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New ArHi FF-Waada Raha Ch3 Updated Page 14 (Page 7)

_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 10:56pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by -sofiya-

awww yar awesome start do con soon :)
Thanks a lot sofiyaBig smile.. will sure continue !!Embarrassed
Originally posted by anita_21492

Awesome start!!!
Arnav has a daughter that is different 
Whe you update please pm me
I am hooked to this story
thanks a ton Anita..Big smile
yeah this is lil different from other FFs..Embarrassed
thanks so much hunnieEmbarrassed
Originally posted by NainaSengal

Amazing Start mahi!!! Loved it .. Arnav has a daughter OMG!!! Pls Upload Asap
aww thanks a lot hunnieBig smile.. yeap will update soon darlin!!Embarrassed
Originally posted by sharneil92

oh wow! this is a very new concept and i LOVE it! please PM me when you update! :)

thank you mahi! (that's what i can call you right?!)
awww thanks sooo much for the sweetest reply dearest..Big smile
yeap you can call me mahi..Embarrassed
Originally posted by rashida10

awesome update start dear
thanks a lot dearie!!Embarrassed
Originally posted by Kritianya

beautiful start
aww thanks a lot dear!Embarrassed
Originally posted by cindrella255

Heya dat was a fab start!
Loved it...Plz add me in ur PM listBig smile
Sent buddy req
aww thanks a lot cindrellaBig smile
yeap i added you hun!! will pm you for sureEmbarrassed
Originally posted by SmileyStar

Really looking forward to da next part :D pls add me in your PM list :-D
aww thanks dear for the comment!!Embarrassed
yeap will add you for sure!!Big smile

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_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 11:07pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Arhi-Sarun

great start and awesome concept...looking forward to reading it...please update soon and thanks for the pm 
aww thanks a lot hunnieBig smile yeap will update tonight my dear!!Embarrassed
Originally posted by ---Pari---

OH EM GEEE! I loveeedd the whole con..cept! Loved the first part! and yes, u were right when u said it was completely different from the show! please PM me for the next part yaar! Pleaaasssee! And my buddy button doesn't work... cannot add people! So plzzz... i beg of u! Please send me a request so I can accept! And please continue ASAP!! loving this!
But omg! Arnav has a daughter! :0 How??!! Kaise??! goshhh... so intriguing!
aww i loved your comment hunnieEmbarrassed omg.. you dont have to beg me to serve you hunLOL its my pleasureEmbarrassed haha.. love your excitement... will dedicate the next update to you looking at your excitement heheTongue thanks a ton for the comment dearEmbarrassed
Originally posted by areeba_blossom

awesome!! PM me when u update!
thanks so much areebaEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed will sure pm you hunBig smile
Originally posted by tina_1234

eagerly waitin
awww thanks so much for showering so much on my ffEmbarrassed
Originally posted by punjaban7

OMG ASR has a daughter?!?! Hopefully the mother is long gone or something ( no offense) and I loved the idea of the FF thanxx for the pm and continue soon (:
haha yeap sweetie.. he doesWink uh oh.. dont worry about thatEmbarrassed.. i wont let anyone come between arHiWink thanks a lot hun!!Embarrassed
Originally posted by smithasrk

Wow. But i wanted Ariana to be Anjali's daughterBig smile. please dont forget to pm me


awww dearie..EmbarrassedEmbarrassed i did too but not with that snakeyDead so i let it be his daughter heheTongue i wont forget dear.. thanks a lot!! love ya Hug
Originally posted by sukklover


 4 pm me..Smile.
ur updates r ..EmbarrassedClapClap
me just ...Big smile
awww thanks sooo muchh for the wonderful and awesome comment loveliestEmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassedHug
Originally posted by Azmii

amazing ff, loved it
plzz cont soon

thanks soo much for the appreciation hun!!Embarrassed
will sure update tonightEmbarrassed

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_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 11:13pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by xXShriyaXx

continue updating and pls add me to ur pm list:)
will sure dearestEmbarrassed just keep following along!!Embarrassed
Originally posted by dbr_kmichi

hey...its very nice and interstin[)]
thannks a lot hun!!Embarrassed
Originally posted by FebruaryFlower

Hey Mahi!!
Sorry for not commenting earlier.
Fab start to your new FF!!
I look forward to reading this...its very interesting.
Thanks for the PM sugar.
Hey sweetieBig smile aww please dont be sorryEmbarrassed
thanks a lot for the appreciation Big smile
you are always more than welcome hun!!Embarrassed
Originally posted by AquaBluez17

whoa! arnav has a daughter!!! omg!! awesome mahi! do update fast!
please dont scare me ms.perfectWink thanks a lot loveliest ladyBig smileEmbarrassed
Originally posted by soni4eva

awsum ff luv da beginin
cn u plzz pm me web u update nxt x Smile
awww thanks a lot soniBig smile
yeap will pm you for sureEmbarrassed

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-veena.shona- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 11:29pm | IP Logged
ohh such a fresh start, pz cont soon n add me to ur PM list Big smile

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_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 3:11am | IP Logged
Originally posted by veena_rocks

ohh such a fresh start, pz cont soon n add me to ur PM list Big smile
thanks a lot veenaBig smile.. yeap i have added you Embarrassed
deeps_92 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 3:25am | IP Logged
asr has a child?
may be nice idea...
nice work...

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_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 09 November 2011 at 4:24am | IP Logged
This update is dedicated to my fellow readers - Pari and Tina[ >:D<].. for being so excited about the update and making me feel betterBig smile
Chapter 2
"I know I need this job but looking at the vastness of this castle, I guess I will become skinnier, running around, back and forth all the time" She whispered, staring at the outdoors of RM. She remembered how her Bua ji would scold her all the time, calling her sankadevi, parmesvari, at her childish antics. Khushi was not of a kind who would sit at one place and be satisfied and calm about it. No. She needs to walk around 24x7. walking in sleep was also one of the weird characteristic of hers. she chuckled at the thought when her jiji would often compare her to a clock on the wall, which keeps ticking all the time, like her, keep running here and there all the time. She decided to save her thoughts for another time when her heart wasn't beating so hard because of her nervousness.
She was dragging her belongings with one hand and her another hand was holding her back at the side as it really had started to hurt by now. She lifted her hand off the waist and held her golden-yellowish dupatta tightly. She was now near the door bell. Her desperate wish to lift her hand to ring the door bell was incapable of empowering her anxiety. She, however, lifted her hands, which were trembling, and rang the bell. As soon as her skin came in contact with the cold surface of the bell, she drew back her hand instantly. There was a mixture of feelings running inside her mind, which were ofcourse affecting her physical responses. Fear, anxiety, excitement, happiness were giving her a type of feeling that she had never experienced before.
Mrs.Roy had told her enough about the great ASR at their first meeting. She had actually warned her in a way. Khushi was confused as what it is about ASR that makes everyone curse their luck, everytime his gaze falls upon them? She knew that she was hired to take care of her daughter but her confusion got more complexed when she thought about his wife. Poor her- she thought. She felt that it had been very long since she had rung the bell and nobody has opened the door yet. She looked back towards the main door and started looking  around. The garden next to some expensive cars was indeed like a child of art. So beautiful and eye-captivating.
She realized that most of the plants were green and it seemed to her that RM had a good and hard-working gardener. Only if she knew!! Khushi looked around one more time but noticed that there were barely any flowers at all. That is something which got stuck in her mind and rather than sending the thought away as sensory memory, she hit the thought into the working memory area and was just about to ring the door bell again when a male person opened the door for her. He was in his 30s, probably early 30s and was wearing simple plain white Kurta-pajama with a red-colored towel on one of his shoulders. He looked so innocent to khushi. She smiled at him and he smiled a little back at her. He let her in and closed the door behind her. She was walked to the living room by the person and was seated comfortably while her belongings were being moved to the side of the room.
The person introduced himself as Jai Parkash and went inside the kitchen to bring something for her. "Arnav baba will be out here within few minutes" - he had said before leaving. Khushi looked around and became all excited. The enormous paintins on the walls of random things like - horses, flowers, mountains; the vases with artificial plants in them were alluring her to get up and touch them, explore the beauty around her. She noticed something once again. There were no flowers in the vases but just green plants. How is that possible - she thought but brushed off her thoughts after few seconds. She got up and started going around the house, until she finally came to the poolside.
 "Wow" was the only word which came out of her mouth,looking at the number of plants, vines on the walls. All green. everything was green. The water in the poolside was reflecting the color green. For few seconds, she just stood there, looking at the serene beauty in front of her, taking in the refreshing air she experienced by the pool side. Just then she noticed a male person cleaning the mess around a chair. "Oh so he is the gardener huh!!"- she remarked, bursting into a wide smile. She thought of praising the hard work he was doing.
She went closer to him. His back was facing her. His hair were black which kind of gave khushi an idea that he wasn't that old. His cream colored shirt was now about to turn all brown with all that dust he had been working with for past 3 hours. She cleared her throat to get his attention. He realized an unknown presence at his back and turned abruptly causing Khushi to jerk back, but she got hold of herself.
A girl? Thats what he was witnessing. An unknown girl in the RM ?? and what was she wearing? An old traditional suit? She looked like some middle class girl who was here for a night stand for him, but it wasnt night yet. Yes, he had been with a lot of girls for few hours when he needed it but none of them had showed up in the afternoon. And whats up with that big black leather bag on her shoulders? Did his house looked like a camping place to her?
It was obvious from his thoughts that ASR hasn't got the news about a new nanny.
"What the?" - he almost barked looking at the girl in front of him whom he had no idea of who she was.
Khushi jerked back once again. She never expected an unknown gardner to raise his voice on her. For what? What did i do? Nothing. Who the heck he thinks he is?
"Batameez" - she said in a huff and turned to go back but his voice froze her.
"who are you and what are you doing here?" - he asked in a low but hissed tone.
"Mind it mr. batameez maali of the house. I do not think that i need to give any kind of explanation to a mere maali like you. Keep your business to your rakes and trimmers and stop acting like an ancient king who had to know everything that happens in his kingdom." - she replied softly but in a rude manner.
"what the?" she thought I was a gardener? Is this a joke? A girl daring to call the casanova- ASR a GARDNERER? aur woh bhi a MERE gardener?
"You think this is an orphanage that you have come along with evrything that you own" - said ASR mocking at her while pointing at her bag.
Khushi's jaw dropped at his comment," Oh I thought the same when I looked at you even though you had no bag with you at all" She remarked and smirked at her own reply.
ASR threw the blade in his hand on the floor, making Khushi tremble with fear. She had no idea as why a gardener was being so angry at her presence. ASR shot a killing look to her which she returned with a devilish gaze deep into his eyes.
 He walked away from there, almost sprinting, so that he would not lose control over his anger and would kick that girl, whoever she was, right there. Khushi looked at his back moving away. She said "whatever" in her mind and went towards the living room. Jai Parkash was now standing with a little baby girl in his arms and he looked a little lost as he had no experience with kids before. Khushi saw the baby in his arms and ran to hold that little piece of God's speechless creativity in her arms.
Araina was sleeping peacefully and was moving her lips in a way she would do at the time she was being fed. Khushi forgot about the poolside awkward incident just by having a one quick look at Araina. She was indeed the sweetest child ever. Her eyes were closed and her cheeks were fluffy and red. Khushi asked Jai Parkash to bring in the towel cum blanket for her and he moved out of the scene without a question. Khushi sat down on the couch and started staring at the beauty in her arms. She stroked her cheeks one by one and smiled by her heart at the lil one's reactions.
Arnav was out of control in the restroom, taking a warm shower. Who the hell is she? - he thought. How dare she talk back to me? to ASR? He dressed up professionally and came downstairs to see if the girl had left them alone or not.
That's it for today guyz.Big smile.. will update soon this timeTongue.. as I have 3 day weekend wohoo.WinkLOL
NEW READERS - PLEASE EITHER BUDDY ME YOURSELF, LIKE MY FIRST POST ON Pg. 1 or just inform in the threadBig smile

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Loved the update Mahi!!!
The garden scene was fab.
Khushi and her craziness...Arnav is so going to blast her. Typical of them to get off on the wrong foot!
Looking forward to the next part.
Thanks for the PM!!!

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