Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2


Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2
Kitani Mohabbat Hai - 2

Tera Mera Pyaar [FF] [Link to Thread 2 on Pg 151] (Page 130)

mysticlover IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 03 March 2013 at 2:09am | IP Logged
first of all, i am so sorry i didn't comment on the promo! i was absent from forum for few days... 
but i was pleasantly surprised on seeing your pm... i was eager to read about this arjun-arohi... my sweet and cute arjun-arohi! the mild ones!!! 
good to see how eager their friends were to bring them closer! 
now about the promo... i hope sanchit becomes the reason of these two coming closer! 
waiting for the next update... and thanks for sending me a pm even though there was no response from me... :) 

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veds_6791 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 04 March 2013 at 7:52am | IP Logged
I'll be posting the other half of the chapter tomorrow Big smile

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Rimpi_kmh IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 04 March 2013 at 7:57am | IP Logged
Originally posted by veds_6791

I'll be posting the other half of the chapter tomorrow Big smile

really!!!!!! yepiiiDancing 

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veds_6791 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2013 at 8:53am | IP Logged
So guys here is the 2nd part of Chapter 21... I'm sorry for making you all wait so much but I'm really busy with college stuff's... I tried to take some time out and have written this...

So this is not at all edited and I really dont know how it is... I just hope you all like it :)
Please comment it motivates me :)


~||Chapter 21 (B)||~

They were now roaming around the market at the beach which was near the dock. There was a half day halt at Goa so the gang had first decided on spend the day on the beach but the moment the ladies had spotted the market, they decided to spend their day shopping. The mens groaned, they didn't want to spend their day shopping but the ladies were admant, they wanted to go shopping, with or without them. The mens finally gave in they didn't want to leave their wife's/girlfriends/children alone in the new city. Especially Arjun, from the moment they had entered the restaurant for breakfast he had seen a few guys looking at Arohi as if she was something to it; not only at the restaurant but even at the beach. For a second he thought of asking her to change her clothes but the very next second he knew that it won't work. His wife was gorgeous and the men would still look at her no matter what she was wearing. So he decided that he would rather be with her than leave her alone and give those idiots a chance.
So now they were here in the market, where the ladies went to each and every shop and the men's followed them. They enjoyed in their own ways by teasing the ladies looking at their choices or by cracking jokes. Chirag was fast asleep, keeping his head on Jai's shoulder and Tanvi was having fun buying some or the other thing from every other shop. This is what always happened when her father would go with her on a shopping trip. He would buy his daughter everything she kept her finger on. Even Rashi would not tell them anything as it was very rare that Rajvir would get time to go for shopping with his wife and children.
Arjun saw Arohi looking at men's shirt at one of the shops. He smirked as an idea sneaked his mind. He walked towards her and said, "I didn't know that you wear a men's shirt," he said teasingly. "Or it's for your boyfriend about whom I don't know about?" he asked, he didn't want the last part to be true, even thinking about it gave him goosebumps but he still kept his smirk intact and waited for her reply.
Arohi looked at him and smiled, she knew that her husband was teasing her and she thought to play along with him. "Yes there is one," she said picking out a light blue shirt and holding it a little high to have a better look at it. Her tone was serious which made Arjun believe her and it hurt him but the very next second his hurt vanished when he saw the mischief is his wife's eyes. 'So Mrs. Singhania is teasing me back huh?' he thought as the naughty smirk came back on his face.
"Do you think this would fit him?" Arohi asked, turning towards Arjun and held the shirt in front of him near his shoulder as to check the size. Warmth crept Arjun's body as Arohi's finger's brushed his shoulder but he was able to ignore it immediately as the warmth which he felt in his heart by knowing that she was looking at the shirt for him and not for anyone else was much stronger than what he felt physically. His smirk turned into a warm smile when he saw her expression. Her brows knitted together in concentration as she was holding the shirt in its place to make sure of its size. Arjun forced himself to look away from her face and looked down at the shirt. He was amused, she knew exactly the size of the shirt would fit him.
"This should be perfect," he answered, which made Arohi smile. "And what about the color? Do you think he would like it?" she then asked and heard Arjun say, "Hmmm," as if he was pretending to think which made Arohi's smile only grow wider. He was such a clown sometimes, she thought and shook her head. "The color is nice and I think that he would love the shirt as well," he said finally looking at Arohi and giving her his dimpled smile. Arohi's eyes twinkled, one, because he loved the shirt and second, because she really liked when his dimple would show up in his smile. It made him look all cute and she would feel like poking it. "Then lets buy it," she said and they both burst out laughing and then walked towards the counter to pay for the shirt. Arohi looked at him as he paid for the shirt. In the last two days she had missed this Arjun, she didn't know what had gotten into him; when she had asked him, he had said that he just had a lot of work stress but she didn't believe him, she knew there was something else but she just let it go. But now looking at the same Arjun, she was happy and she just wished that he remains the same. Their relation stays the same. But one thing they both noticed but still thought to ignore it was that in their little teasing banter unknowingly Arohi and referred to Arjun as her 'boyfriend.'
They both left the store after paying for the shirt; both of them had a warm smile on their faces. They joined their friends back and after roaming around for some more time, they decided to have lunch at the nearby restaurant. Rajvir asked the others to go and sit in the restaurant and asked Arjun to join him as he wanted to go to the ATM. That is what he said to the others, he in fact wanted to go to the small jewelry which they had crossed before. Rajvir had noticed a heart shaped locket there which he wanted to buy for Rashi but not in front of her and he asked Arjun to accompany because he trusted that Arjun would not yell around the world telling that Rajvir had bought a locket for his wife which he was sure that Dhruv and Jai would have surely done.
They entered the store and Rajvir asked the sales person to show the locket, he also looked at the others so that he could select the best one. While Rajvir was finding the best gift for his wife, Arjun was looking around. His eyes fell on a delicate charm bracelet and he smiled, it reminded him of Arohi. There were also several charms spread on the tray. He asked the sales person to show him the charms and looked at them. Rajvir came to Arjun as he had finalized the locket. "What are you doing?" he asked to which Arjun replied, "Was just having a look." Rajvir nodded and went to the counter to pay for the locket while on the other hand Arjun decided to but the bracelet and few charms for her. He selected the letter 'A' charm as her name started with 'A', a book charm as she loved reading them and she also loved studying and a chef hat charm as she loved cooking. All the three charms described her. He went to the counter to pay for it and saw that Rajvir had already paid for his purchase and was just roaming around just to give Arjun some space.
"Bought something?" Rajvir asked as he saw Arjun at the counter. Arjun nodded his head with a smile and showed Rajvir what he had bought. Rajvir smiled and said, "I'm sure she'll love it." "I hope so," Arjun said taking the bill and then they left the store.
They entered the restaurant and spotted the gang who were sitting at the corner table which was facing the beach. They had kept their respective gifts in their respective pockets so that no one would notice them and then question them. Rajvir walked ahead and sat beside his wife. Arjun frowned when he saw that the seat beside Arohi was already occupied and the occupant was none other than Sanchit. Arjun had noticed Sanchit getting a little close to Arohi and he didn't like that even a bit. Sanchit was only a friend but then even Romit, Dhruv, Jai and Rajvir were. But he never felt uncomfortable around them like he felt around Sanchit.
"Arjun what are you doing there, come sit na," Romit said, breaking Arjun's trail of thoughts. Arjun looked Romit, nodded his head and went and sat on the only empty seat which was between Jai and Dhruv. He looked up and saw Arohi looking at him and was giving him a sweet smile. Arjun just smiled back awkwardly which made Arohi furrow her brows together. She just moved her head up and then down in slow yet fast movement as if to ask him what happened. Arjun just shook his head and looked away; the frown was still present on his face. Arjun's reaction made her brow furrow more and she got confused. He was so cheerful just sometime back then what had happened to him suddenly. She kept on looking at him for some time, waiting for him to look up again. But as if he knew she was watching, he didn't look up. The people who were at the beach were more interesting to him. Arohi shook her head in disbelief and went back to listening to what Sanchit was telling. Her husband's mood swings were really confusing her now and she was not in a mood to deal with it.
All the while when they were having lunch, Arjun kept on looking at Arohi and Sanchit from the corner of his eyes. And every time he would see them laugh he blood would boil and whenever he would see Arohi looking at him he would look away. He also tried to involve himself in the conversation which was going on Arohi him but his eyes would always move towards Arohi and Sanchit and he would notice them laughing.
It was almost evening now and they were walking back to their cruise. Rajvir and Rashi were ahead with the kids, a few steps behind them were Romit, Shefali and Archana engrossed in a conversation, and then behind them were Sanchit and Arohi who were still conversing. Sanchit was telling something and Arohi was listening to him carefully. And finally at the last were Jai, Dhruv and Arjun. Arjun's eyes were on the two people in front of him who were so engrossed in their conversation that they didn't even care what was going around them or rather what people were feeing around them, seeing them.
"Arjun," Dhruv almost yelled and shook Arjun. He was calling him from quite some time and Arjun was not responding, he just kept on looking ahead. "Huh?" Arjun said as he turned towards Dhruv, his mind was still focusing on the two people in front of him. "Did you say something?" he asked and Dhruv just looked at him disbelievingly. "You didn't hear a single thing I said did you?" he asked. While Dhruv was trying to speak to Arjun, Jai had left them alone and had joined Archana, Shefali and Romit.
Arjun looked at Arohi and Sanchit and then back at Dhruv and shook his head apologetically saying that he hadn't heard a single word spoken by Dhruv. Dhruv just shook his head. He very well knew where Arjun's mind was. He actually wanted to speak to Arjun about it. This was the best chance to evoke Arjun. Before Jai had left both Dhruv and Jai had, had a silent conversation. "Forget it," Dhruv said, suggesting forgetting about what he wanted to say. Arjun nodded his head and his attention was back to Arohi and Sanchit. He really wanted to know what they were talking about now, what was so important which has kept his wife glued at Sanchit's side.
"What are they talking about so much?" Dhruv asked as if he read Arjun's mind. Arjun looked at Dhruv and saw him looking at Arjun and Sanchit. Arjun just shrugged his shoulder as if he didn't care, when Dhruv looked back at him. Dhruv smirked internally at Arjun reaction. They walked quietly for some time when Dhruv asked, "Do you think he likes her?" Arjun stopped, he was shocked hearing what Dhruv had just said. He looked at Dhruv and narrowed his eyes. How can he even say that? Dhruv shrugged his shoulder and said, "Just look at them. It looks like they are long lost lover. Anyone who'll look at them would first think that . . . that they are in love." Arjun's jaw tightened and hand balled into a fist hearing what Dhruv just said. "SHUT-UP," Arjun said through his teeth, he was so angry that he could kill someone.
This time Dhruv was not scared of Arjun's anger as he knew that what he said would make Arjun angry and he also was prepared with what he would say back. "I'll shut up, but why do you care? You and Arohi are just friends right? So if she likes Sanchit then you should be happy for you 'Friend'," Dhruv said and saw that this has only angered Arjun more. Before Arjun could say something or do something, Dhruv left from there leaving an angry Arjun behind him. He smirked as he knew this time his plan would work as he had struck the right cord in Arjun's mind and heart.
Arjun stood there for some time, he was still very angry. How can Dhruv even say that, hell, how can if even think that? Did he not know how much it hurt Arjun when he said all that? He turned around and looked at Arohi and Sanchit. Every step she took in front Arjun felt that she was going that very step far from him. What if what Dhruv said was right? What if Sanchit really had feeling for Arohi and . . . and vice-versa? One thing Dhruv said was right, he and Arohi were just friends but what about the things he was feeling these days whenever he would look at Arohi? He didn't even have a name for it. At the max he could say was that his attraction was physical but deep down he knew that it was more than it. But if Arohi really did like Sanchit then will he be able to let Arohi go? Was he so strong to let go of that one person who was so important in his life? These thoughts kept on going in Arjun's mind as he kept on looking at Arohi's retreating back.

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Can't believe . . .
me first . . .Shocked
Btw . . . its a fantastic update!!

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.vrshn. IF-Rockerz

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oh my poor Arjun is so stressed about this..! Yeh Dhruv bhi na!

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awesome... their sooo cute!!! <3 continue sooonest!!

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