W/V Updt: 2/11*Raat Akeli Hai...Bujh Gaye Diye*

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Jai Shree Mohan

Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
hello friends
this is vandy
ur mohan bawri updater Day Dreaming
today i'm filling in for mans...and i can't thank her enough for letting me update this epiWinkWinkWinkWinkWink
mohan shirtless...Day Dreamingkastur helping him change...Day Dreamingkastur checking him outROFLmohan catching her red handedROFL but still kastur checking him out!ROFL
kastur niharoing her handsome hubby while he sleepsDay Dreamingmohan getting a shocker as he sees kastur holding his hands and sleepingLOLLOLLOLLOLLOL
kastur should start singing.."saiyyan..pairo ki bhasha samjhe naa"ROFL
by god...she has been dropping hints to mohan..left right and centerROFL

Day Dreaming

Video Update
(By Sonyfan)
on mohan's request...kastur makes an excuse of stomach ache for not going to mama's house for dinner...saroj comes to know that kastur lied...mohan defends kastur infront of saroj...but saroj makes it very clear to him...that she will never accept kastur...and during diwali celebrations...mohan's hands get burnt badly as he saves kastur from fire...saroj does not like kastur's concern over mohan's bruised hands...and is very upset!
Summary Of Today's Epi
finally...mohur share the same bed...with lots of things happeningWinkLOLLOLLOL...and baapji is at his bad best againAngryAngryAngryAngry
Detailed Update
Part 1
the epi starts with mohan-kastur infront of the ac...both trying to phoonk marofy the burnt area...mohan still wincing in pain...kastur very
 moved by his painEmbarrassed
kastur asks him..if he's still in pain...but mohan tries to relax her by saying that he's a bit fine now...he then asks kastur wat she had put on his burns...she tells him abt the desi medicine...which she had prepared for him and it'll help him get rid of the painEmbarrassed mohan gives her a caring lookDay Dreaming
he then notices kastur shiver a bit...and feel a bit uncomfy coz of the ac(it was running at 16 degreess btw)...mohan asks her if he should switch off the ac...but kastur tells him that the cold air from the ac,...will be beneficial to him..its oki...she can manage!...mohan cross checks her decision(aww mohan is a good hubby! Hugremembers his lessons wellROFL...he asked kastur twice...coz he knew...asking just once could land him in trouble!ROFL)
he asks her pucca...she replies...yes pukka...the running ac will be beneficial...mohan shakes his head...and asks her clearly...if she'll be oki with the ac on! kastur says she'll be fine(a very nicely done scene...by both the actors!StarStarStar)
kastur then makes a puppy face and tells mohan that she's sorry...its coz of her that he burnt his hands...mohan looks up at her...and tells her its oki(anybody would've melted at the look on her face...she looked so innocent!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedStarStarStar)
kastur then goes ahead saying(with the same face of course!EmbarrassedEmbarrassedEmbarrassed) that its coz of her that he couldn't go for the movie!...this time mohan doesn't look up...but casually tells her that he'll go tomorrow!Big smileBig smileBig smile
hearing this kastur literally jumps on himROFL...her tone totally changed and reminds him that he can't go for the movie..coz his hands are burnt!!!
this whole thing startles mohanROFL...but he controls himself...and with a very straight face...and supressing his smirk...replies...that he watches movies with his eyes...not his hands!ROFLROFL(Partymohan's one liners are back!!)
but...kastur jumps on him again..saying he'll have to use his hands to get the ticket!..ROFL.but seeing mohan smirk realises she made a blunderROFL...and before mohan could come up with another of his classic one liners...she accepts her fault...and says..his frend can buy it too!ROFL(look at the face mohan makes while saying exactly!...its classic!StarROFL)
mohan then tells kastur that its pretty late...and they better sleep...Smile(kastur ke dimaag mein violins start ringing at the very mention of "sleep"ROFL)
kastur nods...and goes to change...as mohan is still phook maroing his hands(unaware of the violins playing in kastur's mind!ROFL)
(mohan...concenterate...beware! kastur ke violins have started bajofying!ROFL)
as kastur comes out of the washroom after changing..(kastur..plzz get a good nighty...its not a very good idea to sleep in sareesOuchOuch)
she notices mohan struggling to get out of his kurta...his burnt hands giving him a lot of difficulty!(violins starts ringing again...at the very thought of mohan changing infront of herROFL...but she decidesto shut them up...and concenterate on helping mohanROFL)
she goes to mohan(who's head is stuck inside the kurtaROFL) and asks him...if she can help!WinkWinkWinkWink
mohan tells her to go ahead!(bechara...doesn't know wats coming up!ROFL)
she starts helping him...out of that kurta...wen the violin attack occursROFL!ROFL
mohan comes out of the kurta...releaved...and pretty unaware of the violins doing orchestra in kastur's mind!(ooo ...emmm...geee..hc's messy hair in this shotDay Dreaming)
mohan is now shirtlessBlushing
its then that mohan notices kastur checking him outShockedShockedShockedShocked...and the not so nek iraade going on in her mindROFL...(good job by the cv's for showing a bruise on mohan's palmsStar)
mohan is abt to say thanku...but stops mid way wen he notices kastur...looking at him..wierdlyROFL
 he soon understands wat was amusing kastur so much...and decides to cover himself up asap!ROFL
but there wwas no tee to  his rescue...ROFL
kastur...tries to shut off the ringing violins again...and volunteers to get a tee for him!ROFL
shetakes her own time to get it(she knows fully well that ...this tee would put a stop to her oggling session.ROFL.)
while mohan is staring at his hands helplessly...which made him land in such a situation!ROFLaww mohan...Hug
kastur goes to him with the tee...and starts helping him to put it on!(chance pe dance kastur??ROFL)
(oki...my million dollar question here...was mohan wearing his tracks pants with his sherwani...or he changed thechuridar of his sherwani...before kastur came out of the washroom??..i seriously want to know this!!!)ROFL
Part 2
while helping mohan in the tee...mohan notices kastur feeling very awkward...(there's one moment of spark between them...where mohan too feels somethingDay Dreaming)...but then...not knowing wat to do...he just excuses himself and goes to the washroomLOLLOLLOLLOL(now with both hands bruised...wat will mohan do in the washroom??/Wink...oyeShockedShockedShockedShocked...wat r u guys thinking??? i'm talking abt his smoking...how will he smoke now???ROFL)
here saroj is all fuming...and bhanu comes and tries to taunt her..calm her down(do everything together),...and later tries to make her understand that watever kastur did...itjust showed her love for her hubby...but saroj is not i nterested!(sorry guys...i had to cut this crap part short...coz bhanu gets on my nerves!Angry)SleepySleepySleepySleepySleepySleepy
wen mohan comes out of the washroom...he see kastur all set to sleep on her side of the bed!ROFL
he glances a look at the couch...but the huge bed looks more appealing to himROFL...so he moves towards it...and makes himself comfortableROFL with the help of kastur...!WinkSmile
he decides to watch a movie on his lappy...and wen kastur asks him if she'll help him set it up on his lap...he agrees readily!SmileSmileSmile
switching off the lights...mohan gets busy watching his movie...while kastur too lies down!ConfusedConfusedConfused
but unable to sleep and very inquisitive to know wat mohan was watchingROFL...she keeps trying to peep on the screen!ROFL
 mohan sees her doing it...and asks her if she was getting disturbedEmbarrassed...but she deniesLOLLOLLOL...mohan then notices her peeping again...ROFL
and knowing wat she was uptoROFL...he adjusts the lappy such that she too can watch it!Smile
kastur takes this as a green signal from himEmbarrassed...and appreciates his gesture...she then gets up half way to watch the movie!Smile
just then..they show the lead couple in the movie kissing...and kastur starts shying away( the violins in her mind...playing havoc on herROFL)...not very comfortable watching such an intimate thing with mohan(who...didn't have a single violin playing in his mindROFL)...while mohan on the other hand...has his full concenteration on the screen...a mischievious smile playing on his lips!(or wat it harshad smiling??ROFL)
kastur eyes him...and sensing wat was going to come up next on the screen...she decides to turn around and lie...(violins start playing again in her mind..ROFL)...
(oki...i seriously want to ask...did mohan shift the lappy deliberately...knowing fully well wat was going to come up next in the movie.ROFL..so that he could tease kastur?ROFLROFL)
she starts blushing at the very thought of things that could've happened...and turns around...only to find mohan fast asleepBroken Heart...the laptop still on!(soye teri palko mein meri neend piya in bgStarStarStar)...she is taken aback at the sleeping posture of mohan...who looks super cute while sleeping.Day Dreaming..Embarrassed
she removes the lappy from his lap...and adjust his head ...so that he can sleep comfortablySmileEmbarrassed(notice the way mohan winces in pain as his bruised palms touch the blanketStar)...kastur then pulls the covers over him...and decides to drink in the sleeping posture of her handsome hubby...before sleep finally descends on her eyes!EmbarrassedSmileSmileSmileSmile
Part 3
towards midnight...kastur is fast asleepSmile...
wen suddenly she awaken...by mohan's feet snuggling against hers!Embarrassed
(lovely shot of both feet!Star)
...the mere touch sends a shiver down her spine.Blushing..as she expects that mohan...has finally decided to take their relationship a step furtherBlushing...
she blushes at the thought of wat might happen nextBlushing...and waits for mohan's next move.Blushing..but...getting no further response from him...she decides to check it herself...only to find...mohan fast asleep..D'oh.Broken Heart
(kasturD'oh...beta...jab hubby ho beemar...toh mat karo ding dong ka intezaarD'oh...i know it was very very cheesyROFL...but i couldn't stop myself!ROFL...kastur expects mohan tonight...of all nights to atlast fulfill her dreams as a wife???ROFL a night wen he is injured badly???Ermm and wincing in pain in his sleep???Ermm...i really have no wordsErmm)
neways...kastur turns...to find mohan fast asleep...that snuggle being something he did coz his feet were exposedEmbarrassed...and he had no idea that he was doing itEmbarrassed...
kastur smiles at her wierd thoughts(aww kasturHug)...but is not able to resist touching sleeping mohan's hair.Day Dreaming..which are messed up on his forehead!Day Dreaming
(tu samajh le...jo main keh na saki in bgStar)
she notices something stuck in his hair...and very carefully...removes it...so that mohan is not disturbed!Embarrassed(god knows how she resisted finger combing that black lustrous messDay Dreaming...i toh would've finger combed themDay Dreaming...without even worrying wat mohan would say!!!!.Day Dreaming..)
she then lies down again...and falls asleep...Smile
next shot...shows both asleep...facing each other...kastur holding on tightly on mohan's wrist!EmbarrassedDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming
mohan moves in his sleep...rubbing his nose on the pillow wen he feels kastur's holdEmbarrassed...he opns his eyes...only to find kastur fast asleepEmbarrassed(she looked like a child...a slight pout on her faceEmbarrassed)...mohan's initial reaction is of shock..ROFL.he rolls his eyes once to see where he isROFL...and then tries to move awayLOL...only to find kastur moving in her sleep...and increasing her grip on his wrist!ROFL
he decides to let her hands stay the way they areEmbarrassed.Day Dreaming..and moves away as far as possible from kastur(without disturbing her sleep of course!Embarrassed) and falls asleeEmbarrassedEmbarrassed
next morning...saroj notices kastur filling the diyas with gheeSmile...she is surprised wen kastur informs her that she got up early coz there's a lot of work for diwali...plus they need to make rangoli too!Smile
both start making their respective rangolis...Smile
narmada too joins thm...worried over the fact that kastur is soon going to impress everybody with her work and nature...Ouch
just then baapji comes here...to scrutinise the 3 rangolis...SleepySleepySleepySleepy
he is very impressed with kastur's rangoli as she has made "ambe maa's "rangoli...LOL
he calls everybody to appreciate her work...everyone is pretty happy...Smile
he taunts narmada for making an avg rangoli...and tells saroj that till date she made the best rangoli...but this yr...kastur has defeated her...as kastur's rangoli is the best!DeadOuchAngry
(baapji plzzz stop playing the divide and rule policy...don't u know it was a british thing...and u don't like angrezi things!AngryAngryAngry)
saroj is not pleased atall!OuchOuchOuchOuch
Episode Rating: 10/10
a superb epi by all means...shirtless mohan fans were happy...the question who will sleep where was answered...plus...lots of romance...
the BG scores used in both the scenes was apt...just hope creatives use it more often!
therangoli thing was uncalled for...and both baapji and bhanu r getting on my nerves!

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take ur time, cant w8!!!!!!

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Thanks tons for filling in! Lovely update
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doneDay Dreaming
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Thanks for filling in, and providing us with detailed update. Much appreciated.

kasturD'oh...beta...jab hubby ho beemar...toh mat karo ding dong ka intezaarD'oh...i know it was very very cheesyROFL...but i couldn't stop myself!ROFL...kastur expects mohan tonight...of all nights to atlast fulfill her dreams as a wife???ROFL a night wen he is injured badly???Ermm and wincing in pain in his sleep???Ermm...i really have no wordsErmm)

Ahem, ahem.  Kastur is a Dharampatni.  She would have no problem getting around that little issue. ROFL

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Thanks for the update:)
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Awesomeee update Big smile

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