a way for everything ahem..a mannner for matter what happens u shouldnt raise ur voice at ur one in the house did that...just look at ur brother and sisters.."kokila said

"Yes...its alaways look at jigar and learn..look at ur brother and learn...that is what i am hearing since my childhood. always look at jiar and learn...look at jigar and i am asking u...WHY SHOULD I LOOK AT JIGAR AAND LEARN how is he differnet from me..i am asking u jigar is my elder brother or is it me. if u have loved jigar so much then why dint u adpot him and give me to kaka and kaki..atleast u would have got rid of a unwanted burden in ur life." "AHEM!!"Kokila slapped and everyone were stood shocked to their spots. Everyone knew it wasa  a mistake..a huge mistake. Ahem eyes filled with red tears and was fuming in anger and turned towards jigar. "U..its always because of u...since my childhood u have taken everything from me.

because of u my parents dont love me, my sister dont treat me as her brother, if something happens everyone comes to u leaving me aside. my parents take ur suggestion leaving me aside. what did i did to u that u are taking everything away from me, first u have snatched my parents, then my sister, then tried to snatch my only single friend, and now u have snatched my ex gf too. i know, u dint accept to marry gopi because u love her, u accepted only because she was my girlfriend" Jigar looked at ahem in horror, rashi held her breath, gopi felt that the world shaking around her and all the elders turned towards gopi stunned. "Ahem what are u saying?"kokila whisphered. "jigar is this true?" Hetal asked and jigar turned towards hetal and nodded

"gopi was ahem's ex-gf maa, not now"

"But u knew that she still loves me and now u want to marry her to destroy the love she had for me."ahem shouted. "whats the point of her still loving u..u have never intend to have a relationship with her then why are u feeling so bad when we are starting our lives afresh...all u want ahem is to make everyone miserable because ur own life is miserable. u cant see anyone being happy around u, because their nothing called happiness in ur life. Hence u are hell bent to destroy everyones life, whats the point of brining the past now when its dead already. only because u cant watch us two happy, and thats why u always try to interfere between us, u couldnt digest that we are friends because u cant see me and gopi happy.

U cant see anyone happy, hence u have destroyed gopis life, kinjal life and who knows maybe it wil be rashi next" "JIGAR" ahem punched on jigar face and screams started from the girls. gopi rushed to jigar nd rashi rushed to ahem. But they couldnt be stopped. Jigar got up and charged towards ahem and starts fighting grabbing each other collar. "Stop it"Parag shouted and after a lot of struggle from the ladies they put an end. Parag turned towards ahem "because of u today everyone lives turned into a real mess. ur sister life is destroyed, our family ruined, our prestiage is ruined, all the relations have lost their values, because of the relations in this house have turned into a utter mockery. And its all because of u...Jigar was right

u cant let anyone happy..because u dont know how to be happy urself. U have made the mistakes and as usual trying to throw them on others shoulders but i wont let it be done this time...this time...ahem..u wil face punishment for what u have done and i order everyone to follow my orders. From today onwards ahem...u are banished from this family!!!" SIlence fell immediately among all the members. A thunder blow hit ahem who stood looking at his father. gopi looked at ahem, jigar looked at rashi who in turn looked at parag. parag continued "today one of the family members talk to u, no one wil serve u or help u, no one wil come to ur aid..u feel that we left u aside today i am leaving u aside...u wil stay in this house as a member but u wil not get the status of the family member amonng us..

its like..u wil stay with us but at the same time u wil be invisble to one wil have anything to do with u, and the one who disobeyes my orders wil be considered as disrespecting me and i cant live in a house who disrespects me." "But bhai!!"chirag started but parag silenced him with his hand. "what about jigar..dont he desrve any punishment for his behaviour?"ahem asked. "U have started everything ahem and until u realize what u have one wil be speakign to u...Its my decision and this time...i dont want anyone to break this rule..its final" parag said and left and slowly. Everyone started to leave and only gopi and jigar, rashi left behind with ahem. Ahem turned towards jigar and said in a angry chocked voice "finally u have done what u want" "everyone wil get back what they deserve"

"u are wrong..ahem modi wont be let alone at any cost..i have people who support me, like me and love me..even though my family leaves friends wont" Jigar smriked "Lets much of that comes true"jigar said looking at rashi and turned towards gopi "lets go"jigar said and gopi gave a glance at ahem and left. "Ahem modi wont be alone at any cost"ahem said to himself and rashi placed her hand on his shoulder and ahem turned towards her and took her hand in his. "u wont leave me too na?"he asked afraid. "Never"rashi smiled and a voice echoched "RASHI!!"kokila shouted and both looked at koki. "dint u hear what ur mama dare u break his rule?" "but was not ahem's mistake" "Rashi..i dont want to hear any more explanations from u..

ur support have made him rotten that he started disrespecting everyone, if u are a real true friend of ahem rashi...then this time..leave him alone for his sake." Rashi looked at koki stunned and ahen looked at koki angrily. "But mamai" "rashi since ur childhood i have raised u, treated u as a family member and today i am asking u for one favour for all of it,  i want my son to get to the right path and for it to happen its necessary that u stop supporting him at every step, let him fall and raise again, and only then he wil learn to walk, if u respect me rashi and think me as ahems welfare person...i ask u rashi..leave ahem alone this time.. do this favour for me and i wil debted to u forever...!!" Rashi looked at koki and turned towards Ahem.

Ahem held her hand tightly because he knew what was going to happen, every day in life rashi dreamt of only  one get accepted by his mother, and the look in her eyes, and the way her mother blackmailed her with her words...he knew his mother touched rashis sentiment. "Rashi!!"koki said again and rashi looked at koki pleading and with tears in her eyes, slowly he felt her hand slipping from his. Ahem panicked and grabbed it tightly but rashi gave him a pleading look and ahem dint had the heart to make it more difficutl to her, he let his hand loose...and rashi freed her hand and lookd at him in tears. "Rashi come with me"koki said but she dint move, she was only looking at ahem with tears and ahem was looking at her pleading.

Koki came and took rashi other hand and took her away and ahem felt rashis hand slipping away from him. and he stood their loosing the first person he loved very  much.

"Ahem Modi wont be left alone..."he said so confidently...

WIll he?"

i know this part moved so slowly...but dint got much time to update..hence just giving u updates whever time permits

i said that this would be the final shock...but it would be coming in the next update...

Thanks for ur patience waiting..and i pm the people who posted earlier, if u dont want pm ignore it pls or let me know

coming to story...

so wil ahem modi accept the banishment who is so afraid of not being accepted by anyone...

Will jigar and gopi relation move forward after the secret is out..

what wil happent to kinjal life now...and what wil happen to rashi and ahems unbreakable bond

wil rashi obidence give in or her love for ahem break the rules.

what happend between the brothers that their lies such a bitter feeling betweent them

Finally catch the flashback of modi brothers on the next update...

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yayy im first!Dancing

OMG Shaina, this was a pleasant surprise,you updating!Wink

OMG poor Ahem, i actuallyy felt bad for him but compared to what Gopi went through, i think its enough, awww this Jigar VS Ahem fight is so sad, Ahem is so conflicted and confusing in this FF, after reading the part about Ahem and the dog in your updates, im getting a SMALL soft corner for this Ahem! Ouch Haha Jiggie hit him though!! :P

I can't believe Raashi left him, thats just so sad and emotional!Cry

And argh Anita and Umang are such jerks, i feel sorry for the Kinjal in here! :(

I hope Gopi come to support Ahem, i actually feel so bad for him!Embarrassed

Thanks for the PM and update soon!Hug

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shaina that was brilliant dear...
so finally the truth is out about ahem and gopi and about their past
and umang breaks the marriage and his sister's engagement well he kinda did the right thing
coz by this way the arrogant ahem modi will learn...
but kinda felt bad when everyone was blaming him...
maybe now koki will get to know what happened between ahem and gopi...
so ahem is banished...i guess only gopi will help him then he will realize what she is...
shaina loved the update dear...once again fantastic jobClap

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woww darling...u did a superb job

but when i read this, i felt really sad to see Ahem's condition...i almost cried..its soo painful...Ahem being isolated from the family..

i hope in the next update, he will get someone to believe him..i want that to be gopi...

lve ya

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