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Updates by Migan
Thangam - Monday - October 31 - Episode 597

(What ever I could recollect)

Continues from Friday - where JC threatens Kula if he doesn't come home to eat then they will go back to the Panchayat and report about Kula not coming. Kula keeps cursing. Rama says neenga yenna punishment koduthaalum naangga valarathhan valaruvom. Now come to eat. JC asks Muthu to bring Kula and they leave. Kula goes with them vera vaxzhi illama.

In Natchiyar house - karthi jumps up and down on why Ganga gave Pothu Mannippu instead of punishing mama. Ila is nervous and asks karti to be quiet as she doesn't want Kula to go to Jail.

Karthi gets mad at vadivu for acting as well.

Ayya and Natchiyar scolds Karthi to not to talk fro Kulaa nd correct himself like Ila.

In Ganga Palace - Karapam is upset that Ganga gave pothu Mannippu to Kula and not jail thandanai. RV says that is the worst punishment and it will give a chance to correct him rather than staying in jail and feeling the revenge all the time.

He says drop the matter and asks Ganga to go get checkup done for the baby.

She agrees and calls Rama to join her as well fro her own checkup. Rama happily agrees and telsl Ganga she never had any checkup before. Ganga scolds her and asks ehr to bring JC and Muthu as well.

Ganga and SK go to the hospital. Ganga worries why Rama didn't show up so far. She calls Rama and Rama tells they went to the temple on the way. Muthu snatches the phone and tells Ganga she had lot of good sagunams in the temple and there is going to be a very happy news in the hospital.  They say they will meet them soon.

DR checks Ganga. She says everythign is good. . SK also tells he feels very happy and some thign good is going to happen.

DR takesGanga for scanning. Meanwhile Rama and co arrive.

Ganga coems out after scannign and asks DR to check Rama. DR does her exam and tells Rama not to ride bicycle as it is not good for the baby in the early stage.

She takes Rama to a room and checks her more.

All done and all wait for the results.

DR comes and informs no issues with Rama. Baby is good.

She also gets the scan report fro Ganga and tells Ganga the happy news that Ganga is expecting Twins.

All are very happy.



Updates by Lavanya

Tuesday, November 1, 2011 - Episode 598


Doctor reports Ganga & co that Ganga is carrying twins. SK, JC, Rama, MA, and obviously Ganga look extremely happy and charming. SK thanks and Rama congratulates Ganga. MA charmingly says Ganga has been gifted with twins, which no one else have had in their clan. JC says only because she being so generous, good and kind to everyone, she has been gifted with the twins by God. Ganga is all in her shyness while others are in very very cheerful mood. Rama calls Subba and shares the happiest news. She hands over the phone to Ganga and asks her to speak. Subbu says she is the lucky charm since she is going to give 2 kids to Ayya's clan. Everyone leaves to Subbu's home. Subbu welcomes everyone and then asks all of them to wait to take off the dristi. Ganga asks why all these customs. Subbu explains and says both the daughters of Subbu are pregnant and in order to take off the evils eye this should be done. Charu says first of all this has to be done to remove the evils eye off of Kula's. MA says Charu is obviously right while Subbu strictly says not to speak like that. Now, it is all done. They all go into the house.


MA sees Subbu's house as if she has not seen it before. MA says to SK that when she was newly married, Ayya had brought this house from Rajamani Ayengar and had left it for rent to his thasilthar friend and now she is very glad to see this home. Subbu says yes and continues saying that the time and the day have come together, so they have stepped in to this house. Subbu also says SK and JC to stay at home for 2 days. SK denies as he has work. SK then asks Ganga if they could stay or not. Ganga says Amma wishes and everyone is also there, so they will stay and leave tomorrow morning. Ganga asks Rama regarding Kula's dinner for which Rama says she has prepared everything for him and gave the home key to the neighbor. He will get the key and have his dinner, so not to worry. Ganga says Subbu that SK has informed Ayya and Natchiya this happy news. Karpagam and SK's dad come to Subbu's home. Karpagam enters happily and is angry for fun at Ganga saying she didn't share this happiest news with her at all. SK says only he told her not to reveal and that they will tell them after coming home. Karpagam and Sk's dad regard everyone. SK's dad talks to JC in English for which JC reciprocates in the same manner. Everone is surprised and JC says veetukarama taught him. SK's dad says "manaivi amaivathellam kadavulin varam" and this exactly fits JC and Rama. Again, everyone is cheerful and goes to have dinner. After coming back from dinner, everyone says that Subbu's dinner was awesome. Karpagam says Rasamma will be worried if they get home late, so they have to leave. MA says Ganga should not come out this late night at this time. Karpagam understands and SK's dad says let SK and Ganga be here tonight.. and he and Karpagam will alone leave home. Then, both of them leave.


"Next" asks SK. Ganga says "sleep." Charu says "story to twins." Then, SK denies and says to sing songs. MA says Subbu is good in thalattu singing. Ganga asks Subbu to sing but Subbu says she sung because they were such a small kids that time and now that they are all grownups. Rama and Charu compel her to sing. Foursome sit on the mat. Ganga on one shoulder of Subbu, Rama on the other shoulder and Charu on Rama's shoulder. Now, Kuyil Subbu starts singing - Ararirao ararirao ammavin thalatu ithu ammavin thalatu.. (kadavuley.. serious-a soldren.. enna kappathu.. ketka mudiyala).. All the three fell asleep while others listen to that thalatu. Subbu's tears drops down her cheeks. SK says excellent and JC says her to sing thalatu for their kids too. Kootam disperse to go to sleep. Again, Subbu cries saying family has to be happy like this moment forever, for which MA says it will be for sure as soon as the grandkids come home. Subbu says that's her dream. Next morning at Rama's home - Kula angrily asks MA where they have gone yesterday night. Rama says because of the happiesttt news they wished to stay there itself. She then asks Kulla to have breakfast following which she will reveal it to him. She keeps three sweets on the banyan leaf and says she is going to say three happiest news, so he should compulsorily have it before Rama revealing it. Kulla gives his cruel look. MA then says to Rama to reveal the news to him. Rama says one sweet is for the kid she is carrying and the other two sweets for twins that Ganga is carrying. Kula gives a harsh look and three consecutive turns(suluku pidichika podthu.. take care)


Updates by migan

Wednesday - November 02, 2011

Happy, Happy & Happy

Rama keeps sweets in Kula's Vazhai Ilai. He asks the matter and Rama tells one for you grand child and the other two for the twins my sister is carrying. Hearing this Kula gets shocked. He gets mad. Pushes the sweets away and says I am extremely mad and this will never make me happy. He walks away. JC tells him even if you don't eat now, come for dinner.

At Ganga house...

All are happy. SK gives Milk to Ganga. Karpagam teases him. Asks him did you put Kungumapoo? SK says Ganga herself is Kungamapoo and she doesn't need extra saffron.

He tells All of us fair in color and why do w eneed any thign else? My kids will be fair as well. They tease will you have SK or ganga and RV says one Ganga and one SK now. Next it will be RV and Karpagam. Rasamma one like me. RV says one Rasamma is more than enough. But Ganga says Ok athai.

Ganga tells them that ther parents are going to donate cow so the babies will be born good. SK says you are a good person. Our babies will be born ok.

At temple...

Ayya and family go and donate cow and calf in the temple. Ila asks if I donate an elephant, will I have triplets? Yellarum sirikkaraanga.

All go to Ganga house. Everyone is happy and theygive temple prasadam to everyone. All laugh happily.



Updates by Shree

Thursday Update

Such a boring...mokkai...blade...episode...Dead

Aacharyam aanal unmai...
Episode starts with hahaha sound...Yes ayya and family la ellarum laughingShocked...Ila says she is going to donate elephant...SK's dad asks why this badaaa venduthal...Ila says ganga kku twins cow dhanam...i want 3 babies... elephant dhaanam...Natchiya kindal pannufies ila...says no poramai...Ila's blah blah continues...says ganga and rama kku paiyyan porakanum...enakku 3 girls porakanum...rama and ganga ku naan sammandhi aaganum...DeadDead

Oh...god...innaikku naan enna thappu senjen...ippadi blade podranga ellarum...mudiyala...nee vandhu oru naal upate ezhudhi paaru...appo unakku theriyum enga kashtam...CryCry

Vadivu comes and says naanum pethukuvenSleepy...Ayya says

 we have to celebrate this happy ocaasion...lets go to trichy...we all will have lunch in a 5 star hotel and then we will go and watch movie...hahahaha nnu adhukkum sisirikarainga ppa...

Subbu says i want to visit samayapuram...Ayya says OK...

Subbu,ganga and SK's mom comes to ayya's house...Darbar starts...SK's mom gives kungumam to all ladies...Ganga invites them to her house...Golu vachurukangalaam...

Ennamo ponga...oru scene kkum adutha scnen kku sammandamae illai...

Next day...Ayya and family comes to ganga's house...RV and his wife invites them...RV kinal pannufies ilavanji...Mokkai part...Ayya saya natchiya legs la avanga absent...
Inside...ladies singing...karpoora nayagiyae kanagavalli...Ayya vandhavudan pattu stop...Ayya praises ganga and co...Golu super saya ayya...

Ayya says dhramam senju nallavangala maaranum...Manushanga nalladhus senja kadavula maaralam...Ayya nalla story solraru...but iam not in a mood to write all that...sorry...

Ganga tells vadivu and charu to sing...Charu and vadivu singing...NO COMMENTS...Next ganga singing...Ayya praises ganga...kalaivani nera vandhu padra maahdiri irundhudhu...RV tells subbu to sing...Subbu singing...Next ila says she also wants to sing...Ayya says paadu ilavanji paadu....(Sethomda namma...kadavulae kappathu...)...

Kappathitaru kadavul...

Thoarum pottainga ppa...Naan escape...


Updates by nithya

Friday Nov 4th Updates


Ila sings and dances in sitting posture.. All appreciate her,.. She checks with Manga if she is really turning into a good character.. Next Rasamma gets up sings and dance a song from mangatha. Ayya scolds and shuts her up mid-way. Now Manga gets up sings and dnace the song punngaai mannan poovizhi kannan hinting Ayya has two wives Bama Rukmini.. All laugh.. Kappu thanks all for coming to their golu.. He tells a special thanks to Ayya for making their Golu a special one.. She feels soon they should get Charu married.. Charu blushes.. Subbu and Ayya say if we find a eligible guy marriage will be on cards.. Camera zooms on a one checked saree aunty in the crowd..


All ladies are given thamboolam.. Ila wonders what the prasadam could be.. Ayya says no non-veg.. only sundal kesari and laddoo.. That checked saree aunty tells Ratnavel I overheard about Charu's marriage proposal.. I have a boy in my neighbourhood Can I talk to Ayya.. Ratna introduces her to Ayya as his sister murai (forgot her name) from Soorakottai.. That lady tells abut the prospective groom at soorakottai.. Teetotaler.. Rich and famous like Ayya .. Ayya says let me discuss with my family and get back to you.. That lady leaves.. All tease Charu.. Subbu says lets do a thorough background check on the boy and make sure he is a good boy.. Ayya agrees..


Ratna tells Ayya one surprise package for you from your daughter.. After some buildups it is revealed that Ayya is turning 60 in 10 days and his 3 daughters and SILs have planned a gala Sashtiyabdhaboorthi function.. Subbu says Ayya should tie thali for Natchiyar akka.. Ayya says why not you.. both of you will sit on either sides and I will tie thali for both since it is a known factor to all that I have 2 wives.. Subbu blushes.. All share a happy moment.. Ila says she spend a lot and arrange for pattimandram by Solomon papaya.. villu pattu katcheri.. folk pattu katcheri by Anitha and kuppuswamy and so on.. Ayya stops her and asks who will finance for all this. Ila says you. Ayya teases her for not pulling out a penny from hers.. He hugs Ganga and tells no one need to shell out a penny.. My daughter Ganga the gr8 will do it..


Ila and Vadivu come to Natchiyar's home jumping in joy.. Natchiyar is limping coz of a sprain on her leg.. The DILs announce about Ayya's 60th birthday and Natchiyar blushes.. Ayya also updates about proposal for Charu.. Karthik fumes that they are becoming bankrupt by spending all the money on the marriage of 3 daughters. Natchiyar shuts him and asks Ayya to go ahead if the boy is good..



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what happened? why no updates since monday?  except thendral , pirivom sandipom and nadaswaram , all other serials r nt updated. i know thangam and TMS are crap.. but was just wondering if there r any updates..

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Thanks so much Migan for stepping in...

Had something of a mega kind, couldnt even drop in to inform anyone...  

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Thanks Migan & Lavanya for the updates, ellarum happyo happy pole in Thangam??

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Thanks for the updates..
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Originally posted by Vani19

Thanks Migan & Lavanya for the updates, ellarum happyo happy pole in Thangam??

Thanks Migan akka..

Vani - Yea yea.. episodes are better than the past.. yesterday's epi-la nethu dhaan gollu vechirkangha.. next month dhaan diwali varum pola iruku thangam-ku..LOLLOL ithula vera thalatu, devotional songs, forthcoming segments-la ellarum cinema parpaga - appo nambalum movie parpom.. LOLLOL

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I think Thangam is the most boring serial these days. Yes it is on a posiive mode but nothing happens and a whole week goesby.
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Thanks Sumi for the Thursday update.

All happy moments. Nothing serious is happening these days.

As lavanya said - Now Diwali celebrations next?

After Rama Valaikappu?

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