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Armaan vs.Purab in coming weeks as in blf

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Well! i am receiving a lot of pms these days with requests for posting those portions where purab comes back and armaan gets jealous and after that whathappens, etc. etc. so on the basis of those requests i am posting those portions part by part! so guys! don't get  angry with me as i am killing your suspense!Wink!


GULMOHUR: JASSI IS WORKING AT HER COMPUTER WHEN HER PHONE RINGS. Jassi-Hello, yes. What do you mean the merchandise hasn't been shipped! That has to be at port today! (She listens and exhales with a little frustration) Well, I'm on my way there now! Jassi comes out of her office in a hurry, running in front of Naaz who just looks at Jassi wondering what could be wrong. Jassi goes towards the back of Gulmohur! Just at that moment back in the reception area of the 2nd Floor, the elevator doors open! PURAB HAS ARRIVED TO MUMBAI! He is smiling as he gets out of the elevator and greets everyone. Purab-Good Morning. Bindiya looks at him speechless, as does Maithili!

Upon seeing Purab, Bindiya jumps out of her chair with a smile on face that extends from coast to coast. Bindiya - "At your service." Meanwhile, Maithili has jumped out of her chair and is making a mad dash towards Bindiya. While speaking to Purab, Bindiya eyes him up and down, up and down. Purab informs her that he is there to see Jassi. By this time Maithili has reached her destination. She won't look at him, but asks him  if he has come from Mauritius. While acting giddy, she steals a glance at him. Both women are now staring. Purab just stares at them with a smile on his face. From behind him Purab hears Pari informing the two women that they are not greeting the visitor appropriately. Purab turns around to look at her and sees Pari with a big smile. Pari is pushing her hair away from her face with a smile to match Bindiya's. She instructs them to act decently. Bindiya tells her to mind her own business. Bindiya quickly apologizes to Purab. She tells him that she will notify Jassi. She can't keep her eyes off of him. Maithili has made it back to her desk and is trying to measure his height against her when he suddenly turns to look at her. For her part, Pari is staring at him sitting sideways and smiling at him.

Purab stands in the same place looking uncomfortable. By this time all the women are having trouble breathing. Purab asks if there is any news about Jassi. They tell him that they will go look for her and take off. Pari takes this opportunity to make her way towards Purab. We hear our regular seductive music. She greets him and introduces herself. She offers him something to drink, anything. He says that he is fine. "Okay, okay", she answers. She then asks if he is there looking for Jassi, "Is it personal"?, she asks. When he doesn't answer she tells him that if it is business she may be able to assist him. He answers that no, he is a friend of Jassi's. She answers "very good". …………………………………………….!

The Gang has gathered to drool over Purab. Maithili comments, "I died. I died. I died. What a man!"Naaz says that the angels sent Purab to Jassi. Ruby approaches the group and wants to know what is occurring. Mariana fills her in on Purab's arrival. Ruby tells them that Jassi had passed through the backdoor of the workroom. The Gang begins the search for Jassi.


 Back at Armaan and Raj's office, Raj goes on to a slightly different angle. He says that Armaan is screaming that he loves Jassi, but has he told her. Armaan tells him that he promised Jassi that he would leave her alone. Raj asks for how long. Is he going to wait until another man comes along and takes her away? Raj goes on to say that Jassi now has the position that Armaan once had, the money that he once had and power. He also tells him that her intelligence and beauty have blossomed. Armaan is starting to become upset and he rises from his chair. Raj continues describing Jassi by saying that she has a nice face that is sexy and erotic, he doesn't quite understand. "Her voice", he says, "let's not mention it". Her body is very good. He then begins to talk about how good she looked with the dress that she was wearing the evening of the fashion show. Armaan can't take it any more. He reaches for his throat and tells him to be quite. He tells him to respect Jassi and that he will never again refer to Jassi in that tone. Raj is trying to loosen Armaan's hold on his throat. Armaan finally lets go. Raj says that he's a spectacle, he loves them all but doesn't do anything with anyone. Raj asks if he plans on someone else coming and taking away their president. Armaan tells him that he has not resigned in leaving her in peace. He wants to return to her, but not under the terms that Raj suggests. He realizes that he is going to have to wait awhile. He has to show her that he has changed and that everything that he has for her is out of pure love. He realizes that Jassi resents him and that he has to change and he has to change her to get her to listen to him. To believe in him again. He asks him that in meantime not to torment him by telling him that someone else is going to come and take her away. He tells him that there is no one else in Jassi's life. Raj asks if he is sure. He says of course, if there were someone else, he would know. Raj says that is the best news they have heard all day.


 Armaan and Raj arrive at the lobby. Armaan asks if they can drop the subject. He reminds him that they have many visitors to attend. He wants to leave the gossip for another day because he is desperate. Raj notices Purab!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He tells Armaan, look who has come!!!!!!! Armaan is like,PPPPPPPPPPPUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAABBBBBBBB!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thousands of drums are beating inside Armaan's mind!!!!!!Anyways,they greet Purab. Purab informs them that he is there to see Jassi, but that she can't be located. "Jassi", says Armaan with a jealous look starting to appear. Armaan goes on to tell him that if it has to do with business that he can help him. Purab tells him that it is personal. Now,along with the jealous look Armaan has a look that says "What do you want with MY Jassi". Purab excuses himself to Armaan and Raj.

They retreat a few steps (the better to observe the raptures of the Gang?) and the women commence to gush on the "divine-ness" of Purab. Bindiya pressures Ruby for her opinion and she admits that it's been a long time since she's seen such a specimen. Armaan and Raj exchange a suspicious glance. Naaz exclaims, "Jassi's gonna die when she sees him!" Naaz counters, "No! Imagine how we died when we saw him, think how it'll be for her!" Maithili swoons, "I would give my life to be in Jassi's skin!" Raj and Armaan haven't missed a single note. Raj teases Armaan speculating how this will end. Armaan can't stand it another second, he retreats to his office.

Raj barges in and asks him what's going on out there with Purab here. "I don't understand. Explain it to me!" "Of course, of course," starts Armaan. "It seems that Purab and  Jassi met again in Mauritius and once again he has been very "special" to her." Well color him green! This is news to Raj. "So, you knew that Purab has come back in Jassi's life? And when was Jassi in Mauritius? For how long?" Armaan tells him that she went there after resigning and had been there until she returned.


The Gang is still not getting any work done. Maithili wonders why he's come back, "Perhaps he's come to ask her hand once again... no, better yet, to ask her to marry him!" The voice of reason, Ruby, reminds them that they need to calm down. After all, if they'll recall the story Jassi told them, she only spent just a few days out with the guy. "He was all gentleman," she enthuses romantically and uncharacteristically, "They are  friends now, nothing more!" Maithili reminds her that he hoped she'd stay in Mauritius! Naaz can only imagine the look on Jassi's face when she sees him there. The women laugh at the mental image. Then there's Armaan's face... Bindiya comments that it gave him an envious moment, but no more than that because he doesn't give a fig for what Jassi does.


Jassi comes back.Bindiya tells her that she has a surprise for her but when she turns she doesn't see Purab. Jassi looks around a little confused by what Bindiya is telling her, but then Purab peers out from behind a rack off garments. Jassi's eyes widen in delighted surprise and the two greet each other with affectionate looks. "What a huge surprise! I had no idea that you were here!" Bindiya's eyes gleam watching this reunion. Purab teases her that he's heard nothing from her. Jassi apologizes, "How embarrassing! Since I came back to Mumbai I've had time for nothing. I've had to work, here at the business." "I know. I've seen all of the news stories," Purab assures her. "I saw how they applauded you... I was so pleased." Jassi modestly thanks him, laughing emotionally. Bindiya excitedly adds that she participated in the show too and he kindly says, "Yes, yes (now go away!) And Nandini told me many things about you. She's extremely proud of you, you know." Jassi is so pleased. "She told me that you two had spoken often." She asks Bindiya to call her and tell her that she needs Nandini and Bindiya happily agrees to do so. She makes a giggly exit. "And I suppose that Nandini knows that you're here in Mumbai?" "No, I don't think so," says Purab. At a momentary loss for words, the two laugh in delight.


THE EX-EXECUTIVE SUITE In the ex-executives office, Armaan is playing with one of his jacks, spinning it idly, lost in dark thoughts. (Where oh where is the new-and-improved Armaan now?) "In all events, I don't think those two had anything in Mauritius," states Armaan in a pensive tone. Raj murmurs an "Mmm hmmm" in the appropriate spots. Armaan goes on to speculate that they were just friends. "Mm hmm..." "Later I'd heard that he'd sent a greeting with Nandini, that he'd like to see her again." "Mm hmmm!" This get's Raj's attention. Armaan continues recalling that he heard that Jassi was to hear from Purab, that they should all get together, the Mauritius gang. "So, Jassi's going to have a little party with Purab by her side and with the little girlfriends," Raj notes with glee. "Do you think they'll invite us to the party?" Armaan's face is dark and gloomy. He shoots Raj a disparaging look. "Well, that doesn't matter," Raj counters blithely. "We'll speculate a bit. I don't think that things are so light (between Jassi and Purab) .And how about the big to-do when he arrived here? The comments on how it would be a surprise for Jassi, so exciting..." Uncertainty is eating away at Armaan. "Why did Jassi have to speak so much about that damned guy?" Raj, alias Satan, adds, "Or with so much enthusiasm or else the Gang wouldn't be so emotional..." He smoothly proposes that they're not speaking of some little plaything, but that it appears that this guy has once again triggered something in Jassi's hormones. "If I were you I wouldn't be sitting with my arms crossed without trying to find out what's really going on." Armaan turns to look at him. Raj flourishes at the keys of his computer as if playing the piano and Armaan grabs his hands to make him stop.


In the bathroom, Bindiya is beginning to recount the details of the meeting between Jassi and Purab. She tells them of her few words with him and how he smiled when she told him that Jassi had told them about him. The woman laugh gleefully and chatter excitedly. Naaz thinks it would be very cool if Jassi takes up with Purab and throws it in the face of Armaan. Ruby thinks that Jassi shouldn't get involved in such a plan. Why would it matter to Armaan what she does? She should just brush him off. Bindiya chides her for her "lack of professionalism". Jassi should flaunt things in front of that hyena and humiliate him and show him that she can have someone fall in love with her and she can marry someone. The women laugh wickedly at this suggestion. Maithili agrees because Jassi's not something to take up with and throw away. Naaz agrees. Armaan may not be jealousthat doesn't matterbut this is a way to be vindicated, a form of vengeance, so deliciousa form of validation for a woman. Bindiya giddily takes this to the next step. "What Jassi ought to do is give that guy a really great hug in front of Armaan!" "Bindiya, please!" cries Ruby, laughing as she does so. Naaz reminds them of the letter and how it referred to how Armaan had to force himself to act loving Jassi. This strikes a responsive chord with the women and they chatter and laugh about how ridiculous that letter is and how that would show Armaan, etc., when guess who walks in the bathroom and standing right behind Bindiya says, "Good afternoon..." The women scream in alarm: it's Armaan! He stands there like the vengeful angel, fixing them with a basilisk stare.

ARMAAN: What's going on? Naaz: What's going on is that you are in the LADIES ROOM, Armaan Sir. ARMAAN: Then, I'm seeing something that I shouldn't. Pardon me but I get the impression that all of you are taking an unscheduled break for absolutely no good reason whatsoever. Naaz: Actually, Armaan Sir, we are discussing some problems that could seriously affect the business. ARMAAN: Ahah! MAITHILI: Anyway we were about to return. May I help you, Sir? ARMAAN: No ... ah ... I don't really need ... The truth is that I am just a little bit curious, really curious about what is transpiring, how the visit of Purab has set all the ladies' hearts aflutter. NAAZ: No ... Sir ... relax... it's not as bad as all that ... It will pass ... ARMAAN: Then what is all the excitement about? What does he have to do with it?

Each of the Gang looks around and then all look at Maithili, who steps out from behind a divider. Maithili says, "What a friend ... mother of God ... such a man? Naaz: Sir, its because he is a real man, like a Roman God, right girls? Bindiya, dancing over to Armaan's side : Look, Sir, he's so cool !!!... Though it wasn't his intention, Armaan can not help but feel their excitement. ARMAAN, laughing with a knowing wave of the hand : You're all out of this world. ALL THE GANG: Y e e e e s s s s s s ! ! ! BINDIYA: But he's untouchable, no one can touch him. Don't you see? ... Because he is almost private property. ARMAAN: Why ,is he engaged? MARIANA: Well ... we sincerely hope that this possibility crystallizes this time with this visit.

Some of Armaan's smile fades as if someone dropped an ice cube down his back.

ARMAAN: The visit to Jassi? Naaz: The one and only reason he came all the way from Mauritius was to see her. ARMAAN: Oh boy, what an attraction! Right? MAITHILI: I imagine that they met again in Mauritius, nothing but ... in Mauritius they strolled on the beaches where the waves washed over their feet ... to parties ...so divine ... BINDIYA: Aha ... Yes! I'm in love ... I'm in love !!! Naaz: Yes, girls, imagine walking along the beach, listening to music and with ...together on the edge of the valley of love. And all those parties they went to ... What a story! That Jassi is sooooo lucky !!! Bindiya: Lucky, Naaz, how luminous it is my dear ... Mauritius, such a divine gentleman, so fantastic, my God, this man with her there ... so divine ... and THE PICTURE that they took together at that little table at the sidewalk cafe ... so divine ... embracing with smiles from ear to ear!!!! ALL THE GANG singing: The nights of Mauritius ... fascination ... !!!

Armaan is in agony. He's heard enough. He wants to go somewhere and ... NAAZ: Yes, and I would do the same as she with that photo tucked away in her purse ... moreover I would beg to be tucked away with it to share a divine moment in her life because of such a divine prince ... BINDIYA: ...And that ...when he met her for the first time she wasn't so pretty; now she became pretty, after that ... Naaz: Bindiya, but if he was there witnessing conversion of Jassi into a beautiful woman, of course ... I can't imagine how he died when he saw her ...because now ... better ... now she is gorgeous, devine ... MAITHILI: Bindiya, tell us all what happened when they met againNaaz, with her hand half covering her mouth: Aha, aha! How embarrased you must be, Armaan Sir, us here, bubbling over with gossip ...But, since you asked about Purab, I imagine that the things you hear us saying are of some interest ...right? ARMAAN: No! Well, it doesn't me. Simply, now that you are through with your gossip session, I would thank you to return to the work you have to do ... Excuse me ... Some of Gang call after him: Yes, Sir, we're coming now.

 He spins around 180 degrees and leaves the room but pauses at the entrance leaning against the wall while Bindiya begins to tell about the rendezvous of Jassi and Purab. Of course, she is exaggerating which doesn't make Armaan, who is peeking around the corner, feel any better. RUBY, sadly: Blessed Mary forgive us for meddling for God's sake. MAITHILI: Bindiya, come on now, tell us what happened. Bindiya signals and whispers to Maithili to check to see if the coast is clear. Armaan pulls his head back out just in time. Maithili, making the "safe" gesture of baseball umpires: Girls, he's disappeared. But, Armaan returned and is standing half in the doorway listening. BINDIYA: Girls, it was fantastic ... when I arrived, she was fighting with a guy in production. Then I arrived and said, "Look at the surprise I brought you." He hid behind a rack of clothes. And when he peaked out, I wish you could have seen how big her eyes got. She stared at him as if she couldn't believe her eyes. When he came within arms reach, they just stood there and looked at each other. After they looked at each others eyes romantically ... so long ... And then complained about not hearing anything from her since she left Mauritius. She told him not to worry because she was so busy because she had too much work ... MAITHILI: Aha, yes, but she was so far away. Such suffering ...I would have called ever moment, every second. Better yet, I would have sent smoke signals. BINDIYA: Aha, girls, after he told her that he did see her on TV triumphant in her work ...she was so happy and everything. Maithili: ...then did ... chemistry happen between them ... ? BINDIYA: ... chemistry? ... it was love ... love spurting out from every pore ...

An employee passing by caught Armaan, obliging him to back out of the Ladies Room. While he was leaving, Maithili went out of the Ladies Room to be sure that Armaan wasn't there. He returned to office area and, shaking his head, silently castigated himself while Pari observed.


Armaan turns and briskly walks away while Raj calls after him ... RAJ: Hey, what's up? You're so sad. Did become a Zombie or ... What? ARMAAN: Purab came for Jassi. I just came from talking with the Gang. They told me everything what happened between them in Mauritius. I've got to talk with Jassi. It was important, understand? RAJ: Yes, I understand. It was important. I told you that two plus two is three. For that reason, Jassi has been so aloof since she came back to Gulmohur. RAJ: I have to go take care of these people. Don't do anything that I wouldn't do. You have to get a hold on yourself ... calm down! ARMAAN: calm ... calm ... calm ... RAJ: Yes, calm down! Raj leaves Armaan to pace around the office half dazed.


Meanwhile in the Ladies room . . . NAAZ: We sure told him, didn't we girls? Bindya: Did you see the look on his face while he was listening ? If you ask me, it got longer and longer with every word we said. Maithili: Could it be ... could it be that he believes ... while we were ... exaggerating a litttle? NAAZ: We weren't exaggerating ... no ma'am! Purab really showed Jassi a good time while she was in Mauritius. Besides, who knows what really happened? [ they all laugh ] BINDIYA: Besides, I didn't lie ... Well, I was filled with emotion when I was describing the rendevous between those two ... but, there was chemistry... chemistry between them. NAAZ: Look, okay, another thing ... neither could he imagine that were setting him up ... He doesn't know that we knew did what he did to Jassi. He simply stumbled upon Jassi's best friends chatting about what Jassi herself told to us . . . period. RUBY: Okay, I don't know girls, but his coming into the Ladies Room is very strange. In all the years I worked at Gulmohur, not any president visited our bathroom. No, never did any of them do that. Now he came to get, to see not just what we were doing ... BINDIYA: Of course he came for something ... He came for the same thing that we came here for ... gossiip RUBY: For nothing but gossip, No, my dear. Uh ... uh ... BINDIYA: How's that ... Ruby ... What do you mean? Is Armaan sir jealous? Could it be? RUBY, slapping the front and back of her fingers [does anyone know what that means? ] : Look my dear ...I don't know ... but the only thing it seems to me is that his coming in here is very strange. As for these questions ... Humph! MAITHILI: Aha no, Ruby. No you are not mistaken because that is precisely what Jassi told us tearfully ... and ... Purab's visit here ... his interest in her ...this man wants to approach her because he intends for her to leave this business ... MARIANA: Aha, yes, Ruby, Bindiya: Okay, concerning jealousy, that can't be ruled out. NAAZ: Tell us Bindiya, tell us what you heard. Bindiya: Okay girls, gather around for a very juicy piece of gossip. ……………………………………………………………………

Meanwhile Jassi and Purab are chatting while they walk together through the factory.

JASSI: When I came to Mumbai, I had to return to this business to solve many problems. Its been very tough, really. PURAB: But I saw that you are a success because you wound up as the President of the company. JASSI: No, its not as marvelous as it seems. The truth is that the presidency is only temporary. I just have to solve some persistent problems; I am just about to fulfill my mission. Then, I want to leave. PURAB: And where to? JASSI: I don't know yet. I would have to look into it. PURAB: I suppose that you are planning on being in charge of a large company JASSI: No, not necessarily a large company. I would like to work someplace peacefull. PURAB, with a thin smile: Okay, okay, how do you feel about managing a chain of restaurants? JASSI: Restaurants? PURAB, looking up at the ceiling: Yes, actually it isn't a chain. It's more like a group of tropical country restaurants facing the sea along the coast of Mauritius. I don't know but it seems to me that you are so fascinated with the sea. JASSI, enthusiastically: I like that. Who owns the chain? PURAB: It belongs to me and some business friends of mine ... lovers of the sea ...It's that I'm thinking of getting involved in the business. Between us we have some capital and it looks like a sweet deal ... we need an economist like Jasmit Walia. So ... JASSI: ... PURAB are you serious? PURAB: Of course, very serious JASSI: I don't know. You took me by surprise. I'll have to think about it because it implies that I will have to move ... and leave behind my family ... PURAB: Yes, and leave behind ... who are you refering to ...someone you love. . . JASSI: No, no, no, I don't have ... nothing like that. I'm referring only to leaving behind my parents. PURAB: Now you are trying to erase what tormented you when you were in Mauritius? JASSI: I getting over that ... shall we go? PURAB: Yes. [they leave].


Armaan decides to go to Jassi's office to search for the picture the Gang was talking about in which Purab and Jassi are in a tight embrace. Hearing voices of the Gang in his head, he closes the doors behind him and walks to the back where Jassi left her purse. He picks up the purse and quickly turns his back to the window embracing the purse. Then he fishes for the picture while keeping a careful watch for anyone that might see him. When he finds the photo, he stares at it sullenly then, with a gasp, returns it to the purse. That is when he notices Jassi's diary. After he removes the diary, he puts the purse back. Then he opens the diary (upside down), turns it over and begins to read: "He is a man that I find marvelous. He helps me into his car, takes me to his club. He confesses his fears to me as if I the details would die with me. " ARMAAN, whispering: What's this????????????????


bhangra rulez Goldie
bhangra rulez
bhangra rulez

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WinkWow I can't wait! ThanksSmile
jprasad IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 05 March 2005 at 9:14am | IP Logged
But Rumi, everyone has already met Purab....ab kiya kare?
munizaaa Goldie

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 coooooollllllllllllll thankx yarrr
loveneha_r Goldie

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thanks rumi!!!Big smile
Rumi Goldie

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Originally posted by jprasad

But Rumi, everyone has already met Purab....ab kiya kare?

yes! that is why i have edited a lot of diaogues and kept only those portions which imply that they have met purab earlier and now they are being happy that purab has come back in jassi's life! well, the gang has become overwhelmed with purab's looks ( once again!)but, they are doing some exaggarations in front of armaan to make him jealous!armaan's expressions are also edited a lot, i mean acc to my anticipations! now let's see how they manage this portion!Wink!

loveneha_r Goldie

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Originally posted by Rumi

Originally posted by jprasad

But Rumi, everyone has already met Purab....ab kiya kare?

yes! that is why i have edited a lot of diaogues and kept only those portions which imply that they have met purab earlier and now they are being happy that purab has come back in jassi's life! well, the gang has become overwhelmed with purab's looks ( once again!)but, they are doing some exaggarations in front of armaan to make him jealous!armaan's expressions are also edited a lot, i mean acc to my anticipations! now let's see how they manage this portion!Wink!

i hope they follow ur version rumi!!!! im praying they do!

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Thanks a lot Rumi Smile

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