Saath Nibhaana Saathiya


Saath Nibhaana Saathiya
Saath Nibhaana Saathiya

FF:- Saathi Re(updated) part-15- page 79 9th feb

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  Hai its me back again to eat ur brains...tanks for supporting me and encourging me to write Milan and i am gratefull to everyone to make it a sucess. Hope u would enjoy the same as u did with milan and i wil try my best to entertain u again... Hope u wil love this too.                                                                            Saathi Re

Part -1 :

"wow mr.modi..u are looking usual of course" he said to himself looking at the mirror. He was wearing a white sherwani for the special occasion. "Special occasions" he snorted thinking why do people waste so much money on these special occasions.

He once again looked at himself properly making it sure to dazzle people with his appeareance. Afterall he is a hot topic for everyone including his family to his community and coming to himself...he just love the fame light. "Hello viewers..its me...oh wait i am getting a call"He was about to step out when his phone rang. "Haii" he said lazily and immediately a

panic striken voice bursted his ear "AHEM!!! what should i wear? should i wear modern or should it be traditional? pink or green? what do u think auntie wil like?" "Calm down anitha!! its not ur first time u are coming to this house and why are u afraid of mom. wear whatever u want. U know mom wont object u,

moreover u have me sweetheart!!" "K i wil come there as soon as i am ready" "take ur own time and do look dazzling. Afterall u are going to be my wife soon. People have expectations from u and this is a reharsal of function..some puja so just chil" "K bye darling ...i love u" AHem rolled his eyes "why does it always have

to end with i love u" he thought.

"yeah too" he said like always and cut the call and looked into the mirror and sighed. /////FREEzE (ahem to the readers)

"that's finacee, soon to be my wife..higly irritating and but very compatible with me and with my looks too. what can i say about her, she is smart, beatiful, sexy, hot and talented. WHat else can a man ask more than this. a perfect patner for a perfect life" ///freeeze over.

"Life is never perfect ahem!!" the words hit his brain as the moment he cut the call. her words, her simple but a very deep meaning words. AHem had to admit she have a talent for such words. "Bullshit!!" he thought again.."life wil be perfect for winners, it was perfect for him and it wil be perfect always except one time..." he drifted the thought away thinking why

was he rememberign it today and left his room.

"Bhai!!!" kinjal came running to him. "bhai..see what happend.. i have lav dress but not the matching jewellery and jewellry dont have matching dress!! bhai what to do..its the puja for is my engagment tomorrow! oh bhai now what to help help please bhai!!" "Kinjal stop!!" he shouted. //freeze

"That's hyper girl is little sister. very sweet, very bublly and cute and of all the most lovable sister no one can ever have. I just love her little tantrums but honestly to say i never understand her problems...maybe its a girl thing. Though freaks out for even a little thing still she is my world" ///freeze over.

"cool kinjal..just call ur what that beaty parlour of urs and that designer and sort it out. u have time now..dont fuss k..and give the bill to me k" "But bhai...hmmm k...i wil do something.. tanks" "anytime little sisssy"

His cell phone rang again and this time it was the person he always wanted to stay away from but because of his fate...he cant.

"ahem bhai!..jai shri krishna.. is everything k over there. i have made the deal of the singania's. u have to handle the meeting tomorrow. Bhai do u think that the sharma have a chance with us deal.. i like their strategy..

how is going on in the house. is all the decoarations ready. is kinjal missing me? tell her that i wil be present for her in her marriage. and tell her that i am brining a lot of gifts for her. Bhai!! is the boy k? i mean did u talk to him? how are u?"

"Jigar" "yes bhai!!" "Mr.question bank...SHUT UP" ///freeeze

" cousin kaka and kaki's son jigar. The most perfect and responsible candidate of the family but for me its called "over action". I dont know why does god made me the elder son of the family. infact jigar posses the every quality one should have being a elder son of a family. He handles the foregin deals for now with a simultaneous mba degree too which is gonna complete soon...simple to say "ambitious"

dedication, responsible, perfect, higly irritating and lecture bashing, traditional and most of all very easy going...god...why i cant be younger. Jigar--the person who never acts according to his age. Its not that he dont enjoy..he does like everyone else but for him responsiblity have to be checked first

and then should take time for enjoyment and blah blah blah.. never mind. its not that i am negligent in my work but if jigar was in my place..he would definetly handle well and it wil leave me the headace to act all responsible with a dumb smile over my face in those stupid parties among the stupid people...irritating!" ///freeze over.

"oy,...take a breath first..everything is fine here and yes kinjal is gonna fry u when u come down here and i am going to help her so dont expect me to help understand. i know u wil find a way and take care..bye" he cut the call before he could bomber with qustions again.

"arrey rashi what are u doing here! who asked u to step down here..go and apply some cream..go and get ready..why are u standing here all dumb. it is because of ur dumbness that ahem is gonna marry that anitha. How many times i have to tell u that to trap ahem but u wont listen to me anytime. hai mera what i have to do with this girl" "what the problem mami?"

"arrey nothing dikra..i was just praying kanaji that to keep u and ur would be patner happy forever!!" ///frreeze

"dont be shocked..that's mom's sister in law. The wife of my mama...the late jeetu bhai mom's brother...a vixen by nature though she pretends that she wishes for our well being..we all know she is after our take it light on her and dont worry about her. mami wants her daughter rashi to get married with me and is always busy plotting with that! But no matter how much they try anitha is the one made for me so no one can change that right///freeze over!!

"dont worry about us mami!! we all know how much u care for lets keep that concern away shall we?" urmila muttered her teeth and smiled her shamless smile and went away glaring at rashi.. rashi sighed and looked at ahem.

"thanks for saving me!" "my pleasure sweetheart!, so whats the hot topic!" "what else it wil be...always the to trap u to marry me as usual!!!" freeze..

"thats rashi..daughter of urmila one knows how did she became her daughter..she dont even posses her one single trait..maybe went after her father i think. anyways my best friend in the entire family..the only person i feel comfortable around and care about. very sweet, calm but can be very naughty and ferocious whenver she wanted.

our friendship always leads to misinterpretation in the family that we are in love but after anitha arrival everyone stopped their questions. except urmila mami of course..she stilll have hopes. But the confusing thing is i know that rashi have feelings for me too..not that she is in love with me but its just she wants to be a part of the family so i am the perfect partner for her...of course..who else can be!///frreeze

"do u know ahem..maybe maa is right..atleast i am a better choice more than that anitha. i dont know what u saw in her.. i just hate her. god i just cant stand her for one wil u bear her the whole life" "rashi..i already told u..i feel comfortable around her..i love hanging out with her..she understands my nature and my status too. we are a perfect match." "u feel comfortable around me too" "yes..rashi..we already discussed this!"

"yeah i know...buut ahem consider one more u really want this"

"what does he want rashi!" a serious voice sounded from the back and rashi turned into a statue at once. "there we go again" ahem thought. Kokila came towards them ///freeze

"thats my mom...kokila modi..the elder DIL of the modi house..the entire control lies in her hands..very strict..very disciplaned...very high traditional values...simple to say..."Lady HITLER". My mom loves the control over the house and she cant bear losing it. Born and brought up in a rich society she have a tendency to show her status among diffrent people...shortly to say show off..the property which we inherited too.

her status mania is the reason she hates urmila mami and rashi.. i dont mind about mami but rashi...well its rashi problem after all..she have to solve it. according to mom urmila mami married jeetu mama by trapping him as urmila mami is from a poor family and i heard that they never had a happy married life. after mama death..urmi mami dint have any property left as everything went to banks in the pretext of loans and for the sake of rashi

and the promise given to her mom brought rashi along with urmi mami to the house. and since then they are living in this house. my mom hatred continued with rashi too along with her mother and she always feels that rashi and her mother wants to trap me into marriage so that they can enjoy the modi name and its property and always advises me to stay away froom rashi. on the other hand..rashi always wants to raise infroont of

my mom eyes but poor girl..never have such chance.. My mom felt very happy when i introuduced anitha to her. though she was disturbed with her attitude first but later when she heard that anitha is the daughter of her late friend who is a NRI and of the similar need to mom was the happiest person on the earth and she immediately fixed our marrigae, me and anitha nd kinjal and anitha's elder brother umang..///frrezze over.

"mamiji..i was just saying to ahem to think about anitha..." "why, do u think rashi that my choice is wrong!" "no mamiji..i just meant that.." "or do u think that u are better for him" rashi bent her head down and koki glared at her. "Ahem!.. what are u doing here.. i asked to u prepare for the puja..and i want u to sit in the puja too with anitha. it wil cast evil eyes away" koki said looking at rashi. "Cool mom..u know i hate these pujas stuff and all.

i harldy bear that morning puja everyday so dont expect me to sit infront of the havan etc...leave me out of it.. i am not going to sit their" koki smiled.."k...its my mistake asking u ahem...stubborn fellow" ahem smiled. "Mamiji...shall i help u with anything..?" rashi asked expectantly but koki gave her a careless stare "no need rashi..stay out of it..waise bhi..u are better off in ur room" koki went away and rashi eyes streamed. No matter how much

she tries rashi never had the love from koki and always carved for true love from her. "chill rashi..u know mom right..leave it" ahem said but rashi went away in tears and ahem sighed "there we go again..why do these girls always cry?" he thought.

"what happend dikra..why did rashi leave in tears? did kokila said something?" //freeze

thats my kaki hetal..wife of my kaka chirag modi..and sister of my mother. a simple word to describe my kaki is "mother india". have a lot of patience, sweet and always pleasantly calm.i dont know how can she alwys keep smiling spearding peace around the family. But whatever it was my kaki is cool and i am really glad with my kaka choice. oh yeah. yes its a love marriage. my kaka always say that kaki brought a change in his life forever. it was magic

but according to me its rubbish.there is no such thing as magic and how can he loves kaki if she changed him totally. Kaki is a person adjustable in any enviorment and kaka is a easing going person unlike my dad who is a hitler part 2 by nature.. its common that kaka and kaki are well compatible with each other and they call it love...haan everyone dont exsist..and i know it very well. all these made for toghether fun is ...boring!!// freeze over.

"its the usual kaki" "kanaji i dont know why cant kokila leave that poor soul away. ahem u like rashi right, why dont u support her?" "kaki..u know me right..i just want to keep out of these issues" "its k"hetal smiled. "i know u dont like responsiblitiles" hetal pulld his ear and ahem winked at her and left away.

"ahem stop roaming and take some responsiblilty..see ur little brother..he is doing his studies and also developing our bussines. i know u are talented..just show some intrest ahem.. dont be so arragent" "yes papa" "good" parag left and ahem rolled his eyes //freeze

as i told u ..he is hitler no-2 a perfect match for my dad..the great parag modi. a complete bussines tycoon //freeze over.

"ahem dikra..dont take ur father's words to ur heart..we know how he is...i know u are doing fine and i have full faith on u" "kaka..u know i dont listen to save ur speech"///freeze

my kaka chirag modi..the little brother of my father. same like my kaki..a cool going guy and my fellow pal... i dont understand is cant kaka nd kaki ever get bored with each other...or maybe its because their nature is so similar...that why i am is just a adjustment..there is no such thing called love..not in our family atleast"//freeze over.

"ahem" anitha came to him panting. "how am i looking?" "great, perfect and a complete match for me" "thanks!" koki called them and ahem and anitha were coming down the stairs. Ahem was on cloud perfect his life had been. He got never get adjusted for anything. A mother and father who gives him everyhting what he needed. a good

family for his aid. cool girlfriend and a would be perfect partner.."nothing can go wrong today..nothing can go wrong in my life ever" ahem thought happily and then he felt his gaze on the girl standing near the door talking to his kaki. Ahem felt that somebody snatched his life out of his hands suddenly. After these many years how can she appear

infront of him all of a disturb his destroy his happiness. All the past came tumbling down infront of his eyes..which he had convinetly left away. He felt anitha's grip on his hand tightnend. of course she wil be frightened. who wont be!!

"I love u ahem!!" her words ringed his brain like a huge temple bell.

all his efforts to impress her, to make her smile, to come close to her..everything zoomed infront of him..all his efforts to say those 3 magical words...

ahem heart was beating fast to think wheter she wil recognize him or not and the moment she turned and thier eyes met..ahem gasped.

her wide doe eyes lost the happiness and shock filled her face and the smile spread on her face vanished completly and ahem need not to say... she dint forgot him either!!//freeze

A strict loving high socity mother
a strict disciplaned father
a sweet loving kaka, kaki
a lovable sister and cousin
a friend and caring rashi
a plotting mami...
and a would be patner----

and all i have to say is ...

I AHEM MODI and this wil be my story...

K i am back...and please do comment for the first part as i need to know how to procced.

so how do u like the new arrogant ahem modi and his family... and what the past of his life.

waiting for the response...keeping fingers cross.

suggestions are whole heartldy welcomed.

                                                    Part 2- Page 9


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fantastic shaina..

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Originally posted by ayesha_78

fantastic shaina..

tanks a lot a compliment from u...its a huge suceess for sure..

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well well veryyy intrestin..loved it completely...m eager to knw gohem past

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Originally posted by shaina.sharma

Originally posted by ayesha_78

fantastic shaina..

tanks a lot a compliment from u...its a huge suceess for sure..

a compliment from me? why

pm me about it...
cause i have a raised eyebrow 


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Originally posted by tina_1234

well well veryyy intrestin..loved it completely...m eager to knw gohem past

definetly in the next update...the love story begins. tanks tina.

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nice start.. continue soon!

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