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lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 14 September 2011 at 12:25pm | IP Logged
hy guys didnt find any written update so just thought of posting it  its my first time so forgiv the errors...
Wednesday, September 14th, Episode 3
Episode starts with meenakshi watching saravanan ...then she feels shy gets into the room.In hall saru's father and him are having chat...his father is asking what he is going to do to say no...he replies it depends on meenakshi's answer.Then meenakshi is called she comes with cofee tray in hand...saru looks at her lovingly...then suddenly realizes the past and takes the cofee  meenakshi goes in.
Now the people gathered are asking him to say pidichiruka pidikalaya he says ladies first ask meenakshi first...then a girl goes and asks meenakshi she blushes and says yes.The girl comes outside and tells everyone saru is stunned he tells them to call meenakshi outside and she should say that he likes him...again meenakshi cums and says she likes him.He  then tells he wants to talk to her alone.
They both are in terrace he asks her "unakku yen yenna pidichiruku?"  she says no reason .He then shouts her u just saw me 10 mins bfore hw can u like me without knowing me.she asks him y he is behaving like this he then says he saw her with a guy  and inspite of being a village girl she has not valued the culture he speaks bad abt her character...meenakshi shouts back at him finally says"poda" and cry's.
saru comes down all look at him,following him meenu cums crying all are shocked to see her crying they ask reason she does not reply  saru says he does not like the girl. they ask reason for it he denies first then says meenu is characterless...saru and meenu's brother end up fighting ...
Rest is for us to wait and watch tmrw.. 

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lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 15 September 2011 at 11:40am | IP Logged
Thursday, September 15th, Episode 4
Part 1:
Episode begins with fight b/w saru and meenus bro...
The fight continues and after few seconds we see every one are in police station saru,father,mother and meenus father, bro all are outside...then they go in the police asks what is their problem  saru says he said he dint like his sister he said that and so they bet him very badly...then meenus bro denies and says he spoke bad about my sis character...saru silent then says she went with a guy i saw it.
Then police says both of u hv done mistake so ask sorry to each other...they are not ready.then saru suggests if meenakshi cums and tells that she didnt go with a guy he is ready for any punishment then inspector asks meenus bro to get her to d police station.He initially denies  but later agrees.we see in meenus house bro enters and calls for meenakshi she is in room...
her mother and grandma are out asking whats d matter bro explains.
Then in room meenus sister advice her to lie in d policestation they say her may be saru got to know something  abt somu thats y he is behind her...she says " i know what to say"
part 2:
police has dinner and cums inside the station everyone are in (except bro and meenu)...police asks for them meenu father says they are cuming...after few seconds we see bro and meenu entering the station...police asks her name then whether she went with a guy in noon she says yes[good scene]...saru and his father are stunned by her answer...then she is been slapped by her bro he continuously beats her and takes into the car.
In d bar sarus friend his father and he are drinking...saru and father both regret for what dey did sarus father says meenu is my mother she is paarvati,lakshmi,saraswati ...etc   sarus friend goesmad by their convo...then saru says meenakshi is avery straightforward girl he did a big mistake and he wants to ask sorry for it immediately...both cry[overacting machi]...
rest for tmrw...
Originally posted by lakshm


Friday, September 16th, Episode 5

Part 1:
Meenus house:
Bro enters  d house ,sits in the sofa and asks for water to his younger sister then meenakshi comes with water he does not take it..he shouts at his younger sis y dindt she get water,sis replies meenu wanted to get it.
Meenu starts crying and speaks out...she says its true that i went with d guy but there is nothing b/w us initially we were together but later i realized that it wont work so i broke up d relationship... bro silent she continues that i know any person i love u wl get me married to him then y wl I hide things to u  i thought not to confuse u thats y i was silent in d police station i wanted to speak d truth thats y i dint care abt family reputation... Bro takes the water from meenus hand both smile..
In d bus stop saru is waiting to send off their parents his mother is worried and asks y he wants to say he replies he wants to ask sorry to meenu then only he will come  both his parents take leave...
Part 2:
In school saru is waiting to meet meenu, watchman calls her from top she sees him and comes down in full anger...immediately she shouts at him y did u cum here he says to ask sorry she says put your sorry in dustbin can you erase dpast and those words u said to me u dint even listen to my explanation once what kind of a man u are? u dont hav any basic qualities of a man..u are not patient u r short tempered u dont respect women...etc etc
saru ashamed of his act is completely silent regrets for his mistake .meenu says if u are really sorry ask in front of everyone not like this alone to me this shows how smart u are...also she tells now dnt cum to my home  coz my bro wl kill u...
Part 3:
Meenus house:
Saru and friend arrives in bike ...his friend waits outside while saru rings the calling bell..meenus father cums out.seeing saru he asks y are u here to make more hungama .. he replies im here to ask sorry for my mistakes and he requests to talk inside their house..meenus father calls him in...inside the house meenus father and mother both are standing along with saru...saru starts crying(worth watching) in d crying mode only he asks forgiveness and says u hv brought up ur daughter so well the way she behaved in police station by saying truth is highly commendable i was d one who made d mistake...plz forgive me...nw both d parents forgive him all dis drama is seen by meenakshi...saru is abt to leave bro enters... he slaps saru and pushes him out saru gets up and starts walking...
Next epi:hv to wait till mon??????????

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lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 11:42pm | IP Logged
Monday, September 19th, Episode 6
Part 1:
In road:
Saru and his friend are standing...saru asks his friend didnt meenus bro see him he replies no..they have a funny that time meenus sister comes in cycle and tells that meenu wants to meet him on monday at school (full 1000 watts bulb in sarus face).
Chennai Sarus home:
Sarus father is sitting while mother comes and worries about saru he then replies saru is not achild knows to tak care of himself...then mother insists him to call saru father calls him saru says he is in auto...near the bridge...[ sarus parents assume that he is in chennai now]...while he says he is still in thirunelveli waiting to meet meenu..father cuts the call. Mother disappointed.
Part 2:
In Theatre:
Saru walks out of the theatre talking to his friend on phone he says he is upset and walks on...
while meenus bro and rowdys gang make an entry in theatre they threaten saru that if he does not leave the town tonight he wont be alive...saru shocked...
Next day in bus stop:
Both saru and friend sitting and waiting for bus...saru still confused about going..he says what will meenu think about me...and also we never got a chance to speak happily once i was angry the other time she was...he climbs the bus he is sitting thinking then he gets down and climbs the local bus...
Part 3:
Saru is waiting outside the school we see meenu comin out...both steal glances then  saru says sorry...meenu says who is true the one who shouted at me on terrace or the one who cried yesterday saru says both are true kadavul padhi mirugam padhi...then she smiles and says she needs to leave its time for school bell bell rings...he says he needs to talk...she moves on..he goes behind and requests for a coffee she say NO...he he we see them in a restaurant... next????????

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lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 11:44pm | IP Logged
Tuesday, September 20th, Episode 7
Awesome  episodeClapClap
In restaurant:
Saru and meenu are sitting opposite to each other. He starts with a sorry she says stop saying sorry and thank u...then he again says sorry wont do it again...both share smile.Both order for apple juice.
Waiter comes and asks them to shift to one side since it is afternoon crowd will be there so they need space for other customers also...saru hesitant but still shifts to meenu's side...
He wants to say to her something but bfore he could say...two villagers come and sit opposite to them he unwillingly smiles at them...then again tries to talk to meenu then villagers phone rings he talks loudly regarding some property deal...again and again saru tries talking to her the phone rings correctly.meenu silent witness of all laughs at him...he asks now wat to do??? she says i hav to go to college need to tak some application...he asks shall i also com wit u...she refuses but again we see them both in college
In college
He is waiting near a tree she coms towards him and says it will tak one hour for getting application i wl come another day but saru says just one hour we wl wait...she agrees they both sit.
Then saru asks y did u reject somu...she asks him hav u loved anyone saru shows mysterious reaction in his face then she asks 5 or 6 no not so much 4 or 5...she says may be u felt d relationship wont work so u broke up..he says ya...then she says for me too  he came behind me forced me i agreed then it bcame hell i always hv to be worried wat fight he will do wit me i thought of telling him the that it wont work bfore i see you thats y i went in bike with him...then she asks about his love he says he only broke up d relationship coz  d girl was behind him torturing( adapavi adapavi...reel mannanada neee!!!!!!!!)she then asks if u dint like me u could hav said and gone y did u create that hungama...he says bfore i saw u i thought i wl say no to my parents but the moment i saw u in school butterflies wer flying around me i started dreaming of our marriage,reception children in few mins but all got shattered wen i saw u wit him bcoz of that frustration only i shouted at you...
she gets up and moves two guys walk b/w them with cell in hand(mounamana playing)
In road:
Both walk in road after gettin application from college ...meenu says sorry for her bros act he says no problem...then share auto comes he says her to leave she says him then she says i wl drop u somewere(ungappavoda autova)...he say wer r u goin she says som temple...he then says even my mom wanted me to go der she looks at him suspiciously..den he says mother promise both smile he gets into d auto calls her namma auto dan yerunga...both sit inside(again athadi illa manasu onnu rekka katti parakudu playing in auto)...
In temple:
 Both walk put their slippers to d person outside d temple he places meenus slippers on top of sarus...(plz watch sarus face tat time loved his expression)he keeps on smilin while meenu notices all...then he shows d sign of super to the person and goes...the near the pond  meenu says saru to be careful while steppin in water he says it nothing to me...den he slips off while meenu catches...screen freezes

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lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 11:45pm | IP Logged
Wednesday, September 21st, Episode 8
Good Episode:worth watching...Smile
In Temple:
Episode continues with meenu holding sarus hand (OMG sarus expression are great!!!!!!!! watch it guys)...meenu den realizes and taks her hand saru smily smily...den both walk towards the temple inside...while a flower girl requests meenu to get d flower...den she says no but den saru insists she den agrees and says that she will pay money but d girl has no change den saru pays off...he gets the flower and givs it to meenu and says if you think it with wrong intention put for god else u have she says i think it is wit wrong intention  but still i wl hav it...
Inside Temple near god:
Pandit comes and asks archanai  is for whom she says him...he asks wat is your husbands name saru full happy...but meenu hesitant...den saru says his name...pandid asks for star meenu says them...saru asks her how she knows she replies his astrology chart was at home only so she remembered...then she starts praying saru taks pics of her and both of them also...
In the road:
Both are walking he tries to continue talk wit her he asks wats next??? she says hav to get ready for another drama(ponnu pakkra function) and pray tat atleast tat works for me.saru again asks sorry.she says im not pin pointing you but jus told in general...He says thirunelveli girls are good,cultured etc etc...she says your sayin girls girls but i feel you r talking about one girl only...he says ya i can talk about tat girl only whom i know..she asks wat do you know about me(promo yaar.i hated this part)he says everyting except one ting she asks wat is tat? he says things b/w you and somu...and says dindt you both hug and kiss[hey saru hav you lost your mind]...she gets angry and leaves saru regrets[ippo yenna proyojanam ??????????]
At meenus home:
Meenu and sistes talk...meenus sis enquire about saru she say nothing happened you dont imagine things...he is a waste and leaves the place...
In Living room
Meenus bro and father are talking father says i spoke to d broker he said we can continue talking to sarus family for marriage...coz even i think meenu likes saru...bro gets hyper and calls meenu and asks her whether she likes the guy she replies no no need we dont want that relationship at all

Chennai:Radio station
saru hosting show while ashwini waiting outside to see him...she comes in and enquires about the girl he describes meenu...all in a  funny  way( i couldnt stop laughing)he says she was waiting with coffee near him for 15 mins and he din pick the cofee bcauz she will go...and lots more...he also says abt the place as mannoda vasamum makkaloda passamum(super machiTongue)describes more  ashwinis gets jealous...saru leaves... his phone is on table she taks meenus number from it and dials meenu picks d call...screen freezes
Next????????/ misunderstanding again as in promo oh god...

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lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 17 September 2011 at 11:47pm | IP Logged
Thursday, September 22nd, Episode 9
At radio station
Yamini calls meenu...she congratulates meenu continuously meenu is clueless who is on line...she asks who it is.yamini replies im sarus friend he described about u a lot and tells all that saru told to her...[meenu was waiting for him with cofee for 15 mins,she fell on his legs,she shed happy tears  etc etc...saguni saguniCryCry]  at last she says i know you hv kissed saru it shocks meenu...she gets angry and cuts the call.
At sarus home
All are havin dinner sarus mom and sis starts the talk for another proposal for sarus marriage...they do it indirectly saru understands and diverts their talk...but finally he agrees to see the next girl
At girls place
Saru and dad sitting together and mom and sis together same set up as in thirunelveli...same talks b/w saru and asks r u still thinking of meenu he says "no" but in heart he does...
then they call the girl she cums and starts singing(aiyo ellorum katha close pannunga) saru cannot hear he wants to go but sis does not allow him later she takes his phone but still saru leaves...then meenu calls to sarus phone  wer sis picks d call and says we r at girls place for sarus marriage proposal so call later...meenu shattered screen freezes...
Oh god whats next???????????

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Fridays Episode

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lakshm IF-Dazzler

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Monday, September 26th, Episode 10

Part 1:

Meenatchi calls saravanan mobile to verify the yamini thiruvilayadhal..but saravannan sister picks up the phone and tells they have come to look for "ponnu paakum padalam" and meenatchi gets angry.
Meenatchi gets little sad and talks with her younger sister with some disappointment.But younger sister tease her that she is thinking of "radio mirchi"LOLWink.But meenatchi says i hate saravannan since he told to his collugue that i kissed and huggeg him.Younger sister continues her kidding by singing myna song and meenatchi gets worked up and tells her sister that he is a fraud and he has gone to see another girl for marriage..Meenatchi says finally "He must not call me hereafter and if he calls i ll break him into pieces.EmbarrassedEmbarrassed.
         Part 2:

Saravannan , his parents in their hall..Saravannan sis also joins in their discussion..Saravannan says i want to marry of your wish and his sister yells and illtreat meenatchi which results in saravannan brokes some remote into pieces and his sister says meenatchi has mesmerized him since he is unable to withstand even if he tell a word wrong about that girl.

As usual in this heated conversation saravannan dad has slept and his wife yells him..Small comedy

Yamini meets saravanan  in some hotel.Saravanan ask "you have asked me to come here to confess your love for me again rite"?Yamini says no i am in love with another guy named raghav abd he is a video jockey.Stomach burning for saravanan and some heated conversation between them

Part 3:

Saravannan kidding raghav that after my mother only yamini gave me kiss to me.Ragav gets irritated and says yamini never told that she kissed you and saravanan starts his thiruvilaiyadhal and tells lies about yamini that he and yamini are so close and raghav go out of the resturant and yamini tryies calling him but raghav cuts her call and saravnnan enjoys it..LOLLOLLOL

Saravannan says to himself you rejected the rose i gave see i have cut the connection between you and raghav

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