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Dil,Dosti,Dance(Oneshots)~~Completed~~LastNotePg27 (Page 7)

MadeehaN Groupbie

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Posted: 04 November 2011 at 7:33am | IP Logged
hey dat wz reely nice..keep uploading more..

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Posted: 05 November 2011 at 6:14am | IP Logged
WOW!! that was awsome!! Do continue soon please :D

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Posted: 05 November 2011 at 7:49pm | IP Logged
Awesome OS!!!!
Loved it!!!

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Bach ke rehna re baba

(D3 Girls-Dance)


"KRIA!!!KRIA!!!",screamed Sharon.


Kria came running down the stairs.Sharon only screamed like a banshee if some great trouble came upon her not finding a correct shade of lipstick to match her dress.Times like these, Kria did her duty as a good sister and helped her during her moment of great crisis.


"What happened Sharon?Cant find your matching mauve heels again.",said Kria calmly.After two months of living in the same house as Sharon, Kria had become accustomed to her "panicky moments".Their dad usually left her to Kria or their mom to deal with her during these moments,even though he was the one who had lived with her the longest.Sharon usually called on their mother for any problems.She adored Smriti.But since their parents were away on a trip to Mussoorie,Kria was left to deal with the diva.


"Shut up Kria.I called you because I had the most amazing idea for a night out.",said Sharon excitedly.


Kria raised her eyebrows.Sharon's last "great idea" had consisted of the two of them going on a bonding day-out.Which was fine with Kria, except for the part where they went to the SPA and SALON for FIVE hours getting pricked and plucked and beautified the whole of that time.Though the results hadn't been too bad, the after effects had been since Sharon had decided that Kria's new look would be best with her kind of fashion.The result was that Rey had broken the jaws of atleast 5 boys who had dared too stare at HIS "friend" for TOO long and had fixed such a murderous glare on Sharon, that Kria,fearing for her sister's life, had decided to abbott the whole makeover idea.


"Okay...Let's hear it.Though let me warn you, I'm not going to spend my Saturday night getting my toenails painted red, or lieing down for hours with green stuff on my face and cucumbers on my eyes."


Sharon was just about to answer her when they heard the doorbell ring.


"Must be our friends.",said Sharon happily and rushed down the stairs, followed by Kria.Sharon opened the door revealing the two star dancing groups of St.Louis,previoulsy rivals and now the greatest of friends and one big team.


"Hey Sharon,Kria.Getting bored without us huh.",said Simmi, giving them both a big hug.


"Hey Sim...Your hairstyle is awsum as always.",said Kria, grinning at the red and blue highlights in her hair.


"Well, she always does get the snazziest one."said Nil, entering into the house.


"Neha agreeing with Nilesh.",said Neha.


All of them started to talk to each other, all except Swayam who was leaning against the door and staring at Sharon.Kria noticed this and went to him, after excusing herself from Rey to him she was talking to.


"Hey Lover Boy...Stop oogling my sister.",said Kria in a mock stern voice,


Swayam raised his eyebrows."Would you look at that.Kripa getting all protective huh.",said Swayam..


"Ok attention girls...Its Saturday night, so obviouly we wont be cooped up INSIDE.Well fear not, because I have managed to procure passes to-"Fire n Ice", the newest and hottest club in town.",said Sharon.


Everyone cheered.


"That's awsome Sharon.",said Rey.


"That it is...So are we leaving now?",asked Vicky.


Sharon looked at them quizzically.


"Guys, did you not hear what I said.'Attention GIRLS'.Meaning its a girls nights out.No boys today.",said Sharon calmly.


There was silence for a moment after which the girls started to cheer even more loudly, while the boys looked on dumbstruck.


"What!!!Absolutely not."said Rey firmly.


"Ditto.No way are you girls going alone to a club with sleazy boys all over the place.",said Vicky in the same tone.


"They're right...No ways.",said Nilesh.


"Oh come on boys, dont be such spoil sports.",whined Simmi."You guys spent so much time together, getting to know each other.Its our turn now."

"But...",began Bharat.


"Hey we got Vishaka with us.She would break the jaw of anyone who tries to get too cosy with us."said Kria.


"Thats right dudes.",said Vishakha.


The boys looked at each other and sighed.


"Ok fine...Though I still cant believe your going without us.Promise you'll call us if anything happens.",said Swayam in a concerned tone.


"Promise",said the girls.


A few hours later...


"Man I love this party.",screamed Kria, already tipsy.


"Well,it was my idea...couldnt be bad.",slurred Sharon.


"Hey...what are you looking at?",snapped Vishakha at the third guy eyeing them.


"Girls...dont you think something's missing?",said Rinni.


"Come to think of it, you're right Rinni.",said Simmi.


"But kya we forgetting.Neha not able to thinking.",said a drunk Neha.


The half drunk girls wondered in silence for a few minutes.What was missing...


"Oooh...I know, I know.",screamed Sharon excitedly.


"Dance!!!",said Kria.


"But how can we dance properly among so many people.",said Simmi with a pout.


"Come on guys, follow me.",said Kria.They went to the DJ and Kria whispered something into his ears.Then she turned to the girls.


"Time to steal the spotlight.Lets go."


Suddenly the music stopped.Everyone began to look around quizically, wondering why the music had stopped.They see the spotlight on the six girls standing on the bar.A song begins to play in the baground and the girls turn around...


Hum ladkiyan nahin hungama hain

Lagti hain sidhi sadhi hum mein drama hain


The girls move their hips in time with the music, do a twirl and face their audience.


Hum ladkiyan nahin hungama hain

Lagti hain sidhi sadhi hum mein drama hain


They get down gracefully from the bar and do a few killer hip hop steps.


Ladko ke peetche, peetche peetche jaye

Jadoo chalaye hum hain balaye


On side Sharon, Kriya and Neha go to three boys and putting their hands on their chest, push them away.


Jadoo chalaye hum hain balaye


On the other side, Simmi,Rinni and Vishakha do the same.


Ek chutki main kar doongi main tumko apna raja

Bachke rehna re baba


Neha comes in the middle and gyrates her hips in her signature move.(RDX Party)


Bachke rehna re baba


Kriya comes,does a wacking step and finishes with a split.


Bachke rehna re baba


Sharon moves her hips, does a piroutte and finshes by blowing on her nails like the diva that she was.


Bachke rehna re baba


Simmi moves her belly in a way which was criminal and made every boys eyes almost pop out of their sockets.


Bachke rehna re baba


Vishakha does her favourite hip hop steps.


Bachke rehna re baba


While Rinni matches some contemporary steps to the fast beat.


Bachke rehna re baba

 Bachke rehna re baba re


All six girls come together in the middle and cross their arms over their chests with attitude on their face.Instrumental music plays in which they do a routine whuch they had practised together.


Ladkon ka fashion hua hain poorana aaya

Hain ab ladkiyon ka zamana

Payal humari jab jab bajegi

Tumko lagega thumka lagana


They push away some boys from the dance floor and after turning cartwheels together tap their feet as if having imaginary anklets.


Jadoo chalaye hum hain balaye

Jadoo chalaye hum hain balaye

Ek chutki main kar doongi main tumko apna raja
bachke rehna re baba ' 8


They perform a routine together.(last few minutes of the video below)


(Why I chose this song.Only because of this perfect video which I found.Credit goes to uploader.Pls watch it.)


The girls stumble out laughing after Sharon calls Rey to pick them up.


"That was so much fun.",said Vishakha."Those were some moves girls."


"I agree.I cant believe I used to fight so much with you guys.", said Sharon.


"Well here we are, having the time of our lives together.So what say guys, friends forever.",said Kria.


"Always and ever.",replied the others and fell about giggling.


"Man that was so cheesy.",said Simmi."Oh look there's Vicky's car."


The boys get out of the car warily.They take one look at the girls,who can hardly stand straight and shake their heads.


"This is so the last time we let them loose on their own.",says Rey


Ok I know this one wasnt that good, especially since I hardly know anything about dance.But I had to write this since D3 is nothing without dance.


Many people have been asking me to continue the first or second os'.It's great for me that you guys loved them so much.However that is how I had planned the stories, and if I try to continue them they'll be forced and wont come out good.Though if I get some idea in my head,I will surely build upon them.Hope you understand and enjoy the future fics too.


There's another thing I wanted to say.Plsss dont kill me, but right now I cant send any pms.I have entrance tests for engineering coaching classes next month and am busy studying for it.Its difficult for me too even type these stories though I'm finding time for it becos I love writing these.Pls understand and keep checking this thread,ATLEAST until January.Thanx


PS.Since I got so many lovely reviews the last two times,I'm gonna post a sneak peak for my next os.So here it goes...


Neha's English might have been weak, but she was always a model student, away from all controversy, until she became part of the weaklings of course.Needless to say, she was NOT happy when she was discovered by the ultra hot Proffesor Karan, pressed against a locker in the GIRLS locker room by VICKY.Now where would this incident rank in her list of most embarrasing situations...


PS.Neha would like to tell all readers to not pay attention to Rey and Kria.Just because she did not stop Vicky does NOT mean she likes being pressed up against him in the GIRLS locker room.

 Ps Pls vote in dis poll...

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 3:30pm | IP Logged
hahhahah wooohoo girl's night out! loved the way you wrote at the end this is the last time we're letting them out by themselves hhaha can't wait til the next story Big smile
KreyaArshiLover IF-Sizzlerz

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Loved it, best Of luck dear
..Rish.. IF-Stunnerz

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Posted: 06 November 2011 at 9:01pm | IP Logged
awesome OS... Pm me when u update the next thing!!! :D
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cool yaar...

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