Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update


Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update
Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin - Daily Update

Jassi Jaissi Koi Nahin 05/03/05 Update

Daisy Senior Member

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Posted: 05 March 2005 at 12:03pm | IP Logged

Ok, today's episode was more of a makeover countdown episode. And watch out for plenty of 'zahreela' looks between Jassi and Purab... Evil Smile read on..

Jassi and Purab are staring at each other, like they've seen ghosts. Nandini interrupts and provides an introduction. Jassi is totally in a state of disbelief. She walks away from there, leaving a stunned Nandini. "Purab!!" she says. Purab is lost, staring at a running Jassi. "PURAB!!" Nandini awakens him. He comes out of his daze. "Do you two know each other?" she asks. Purab doesn't even answer that.
He starts shouting for Jassi and rushes to look for her.

Purab is looking for Jassi. Nandini comes and asks him what's the matter. She tells Purab that if he knows her name, surely he knows her. Purab just starts walking again. Nandini is totally confused and asks him where he is going now. "To look for what I had lost!" he says. Nandini looks on puzzled. Shocked

The camera focuses on the waves of the clear blue ocean, lapping against the rocks.

The sun sets and the night sets in. Jassi is standing in what looks like an outhouse overlooking the ocean. (It looks beautiful.). Somebody comes and touches her shoulder.

"I don't want to hear or say anything" she shouts and turns around, only to find a surprised Nandini.

"Oh! I thought it was someone else.."


"Nandini madam...I cannot stay here any more! I want to go back!" Jassi says.

"For how long are you going to run away from the truth Jassi? Till when? And from how many people? How long are you going to flee from yourself and from your past??", Nandini asks her.

"I don't know Madam! All I know is that I cannot stay here any more! I want to return!"

"All right!! Go then! Pack your bags and leave! Just now!" Nandini is angered.
She starts walking.

"Wait Madam!" shouts Jassi. "I am sorry...but I really don't understand what I should do!"

Nandini comes back. She tells Jassi," When you don't understand certain things, it's best to leave them ununderstood."

"Wherever I go, my past seems to follow me.." says Jassi, almost in tears.

"Enough Jassi! Enough! I have told you to just forget your past.....concentrate on your work..You know we have to now prepare for the "VLCC Confidence Round" .You know, in this round we test the contestants for their self-confidence when they face difficult situations in their life. In fact you are the best person who can tell them how to handle trials and tribulations!" Nandini tells her.

"Me?? Madam! All of them will be laughing at me!" Jassi mocks at herself.

"Why Jassi? You are no less compared to any of them. All these contestants are young girls taking a new step in their life..Who else but you can share your experiences and invoke their self-confidence?" Nandini says. "In fact, they will like you..you can become their best friend!" She says, leaving Jassi to ponder.


Nandini is getting ready. Jassi shouts that she is ready. She is sounding more enthusiastic than the previous night. She asks Nandini how she's looking. Nandini says how can she tell without looking at her. Jassi comes forward. Well, sorry, no change.. the same old yellow dress. Nandini laughs and asks her to come closer. Jassi asks her if she is not looking fine. Nandini says that it is fine, but these clothes don't suit the weather here. She suggests that Jassi try some of her clothes. Jassi looks shocked and says that she won't look good in them. Nandini argues that this is the very problem with Jassi. She keeps deciding for herself what is good & what isn't. She insists that Jassi at least try her clothes. Jassi says that her and Nandini's styles are different.

"Now, Miss Jasmeet Walia, can you at least try them once? If you do not like them, then you can change!" Nandini insists. Jassi reluctantly agrees. They decide on a nice black dress.


Well, today's special guest is actress Divya Dutta. She is still at the entrance and is surrounded by her fans and is busy signing autographs. Purab arrives and says hi to her. (One minute..were they paired together in Baghban?..I think! Tongue )
She asks him if he's here for work. He says that he is here actually to welcome a special friend. Nandini arrives. She and Divya hug and Nandini apologizes for being late. Purab teases her that surely there might be a special reason for her being late. Nandini says that here comes the special reason.....

We see Jassi walking in Nandini's black dress. It is a pretty one, a short salwar-kurta, though nice and trendy. It has a nice triangular neck, lined with golden work, and a little lower than Jassi's usual necklines. The salwar is more of a pant. She is wearing nice big earrings and is complete with high heels. The face is no different though, specs and all. But she's looking way better.

Purab looks on amazed (I bet this itself is hard to digest for Purab... Wink imagine Armu's face after the entire make-over!!)
Jassi looks extremely conscious; she is constantly adjusting her stole to cover her neck (and it's really not that deep) and clutching at her earrings.
She comes and Purab & Divya smile. Nandini does the usual introduction.

Jassi is all excited to see Divya and compliments her on Veer Zara. She says that not on her, but also her mama and Bebe have become great fans of her after the movie. She says that she'll just fetch her autograph book. Divya smiles and stops her. She says that they will be spending almost 2-3 days together and have a lot of time..they will eat, drink together..why only autograph?
Jassi looks pleased and thinks to herself how humble and nice Divya is, in spite of her success.
Divya notices her lost look and asks her what's wrong. Jassi says that sometimes she misses her home. Purab looks at her sadly. (I bet he is remembering his Bebe and her parathas!! Wink ) Divya comments that she need not miss her people as you miss them only when you are among those whom you don't consider your own. Jassi gives Purab a 'zahreela' look. Stern Smile Divya then chirps that they will improve Jassi's mood. They then walk inside.

Inside, a grand party is going on. Divya tells Jassi that Nandini was praising her a lot. She asks Jassi why she's not participating in the contest, she would have surely scored high. Jassi looks shocked and says that Nandini madam has a habit of praising people. Divya says that as far as she knows, Nandini never praises people falsely. She says that surely Jassi might be quite talented, if she has prepared the questions for the contestants for today's round. Jassi says sadly that her life itself is a big question mark. Question

Nandini goes onto the stage and welcomes everyone. She says that in this contest, we test the participants for their looks, their figure, but equally important is to test them for their confidence.
In the audience, Jassi is continuously adjusting her dupatta and her earrings. Purab keeps staring at her.
Nandini continues to say that today is the question-answer round. She then welcomes Divya on stage. Divya tells the audience that she has enacted many roles on TV and in movies, but she considers the biggest role a woman has to face in life as the one when she has to face difficult situations and be ready to struggle.

(Purab keeeeeeps on looking at Jassi who keeeeeeeeps on adjusting her dupatta and her earrings.)

Divya continues that VLCC....is not a struggle but an opportunity for every woman to change her life. She says that it's the 1st time it has been held in Mauritius and also they have a special new compeer: JASSI!!"
Jassi looks hysteric, mad, scared, neurotic..she is SHOCKED. Dead "No! No!" she shouts creating quite an embarrassing situation.
Purab comes and stands besides her. He whispers in her ears, "Come on Jassi, you can do it! you can handle big board meetings and businesses..surely you can handle this!"
Jassi looks unconvinced and Purab insists that she can do it. Nandini comes and tells her the same. She still is rooted to the spot. Well, Purab then starts clapping and cheering, "Jassi! Jassi!!" Jassi has no option but to go on stage.

Jassi starts by a little speech that she doesn't know if she's capable of this or no, but she has never turned away from her responsibilities in her life. Purab and Nandini look happy.
The first contestant comes and Jassi asks her question. " What do you think is the most important thing in life?"
She answers, "Love." All clap.
2nd contestant. Jassi's ques. "If you were not as beautiful as you are, would you still think you deserve love?"
Her ans: "Yes, because I think love is a relation between two hearts. Looks don't matter."
3rd contestant. Jassi asks, "In times of difficulty, what is your most important support?" (While asking this question, she again gives Purab that icy look. Stern Smile )
Well, the contestant can't answer this. Actually! Dead
Jassi enthusiastically turns to the audience and says that if she was asked this question, she would say that her self-confidence would be her only support during such times and this is the true identity of a VLCC woman!"
All cheer and she thanks them.
Divya thanks Jassi & says that the results will be announced in the final round. She says that they can all chill out and enjoy the party.

The models compliment Jassi on her intelligent questions and ask her how she thought of them, did she take them from some book or are they inspired from her personal life?
As Jassi is walking, she stumbles (thanks to those heels!) and her glasses fall.
Jassi bends down to pick them up..but another hand reaches for hem before her...it is Purab's. He says, " I have always wondered Jassi, how you will look without these glasses!" Jassi gives him a cold look (I did too)and says, "Some questions are better left unanswered!"
Purab: "But I feel that you want the answers to so many questions...from me, from your life!"

A model comments that she looks so pretty without those glasses...does she wear them to hide her beauty? (Well, what an intelligent question, should have been asked in that contest Clap )
Divya comes and says the same thing to her. She suggests that Jassi take part in the contest. Jassi says that she can never look like the models. Nandini comes and says that she wants to remove this misconception from her mind. She tells Jassi that it is time she brought out the true beauty within her that she is hiding from herself & the world.
Divya says that they must take up this challenge. Jassi retorts adamantly that she can never look pretty. Nandini pleads that she give her one chance. Divya asks her to just think how she will look once she changes...she says that all guys will dote on her...
Jassi is quite upset at this. She says that she does not need love, for her love is only deceit and betrayal..she gives Purab an angry look. Angry She remembers Armaan telling her that he loves her, Armaan pleading that she not leave him (that was the only few seconds of Armaan we got to see today), she remembers Purab telling her that he always wanted to see her without glasses and she recalls Divya's words.
"Stop it!! " she cries and closes her ears. She leaves the party, very upset.

Jassi is standing in the same outhouse. Nandini comes. Jassi asks her why she is doing all this. She says that she hasn't come here from Mumbai for this. She tells Nandini that their worlds are different and moreover the models need her more. Nandini argues that at this moment, more than ever Jassi needs her. She says that she will not leave Jassi like this. Nandini continues that all the people were praising her, nothing as happened that Jassi get so upset. She offers to talk to Jassi and asks her what is the matter.
Jassi says that by wearing diff clothes or visiting new places, a person does not change from within and nor will she. She says that she can't change. Nandini asks her if she can't change or doesn't want to. Jassi argues that all this is not meant for her. Nandini says that a successful person is one who moulds oneself into every walk of life. She says that the one who returns to Mumbai must not be the same old Jassi. She asks Jassi to give herself a chance. Jassi asks her a chance for what. Nandini catches her by the shoulders and asks her if she trusts her. Jassi nods her head. Nandini leaves.

Jassi tells herself to come out of this darkness. The camera focuses on her feet. She is standing on a black tile. She takes a step forward and moves on to a white tile, as if she is moving from darkness to light.

Next, we see Jassi looking at herself in the mirror. Nandini is standing behind her. She tells Jassi, "Give me one chance Jassi! I will change you in such a way that your perspective of looking at life will change!"

The end.

Friends, I couldn't stop myself from typing this....but I do, do miss Gulmohur! Cry

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kripawgr Goldie

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Posted: 05 March 2005 at 12:08pm | IP Logged

awesome daisy

well as i always said ..ur updates is like wtaching it for real


loveneha_r Goldie

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Posted: 05 March 2005 at 12:09pm | IP Logged
thanks so much daisy!!! oh no armaan....i will sure miss him in todays episode!!!Cry
bas02 Goldie

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Posted: 05 March 2005 at 12:10pm | IP Logged
thnx sooo much for the update Daisy!!!
jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2005 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
thank you so much Daisy! You take a lot of time out to type everything
up and yes I definitely miss Gulmohour for Jassi too!

Last comment, we had this Saturday special because?????

I think Jassi/Armaan episodes deserved the Saturday attention more than
this episode!
kdokka Senior Member

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Posted: 05 March 2005 at 12:13pm | IP Logged
Thanks for beautiful update, Daisy. Yes, I too miss Gulmohar, Mallika, Raj, Aryaan too.................................. and the most , of course Armaan !!!!! I hope T & D dont spend too much time in Mauritius and get back to India.
cutereems IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 05 March 2005 at 12:14pm | IP Logged


Jassi was looking pretty......how will she look after makeover...OMG!!!! very eagerTongue

bhangra rulez Goldie
bhangra rulez
bhangra rulez

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Posted: 05 March 2005 at 12:15pm | IP Logged

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