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Sumi off ... naan taan reserve pannuren Wink happy oh happy sumi LOL


Pictures by sneha_vijay

Rasappa shouts niruthenga anna. What is wrong in these girls going to visit their brother? Mayil ask what rubbish his talking. What's the need to go and visit the kudikedathavan fellow? Rasappa ask who is kudikedathavan? Gopi vaa? Ok if Gopi is kudikedathavan, then what do we call this Pandi, kudumbathil valavaichavan aah? ask Mayil holding Pandi.  (way to go chittapa ... Clap) Rasappa says his from this same family too, what mistake did Gopi do? Murder? Robbery? And even if Gopi commit murder or robbery, it definitely would for this family sake. Sokku expression agrees with Rasappa.

Rasappa ask what big mistake did Gopi made? He was not the one who went around saying will marry Maha or Vanitha. Who was the one who made him agree for all that at the first place? Its all the members in the family made him do this. Gopi is not a stone. He has heart and from the start he loved Malar and wanted to only marry her. Gopi did so much for this family and everyone had said he is everything. For a good guy like Gopi who had sacrifice a lot, what did they do for him in return? They could have at least got him married to his love girl. Mayil is speechless at this moment as Rasappa is talking the truth. Sokku expression super. Agrees with everything Rasappa says ClapStar.

When they knew Gopi love Malar, they were against it and never had even bothered to ask about his feelings. Instead they pressure him to marry Maha for Puspa sake. Aduvum Gopi mandai aturan for the sake of the family. And everyone went to Rameshwaram only for Gopi to tie thali at a valamaram while this Punniyavan Pandi kidnapped Maha, tied thali for her and gave her a baby. Evan nallavan and Gopi has become kettavan? The they ask Gopi to marry Vanitha for Paramu sake. Rasappa said he only saw family asking their son marry who you want but never seen family like this. All they did is to pressure Gopi to marry this girl for that girl and marry that girl for this girl. Both Devanai and Menaashi don't like what Rasappa is talking. Devanai ask Mayil enna Rasappa talking like a loosu? Rasappa ask her who is lossu? Rasappa agrees his loosu because his Mayil's brother so he cannot be sane LOL. Mayil gets annoyed and accuse Rasapa being really mad. Rasappa says this family the one did all the mistakes.

Mayil says how can he say like that? Lucky nelli is a thangam, illati for what Gopi did Paramu life would have gone. Rasappa points up even now Mayil is concern about his daughter. Nellu is thangam? Who said ask Rasapa? Rasappa goes to Sokku and ask him if he remembers clearly what Nellu told during the engagement day? He will only accept Paramu as DIL only if Sokku throws out Gopi completely from his life. He ask sokku which one pains more, the sentence Nellu said or the beating he got from Malar brother? Sokku controls himself and remain silent. If Nellu was a nice man he should have said ok just leave this Gopi matter and continue with Paramu engagement. He the goes to Paramu and ask if she is a ponnu? How can she keep quite when Gopi did such big favour for her?

Rasappa goes to Mayil and tells him without Gopi, Paramu would have long lost her manam and this family manam. Mayil is unable to deny this. Rasappa scolds Pandi too for not talking on behalf on Gopi. Finally Rasappa ask his anni Menashi how could she do like this to her own son. She seem guilty. Mayil shouts back saying no matter what Gopi is not this family member. Rasappa gives left and right again and tells everyone he dont care about other's but he is going to go to Gopi. Mayil says he will cut his anna thambi with Rasappa which Rasappa happily says go ahead. He rather be Gopi chittapa. Rasappa leaves. Thaiamma takes her bag and says finally someone had said everything correctly. Rasappa is the only kid she has given birth who has talked with lots of sense LOL Devanai says something which Thaiama gives her left and right and leaves after asking Sokku to take care his health.

Mayil once again ask Sokku if he wants Gopi to be here. Sokku replies if Mayil does not like then Sokku will follow what he says. For sokku, Mayil is only important. Mayil leaves happy not being able to see his anna crying inside.

Chittapa comes and see both Gopi and Malar and bless them. Gopi is happy at least Chittapa has blessed them. Chittapa tells Gopi malar to get ready and tomorrow they will go and search a house for them. Chittapa also thanks the lady for keeping them here. Gopi and Malar happy to see Chittapa.
Next day Rasappa forcefully brings Gopi Malar back to house. Mayil starts again asking them all to go out. Sokku goes to Mayil and ask what does he think? Why cant he accept Gopi? What had Gopi did? Shocked Sokku tells Mayil that he has forgive Gopi and wants both Gopi Malar to stay here. Sokku ask Mayil what does he think about this? Mayil keeps quite awhile and says no he cannot agree with this. Both Gopi Malar must go out and they the family should bring them in with murai Shocked Everyone is happy and sokku laughs happily.

Sokku wakes up from his dream Shocked He starts crying.


(aiyoo rasappa.. today you become my fav character in this PP Clap)



Tuesday... (Yellam mudinchu Maha drama??? or Peace for Gopi/Malar?)

Tuesday November 8 - Episode - 397

Sokku wakes up happily smiling and realises it is a dream. In the middle of the night. He feels sad. Some one knocks the door. Ragini opens the door. Mayil comes in. 

Sokku asks why did you come in this time? Mayil says why aren't you sleeping? Are you thinking about Gopi?  I know that.

mayil says Gopi is a good guy. He has done a lot to our family. Sokku is puzzled. Confused

Mayil changes says all gopi did is for his selfishness. Sokku is shocked. He is Kariyavathi. He always thought about malar and himself. Did he ever think of Kamu or Paramu?  We do not want such a guy who cannot keep his word.  AngryAngryAngry

You and me have more girls. So lets not support him.

Please erase his thoughts from your mind.(Ithu yenna pencila erase panna???) Gopikku Malar thaan perisu.  Then lets not think about him. Mayil says let me sleep here.

Sokku is sad couldn't talk back. Ouch

In Gokul house...

Two guys come to Gokul house. Gokul, Gokul's mom and dad are there. They tell Gokul borrowed money from us 35 lakhs. They ask for the money back. They threaten Gokul to return the money. Gokul's dad is shocked.

After they leave - they ask Gokul why he borrowed money. Gokul tells it is for Malar consultancy. Gokul dad is mad - he asks Gokul to tell all he borrowed and he will try to pay off them. Gokul looks mad/sad??

Revenge of Gokul ???? Unhappy

Back in Karaikudi

Gopi/Malar walks with rasappa.

He takes them to a nice secluded house. Shows the house. House owner takes them inside the house. Shows them around. He says he has another house in town. Put things in the room. So these people can use just the one room. Gopi wonders small place but malar says ok.  They agree to take the house. (Where will they cook? or take bath? too many questions as if I am going to live there!!!   D'oh

He takes them outside and show the whole place is mine and you can use it. He gives the key and calls Rasappa as Sithare. Clap

Gopi wonders and house owner explains. He says he lost all money in Trichy. He came to karaikudi to ask for money. He didn't get it in time. Decided to commit suicide with family.  At that time Rasappa saw me and asked me why was I crying. I told Rasappa I am going to commit suicide at that tiem he smiled at me and gave me 1 rupee to have tea.

With that one Rupee I called an old friend of mine and he came and helped me. After that I really became big in life. It is all this Sithar's power.  Ever since if I start anything then then I ask him for 1 rupee and start. All is going very well. 

Gopi asks for rent ad advance. That guy says I need to do something for Sithar. So no rent or advance. Gopi insists on rent. That guy says I will let you know later. Asks them to clean the house.

After he leaves Gopi asks what Sithappa?

He says my mom used to say pithar and sithar are same and he is proving it. ClapClapClap

In Sokku house

Maha comes out of the bathroom after shower. She holds her stomach and cries.

They ask what happened to Maha. Why she seems upset. They call her to pray. Maha says I can't come and I am not interested and walks away.

Pandi goes and sees Maha. She is still holding her stomach.He says for the baby's sake can you come to pray?  She scolds and sends him away. Holds her stomach and cries. Disapprove




Wednesday - Puthu Kudithanam StartingDay DreamingDay Dreaming with lots of Spit Malai..OuchOuch

Kobi N malar is coming out kaja's palace n thanking them for giving them for thier timely help..Now Rasappa's turn (Intha Varam Rasappa Varam).. he tells kaja's mom that all our family members are realising about their worth n they are looking for K_M to go down in thier life.. but i cannot let it happen i will make sure that they are live an remarkable life nu solli leaving the palace..They all are coming out after Ras gives some money to Kobi n ask him get households for home..he will go n clean the hom for their arrival nu sollitu leaves from there kobi refuses 1st but after compulsion from Ras both are coming on the way.. after which shot change.. they are coming some household items.Onthe way..Neels got to see them.Jr Neels is also with her.
Neels comes to Kobi- Malar , Gives left right centre..for ditching Van's Life..n as usual giving curse gifts that they will not urpatufy in thie rlife..her stomach fire will never let them to live in peace n also giving extra gift by spitting at his face n leaves ..malar tries to defend ..but kobi holds her hand n tells that he have made the mistake by accepting the marriage for Van's obiviously as mom she is upset with me.. mistake is with me.. so we need to take this curse solli taking her.. n reach some place take some water n washes his face.. n march  forward with some more household.. Ras reach house switch on all lights but nothing is working .. he started to dust the window.. notices takes a stool n tries to dust it ..but fan started to spin..Ras lost his balance n fell down in on thier way next they got to see Mr & Mrs Jags.(Kobi's Mind voice : Aiyayo.. ivaru vera thuppa porara.. water bottle la thani kondu vanthurukanumoShockedShocked) malar gives him courage n passes them n go.. Now Jags Turn to Curse.. he do his role perfectly n give nice bashing to his wife..Poor lady is with worried face after looking at her daughty.
Kobi - Malar Pudhukudithana uravalam mudichu reaches to see Ras in Floor..(nalla 1st day giftWink.. ulagathula irrukka yella probs sum ivangalukku mattum yen varuthuDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming) admits him to hospital n call to landline home number.. Rag's pick the call.. blicking to address kobi as Anna.. as Sr. & Jr. Were sitting nearby.. Jr.PP Comes fast to phone .. n tries to start with his bashing.. but kobi tells him abt Ras hospital admission..all are shocked.. but mayil tells he is fine nothing to worry..lets leave to hospital nu ..except Sr. all are leaving to hospital. Ras got his sense.. kobi says that let us leave once somebody comes in n take charge of care taking.. got to see total pamily there except Sr. Mayil Started to do with his bashing ..but Ras tells why are you talking non sense.. n tells malar not to be worried for these... n ask Meen's you should have come forward to welcome ur son .. but u missed .. wht ever u can say.. but it will not change that he is ur son.. konjam centiment thuvuraru.. kobi n mommy giving tear looks..mayil is looking at the same time angrily @ kobi.. so now kobi decides to leave from there moves away from there with malar. kobi - malar comes outside mayil follows them n hurt both some more n leaves .they too leaves to thier new home.
Gokul is getting dream about his marriage.. gobi beating him for hurting malar at that boodh bungalow..kobi n malar getting married.. both of them looking at each other with lots of love.. n..getting faded in shadows .. gokul wake up with shock holding his head with hands.
Screen freezes..  




(aiyooo anniki mayil torture.. inniki gokul torture D'oh)

Gokul screams Malar and wakes up. Parents come and ask what happen. Mother cries looking at Gokul condition. Father is worried and suggest Gokul to see a doctor. Gokul gets annoyed. Mother says she is going to give her piece of mind to Malar family and goes out. Father tries to say something but Gokul shouts him out. Gokul goes to the mirror ... looks at him and start laughing ShockedD'oh He vows never to let Malar lives happily Ouch

Gopi Malar sleeping facing their back to each other. Malar could not sleep and slowly turns and at the same time Gopi turns too Embarrassed ... kannum kannum kollai adithal .. kadhal endru artham HeartEmbarrassed semma romantic look. Both moves closer to each other. Avar avalai parka .. avalai avar parka...
 Apadiya slow motion lae Gopi moves his hand to touch malar hand. BANG BANG BANG !Shocked!! some one knocks the door D'oh Gopi opens ... thadaaa its Rasappa ... (aiyoo rasappa .. enna timing! ROFLRasappa tells Gopi that everyone thinks his stupid. Gopi was the one who brought him to hospital and took care of him, but when he got all right and discharge, everyone tried to take him back to their house. Rasappa says his not stupid, and left them and came here. He tells Gopi he ate dinner already and bought for them both too. Further adds his eyes is already tired and his going to sleep and booppp he sleeps on Gopi's place ROFL Gopi holds and looks at the food. Malar starts laughing LOL

Gokul parents goes to Malar house and talks badly to her father. Gokul mother too insults him badly. Malar father remains silent. Gokul comes and puts drama like trying to scold his father and send his parents a way. He laughs before going in back and pretending like feeling sorry. He apologize and leaves. Malar brother is very angry but father says they have to face all the avamanam now.

Rasappa is about to leave, going to visit his mother. He ask both of them to take care and warns them not to allow anyone come as this house is taken for them both to stay and have a nice happy life (Shocked hv you forgot what u did last night Rasapaa? ROFL) He advices them not to let any intruder in and goes. Gopi says idhu chittapa sollitu pogarar LOL Malar laughs. Gaja and his mother comes there and invites them both for lunch. Gopi agrees. He goes to shop while Malar follows Gaja mother back to her house.

Nellu is back. Murthi calls his father and tells him his settled in his job but yet to find house. HIs styaing in mansion at the moment. Mother talks a while and then Nellu gives phone to Kamu. But Murthi shouts at her and ask her not to talk to him. She only must talk to him after she stops Paramu wedding. Kamu does not know how to handle the talk as both MIL and Vanitha standing beside her. Murthi rudely cuts the line. Kamu pretends like talking happily and MIL ask her to stop konjaraning and pulls the phone from Kamu. She says hello many times and ask Vanitha why line got cut. Both mother and vanitha leaves without suspecting anything. Kamu cries.

Gopi is riding bicycle when Malar brother calls him. Gopi stops. Malar brother very rudely says vaada ingga. Gopi goes. MB starts scolding Gopi for cheating his sister and slaps Gopi Shocked(what is wrong with this guy Angry always raising his hand???) Gopi ask MB to stop as right now its Malar the reason for Gopi being quite. MB reminds Gopi how he had hit his father on the heart. That is it. Gopi pongguran and starts beating MB badly Clap (semma semma adi for him... very good. he deserves it!) Finally Gopi holds his hand, thinks of MB slapping his father, twist and breaks his hand. MB cries out in pain but Gopi just walks away in anger.

To be continued ...



EPISODE 400 ClapClap

Mayil is angry and tells Sokku and the others how Rasappa insulted him and left to go to Gopi. Sokku seem annoyed at most of Mayil's talk but remain silent. Two men comes to book for katcheri. Mayil happily agrees but the men ask for Gopi. Mayil says his not here and and they dont have any contact with Gopi. Sokku does not like the way Mayil answered them. Rasappa comes there at the same time, he gives Gopi contact number and they leave. Mayil scolds Rasappa for coming here but Rasappa laughs and say he came to tell Sokku that his going to visit his mother. Rasappa tells Sokku to advice Mayil. Puspa comes with her bag as its time for her to go back to her husband. She ask Pandi to take care of Maha and says the same to Devanai. Puspa leaves with Rasappa. Devanai and co also leaves.

Ashok at hospital with hand bandage. Calls his father and informs him that Gopi broke his hand. Father gets angry and tells everyone at home and  slaps his wife for calling Gopi as mappilai. He goes off to see Ashok.

At Mayil house, Devanai tells Mayil that its time he start to think about their family income. Not only for them but for Sokku family as well. Mayil says yes, he is aware about it. Pandi suggest to call Gopi and seek his help. Everyone gets angry and Mayil gives him left and right. Maha takes Pandi behind and she too insults and scolds him. She will rather pitchai edukaran then eating from Gopi's money. She is ashamed getting married to Pandi who cant even go to work to support the family. Pandi vekke konja rosam comes. Maha tells him from now on she will eat only with his earnings. Pandi vows to get job and leaves.

Father comes and ask Ashok what happen but Ashok hid the fact the he was the one started the fight. Father tells Ashok lets go and give back nicely to Gopi and both about to leave when Sokku Mayil arrives there for Sokku medical check up. Ashok father looks at them angrily. Sokky too stares back.

To be continue..

Sorry friends.. today updates is brief. Confused

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kalakkal rasappa. finally, he proved he is the only sane person. and this Mayil - no diff from his wife..

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Thanks Ratna for the hot updates.

Yeyyy Rasappa.  Clap  Yellam correcta soneengga.

Although Gopi cannot come back this soon. Mayil will stop him with his emotional black mail.

Paavam Sokku. Vaaya thoranthu pesa mattaro?

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Sneha is posting pictures from each episode since last week...please have a look and press the like button...just to show your appreciation!!!!

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Thanks for the updates Ratna..

Rasappa.. Super pa.. Party

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Late aha vanthalum latest a vanthu Rasappa kalakko kalakkunu kalakki ,ellar manasulayum idam pidichittar.superClap sokku pesa vendiya varthaikalai rasappa super a solli mayil vayai adaichittar.keep it up rasappaClap

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Yes ... Rasappa become the hero ClapClap i thought he was never gona get a good role here, but indeed the director made him the person who the entire family thought insane.. spoke out the truth Star Everything that we had been talking here, finally rasappa told out Big smile

Once again Mayil is shown selfish here. He was speechless hearing out Rasappa and knows he cannot argue anything on that as everything Rasapa has said is 100% true ...

Sneha, thanks for the pictures..  Hv put them on my updates as well. Thanks babe. Embarrassed

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for you Rasappa...HugClapHugClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClapClap
thanks for updates... atlast thiru sir make rassapa to say what we all want say to mayil family. he should add one one thing... he should tell mayil that both his child paramu and pandi are tired to elope before gopi. they done nothing to this family. and pattiamma aslo good..she gave left right to  devanai. did meena forget that because of mayil her elder son runaway from house?

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