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SS "Sorrow"(ARHI) epilogue 52(21/11)updated (Page 18)

_mahi_ IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 November 2007
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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 6:59pm | IP Logged
Oh emmm geee... Shocked
that was a fabulous update sweetieClapClap
the starting scene was really cuteTongue but then how dare la calls khushi a "wh****"AngryAngry
that was really disrespectfulAngry
if a guy n girl were together the whole night.. that doesnt make the girl a sl**AngryAngryAngry
shame on la for that thought of hersDead
but loved how arnav filled her maang with sindoorEmbarrassed
that was lovelyWink.. n how he said that she can hate him as much as she wants as he hates her too..WinkLOL
simply loved the sceneBig smile
cravin for more hehe..LOL
thanks for the pm hunEmbarrassed

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ipkkndank IF-Dazzler

Joined: 11 July 2011
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Posted: 07 November 2011 at 7:25pm | IP Logged
ohwww just superb dear :-)
as i commented earlier now i'm waiting for your next update :-)
thanks for the PM

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paulomi_taAnu IF-Rockerz

Joined: 19 April 2011
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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 2:57am | IP Logged
la.. i dunnow whether to support her or not... but gr8 update !

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soni4eva IF-Rockerz

Joined: 04 November 2010
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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 5:52am | IP Logged
awsum updates luvd dem
cnt w8 2 read more plzz cont soon x
fanx 4 da pm Smile

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virens Senior Member

Joined: 08 October 2007
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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 7:53am | IP Logged
lovely update

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 July 2008
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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 10:36am | IP Logged

Khushi: just sank to the floor and she was shocked  ..

LA: just drop her bag

Mami ji : yeh kya huwa

Nani: was just in stage of shock .

Khushi: just got up from floor and walk to LA " LA ji iss mein humara koi kasoor nahi ha , kal raat  car ka accident hogaya tha .  hum bhi saath mein tha . hum ko chot lagi thi sar mein , she was just giving a blank look and telling her how much she remembered . woh hum ko kab ghar lakar aai yeh sub hum ko nahi yaad .. "

LA: look at her face  and walk out of the RM

Khushi: just walk to the main door

Nani: khushi

Khushi: stopped

Nani: Kahan ja rahi ha aap ?

Khushi: hum

Nani: aap na chota ki baat suni nahi

Khushi: woh

Nani: woh aap ka pati ha

Mami ji: saaso ma yeh kaise hosakta ha

Nani: khushi aap se miss kishap ka room mein, jai change kar ka aai hum saath mein nashta kara ga

Arnav: walk to his room and slam the door ." no body understand me ,he look at his hand it was all red  Khushi you asked for it  i really hate you" he just walk to wash room and freshen up. "he recollected how khushi try to take her life , damit what if he try again he quickly walk out ..

Khushi : just walk to the room.she was fill sick in her stomach she just ran to wash room and vomit , all that happen made her hate herself ,she started crying ,why all this with me , am i so bad, she just feel like killing her self . she splash water on her face  look at her fore head her maang was filled with red substance , " i hate you" she heard knocked at the door

Khushi: kon

Arnav come out i want to talk to you

Khushi hum ko baat nahi karni

Arnav: khushi dont challenge me or i will come in and then you will pay for your stubbornness

Khushi open door she

Arnav:you have five mins come down

Khushi: i am not coming

Arnav: walk towards her

Khushi: i am not scared of you now

Arnav: took one more step towards her she didnot move , " come down in a 5 mins"

Khushi: i said i am not coming

Arnav : ok he just pick her up

Khushi: what are you doing?

Arnav: taking you down

Khushi: ok ok i am come plz leave me

Arnav: let her go change and come down.

Khushi: change?

Arnav: yes change your clothes

Khushi: but i dont have any

Arnav: ok you come like that , no problem

Khushi: Rakshas

Arnav: turn back and smiled at her .

Khushi: just tie her hairs and walk down he was sitting with anjali and nani  , and was talking to them. as he saw them he stop

Anjali: khushi aao

Khushi walk to  and seated on left side of nani , Arnav was on her left

Arnav: you have five mins finish your breakfast. he just taken out few things in her plate

Anajli: chota yeh kon se style ha

Arnav: di please you dont come in between us

Nani: where are you taking her?

Arnav: office

Anjali: why ?

Arnav:Di i cannot reply your question

Khushi: was playing with the fork

Arnav: Khushi you have four mins

Khushi: i am not hungry

Arnav: whisper to fight & hate  me you need energy .

Khushi Push the plate away

Arnav drag it back in front of her  whisper"eat or i will force you in front of everyone "

Khushi started eating

Arnav took paper from his side and started reading it he wanted to give her time to finish her breakfast. she took 15 mins ."chalo"as she took the last bit of her bread

Khushi: just look at him  so he was waiting for me .she walk behind him .

Arnav: as the car reached the road  he started" i hate you so much that i want you 24/7 with me so i can hurt  you , from now on wards you will be with me ".

Khushi:just started looking out

they reached office  everyone shocked to see Khushi back in office and that too with Arnav

Arnav: Aman

Mohit Sehgal  a guest appearance as Aman

Aman : yes sir

Arnav: arrange Khushi table in my room

Aman ok sir

Khushi: look at Arnav

Arnav: 24/7

Khushi : just look at him he with eyes ask him to follow him , she walk to his cabin .

Arnav: sat on his seat she just stand next to  the door .

Aman: came in with two guys they brought table and rest of the things with in 10 min's khushi table was arranged in his room

Aman: sir we have to go for meeting .

Arnav: Khushi is also coming with me .

Aman: ok sir, he look at Khushi

Arnav: notice it . he cleared his throat ...

Aman: ok sir  he left.

Arnav look at Khushi she was standing like a statue ."Khushi"

Khushi: hmmm she was recollecting how he had treated her in this office ?how much he had insulted her.

Arnav: we have to go for a meeting come with me

Khushi: me

Arnav: do as i say?

Khushi: walk behind him

Car was waiting for them at the door

Arnav: give me key  he took the key from driver and he  went to driving seat,

Khushi just open the front door and seated .

Aman: bit shocked who is she and how confidently she seated with Sir .

Sam: " she is his wife "

Aman what?

Sam: yes LA ma'am just called and told me that today Arnav sir got married to her .

Aman: what is her name?

Pam: chamkali

Aman: chamkali arnav singh raizada ...sound interesting.

they reached the client office .

Mr sharma : mr Arnav glad to see you ?

Arnav: same here

Mr Sharma: you will not introduce who this lovely lady is he examine her

Khushi: Mrs Arnav

Arnav :  look at her she was hiding herself behind him . 

Mr Sharma : oh really  look like you have done here a business as there is a class difference between you and her .

Arnav:  came in front of her Mr Sharma i think you have nothing to do with it , it is my personal life .lets come to business .

MR Sharma: i think you have mind and a laughter , i was just praising her beauty 

Arnav: just closed his fist  "i think we cancel this meeting i dont have to work with you"

he turn back and his eyes met with Khushi's she was in tears " chalo" just hold her hand in his and walk to the lift.there was a silence in the lift he was still holding her hand 

Khushi: just look at his face his eyes was closed . 

the lift stopped and the door open . 

Aman: was standing as he was waiting for the lift he saw Arnav ."Sir"

Arnav: open his eyes .

Aman: sir where are you going ?

Arnav: i dont want to deal with him.

Aman: but sir this deal was very important for you

Arnav: shouted " didnot you heard what i said "

Aman:  congrats sir 

Arnav; look at him

Aman: congrats mrs chamkali arnav singh raizada

Arnav: what you said? 

Aman: he just look at Arnav who face trun all red .

Arnav:you are fired Aman  he just open door for her and walk to his side ,

aman: stand in shocked he has no words .

he Drive straight to home . parked car and walk to his room 

Khushi: just got out she was not getting what to do  he love to insult her but if someone else say or do any thing he just lost his temper .  she walk in

Anjali: kya huwa Khushi

Khushi : di pata nahi kya hogaya ha 

they heard Arnav shouting " where is my laptop"

Khushi: di i will go and give him.  as his bag was in her hand 

Anjali: jao

Khushi: quickly walk in to the room "yeh ha "

Arnav: why you took it without my permission?

Khushi: i didnot you left in the car

Arnav: just grab it from her hand

Khushi: hum ko aap se baat karni ha

Arnav: i dont want to leave me alone shut up

Khushi: closed the door ..  " how can i go you said we will be 24 /7 together "

Arnav: khushi leave me for some time 

Khushi: sat on bed 

Arnav : picked up his laptop and walk to the pool side and sit on the chair 

Khushi: walk out and sit on the pool edge .

Arnav: tum ko samajhe nahi aata i  told you to leave me alone .. he just grab her shoulder and push her back

Khushi: grab his shirt as she was scared of falling in the pool " chora hum ko"

Arnav: didnot got first why she is holding him so tight .

Khushi: chora na hum ko 

Arnav: pull her back to him placed his hand on her back, her head was resting on his chest . she just control  her breath   left his arm  ,he moved his hand away from her she, khushi just quickly got up from there . she walk to the room " aap humara ghusa sub per na nikal kara " walk out of the room. 

Arnav just took a deep breath ... "I hate you KHUSHI"  he saw his image next to his plants shaking his head  " you LOVE her you cannot  see her insult since morning you are over protective ,

Arnav: no 

Image :yes let me tell you 

1:you filled her maang so she dont  face all those question. 

2:you took her with you as you want to be sure she dont repeat yesterday act ,

3:you didnot like aman staring at her and you quickly asked her to come with you.

4:you cancel deal with Mr Sharma as you didnot like his comments for Khushi . 

5: you shield her from his dirty looks 

6 you hold her hand ,to tell her you are with her 

6: you fired aman as he made fun of her 

last but not  least your mood is normal now as she was close to you few mins back ."

Arnav: just give a strange look to his image vanished . he heard someone in room he look back Khushi was picking up her Devi maiya

Arnav: what are you doing ?

Khushi: taking it to my room.

Armav: your room he walk to her

Khushi: yes now LA room is mine 

Arnav: he took it back from her hand " i think i said you will with me 24/7 and it means at nights too "

Khushi: no 

Arnav: give her a angry look  she just went out ... 

to be cont ...if youa re not getting pm's do comment here once and tell me 

sorry if it was boring ...  thx for your comments it really encourage me. do tell me how is the story going and what are you liking ...i am bit confused 

Edited by naddiya26 - 08 November 2011 at 10:42am

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007jindal IF-Rockerz

Joined: 28 October 2008
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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
yupieee me 1st again
wow superb part
inke nafrat me bhi pyaar hai.
ye anav kab samjhega ki he love khusi more than he hate her
haaye loved the scene , jab khusi jabadati enterd arnav's room , taki uska gussa kam kar sake.
pool scene was superb
bechara aman got firedTongueLOL
LOLlovd it to core diSmile

Edited by tinu.jindal - 08 November 2011 at 10:46am

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naddiya26 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 10 July 2008
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Posted: 08 November 2011 at 10:37am | IP Logged
Originally posted by tinu.jindal

yupieee me 1st again
lol  read and comment i want a long comment 

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