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Abducting The Bride Away[ArSh]UPDATE|Pg26|28.12.12

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Glancing over the bathroom mirror, she observed a girl staring with a grim expression, no sign of happiness reflected her face. She moved her hand forward and traced the outline of her features, a bride's face was supposed to glow then why not her. She sighed as she ran her fingers through her hair, "tomorrow the D-day."  All she could fathom was whatever she was doing was the right thing for her parents and' herself. Herself'well yes, was there any reason not to be happy with the marriage. She was not like waiting for her knight in shining amour to come and take her away and metamorphose the whole situation, there was not anything likely to happen anyway. Putting her hand on her mouth, she peered at her reflection again, "then why do I feel be in a deplorable state" it's not like she has been forced or something, she has willingly given her consent for this alliance yet it felt like being forced into it. Yea definitely forced into it'if she had not been deceived by him all throughout, she would have never given her assent for this union'if he had not taken her just as an object of entertainment'she would have already said a NO to her parents but no'.it was just an act of pretense all the time'it was always the one-sided feelings.

Controlling her emotions, she walked out of the bathroom drying her hair with the towel. Downstairs, the sounds of the rustle of the wedding preparation could be heard, the jingle and jangle of enthusiastic family members, relatives and friends all celebrating vivaciously. None of these jubilation and joviality matched her present state of mood unfortunately.

"Nearly midnight'" taking a glimpse at the clock'she decided to call it for a today because tomorrow is going to be a new dawn in her life'A new beginning.

She slipped into her bed, turning off the light as she recapitulated today's events. He did not come in today's function as well; everyone from Sanjeevani's staff was here but him. Why? Mostly everyone was asking about him? Why was he making his absence so obvious in front of everyone's eyes? As her thoughts dwelt more in the past moments spent with him, she started missing him a lot keeping aside her hurt feelings he had caused her. She lay on the bed, her eyes fixed on the ceiling staring into space. She still remembered the day they met'

She joined Sanjeevani after completing her Med Studies at the Duke University in Durham to do her internship. As though it may sound a clich ridden style to fall for someone on the very first meeting, she was attracted to this new stranger who had seem to have a very enticing personality himself. She was aware of the fact that he was always tagged with the "ladies' man" personality. He had that multiple magnetism that would have any girls swooning over him and which he took great pride of. Not that she did not find any gorgeous guy ever in her life, there were a lot like that in Durham but despite all of that, her infatuation for him grew profound unable to stop herself from loving him more and more. She would always cherish the momentum they shared together, because the sentiments and feelings she was experiencing had been real for her. They would hang out together often, and then 'date' discreetly, she really thought that maybe he liked her too. But however perfect life seemed at that juncture of life'you had to face some certain facts which will somehow shatter your inside out and make you face the harsh reality of life. And that moment came into her life, he broke her heart. Not even saying anything, neither erasing the fact that she was just a pastime. Suddenly, it etched in her mind that whatever she heard Rahul said to him that night was true.


 "So what now?" Rahul began.

Busy packing his stuffs in his bag, he looked at him questioningly, "I don't understand what you are saying."

"You know perfectly well, what am talking about. I'm talking about Shilpa."

Sighing desperately, he said "Not again Rahul, I don't want to have that discussion again especially not with you."

"Did you tell her'?" he insisted.

"Tell her what?" the anger was emanating from him with the constant questions by Rahul.

"For God sake, at least now you can speak the truth. You and I perfectly know that whatever is going on between you and her, it isn't something which is going to last anyway because all of this was just another sort of diversion for you."

"STOP'I don't want to hear any of that."

"Am not stopping today'Armaan tell her the truth, she needs to know, that girl is falling for you." Sighing, he ran his hands through his hair and looked at him again' "I can't believe I've let you drag Shilpa into all of this knowing what kind of guy you are, if Anjali come to know how you toyed with her sister, she will hate you and not to forget what will Dr Shashank do if he finds out about that, he is definitely kicking you out of Sanjeevani'You are doomed in anyway Armaan."

"Oh c'mon, nothing of that will happen; whatever happened between me and her is likely a close chapter now and it ends here, am anyway going to join Delhi's hospital temporarily, so it means am clear out from Sanjeevani for the next one year, and maybe if you are able to keep your mouth shut, then probably neither Anjali or Dr Shashank will come to know about it'" he said with sarcasm.

"And what if Shilpa tell them'?"

He suddenly stopped and stared at him for a several seconds "she will not say anything'"

"How certain are you?"

"I just know'she will not tell anybody." He busied himself again re-packing his stuff.

Observing his stance for a few minutes, he questioned him in a tender tone. "Armaan"

"What now?" this time he was getting fed up.

"Do you love her?"

He again stopped, but he did not dare look up at him, instead he fixed his gaze on his luggage.

"Do you Armaan?"

"I don't'" he glanced over at him indifferently with a stern look on his face. "I told you this was nothing serious for me, am not the kind of guy getting in any stupid relationship and bounding myself into a so called love affair with a girl, and Shilpa was not my type anyway, she will get over me, it's not as if she is really head over heels in love with me, it's just her infatuation, she will get over me in a few days."

"You are wrong Armaan'Shilpa is different and you are just going to break her down with what you've done to her'"

"Stop interfering into my life Rahul'I don't care what will happen to her, she is going to live her life as she did earlier and so am I and please I don't feel like pursuing this conversations anymore with you, please leave me alone now."

Seeing him fully irritated, he decided to leave when he stopped suddenly in his tracks finding Shilpa at the door with a frozen expression on her face.

"Shilpa'"Rahul muttered which made Armaan become aware of her presence in the room. The sight of her in front of him left him shocked and numbed as well.

~~~Flashback ends~~~

She jerked out of the bed wanting that heart wrenching reminiscence to skitter behind her like a closed door. These memories came back to her again and again, how much she tried'It never left her. She walked towards the window'and opened it fully as she let the cool wind of the night hit her face as she closed her eyes and inhaled deeply. It somehow helped re-composed her agitated and distressful mind. However, it was only for a short period, as the words come flooding back into her mind' "'a close chapter now'I don't'stupid relationship'Shilpa was not my type anyway'she will get over me'infatuation'she will get over me'"

Her eyes shot open as the words boomed in her mind provoking her to break down as the ceaseless tears traced down her face. She leaned her back against the wall for support as she bent her face to her knees and wrapped her arms over her head. She wanted to sink into the tiles, to ooze onto the floor letting the pain go out of her. He said it had been fun and entertainment for him but not for her'it was genuine love she had felt for him'she thought that it was a going to be an everlasting bond between him and her, but no'it wasn't so'she was already a closed chapter the moment he had uttered the words himself. She was even wrong to think that maybe he had loved her for even a moment but he had been distinct and plain about his answer when Rahul asked him'whether he loved her 'I don't''

She hit her hand on the floor'how such a fool she had been, believing everything he said to her, all the moments of romance, care and concern had been a sham'all just a bloody pretense'and being the nave type one'she had let herself being led by him never going against him. Idiotic and feeble-minded were what she was'how could she fall for a Casanova? Yet, he was wrong'she hasn't been able to get over him even after all these months after she encountered that dreadful truth.

He didn't tell her anything that day when he found her at the door'she remained rooted to the spot while he kept looking at her with a blank expression on the face'and then he just carried off his bags with him'and left the place'he did not speak, he did not deny anything he said'he just left from there as she looked at his retreating back, not once did he looked back to look at her.

The days and weeks haven't been any easy to tackle with thereafter. Life was not the same as it used to be'the blissful days seemed to be dark and shady for her, the nights felt mysterious. But being the practical girl she was'she tried to move on. 10 months later, her parents fixed her alliance to an acquainted family friend of them.  Always the compliant girl she was, she accepted without complaining the alliance her parents were looking forward to her to accept. She had nothing to gain or to lose'and neither was she expecting him to come back to her.

Armaan was back to Sanjeevani after his temporary assistance as a Senior Doctor in the very first glance at him after most probably 1 year'something had stirred inside of her. The emotions, the concern and love were once again spreading like a plague in her heart. He was earnestly irresistible'the way his whole personality was overpowering in such a masterly way shocked her. She didn't reproach him for anything nor did they engage into any conversations unless it was on professional basis. She would abstain herself and bypass him on any area he was. But avoidance did not last for long when he learned she was getting married'



"Congratulations'" The rigid and cold voice resonated within the recreational room.

Her fingers froze on the switch before flicking it on. She turned around to see his dark figure leaning against the door, with his hands in his pockets and legs crossed. He slowly approached her till he become face to face with her'Even in the dark room'the icy and aloof expression on his face could be clearly visible.

"So Miss Shilpa Malhotra finally found her soul mate'"

She looked away seeing the smug on his face. However, her heart skipped a beat when she felt his hand right upon hers which was still intact on the switch. A deep warmth travelled the length of her arm at his instant contact and she swiftly withdrew it fearing that she might lose herself again in his touch.

"You never flinched when I used to touch you before'" he remarked as he switched on the light.

She did not respond.

 "Heard that you are getting married!"

She could sense the fact of not responding at him, was turning on his temper on but she did not care.

"You heard it right'" she finally spoke forcing a fake smile on the face.

"You love him then?" snapping her head up, she found his eyes bored into her. She was unable to decipher what was it beyond that question, he wanted to know. Cutting through the few moments of silence she answered,

"What do you want Armaan?" she was stern and firm. This guy was impossible'with what right could he asked such a question. Now it was her turn to be furious.

"You didn't answer me'"

"I don't deem it right'telling you anything'" With that she walked away to door. She didn't know whether it was her trembling hands that were making it impossible to open the door or was it that the damn door playing like a jerk right now. She tried to jostle it'pushing it violently'yet it didn't opened.

"No use'the door is locked'" she looked back at him quizzically as she witnessed a smirk on his face and flipping the keys in his hand victoriously.

"Open the door'" she ordered. At no cost'was she going to stand in a close room with him. "I said open the god damn door'" the shrill in her voice made his grin grew wider.

"Easy Shilpa! Why are you flinching out?"

"Am not flinching out'"

Now he was standing just inches away from her'making her heart pound at thousand rates. He bore his eyes in hers making her nervous and unknown to her she was cornered at the door. He was making her stomach doing a hundred cartwheels in a row with the proximity they were sharing at the moment. She knew he was trying to intimidate, he was a pro at it.

'So do you love him?' he asked again. He moved his finger to her earlobe, thumbing it softly.

Her mouth went dry; she was a hopeless case when it comes to Armaan. She closed her eyes and tried steadying her breaths. She opened to see him gazing intently at her with his nose touching hers.

'Yes, I do!' she replied, trying to break the trance.

'No you don't!' he retorted back fiercely.

She frowned and moved herself from him. 'What make you think like that? And that is none of your concern whether I love him or not!'

He yanked her back with the elbow, 'So you mean are over me?' he frowned.

'Are you serious?' she said biting off the words. 'I thought you were the one who said that there was nothing serious going on between us.'

He clenched his jaw not knowing what to reply.

'You ARE a close chapter Armaan.' She said bitterly and coldly at him.

~~~Flashback ends~~~

She stood up realizing that digging on the past memories was just worsening her state of mind, Armaan was definitely not going to weak her anymore. Her wedding was due tomorrow and all that should be occupying her mind at the moment was the beautiful day awaiting her 'The New Beginning.

She walked to her bed, deciding to plough in a deep slumber as there were few hours left for the next morning, she was supposed to have a long and deep sleep, but damn it was impossible now. She nearly slumped into the bed when she felt someone's palms pressing firmly upon her mouth and holding her body tight. Panic grew through her and she tried jostling herself out of those strong arms but it was difficult. She threw her hands upon her mouth trying to wriggle out the fingers pressed on her, but they wouldn't budge, so next she tried making sounds which was also in vain, and then she threw her hands backwards sending wild slaps on the intruder.

'Ssshhh.' He whispered softly into her ears. 'Calm down! Alright'' his face was against her head and Shilpa did not take long to register who was the supposed intruder in her bedroom. ARMAAN. 'Am gonna free yourself only if you don't throw your tantrums at me?' he spoke again in an audible voice with his breath touching her ears. Seeing her body going still under him he carefully and slowly removed his hands from her mouth and waited for her reactions while they faced each other!

She frantically looked around the bedroom wildly and looked at him again. 'From where did you get in?' she asked as she started getting paranoid.

'The door, it was unlocked'

'What!!! What if someone saw you here?? Are you crazy?'

'Relax nobody saw me! There are all so busy with preps going on' he sighed.

'You better go from here then before anyone catches you.' She started dragging him to the door when he pulled himself back.

'NO, am not going'I need to talk to you.' He said firmly.

'I don't want to have any talk, GO AWAY!'

'You are not getting married tomorrow.' He said, his eyes totally fixed on hers and indicating how staid he was.

She let out a small scornful laugh. 'Are you requesting or are you ordering me?'

'Whatever you would want to interpret it as!'

'Do you have any idea of what you are actually rambling out? Am getting married tomorrow, do you hear me!'

'I heard, but am saying again, you are not getting married.'

He was completely insane, he was commanding on her again and she was stunned at his audacity. 'And what makes you think that am going to listen to any crap you throw at me Armaan.' Her voice started going from a whisper to nearly high pitched tone.

He knew this was going to be difficult but he will not back down now, she will have to listen. He closed the distance between them and bore his eyes on hers. 'The crappy thing happening is this wedding.'

'My marriage is not a crappy stuff going on.' She burst at him.                                                            He was making her hackles rise, and she wanted to vent her spleen at him right away. He had absolutely no business telling her if she has to get married or not. Plus, with what right had he come over and telling her that?

'C'mon you don't love that guy and you don't want this wedding as well.'

'Who told you am not interested in it, am very much happy and excited about it, I Just CAN'T WAIT FOR TOMORROW.' She added with a bit of cynicism. Lies lies, but hell she wasn't going to him the truth either.

He knew she was upset with him but hence said a soft voice 'I Know you are upset with me'whatever I have done isn't forgivable''' but she cut him off'

'Is that how you classify it 'Am Upset'? Armaan, I want to skin you Alive.' She could sense herself steaming up, all these months she had been bottling her feelings down herself and seeing him right in front of him, she couldn't stop herself.

He could see red through her; he wouldn't be surprised seeing her projecting him down the wall because this lady wasn't the calm and serene girl he once had known. Cold blood murder was sparkling through her eyes and her body was heating up. 'Alright, I have acted like a complete jerk with you, there is no excuse about it, all that happened between us at that time were just a one-living moment for me, Am sorry, am terribly sorry. I betrayed your feelings and took you for granted and I know I have no right saying this but I don't want you to get married, please.'

She listened to him with a plea and melancholy under toning his words. This guy confused her to wits. She was wounded with whatever he had done to her and his words right now tears sting her eyes. 'I don't understand why you are telling this to me right now.' She had to suppress her emotions; she could sense herself choking on her own words.

'Shilpa...' He holder her shoulder and brought her body near him. 'Am not your perfect guy, but you don't love that guy also.'

'Am again asking why? You don't even have feelings for me, why is it bothering you so much' She pierced her gaze into her; she wanted to find the answer to it.

'I Have, I do have'I've always had feelings for you. Shilpa'I Love you.' He couldn't decipher the peaceful feeling he had right now by telling her that. He had been trying to figure out for days why he was agonizing about the fact she was going to get married and somehow realized her importance of her in her life.

'Another lie?' Those words made her stomach flutter restlessly. He said he Love her, could this be possibly true but then he used to say he loved her before also when all of it were complete lies.

'No this isn't a lie, it's a plain truth, I really do love you.' This was true; he would anything to prove her how much he was craving for her if she could just give him a chance.

'And you actually came to realize it today of course, when am a just a day to get wedded with someone else, now it's not even a day, just hours left. C'mon Armaan, quit playing with me, we are done anyway.' She shrugged his hands off her shoulders but he brought her back fiercely.

'This looks insane, I agree but I don't want you to belong to someone else. This is completely out of me. What do you want me to do to prove it to you?'

'Right now I want you to get away from here or am gonna shout till someone doesn't hear me and just imagine the consequences of all of them finding you in my room at this hour.'

'You really don't believe me?'

'No, I don't.' She spat out.

'Go ahead then. Shout.'

She stood numb because she knew she wouldn't be able to do that and that beast knew that as well. She felt defenseless.

He smiled seeing her disorientated. He then cupped her face ever so gently and smooths her thumbs down her cheeks, while she closed her eyes. 'You look beautiful' he was admiring her features and she was the ever growing beauty for him. His eyes darted to her lips and he felt like capturing those lush lips with his, he then breathed down her petals like lips causing some stirring feelings inside of them. 'I know you don't want this wedding, just tell me once, I will take you away.'

Her eyes snapped open and stared at him in bewilderment. 'WHAT?'

'Let's run away.' He said.

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Hello Guys!

This is my first attempt of writing an FF. Am new to this and am just here to share this concept of mine.
The source of inspiration was from a fav telenova called Muneca Brava.
I Have been a keen reader on Fic sections of IF And i hope that am not violating rules of IF by copying any ideas of any writers. If its the case, its purely coincidential.
I Hope this FF is liked,i'll be elated if i get one or two readers also lolz.
If anyone would want to get any pms for the update,add me to the buddy list.
Prologue: Page 1
Part 1     :Page 1
Part 2     :Page 1
Part 3     :Page 1
Part 4     :Page 1
Part 5     :Page 26
Part 6     :Page 26
Part 7     :Page
Part 8     :Page
Part 9     :Page

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Part 1:

'Breathe in, breathe out'.Breathe in, breathe out'!' She inhaled deeply. Her emotions had been on a roller coaster since morning. She was going to exchanged vows and pass on the ring to her future husband in some moments and she has been trying hard as hell to control her confused mind and heart. Her eyes closed, she rested her head against the headrest of the car and tried as much as possible to compose herself. This was the right choice'heck it wasn't the right choice but it IS the right choice. Nobody think so much whether its right or wrong to get married and that also just a few moments before your own wedding starts. It was all Armaan's fault if she was feeling so muddled up in her own thoughts. How dare he come and say He Loves Me a day before I get married. And ohh not to forget The-Let's-run-away line. God he has messed it all' if she could just smash his face at this moment'just anything to make her feel good. She wasn't going to cry over her fate. Armaan was the past and Arav was the present. Yes'the present and the future. My husband and my life partner and Armaan was not going to appear in the picture ever again. He is a close chapter. Even though his confession of last night, was one which she has yearned to hear for so long. And those eyes of him were so full of love and intoxicated her to the max. The urge she had to just hold his hand and run away with him. 'Armaan' she barely whispered. Oh no! That was not happening'it was Arav who was supposed to be occupying her thoughts. God Shilpa' you need to lock down your feelings and every ounce of thoughts about Armaan and throw the key away, far away and deep down the ocean, the Pacific Ocean'the Arctic Ocean or the Atlantic Ocean. Any ocean'Just throw the damn key. Now empty your mind and make a huge welcome for Arav and smile big and everything will go on smoothly.

She was thrust back to reality when all of a sudden she could feel her whole body jerked up and putting a halt to her trailing thoughts. Her eyes shot open trying to decipher what on earth was happening. It took her some time to comprehend that the car was moving at alarming speed and making its way out the entrance. Panic prick over her, what the hell was happening? Her eyes look wildly outside seeing everything hazing out; the car was moving out like a greased lightning.

'Oh my God. Oh my God!' she yelled out. It was the only thing that was coming out from her mouth at this real moment. Her eyes went up the person occupying the driver seat and she had not the least idea who that person was. 'Who are you? What's going on? And God take me back'my wedding start in a few' She shouted. But the stranger was neither responding nor looking back at her. She shifted her position swiftly to the other end of the seat to have a better view of the intruder. She sucked in breath when she saw that the stranger was wearing a black cap and black cloth covering his whole face. 'God dammit. What the hell is happening? And who are you?' she shrieked out this time. If all this doesn't stop she was sure she was going to have a hell of a headache right. OH great'the headache was already coming. She gave endless kicks with her 3 heels silver white shoes to the driver seat hoping to cause distraction to the stranger. The next thing she did, was trying to open up the door. Yea, she was risking her life by jumping out but there was no way she was going to sit here waiting for that dumb and deaf kidnapper to do something to her and'.. She stopped abruptly. 'Kidnapper!' the word escape out her mouth while her face went in shock as she registered what she just said.

'That's right'you are being abducted!'

If she was shocked that she was being kidnapped then she was going to have a heart stroke knowing that the stranger wasn't anyone else but Armaan.

A wicked smile played on his smile as he cautiously removed the cloth from his face but ran his hand through his hair after removing the cap.

'Armaan.' She went blank. Her eyes popped out wide staring at the obvious.

'Woawhooo!' He shouted. Pressing his lips together with his terrific smile, he eventually speed up the car engine making Shilpa stumble at the back while he let out a triumphant laugh and grinned at her in the rear view.

She was surely going to burst with all those myriad of emotions bubbling into her since morning. She had been all the while trying to calm herself till now and this now'Armaan being the Kidnapper, she surely needed a tube fed to digest this fact. She blinked her eyes several a times at his profile and could not come with a sentence. She was too astonished right now.

'I expected the bride to scream but it seems to be turning the opposite way of what I expected.' Seeing

her in frozen position, made him grin. 'Close your mouth Shilpa'your jaws will hurt.'' He chuckled. He again sped up the car, wishing that no red lights would stop him at the moment.

'What are you doing?' Shilpa asked not out of the daze yet.

'Huh! Am driving!'

Suddenly realizing what was going on, she went ballistic. 'You know perfectly well what I am insinuating!' she said furiously.

'No I don't!' he stated plainly.

'Quit playing games with me and get me back' my wedding ceremony is going to start' she said exasperatedly. ''and every one will be going mad of where I am.'

'True, they will go mad or have already gone mad!' he said amusedly.

'So does that means it's a real KIDNAPPING Happening!' she went in utter shock again.


'NO! This is so not happening!' Despair crept over as she hid her face behind her hands. 'You surely have taken leave of your senses.'

'Hold on your horses'' before she could even comprehend what he was saying, the car zoomed like a jumping gun. She had to hold on the seats tight 'I want to get out, am in no means going to sit here with a crazy nut driving like a mad cat. This is the most irrational and senseless thing ever occurred to me.'

Armaan looked at her in the rear view and suppress his smile. 'Trust me; you would thank me later for taking you away from your so-called wedding.'

'SHUT your mouth, I don't want to hear you and your gobbledygook talk.'

'WHAT?' He laughed amusedly.

'Nothing, just stop the car and let go of me.' She was cheesed off, this situation was so ridiculous. She felt like being a trapped in a movie scenario where the hero abduct his lover at the peak moment but the only fact here was that Armaan wasn't the hero, he was the beast.

'Firstly, we are miles away from the town now, secondly, get this out of your head that am even stopping and letting you go and thirdly, what the hell are you doing?' he snapped his head at the back seeing her vain attempt in trying to open the door.

'Can't you see, am trying to open this door.' It was silly trying to open it knowing that the door was locked but she had to do something.

'This is not called trying; this is called door-handle-abusement. Give yourself a rest and calm down. You and I both know that you just wanted that, to get away'so instead of throwing your crabbiness at me, so thank me for the favors.' He smiled cheekily.

She stopped abruptly and lashed at him. 'How do you want me to relax? This is all so ridiculous.'

'Ain't it?' he grinned. 'It's ridiculously crazy, never occurred to me that I would ever abduct someone and that also from her own wedding.'

'Do you even know that kidnapping is a serious offense?' she said aghast. 'You could be detained in a cell for that or even face life imprisonment.'

'Not bad, I can see you are well acquainted with the laws.' He said amused. 'But who is even going to denounce me; nobody saw me'

'I AM GOING TO DENOUCE YOU' stating the obvious.

'Now that's a joke.' He laughed. 'You can't do that, you are stuck with me and there is no cellphones with you and am not going to even stop at a telephone booth waiting for you to make a call.'

'All of that is just a joke for you, ain't it? You are not even realizing the consequences for it.' She suddenly grew serious for a moment but the next second she was flapping her white bouquet of calla lilies and ranunculus over his head with all the desperation and angst that was seeping through her.

'What the hell'damn'.Shilpa'WHAT ARE YOU DOING?' He exclaimed while he was managing to keep his focus on the road.

'Am trying to beat you since I can't kick you on the ass, can't you see?' She looked daggers at him; her eyes were screaming blue murder and she started to hit him again.

'Damn! Okay fine'STOP that right now.' He shouted. 'I Know you want to tear me off at this moment, so am gonna give you an ultimatum'blow your 5 most despicable words you wanna say at me, alright?'

'I've got more than 5!' she burst out.

'No, 5 are okay. Go ahead, lash them out, am all ear to you.'

She stared at his profile. There were so many things she wanted to whip across this strikingly handsome face of his, it was like a golden opportunity that she was being offered and she will say it all. 'You are a meathead!'

'Thanks, 4 more to go! Is that all you have in your bag?'

'Plus you are a retarded beast.'

'Hmm'okay ahead.'

Reminiscing all that he has done to her infuriated her more and she wanted to spit venom out of her mouth. 'You are a freaky floozy dork''

'Heyyy'that's bullshit...'

But she wasn't listening; all she could think was to our pour out whatever she was feeling. 'Jerk, lousy prat, a fused up egoistic man, and you look like sicko smart-ass abducting me'''

'Okay OVER now! It's more than 5 you listed.'

She ignored him and continued howling at him with whatever she could come up with ''and you are an arrogant pretentious guy and I hate you so so much, you are a bloody scum bag, you ruined my life'and I am not gonna spare you, YOU asshole''' she started giving kicks with her 3 inch-height white heels to his seat from the back. She was venting out all of her frustration and she looked like a high pissed-off bride. '...dumb idiot, you are a ruthless person, you don't own a heart...' she continued kicking hard in the backseat.

Not able to digest all of her vent, he screeched the car to a halt and turned to look at her. He was not supposed to be shocked at her outburst. But her ever flowing eruption stunned him and now he was facing a wild and mad Shilpa who could just squash him with her mere words. It was irritating indeed, she wasn't the least aware that the car was not moving, she kept striking out on his seat and that was annoying. 'Shilpa! stop.' However she was all deaf ear to his requests 'lady give yourself a break'I know you are mad but stop..' but it was in vain, she kept on kicking and to top it all she was swearing at him loud which amused him, surprised him but also infuriated him. This was it, she was going to behave like stubborn kid but he wasn't less either. He moved out of the car and opened the backseat door and sat next to her. Man she was looking like a vile bride and more than that, she kept on swearing at him. So he took the cloth he was wearing as a mask on his face and tied it over her mouth but she was quick on removing it again and yelled at him 'what are you doing?'

'Am trying to shut all those garbage you are throwing at me.' He said furiously.

'You deserve it you fool'' but Armaan pulled on the cloth again on her mouth and tied it hard and grabbed her wrists and held them tight.

'I know, but as much I deserved it, am a ruthless and egoistic man who doesn't take any shit on his face.' Next, he grabbed a rope under the driver's seat and knot down her hands at the back. 'Genius of me to think of bringing a rope, see it has been useful enough.' He smirked but Shilpa pierced her heels on his feet which made him groaned. 'Damn you! I know that I top your lists of bad books but this hurts. Now it's you who asked for it.' He grabbed her two legs, moving up her white bridal gown and tied them tightly. Shilpa muffled noises through the fabric and her eyes were sending cold blooded red sparks but Armaan paid no attention to her. He sighed deeply and smiled looking at her. 'This was for you foaming at the mouth and me for me taking lots of flak on hearing you swearing at me.'


Some hours passed by, Armaan was still driving. There was a long way to go to reach their destination. Moreover, he felt pretty worn out of the day but nonetheless he felt at peace in his mind though he knew that this irrational act of him hasn't been the wisest thing to do. He scrolled down the glass window of the car, enjoying the mild rays of the sun hitting his face. It felt good. This day was beyond craziness, he had never predicted to kidnap Shilpa. Ever since he came back to Sanjeevani, everything felt different. He knew nothing would be the same for him and Shilpa after whatever happened on that day and they never talked about it either. He tried avoiding her and she did the same. But he loathed the idea of being treated like a nobody in front of her. She never demanded explanations for his acts and he didn't deem it of any importance telling her. It was true though that he never reciprocated the same feelings as she did for him but that wasn't actually the whole reason why he kept dating her, he liked her company and their togetherness. She was one of a kind, she could leave him in fits of laughter with any kind of idiotic talks, it was always interesting having a conversation with her, and they would talk for hours on the phone talking about nothing yet everything. She became close to him in a short span of time. Above all of this though, what made him like her more was the beautiful girl she was from the inside out? She was frank, daring, honest and admirable in all ways but he didn't like commitment and that was one reason why he grabbed on first opportunity he got to go and assist in Delhi's hospital, he wasn't liking the idea of being too attached to her. She was like an addictive drug. He needed his own space and being far from Sanjeevani he was able to be back to his normal self. However, 1 year after he was back, he was astounded when he heard Shilpa was engaged and was soon getting married. This news dread him for days and as much as he wanted to ignore the fact that he was the least interested in whatever happens in her life and that they were both a closed chapter, little did he know that he was starting to harbor feelings for her and the mere fact that she will belonged to someone else enraged him. Hence, despite his entire struggle against loving Shilpa made him fall more and more for her. Now here they were, he kidnapped her and he didn't care about the consequences, all that he wanted was having her at his side.

He looked at her in the rear view; she has been sitting for hours tied up like this. He felt bad for doing this to her but seeing how rash she started getting, left him no choice. Her muffles had subsided and she sat meekly in the car with her head against the window. Moments ago, he heard her little sobs, but he decided to ignore it, 'let her cry, she will overcome it' he thought. But now seeing her calm, he decided it was time to untie her.

'Shilpa!' she pretended that she didn't hear him and he knew that. 'For how long will you keep brooding at me?' He veered the car to the right, taking a shortcut. 'i am the meaniest creature ever, i know!And apologise for my meanest act.' He halted the car at an open space near the road. The place was all deserted, all ahead there could be seen acres of land with crops planted and that was just it, the whole road was sided by trees all along. Straight in front lay the mountains, every detail of it showing up sharp and clear in the cool air against the deep sapphire of the sky. Armaan was tired of driving for hours now and it was time also to untie Miss Wild, hoping that she would not foam at the mouth again.

He joined her at back seat seeing her so quiet and reticent.He was really a beast for having done that to her. 'Sorry!' he said apologetically. 'i didn't meant to do that but u left me no choice.' He slowly moved his hands towards her face and unknot the cloth tied on her mouth. She took a deep intake of breath while he gazed at her.There could be seen trace of stained tears near her eyes and he felt more aweful about it. He then undid the ropes around her hands and feet as she sat unncommunicatively while she rubbed her wrists with her fingers. However, Armaan nearly jumped out of his skin when Shilpa started hitting him with her calla lillies again. 'What the hell...!' he exclaimed coming out of the car but Shilpa wasn't interested with whatever he was saying. She moved out of the car along with Armaan who was shielding himself with his hands as she continued attacking on him.

'How dare you!' she shrieked. She has never ever been that mad in her life, she was actually equally surprised how she was venting her anger on Armaan but she couldn't help. She was as angry as a wasp and she rushed on him like a whirlwind and she kept hitting him with the bouquet until the flowers weren't crushed completely. 'This is for torturing me all day.' she smacked him hard on his arms as she shouted at the top of her lungs. She was ranting and raving about him, leaving Armaan completely out of him.

'Damn you, stop woman! what did you take for breakfast this morning?' which was again followed by a whack on his face which surprised him more. Now it was her who was stimulating his angst, he grabbed her wrists in mid -air on both sides and roared in an authoritative tone ' Stop behaving like a bear with a sore head, would you?' For some moments, a silence reigned between them. Their hard breathing could be heard and they had an intense gazed set on each other. While Shilpa was hot-tempered, Armaan was furious. His gaze thouroughly changed to a soft stare.

It was now that he was contemplating her. She looked like a complete mess. Her hair was tied up with pins and some of her curls cascaded over her shoulder with pretty little silver pearls adorning her hair. But now it all looked tousled with the pins mostly out and her hair bun at the back were all loose as well and the pearls were here and there. His gaze went further down, admiring her bridal dress which was like ballgown with one-shoulder neckline and a corset closure with a silver jewellery on it. The gown looked soft and smooth and it had beaded motifs at the center front of the bodice. The bridal dress accentuated her curves and fitted well around her waist. She looked liked a celestial beauty dressed as a bride. He noticed her chest heaving under his control and he was left breathless himself with their proximity they were sharing. His grip loosened on her wrists, as he moved closer to her.

It was hard for Shilpa to maintain her vexed expression. She was outraged certainly but his bold stare sent ribbons of fire curling down her spine. His hands left her wrists but then he touched her again, running his hands up and down her naked arms with a touch so light that it was unbearable, while he watched her trying to breathe normally with almost chimical interest. She wanted to resist him though, she wanted to show him attitude and that nothing will be as easy as he thought it can be. She will defy him. She pulled herself from his space and moved away. She sighed, she was so annoyed, and she did not know why her emotions were penting up all of a sudden, so she tried composing herself. She touched her hair and realised that it was all dishevelled. Gradually, she doffed out the pins one by one from her hair. She stiffened when he felt Armaan's hands smoothing her hair from the back, his broad and soft hand brushing against her scalp. Passion surfaced through her and she closed her eyes momentarily and opened them again.Her back was nearly pressed with his chest and every little touch of his, made her heart beat a little faster.He ran his fingers around her curls till the end with them touching her bare back which was exposed in a seductive manner. Shilpa felt a knot tightening in her stomach and she again tried escaping the moment, so she stride on the deserted road gripping her gown in her hand.

'Hey, where are you going?' Armaan exclaimed. It was obvious she was avoiding any close contact with him. But this one of the main of bringing her with him, to win over her again and he would go any lengths till she won't admit they were meant to be together.

'Somewhere, where there is no trace of you!' she said irritatedly.

Armaan ran up to catch her up. 'How many miles do you intend to walk to go back?' a crooked smile flashing on his face.

'Stop following me!' she halted 'and i'll walk as many miles i want just to be far away from you!' she started troding again with her heels making a tik-tok sound on the road. The sun was blazing hard this afternoon and she felt thirsty.

'i will not stop following you and it's better you quit being adamant...this road is deserted, even after 1 hour of walking you won't reach anywhere, so you better pay head to whatever i tell you.'

She sighed. He was right, she wasn't aware much of where this road will take her. Sulking, she went back to the car without saying a word to him. Armaan was surprised that she eventually agreed to him. She was leaning her body against the hood of the car and said sternly 'Where are you taking me?'

'Somewhere somewhere!' he replied nonchalantly.

'Somewhere, somewhere...WHERE?'

'i'll tell you later! let's go from here now, we have a long way ahead of us.'

'Oh no!Where are you so tired now!' she whined. 'plus am famished and my throat is burning with this heat..i need food in my system otherwise they will stop functioning and i'll blame you for this!' she added fiercely.

'First, you are the victim don't command on me, it's me throw orders and second get in the car already, we are moving out of here.'

Attitude, he had heaps of attitude in his pocket, she mimicked him while following him back in the car.

'Here' he said 'content yourself with this M & M Candies in the meantime.'

The journey was not ending, and Shilpa wondered where the beast was taking while she took delight in eating her M & M.

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After driving for miles, Armaan parked the car at a curvaceous road. Shilpa hadn't the least idea where they were, ahead of them laid a roadside stall.It was like an open-air restaurant which gave a distinctly different look and feel.Moreover, cots made with bamboos and ropes were arranged outside and on another side were tables and with bamboo seats placed.

'Here, we are!' Armaan turned off the ignition.

'Where are we?' she questioned.

'This is called the indianized roadside diner.'

'Are we eating here?' she asked peculiarly.

'I thought someone was starving!' he looked at her weirdly. 'Stop wasting time, am craving for food also, haven't eaten anything since yesterday!'

'WHY?' she asked baffled this time.

'Is that even a question to ask about?My bride was getting married to someone else,how can someone even think of consuming food.' he grinned.

'Am not your bride!' she flared. 'And good for you, you should be craving to death.!'

'Duh!' he rolled his eyes. 'Get going now, am honestly h.u.n.g.r.y!'

Armaan and Shilpa stood at the street-food corner. While Armaan was observing the heap of food placed on the stalls, Shilpa was busy scrutinizing the place delicately. She had never frequented these stalls before, not that because she did not know about them but she was the least interested in eating in such places. The place wasn't that clumsy but not that neat also. Abover her head, hang a board written 'Lalli-Bawa's Mast Dhabba'. She then turned head watching how the cooks were kneading the dough with the bare hands, then tossing it with a quick movement on the pan, applying fat oil to it,on another side, another man with a shabby look was marinading meat flesh in a corner then flopping them in a big pan,frying them. The area was bearing a high temperature with all the quick and rapid cooking being done. Sweetdishes were exposed in great quantities on the front shelves with beverages and snacks.

'So what will you devour?' a thrilling Armaan asked with a mouth-watering expression after seeing all the appetizing food being lavishly displayed.

'Am not eating here.' Shilpa swallowed with disgust.

'WHAT??...Why?? You said you were hungry!'

'Well am not hungry anymore!'

'Is it a problem for you to eat here?'

'Can't you see, the place is unhygenic!' she whispered to his ear. 'and look at these people, they aren't wearing any gloves cooking,the food is oily,their hands are greasy and there's dust all around!'

Armaan queered at her. 'Is that your sane reason for refusing to eat?he throw her an absurd look.'This place isn't that bad, the food won't kill you, trust me and we have another long way to go, so you better eat here itself!'

'I said am not hungry!' she said resolutely.

'Fine aristocratic lady,keep your haughty attitude with you. If you are don't want to eat, keep starving then, let me savour those scrumptious goodies alone.'

She went humphing, sitting on one of those cots nearby the stalls. 'He really didn't care' she thought angrily. He said he loves her but loving someone also meant caring about her...and whether she was either starving to death or whatever, he was not even interested. It was all about him and his big tummy that he was all worried about. It would have been worth marrying Arav than being stuck with him through the whole journey.Beast! Watching the area,she then remarked that the few people around were eyeing at her. She felt at odd. Then, who wouldn't eye a bride who happens to be strolling in this so-not-happening place.

Armaan came back after some minutes and sat next to her. 'Take this' he fowarded her a bottle of water. He saw her observing the bottle and added incredulous 'C'mon stop being a snobbish, atleast you can drink this. I Can understand you don't wanna eat that food, but this water won't kill you. It's better you quench your thirst with this than dying'

She took the bottle from him instantly, elucidating her attitude to him. 'Am not a snobbish!' she felt good when the water slide through her throat. She could actually finish the whole bottle in one go. The Heat was killing. 'Where's your food?'

'Coming soon...are you sure you don't want to eat something? you should atleast try, it's not that bad as you think it is. Plus, you haven't eaten anything since morning.' concerned underlying his tone.

'How do you know i haven't eaten anything?' she asked a bit surprised.

'AHAN! So you haven't eaten anything then.' he smiled. 'Why?'

She rolled her eyes. 'It's none of your concern, i wasn't hungry, that's it'

'Or maybe you were missing me too much and you couldn't even swallow even a bite.' he grinned.

'Or maybe i was too excited to get married and be with my future husband and i didn't get time to have my breakfast.' she retorted back.

'Pretty little liar' he mused.

Changing the topic, she asked him 'Are you going to eat here?'

'What's wrong in eating here now?' he asked a bit irritated.

'People are gawking at me!' she could sense how eyes were averted on her from time to time and it was very intimidating.

Armaan laughed and looked around. That was true, people were staring. 'They are probably thinking that you are a runaway bride.'

'Then that's bullshit of them to even think like that, when in reality i have been kidnapped and you are that beast who is responsible for it.'

'Who would even know?' he leaned down the cot in a relaxing manner. 'Anyway ignore, it's not like they even know us.' His fingers were skimming beautifully on her bare back while Shilpa smacked him. Ignoring her smack, his hand skimmed her back again, repeating the same action.

'Stop doing that!' she glared at him.

'Doing what?' he looked at her innocently.

Just then a little boy came, setting down Armaan's order on the table and leaving Shilpa dumbfounded.

'You ordered all of that food?' her eyes widened.

'That's the desi roadside food' he hurriedly sat on the chair, ready to attack at any moment.

'All of that?? You are gonna eat all of that?'

'Yup!why do you think i'v paid them in the first place?'

'That's a heap of food here!'she threw him a sceptical glance. 'No wonder you look like a big fat hulk!'

'You mean a well-built strong Hulk.Thanks for the compliment.' Armaan decided to attack on his food as he looked at those delicious meals in front of him, he had no idea where to start.He automatically reached his hand for some mixed traditional pasties he ordered and dipped them in a spicy sauce and gulped them down. 'Crispyyy' he sighed. 'Take one Shilpa.' he offered her but being the adamant girl, she refused him. He shrugged at her and resumed eating. Next he attacked on the bulettes, steamed balls made out of meat,chicken and tofu. The aroma filled in his nostrils, and he close his eyes with delight. 'Hmmm...i never knew that they made the best bulettes soup ever.' he relished them spoon by spoon and chew on his steamed balls. Shilpa flicked him a glance. Just look at him eating,him and his big mouth. Since the entire journey, he has been the one commanding over her and he claims he loved her. Bullshit love. After some minutes, He was scooping his spoon in his fried rice with roasted chicken accompanying it,legumes and shrimps. He closed his eyes, appreciating with much delight the copious meal. ' Man, this heavenly too good.' He hop another spoon in his mouth, making delightful sounds for Shilpa to hear. 'Yummyy' he smacked his lips. 'Dumb are those people who actually really refuses such tasty food.' He again resumed with his eating session, with Shilpa glaring at his back.

Shilpa sat on the cot,she clutched her stomach firmly with her hands. As much as she wanted to deny it, but the food were making her mouth water. Armaan had been deliberately singing loud praises of his meal for the last 10 mins. She pretended not hearing him. 'This is finger-licking good.' he licked his thumb. 'Man, you must try this Shilpa.' The aroma was too tempting at the moment. She was hungry as hell. On top of that, Armaan's deliberate comments on the food was putting in her in a toss. Her famished stomach said to give in but her ego refused to make him win. Unexpectedly, a loud growl from Shilpa's stomach acted as a traitor revealing how much hungry she was.

Armaan smiled inwardly, 'stubborn kid' he thought. 'Shilpa, Come here!' he ordered.

'NO!' she replied firmply.

'Eat this!' he placed the plate in front of her.

'Am not eating this.' she averted her face.

Armaan swiftly sat on the cot next to her making her jump. 'Fine big headed girl, there's no problem for me to forcefully stuff this food in your mouth until this plate is neat.' a stern expression reflecting on his face.

She glared at him, as always she would be under his thumb. It's him who makes decisions and he who was ruling the roost.

'My way or the highway.' he said amusedly.

'Why are you such a beast?'

'Why are you such a pest?'

She looked at the plate in his hand and looked back at him. She hesitated for a while. Her anger was towards Armaan and not the food, so it was wise to eat and keep her ego aside. The anorak had indeed full up his stomach, and this moment, she she should be caring about her stomach not his.

'Am feeding you if you want.' he took a full spoon of fried rice in front of her.

'No, thankfully God blessed me with two beautiful hands.' she took the spoon from him, finally giving in.

Armaan gave her a crooked smile, feeling a triumphant glow inside of him. How long was she going to say no.


Shilpa had her head rested against the window car. Darkness was falling and the sun descended down the horizon. After the leaving the roadside stall, Armaan had been continously driving and on they way he to fill up the petrol tank as it was below the decreasing level . He was not revealing much where they were heading and surprisingly his usual witty one-liners had subsided during the drive. They both have remained mum for an hour or so. Silence had engulfed the car, only the sound of the vehicle moving could be heard. However, whatever was preoccupying her state of mind at the moment was her parents and family. She wondered what has happened after she was actually 'kidnapped'. She felt aweful, they must be driven sick searching for her everywhere.

'Dad and mum must be sick worried about me.' she said more to herself in soft tone, but Armaan heard her.

'They are!' he whispered, suddenly coming out of his reverie.

'They must be searching for me like mad.' she still had her head leant on the window with her gaze far away in nowhere.


'By now am sure dad and everyone must be making enquiries about my disappearance with the help of the CIDs or the cops.'

This statement of Shilpa stiffened Armaan for a moment.

'How many days you think they will take to locate me?' her head shot up.

'NO Idea' he replied dismissvely.

'I Hope it happens soon then.'

'They find you, they'll take you home, they find me, they'll take me into a cell.' he smiled faintly.

'Then that's all good then, that's what you deserved for this laudable act of yours'

'You'll be happy if they lock me down?' he looked at her in the rear view.

'YES!Definitely, i shall be celebrating.' she said with a hint of mischief.

Armaan smiled despite himself. 'Don't forget to open a white Chamdor then, it's my favorite wine.'

'Thanks for telling' she said and continued 'At this time, i was supposed to be celebrating my wedding reception.' she sighed dejectedly. '...and look where i am,stuck up in a road trip with you.'

'One day, you will be kissing me for this day.' he smiled wickedly.

She rolled her eyes pretended for not hearing him. 'And tomorrow, i was going to fly to Seychelles for my honeymoon,poor Arav!'she holded her head in her hands.

'That's great news then!Your Arav..i mean that Arav can spend his honeymoon alone then.'

'Jealous freak! Am thankful to God..that he didn't create all men like you.'

' that so?'

'I'll choose Arav anyday over you. He isn't a git like you and neither does he break hearts.'

His face went blank at her last statement. 'and i break hearts..' he whispered.

She stayed silent for a while, she hadn't meant on saying it loud so she tried diverting the subject as she didn't want to indulge in any kind of discussion concerning what she went through when he left her.

'Arav is a nice guy!' she threw it on his face.

'I don't wanna hear how a good bloke that Arav is!' he said with gritted teeth.

'I don't care, you are hearing. Arav is a gentleman, he loves me, and he has this unique charm to his personality, plus he always makes me smile and to top it all he has a heart.' Shilpa kept on ranting to ignite Armaan's anger.


Seeing that she had found his weakest point,Shilpa kept singing praises of Arav. Armaan jaw's clenched and he volumed the radio to the highest so that he couldn't hear her. Armaan hated hearing about Arav, that also coming from Shilpa. He did not like being a jealous freak like Shilpa said but thinking about him and Shilpa together enraged him.Heck, forget Arav, he actually hated the thought of Shilpa with any other guy. He didn't know much about Arav as they happened to have met only once in Sanjeevani, when he came to fetch Shilpa for their 'date'.

He was heading back to the parking lot after a hectic day at the hospital, that's how he spotted Arav waiting for Shilpa outside near his classy black Audi A3. 'Bloody posh gits' he thought but Arav wasn't aware of Armaan's presence, he was just waiting outside. Then Armaan saw a bubbly Shilpa making her way towards Arav, a wide smile flashing her face. What pricked him, was how they hugged each other for a moment. It was a light hug, yet he felt a burning jealousy chewing him up. If that wasn't enough to set him off edge, then he was going off the deep end when he saw that rich geezer kiss on her mouth. That was like a blow on his face. It enraged him seeing Shilpa in someone's else arms and that also like this.

With all of this thoughts flashbacking in his mind, he stopped the car abruptly making Shilpa's body jerked forward and clutching his seat at the front.

She looked at him with a stern smile. 'Don't tell me your idea is to actually get us killed in a car accident so that we can reunite in Heaven.' but Armaan's main focus was outside the car,staring into space.

'How many times did you kissed him?' he asked out of the blue.

'WHAT?' Shilpa was stunned at his question. Armaan was so unpredictable.

'HOW MANY TIMES? He asked feeling vexed as this thought was irking him.

'To whom?' she felt at loss.

'ARAV!' he spat out.

Shilpa looked at him weirdly. Armaan had a seriously full wired-brain where you have no idea what he is thinking,scheming or plotting. But his sudden question made her smiled at the corner of her mouth. 'That's none of your concern, it's a private thing between me and him.'

He looked deeply in her eyes with jealousy burning his eyes. !'

She did not know why but she felt at bliss seeing him crushed with jealousy. It was one of the rare traits of Armaan. He had always been the happy-go-lucky guy and he has always enjoyed life as if the world is his oyster. And now seeing him in this state amused her. She set her eyes into him, with a glint of mischief reflecting in it. 'He is a g.o.o.d k.i.s.s.e.r also.' she said softly and slowly.

She was struck-dumb when the next moment he felt Armaan smacking his lips on hers. He was holding her face firmly in his hands. He wasn't mouldering her lips, but he was pressing his fierce lips over her soft one though. He felt himself rising up in his seat a little, as Shilpa felt her body out of control. The moment his lips touched hers, he couldn't get enough. He had lost all perspective, he was focusing his attention on the sweet taste of her mouth that he had yearned to touch for so long, they way her lips parted hesitantly and soft moan that slipped from her throat as he deepened the kiss.After a few seconds he pulled back. 'He doesn't kiss like me though?' he murmured, his mouth still hovering over hers. A rueful smile curled the corners of his lips as he found her in a daze,overcoming what had just transpired between them. A tiny shiver had raced through her when he had kissed her hard and deep.The struggle she had had to regain any degree of composure after the kiss that had sent her brain into a meltdown.

Her eyes fumed with anger when she composed herself. She shrugged his hands off her face and sat back in the far corner. 'Don't you dare kiss me again or else am cheesing you off next time.'

'Oh yea?' his rueful smile remained intact. 'Next time, it would be you craving to kiss me.'

'Keep dreaming high then,because that's so not happening.' she said unnervingly.

'That's how you are here with me.' he chuckled as he started the car and he drove off again.


He moved out of the car and opened the backseat one. Shilpa was in a deep slumber with her body laying down on car seat. 'Shilpa!' he called her but it didn't reach her. 'Shilpaaa' he called her again but there was no reaction. He went inside the car and gave her a few gentle slap on the face to get her out of her sleep.

'huhhh...' she said drowsily. Her eyes not giving up on her sleep

'Wake up sleeping beauty, we have reached our destination.' he smiled.

'Where?' she rubbed her eyes, still in her drowsy state.

'Anahita.,my hometown.' Armaan said with a smile.

Sorry for a late update readers, have been pretty caught up in some stuffs.
And i dunno why, but i felt the part pretty boring...
I Wasn't going to write a kiss scene at this initial stage..but due to a ardent request from Miss Hacker...i had to include one...that's one for you HACKER :P [THANK YOU IMMENSELY For your guidance]

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Okay some rants of mine before you guys start reading lolz.
1)Sorry for delaying so much in updating,iv been lazy and i had exams going on.
2)Thank You alll those people who has liked and given all their appreciations..Thats really a boost thank you all the readers[silent and non-silent ones ..lolz]
3)Am dedicating this part to some people-->Miss Hacker ;),Zarqa,Choco_pie and Idiotic Fan[Hello_01] thnks for the spams also ;P
4)Next update may come after 21st November,iv got exams going on.
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Part 3

While the beams of the morning sunlight filtered across the room with the balmy and fragrant air rendering a peaceful atmosphere,Armaan sat on the bed with sleep still hanging over his head . Yesterday night, after they've reached Anahita, he and Shilpa were pretty worn out after the long road journey, so they both call it for the day rather than indulging into any kind of conversations.It was indeed a crazy day,he recalled as he ran his palms on his face trying to rub out the sleep. He made his way to the washroom,splashing water on his face.As he started brushing his teeth, he observed his reflection into the mirror.He looked pretty goofed up, he definitely a shower. But first thing he needed now, was food in his system. He rushed down in the kitchen, and realised that there was nothing to eat here. Now what will they have for breakfast? He surveyed the place around and remarked that everything was neat. There has been no one living in this house for quite sometime. It's been quite a while since he came back here but everything looked the same, just that he missed the hustle bustle of the house that once existed. In fact, it was the only place that popped in his mind when he decided to abduct Shilpa, there would have be no one to intefere. He had his heart and mind set on only one thing at the moment and that was to make her believe that he did reciprocate the same feelings as she did. He will hitch his wagon to the star and win her back at any cost. Shilpa. Suddenly it struck him that the sleeping beauty was still sleeping. He decided then to go and check on her.

Armaan stood at the ajar door and find out that the bed was empty. He entered the room and surveyed around but she wasn't in the room itself. He then descended the stairs, calling her name but there was no respond. He knocked at the bathroom door, but she wasn't there either. Where could she be? He make one round and another round inside the house, but she couldn't be seen anywhere. Suddenly, Armaan's felt on tenterhooks thinking what if she escaped from the house but she couldn't possibly leave the house, she didn't know much about the area. But Heck, she was Shilpa, you have to expect the unexpected with her always.DAMN. He rushed out of the house, his wild gaze looking around for any sign of a white bride gown. 'Shilpa...' he called out walking around the yard. 'Shilpaaa..' he called out loud again. That crazy chick has sworn to really make his life miserable after what he did to her. His gaze then stopped abruptly at what he was seeing ahead of him.

Her bridal gown caught his sight. She was sitting on a cedar tree which was in the middle of the backyard. The tree wasn't that long but it was of a medium height and sitting on the large branche was Shilpa, who looked like damsel. Indeed she felt it amusing seeing Armaan in a heebie-jeebies state who was looking out for her.

'What are you doing there?' he felt in a nine-day wonder, guessing how the heck she climbed that tree.

'Watching you hunting for me like a mad lion!' she sneered.

'You find it amusing?' he played along with her.

'You felt like a cat on hot bricks, obviously its amusing!' she said mischievously.

'I nearly got a heart-stroke not finding you anywhere!' he smiled in return.

'Sad, that you are still alive!' she gave a an insouciant look.

Shaking his head, he replied 'wait let me come!'

'Oh great, and i was expecting to spend a solitary moment here.' she grumpled.

Ignoring her salty comments, he climbed on the tree, gripping his hands on the branches...he finally reached her.

'You're gonna break this tree with your weight on it and don't sit near me.'

'TADA!' He edged his body nearer to her,giving his boyish grin.

'and i thought i could enjoy my whole day on this tree without you hovering on my head.' she rolled her eyes and looked away.

'that aint possible,years to come,you will still find me haunting you!' he flashed his dimple.

'How long are you keeping me here?' she grew serious for a second.

'Till you don't say you love me!'

'That's a waste of time, am never going to tell you this ever again.'

'Fine then,we shall stay here forever, you and me together alone!' Seeing her going appal, he decided to tease her more. 'Panicking?'

'Who is panicking?me?' she retorted back.

He chuckled. 'Imagine the tons of thing we can do together A L O N E!' he added seductively near her face.

'You have a screw loose, do you know it? there will be nothing like that or may happen between us until i allow so!'

'AAHH, So you mean you may allow me later!' he said mischievously.

'That's not what i said!' she cursed herself mentally for wrongly phrasing her line.

'No worries for me,i can wait.' Armaan felt triumphant on knowing that he was holding the aces at the moment.

'Will there ever be a day, when i will get rid of you?' she pressed her fingers to her temple as if she was bearing a headache.

Armaan laughed heartily at her humourful sarcastic criticism on him . For a moment they both remained mum enjoying the scenic view from where they were seated and dangled their legs like little kids. Ahead of them were seen the broad and range of mountains exposing gigantically on the horizons that it felt almost reachable and the bottom of the moutains laid the faint views of houses and buildings. Shilpa felt deeply amazed by all the epicness of the nature. She was in complete awe.

'Do you know how long this tree existed?' seeing her shrugging her shoulder he continued. 'My grandad used to tell us that even before they started building this house with his dad, this tree existed ever since, according to him it's been here for more than 800 years.'

Shilpa widened her eyes with amazement. 'that long? that's impressive.'

'Yea..and when i was a kid, it used to be my hiding spot. Everytime me and Rahul used to play hide and seek, i use to come here and till date he never came to know it.' he laughed as he reminisced the past. '

'The Good old days.' Shilpa said smilingly.

'The Good old days.' Armaan admitted cheerfully, as they look ahead themselves. ' and i used to fantasize that one day i will build a little shed of woods on this same tree where it would be only my space, no one will ever come without my permission but i never fullfilled this wish of mine.' he ended sadly.

'The unaccomplished teenage dream.' Shilpa said dramatically.

'The unaccomplished teenage dream!' he looked at her sadly. 'If i was able to fulfill this dream of mine at that time, we would have been both living in this shed forever, the both of us.' he said more dramatically as he gripped her hand on the branch.

'Too much of play-acting from you.Leave my hand now' she hit him on his arm but he didn't leave her.

'No one would have fathom we could be living here, we would have been happily married, have lots of kids and stay on here forever!' 'he sighed holding her hand near his heart.

'Seriously,does only gibberish stuff that comes out of your mouth?' she asked annoyed.

'When it comes to you!YES' He said innocently.

'URRGG!you've got a ruined tape playing buck it up.'

Silence prevailed between them for some seconds again until Shilpa said 'Instead of being away with the fairies, you could have comlimented me on how i look in my bridal dress.' She sat upright donning a smile,awaiting for Armaan's flattery comments on her.

He scanned her posture for a moment and said nonchalantly. 'H O R R I B L E!'

'EXCUSE ME?' she felt dumbstruck.

'You didn't dress for me, that was for someone else, so i don't like it!'

'HUH!??' he was unbelievable. Just look at his audacity. 'Is that your lame reason?'

'Yup!' he said sternly.

'Congrats then,you just happened to have failed on your first stage on trying to win me back.'

Armaan grinned at her antics. 'i'v got more better ways to woo you darling.' he ran behind her as they went into the house.'

'You'll have to follow an intensive crash course then to woo back, you stand no chance at the moment.' she felt vexed on hearing him say 'horrible' to her, she expected him atleast to praise her but he always ended up doing something that would steamed her up.'

Laughing heartily at her antics,he left her hand and asked. 'Hungry?'

'Now that's a more commendable topic we both can agree with!Yes,damn famished...AS ALWAYS.'

'Let's get down,i've got another amazing place for amazing food to make you taste.' he descended the tree caustiously first.

'But first thing i need right a normal pair of clothes, i can't keep roaming in your village like this,i'll look like a nincompoop.'

'i'll find you something to wear.' he looked up at her throwing her heels down, grabbing her gown and climbing off carefully.Armaan holded her by the waist and hopped her down gently. 'Thanks.' She felt a warmth travelling down her body when he holded but again she avoided to ponder much on what his touch makes to her.

'By the way, i forgot to tell you something!'

'What?' she raised her eyebrows.

'Goodmorning!' he leant his face down, kissed her sweetly on the cheek and lingered his lips for some seconds.

She felt staggered with emotions, touching her cheek where he kissed her while he was walking away with a smug on his face. Hating the fact that he was always the one holding the reins, she rushed towards him and clutched the back of his shirt.

'Heyy!' he was caught unawares and stumbled a bit at the back.

Shilpa grasped his wrist and turned it tightly at the back, with her front touching his back. 'You try touching me or kiss me again another time,i will skin you alive.' she stressed on each word with deliberate anger.

Armaan mused at her fierce side. 'Wild woman!I Love this facet of yours.' In returned, Shilpa clasped his hand more tightly at the back. But Armaan cracked the whip, and in a swift movement it was him he was grasping Shilpa's hand at her back while he pulled her front body more into him. Seductivity was dancing in his eyes while reprimanded his look by resentment. 'Try it!' he challenged her.

She struggled out of his grip but he was holding her more firmly.

His eyes moved down to her lips as he heard her catching a breath. He loved how he left her unsettled with the proximity they always shared. He smirked and gave her an off-air bite making her perplexed and then he left her. With that she rushed in the house giving him a glare.


After making Shilpa taste a copious lunch at La Ben's, Armaan's favorite small restaurant spot in Anahita,who was also specialized in both eastern and western delicacies. After buying some basic stuffs for them both,they were now strolling down the streets, making their way to the general store to buy groceries. Apparently, Anahita was not a huge village...around 150-200 population and Shilpa admired the peaceful and simple lifestyle of the villagers. There was not so much buzz like in the cities and towns and after a long time, it felt marvellous to be far away from those hectic duties. Having lunch at La Ben's, she remarked the easy chats and friendly bond people shared out here and pretty much, everyone is mostly acquainted with everyone here. The tons of times Armaan was greeted by the fellow villagers or was stopped on the way for short conversations. She thought that Mr Beast was pretty popular out here until Armaan told her that everyone knows mostly each other. Another thing that she liked, despite the fact the village did not possess the big infrastructures...she liked the still on-going developments of the area and locations and the most amazing part of it was the exotic feel that you get when you are here. The moutains, the beautiful blue sky with the sun bathing the village, the greeny all around enthralled her.

They were now in a small open air type of market. A colourful array of fruits and vegetables were displayed on the stalls and on other side were big pieces of meat hanging in the butcher's section and silvery fishes dangling there also.Customers were hangling while merchants were shouting at the top of their voices to attract customers. She remembered the last the time she ever visited a market was when she came with her mom, she was a kid at primary school and ever since she had not stepped foot again.

It was indeed a regaling sight to see Armaan doing the buying and stuffs. She suppress her laugh in seeing him holding a bundle of cargos in his hand while she was holding nothing but just following him like a pet.

'What's so funny?' he asked caughting her off guard while he was inspecting a cucumber in his hand.

'Nothing!' she said innocently.

'Then why this feline smile on your face?' he frowned at her as she let out a laugh. 'Spill it!' he added.

'You are funny!' she grinned.

'And why is that so?' he did not felt it amusing when she kept on sneering on his back while he had no idea what she was thinking about.

'This avatar of you, the market-man types buying foodstuffs and carrying lots of bags in his hands.' she continued chuckling as they went to the next stall buying potatoes. 'You know, the family type of man, you'll make a good husband.'

It was Armaan's turn to be in his mischievous self now. 'And i promise you that after we'll get married i'll still be the good husband who will buy groceries for you.'

'That's not what I insinuated and not what i said, a husband for someone else.' she said dully.

'As far as i know, am only marrying you!' he added seriously.

'ARMAAAN, don't start again!' she said between gritted teeth.

'I Will say it over and over again! and this is even more cuter, we are roaming in this market like a couple, so we look pretty cute.' he ended sheepishly.

'We are not a couple!'

'We will be soon!'

'Dreaming high,ain't we?'

'As always!'

Changing the topic, she looked at his bags and back at him. 'Why are you shopping as if we are staying here for a month.' she asked weirdly.

'Damn how i wished we stayed here forever!' he paid the butcher for the meat.

'Sorry to break your bubbles, but this smart games of yours won't go for long when my father track you down here, and i'll be free from your trap and be back home enjoying my life.'

'But for now, you are all mine!' a crooked smile appeared on his face. 'Hold these' he handed her few bags of groceries.

'Why??' she looked at him doubtedly.

'Because i happen to have only two hands and i can't manage to hold them all.'

'who even told you to buy them in the first place?' she grumpled.

'Jr. Mallik!!' A lady in his old fifties appeared in front of them smiling widely.

'Hey Mrs Mishra!' Armaan hugged the woman.

' I was told that you came back, that's a pleasant surprise!' the woman's face reflected pure happiness as she talked to Armaan and it was vice-versa.

'Just reached here yesterday!'

'And your mom and dad did not come? You came much more earlier this time and last year you didn't even come for the christmas celebrations.'

'Mom Dad are in Greece, got hooked with business amalgamations around now, they will come in December as always...'

Shilpa stood numbly as she watched the animated conversation going on with the old Lady and Armaan. She became alert in seeing the lady looking intently at her.

'And who is this lady you've brought with you this time?'

'Oh..sorry,this is Shilpa and Shilpa this is Mrs Mishra, my secondary chemistry school teacher.' he introduced them both.

'Hello' Shilpa said hesitantly to her.

'Shilpa?' she questioned Armaan with her eyes.

'Huh!Yeaaa.' he uncanningly and added quickly...' My wife!'

Shilpa felt dumbstruck at Armaan's last word and looked at him with disbelief.

'You got married?' the lady asked feeling surprised.

Armaan looked at Shilpa and felt jubilant on addressing her as HIS wife. But he did not know if he had to laugh or be scared of Shilpa' face struck like a thunder.

'Newly wedded couple Mrs Mishra, We are on our honeymoon here!' he grinned as he pulled Shilpa by the waist and holded her close to him.

'Rip his face right now!' Shilpa thought angrily. After that she had not the least idea how many minutes more Armaan and his teacher talked. She was complementing them both with wishes for a happy married life. That damn liar was taking all the liberties. She was boiling from inside and Armaan knew it, as he kept giving her his wicked leers. 'I Will kill you' her eyes screamed at him.

'I'll see you both around and won't be a gooseberry between you two' and she walked off after some byes and a few last words to them.

'WHAT WAS THAT!' She flared at him the second the old lady was far away.

'Relax Mad cat!What did i do?' he made as if nothing happened.

'Huh! Why did you tell her we were married.? she stomped on his feet.

'Ouch!' he groaned 'This is a public place and if you didn't know till now,people are watching us.'

'I Don't care! The next time you tell any of this crap to anybody i swear am taking this butcher's knife and cutting down your throat and sell you here itself.'

'That is a very crude thing!' he tweaked his nose imagining the situation ever happening.

'Now thanks to you, mostly everybody will start thinking that we are a married couple now!'

'Everyone already thinks we are married couple!' he flashes his dimples at her.

'Just like you, everyone seems to be living under some sort of illusions here.' she replied angrily. With that, she walked out of the market and strided back on the streets with Armaan nearly running after her.

'Why are making so much ado about this?' he said casually.

'Are you ever serious about anything in life?NO!' She spat at him.

Armaan thought of remaining quiet as he saw that he was digging his own grave. They walked silently on the streets. But being Armaan, he couldn't help keeping mum. 'Shilpaa!' he called her softly. He walked beside her matching her steps. 'Are you still angry at me?' but she didn't reply, and kept walking silently. '

I finally found someone, that knocks me off my feet' he started humming Bryan Adams' ballad I Finally Found Someonesilently under his breath as he stole secret glances at her.'I finally found the one, that makes me feel complete' he sang in a none rhythmic tone, but Shilpa did not react but he noticed a flick in her eyes for a second. 'Shilpaaa!' he whined amusedly. 'I Love you!'

'Good for you!' she replied flatly.

'This time it's different, dah dah dah dah ...It's all because of you, dah dah dah dah.' he stepped in front of her,walking backwards. Even without a proper tune, he had a sweet way of singing. 'Give me a second chance!' he pleaded with his eyes.

'Move out of my way!'


Tell me you are giving me a second chance first!' he made her stop on her tracks. Seeing her giving him a dull look, he kept singing adding more soul to it 'Did I keep you waiting, I didn't mind I apologize, baby, that's fine.'


You'll have to do much more than that to smooth my ruffled feathers.' she challenged him.

'Am on,anything to crack down this hard nut of yours.' he said gleefully.

Shilpa walked past him,with Armaan humming the lines of the ballad. 'I would wait forever just to know you were mine '

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Sincerely apologising for the delay in updating the part. I Swear holidays are more hectic than college. Nevertheless here's the part. I hope you guys like it.
I would love to hear some criticism also apart from good comments. i know when i write i focus on a scene mostly but i would like to hear if the parts are too descriptive or too long or boring. Do tell me please.



He tried ignoring the buzz of his phone who was agitating his kind morning sleep, he tried to block the tune from disturbing him as he turned his weight on the other side of the bed but the darn phone kept on ringing. Doesn't it understand that the person is not all interested in picking it up? he groaned inwardly.

'Take me by the tongue...And I'll know you...Kiss me 'til you're drunk...And I'll show you...All the moves like Jagger...I've got the moves like Jagger...I've got the moves like Jagger...' the caller tune kept on shrilling around the room. 'Not in the mood to see your Jagger moves Maroon..GO DIE!' Armaan barked with his head under the pillow and then felt relieved after the call ended. 'Good Boy!' he said lazily but the next moment when Maroon 5's caller tune came back alive, he cursed it under his breath. 'Damn you!' he sat up straight on the bed and shove the phone from the bed dresser and decided to give that person a piece of his mind for ruining his early morning sleep. Talk about holidaying a bit in peace.DUH!

But he felt rooted to the spot when he saw the name flashing on it. He blinked at it for a couple of seconds deciphing if he should pick it up or not. Obviously he was not going to pick up, let it ring...he decided. Moves like a jagger was still echoing in the room but he didn't dare to cut the call either and later he moved out of the bed when the call finally stopped after 3 or 4 rings. He swears his heart thudded loudly against his chest for a moment.

Still feeling agitated by the phone call, he made his way to the washroom. But all thoughts evaporated his mind when he stared at the silhouette of Shilpa brushing her teeth. Clad in a homey clothes, white capris and a blue t-shirt and that hair of hers clipped recklessly on her head, he swear he could eat her raw there. 'Morning Damsel!' he smiled cheekily at her while she fixed her gaze on him through the mirror.

'What's so good about this morning?' she gave him a d-u-h look and resumed brushing her teeth lazily.

'Me!' he replied naughtily. He stood close to her and instinctively pressed his front to her back. She froze momentarily when she sensed him pressing his lips lightly at the back of her head. 'We look like Picture Perfect!' he smiled at her while they still had their gazes fixed on the mirror. 'Don't we? Husband and Wife!' he said cheekily.

'Urrgg not again!' she replied annoyingly.

'Yes AGAIN!'

'Move back and let me brush in peace. Is that too much to ask?' her eyebrows rose.

'Gimme my morning kissy first.'

'Huh'! Okay why not..Come on.' She turned at him, her mouth foaming with paste.

' it's okay, we shall postpone this lil moment for later on.'

'That's what I thought!' she mused. 'And by the way, it's noon, not morning.'

He snapped his head weirdly at her. 'Do we ever wake up in the morning here..tcha.'

He took his brush and applied paste on it and with a sudden movement he pushed Shilpa abruptly away by the shoulder. 'Move.'

'Heyyy..eee wooz hiierr pharst.' She snapped at him unable to speak coherently due to the foam forming in her mouth.

'Huh??' he through her a weird look.

'..eee wooz hiierr pharst.; she said again

'Yea right'am understanding..'



'ARRG! Ghoo fie.'


Their morning banter started once again. Shilpa got a rise of Armaan with him trying to seize the front position of the mirror and the washbasin. Moreover, they were by fighting giving each other shoulder kicks on whom would be first. After a couple of minutes both of them finally stopped as they decided to stand civilizely and occupied half of mirror space like 'mature people'. But Armaan was blowing off her fuse when he started imitating her brushing her teeth. She so wished she could give him a tongue-lashing for his not-so-funny acts. Furthermore, he was mimicking her irritated expressions on the mirror and to top it all, he didn't forget to copy her body language also which infuriated her even more. For crying out loud'.She wanted his head on a platter if possible. So mustering much strength, she pushed him away abruptly caughting him off guard. She gave him a triumphant look smile with foam in her mouth when he stumbled on the floor with a surprised expression.

'Aaaooohh' he groaned.

After rinsing her mouth, she stepped away with a smile plastering her face and then looked down at him. 'Good afternoon.'

Rolling his eyes, he quickly washed his mouth as well and followed her downstairs.

'Am hungry'' she shouted at him.

'Tell me something new.' He replied pathetically. 'How about you cook yourself?'

'If you want disgusting and awful burnt food, am on for it!'

'Dude, you need to take some cooking classes'that will be beneficial for both of us when we get married.'

Giving him a royal ignore, they moved in the kitchen. There was no leftover of yesterday's meal, they had gobbled all the food like a hungry animal and these vegetables gave her no idea of what to do with them. She was so not made to become a cook in her life and she had no intentions to even learn the basic of cooking. 'How about you feed me some of your specialties Cordon-Bleu?' she gave him a wide smile.

'How about we just order something from La Ben again'am so not in the mood to cook.'

'As long you are feeding my stomach, that's all I care about!'

'Yes your highness, anything else.' He gave her bow.

'No you can disperse now!' she donned a royally tone. 'Am going for a shower in the meantime'and you better make it fast.'

'Always at your service.' Urrgg'after we get will always be me leading the way, he thought as he made his way to La Ben.

He returned back after 45 minutes with his hands packed with bags. 'Honeyyy'am homeee!' he yelled out lovingly with mischief. He knew she hated hearing these terms but he was loving the 'pre-marriage' type of life they were having here and he wanted to make her feel the same. Not hearing her replying back, he moved to the kitchen and saw her sitting with her back at him and scribbling something on a paper.

'You're finally back, huh? I thought I was going to fast for the afternoon and wait for you till diner time.' She said as she kept writing in the paper.

'Sorry your Highness for keeping you waiting.' He shoved the bag in front of her nose.

'Christ! This smell soo GOOD!' she inhaled in delight. 'What's the menu?' her eyes twinkled gleefully.

'Authentic Indian cuisine today'.Ben is awesome.' He loved seeing her face light up like that but unfortunately those sparkling smiles are not for him.

'I've got to admit that Ben has a way to make people melt down with his cuisine. Awesome he IS.' She said appreciatively.

'You know I would love to see these lovey-dovey smiles for me someday rather than your poker face expressions that you throw at me.' He kneeled next to her.

'I told you, for that you have to work hard.' She gave a plastic smile.

'Hmmm... .' he wondered dejectedly how hard he had to work. His eyes then moved to the paper on the table on which she was scribbling a few minutes ago. 'What were you writing like this?' he snatched the paper. He frowned when he saw the paper piece, it was a caricature. A funny one which amused him totally. 'WHAT'S THAT?' he asked her.

'That's a sketch' I was thinking it was time to make an announcement about my disappearance on earth.'

Armaan looked down at the paper again and looked at her. It was a character sketch of three persons. On the top of the paper it was written in bold A BEAST ABDUCTED THE BEAUTIFIC BRIDE, this was enough to make him laugh. Moreover, he didn't had to think twice who the bride was. With her baby drawing skills and with much effort she attempted to draw a fairly attractive bride. She had a long veil at the back and tiara on the head and a unhappy expression on the face. It somehow gave the impression of a helpless bride and she was hauled up on the shoulder of a BEAST, which he assumed was him. The long pointed nose of the sketch was enough to give him a hint that it was definitely him and what was more interesting was that he was evilly dressed, like some sort of Dracula. This girl was a cat's whiskers. She had encircled 'The Beast' on top of him and 'Helpless Bride' on top of hers. But what caught his attention was the 3rd character sketch; he was drawn like heroic knight coming at the rescue at the Bride and he had his shield and weapon which was pointed at The Beast. Who was that? He frowned.

'The Beast is me, that helpless bride is you but who is that so called hero?' She had the worst drawing skills ever. He somehow knew who it was but despite the fact that it was just a drawing, he loathed it. Even though he was a beast in it he didn't mind but what was the need for a heroic dumb to come in the picture.

'You don't know? My knight in shining armor coming at my rescue from the Beast.' She said pensively with a girly smile.


'Arav!' she sighed dreamily.

Not again he thought. This smart-ass guy seems to be ruining his moments despite not being physically here. How he hated him. 'Your Arav, is a square peg in a round hole which means that he can't be trusted and isn't suitable for you. So forget him even as a rescuer.'

'Ouuuh! The Jealous freak is back!' she said with a hint of humor.

'Give me that!' he shoved the paper in his pocket angrily. Even the slightest mention of Arav's name gets a rise out of him. He had to work out his jealousy factor, it did him no good.

'Hey that's my Wanted publication for my disappearance! Gimme back!' she shouted.

'I'll get it publish for you!how about you stuff food in your hungry stomach' he stood upright.

'Awww how sweet of you! You would do that?' she battered her eye lashes innocently.

'Why not!' he smiled forcefully. 'You break your sweat for it, it deserves to be published.'

'Since you are being so supper ubber sweet, why don't you freshen up while I'll serve both of us lunch in the meantime.' She said more sweetly.

That is red signal alarm Armaan. Don't trust this childlike face. That sugary tone and so much kindness from her and that also to him. Definitely, must be his lucky day or she is coming up with something devilish in her mind. RED SIGNAL ALARM. He shall be careful. 'Alright darling..I'll be back swiftly.' He replied in the same sugary tone.

After a cold and cooling shower, he entered the kitchen in his usual singlet and pair of shorts. Miss Tough-Sweet Cookie was already swallowing her food and surprisingly his plate was already set on the table neatly with Lima beans of masala sauce mixed with potatoes on it and accompanying it was the tandoori chicken, salads and his favorite crab soup. A delicious meal awaited him.

'Bon appetit.' He told Shilpa'seeing her busily chewing on her tandoori. But she did not replied instead she smiled at him sweetly again.

Must be a glorious day or what but she is smiling too much, and that is equal to DANGER. She must be plotting something. He took his crab soup and looked at her sitting so quiet'so unusual of her. 'Liked it?' he asked.

'Can't doubt on Ben's magical hands.' She smiled deeply.

'True enough'' He drop one spoon of soup in his mouth and the next moment he choked on it badly. 'Jeeez' he coughed again. 'That's too spicy'. He once again coughed.

'Spicy? Maybe it's hot but not spicy.' She said weirdly.

'I know the difference between hot and spicy..' he threw her a stern look. He tried it once again but the crab soup was too much spicy. 'Am not drinking this'.my intestines are surely going to die if I gobble all of this down.'

'Stop whining like a kid'how could I drink mine without complaining?' She challenged.

'Because you're already Miss Spicy'not much demanding for you I suppose!' He dipped his piece of farata in his lima beans masala sauce and put it in his mouth. 'Fish...' he cursed as he reached for a glass of water. 'What's up with these spicy foods today?' He fanned his hand in front of his mouth as if smoke was coming out. He swears smoke was coming out though. He looked at a non interested Shilpa making a face as if he was going mad. 'How can you eat this?' he asked incredibly.

'With my hand and my mouth!' she blinked.

'Ben knew I don't like too much spicy stuff'' he thought.

Shilpa looked at him finishing his glass of water in gulp and concealed her wicked smile. 'Poor guy' she thought. She ate silently while Mr. Smart-Ass was whining.

Armaan watched her at the corner of his eyes. How can she eat so calmly? The soup and meal were highly spiced. He didn't dare eating a bite of the tandoori chicken either, what if it was more piquant than the soup and the lima beans. He looked at his plate then at hers. Definitely something is wrong. He then saw her secret smile which she was trying to suppress. Not even secret smiles but those devilish small smiles someone has when she is planning over something. She was the one who served and arranged the table while he was showering and she has been acting like a dark horse since he came downstairs, she must have done something. He looked down at his plate then at her. 'Must be one of her cynical ploy' he thought loudly. 'It's you who did it, right?' he asked in a sturdy tone.

'Did what?' she raised her eyebrows while her hand stopped mid-way her mouth.

'Quit acting games with me, I know this food wasn't hot and pungent like that.' His fierce gaze holded hers.

Her so-called sinless face slowly turned into a feline smile. 'Guilty as charged!' She raised her one hand in surrender. 'Yea, it's me who added spice to your food. So?'

'May i know the reason, why?' He still holded his firm and rigid intonation to her.

'You wanted a second chance, isn't it?'


'So, i wanted you to go through a little cross examination of mine. I wanted to see how much stamina you still had left more to bear with me.' she displayed an air of superiority.

'Oh Yea?' he looked at her questionably.

'This was just a little of deja-vu! There are more to come!' a sardonic smile played on her lips.

'You are a little witch, do you know that?' He hated when the tables were turned and it wasn't him holding the trumps card but it was her. He felt as if was on the Hot-Seat. Shilpa was making full use of her mastering moment right now. 'Game on! I'll play your little silly good-for nothing game.!' he added arrogantly.

'That's the macho-man words. But this is just the first level of the cross-exams. You'll have to clear your plate as well as all the remainings from the recipients. That means you have to finish eating all of this.' she threw him a challenging look.

Armaan felt already sweaty as he looked down at the bowls of crab soup, lima beans sauce and the tandoori chicken curry. There's no doubt she spiced all of them. After he would actually eat them all, someone needed seriously to admit him to a nearby hospital. 'I love challenges.' he looked at her.

'I know you do darling.' she cupped her face under her palms and watched him witth an angelic smile.


Ok, this is the danger zone again. Shilpa's mollycoddle attitude tensed him at times. She was the devil in disguise. He grabbed his soup, and cautiously sipped spoon by spoon. No need to say, how much he was bearing with the peppery ingredients. Holy Lord, how much he hated spicy stuff...well Shilpa was the only exceptions. She was hot and spicy. He felt beads of perspiration

pricking him at the back of his neck and heat was emanating from his face. But he was not going to give up now, it was just a silly tiny little challenge, he could do it. He would do it. And anyway it wasn't that hard and demanding. Okay False! It was a bit demanding. Miss Devil knew that he can't digest too much of peppery blase stuff and yet she hit on the target. Urrg.

He heaved a sigh of relief when he ended his crab soup. He kept fanning his mouth while he gulped down large quantity of water from the glass and closed his eyes momentarily but tension crept over him again when he noticed a jubilant Shilpa pouring more crab soup in his bowl. 'Good God, this so unfair!' Armaan whined mentally. He looked at the cooked and boiled crab in his bowl and felt a pang of pity for the already dead creature. Killing it wasn't enough that it had to drown in an over-spicy soup, killing him more from the inside out. Cruel world, cruel people. 'Sorry mate, today i'v just realised the value of your life.' Armaan lifted it near his mouth 'but we greedy humans have been ordered by the Almighty to feed on you.' He took his time chewing the crab. 'ThankGod, the interior was not spicy' he thought. Then he noticed a little Shilpa giggling secretly in her seat. 'Find it funny?' he said atlast when he completed the two and half bowls of soup successfully.

'I find it interesting but anyway great going.' she said impressively.

'Anything for you my love.' he replied her in the same sugary tone.

'You still have more to finish, don't stretch your smile so soon.'

'Piece of cake. Bring it on.'

'Ahan! We shall see that then!' she served him in great quantity the lima beans sauce and ended up emptying the whole bowl in his plate with the tandoori chicken curry.' She smiled inwardly when Armaan cursed her. Let's see how much Mr Smart-ass can eat.

C'mon Armaan you can do it. So what if you are dying from inside. Show her on her freaking face, that YOU CAN DO IT.

He tore a piece of farata and dipped it in the sauce. He couldn't help but choke on it and his coughing spree went on for some times before he could resumed eating. Goodness! He gulped in for air and drank another glass full of water. This is one was more piquant than the soup. Heck, how was he going to swallow this crappy thing now. He looked at the smug plastered on Shilpa's face on seeing his sorry face. 'It's not all funny.!'

'I know, examinations are kind of pressing but not funny! But if you want, you can still escape the torture.' she leaned against her chair.

'No way!' His male ego did not want to give up now itself.

'As you wish!' she shrugged.

Plucking courage, he took great bites of farata with lima beans along with tandoori curry and chewed it all down, he was rather swallowing them infact. In between he was drinking more and more water till the jug was over. He felt his whole body sweating now and moreover his shirt was clinging to his body. Tears were stinging his eyes and as much as he wanted to conceal it, they rolled down his cheeks but he wiped them off quickly.

'Here!' Shilpa handed him a tissue paper.

'I Don't need it.' he pushed her hand abruptly away.

'I was trying to be nice.' she replied insignificantly.

'I don't need your nice-ties' A hint of fury underlining his tone. She was so going to pay for this. That was sheer torture she was making him go through.

'Are you alright? You are red red red!' she smirked.

'Is that concern am hearing from you?' he quipped.

'Not that i care!'

'That's what i thought!' He started coughing badly again when he felt himself choked on his food. His inside was burning like an acid, he couldn't digest any more of this crappy spicy food. He pushed his chair back instantly and stood up. He needed more water to appease his thirst. He ran swiftly to the kitchen and put his mouth under the tap. He felt like he had found his oasis when the water slided in his mouth and then down his throat but after some seconds he felt no water touching his tongue. Water was not coming anymore from the tap. He tried to opening it fully but to no avail. 'Heck!' he slammed his hand on it. A gasp of relief therefore escaped his mouth when he spotted a bottle of water on the kitchen counter. He grabbed for it and without wasting time, he let the liquid glide in his mouth but the next moment he spat it all out and saw Shilpa splitting into pearls of laughter at the kitchen doorway.

'Ooops, that was water and white vinegar mixed together!' she laughed more seeing his infuriated face.

'That was all pre-planned?' he flushed with anger.

'I was doubting whether you would drink it or not, but hey you did..' she guffawed more. 'And it was me who closed the water tank as well.

'Get out of my way, or else you will regret it!' He fished for the sugar pot in the cupboards as he felt his tongue was still burning. He stook a spoonful of sugar and plopped it in his mouth. In a flash, his face expression hardened while he hissed out all the contents from his mouth. 'Craaap!' he threw the pot aggressively down on the floor.

'Ooops, and that one was s a l t!!' she laughed hysterically on seeing Armaan's expressions.

'You are a dead meat!' he said between gritted teeth.

She sensed the red flag of the bull when Armaan turned his murderous looks onto her. Okay, that was scary, she thought. 'Am warning you, am deducting your points already!' she fumbled when she saw Armaan's deadly threatening approach.

'Who cares?' he hissed.

'Freeze there!' she ordered.

'Start counting your seconds!' he added with a wicked tone.

'You are behaving like a lunatic' her eyes widened at his absurdity while she retreated her steps.

'Not until am done taming with that spooky behaviour of yours.'

'I so knew it! That's only this much you can put up with me!'

'Am not interested in hearing any of your drivel at the moment!' he yanked her by the arm.

'Whaaa...what are you doing?' her eyes maximised in horror.

'Am gonna show you how much am able to put up with you!' he grabbed her by the nape and pulled her face closer to him. 'Let's start?' a mischievous smile lingered on his lips.

She gulped down when she saw the rousing anger and obsession dancing on his face. She hated such moments with Armaan. They weakened her defenses. His gaze met hers and then trailed down to her pursing lips. Breathing was becoming a difficult task at the mere moment. The mixture of intense of ruling-passion and fury was strangely intriguing her. Then, a current sensation rushed through her when he blew his breath on her mouth. That was tantalizing. Shilpa had a hard time controlling the pent of emotions flowing inside her. Acting on her guard, she regained her self composure and said firmly 'Aggressitivity does not count in the criteria of My Perfect Guy!'

'Count it from now on then!' he bent his face down to her and backed one of her hand tightly but he felt jostled back in a swift movement when Shilpa pushed him brusquely to the counter and started running away from the kitchen and him. 'I'll never let you kiss me!' she shouted to him while she sprinted in the living room and ran here and there.

'And i promise you that you will let me!' Like a bullet he started after her. He felt like a wolf hunting for his prey.

'Catch me if you!' she ran upstairs seeing a mad Armaan after her.

'Sorry to say, but you are even one percent close to be the female version of Leornardo Di Caprio!'

'Just like you, your sense of humor has gone stale!' she rushed into her room but failed on locking the door when she analysed the nearness of Armaan around her. So she sprang onto her bed and said breathlessly. 'Dude why are you running so fast?'

'Because am in a hurry to finish my little business!' he said in a hungry tone making Shilpa more worried.

'You are a sadist!' she threw the cushions at him when she saw him coming on the bed also. 'Get away you crazy fellow!' When she realised that he was not stopping, she got off the bed from the opposite sides and swiftly made her way out of the room and ran to the other rooms upstairs. She therefore looked behind her and saw Armaan still chasing her. 'You should be ashamed following me like this!' she yelled out again.

'You should be ashamed of your kiddish acts at such an age.' he ducked himself seeing Shilpa targetting stuffs on his directions. 'Seee! you should be a certified lunatic, not me!'

'AAARRRGHHH!' she threw a book in his direction in frustration.

'How long will you keep running Miss Di Caprio, in the end you will have to surrender!' a smug tugged on his lips.

'Keep dreaming!' she ran down the stairs and came down in the living room again.

'I dream high, like always!'

After making several rounds around the house like two maddening cats, Shilpa and Armaan started off outside in the backyard.

'For God sake, how long will you keep chasing me down, i feel like running in the marathon.' she was sweating and her legs were already giving up.

'The ball is in your court, you either abide to what i say or you keep running!'

' should be again ashamed that being a boy you have been chasing a girl like me yet you have not been able to catch me!'

This statement pricked him even more. She was right! He curbed his male ego and decided to end this silly game. She was running like a carefree girl with her shouts,her curses and her laughs around the trees. He felt even more sillier chasing her like that when he could have handle this situation in a more manly way. He sped up his steps and grabbed her by the legs and pulled her down ferociously.

'Aaoouwh!' she winced in pain when her body hit ground harshly.

'There i caught you!' he said in a devilish tone.

'AAAHHH!' she wailed loudly.

'Keep quiet you monkey!' he warned.

'NOOO!' she snapped. 'AAAHHH.' she shrieked even more.

Armaan overpowered the situation as he sat on her, his legs on her either sides and pinned her hands next to her head.

'Leave me you idiot.' she smacked him as she got out of his grasp.

'It's time to show you how much stamina i'v got in me to shut you now down.' He pinned her hands down again.

Shilpa felt panic-stricken with the speck of hunger flashing in his eyes. His face expression said that she was not going to escape until he got what he wanted. But to get rid of her nervousness, she always had to lash at him, this way she always felt better. 'You are an egoistical pig! Do you really think that every woman you meet must think that the sun shines out of you? Can't you believe that there might be one woman somewhere who doesn't think you're sex on legs?' she snapped at him. The next moment all her curses was wrapped in her tongue when Armaan crushed his lips onto her. All of the oxygen gushed inside her lungs when she felt Armaan ravaging her mouth in a masterly way. He probed his tongue inside hers and demanded her to open up but she did not give in. She tried her best protesting against it or alteast she tried to. When the kissed turned more desperate, her protests started ceasing also. The feel of his mouth on hers and his whole weight on her were electric, the moment felt more intensifying and firing.

Armaan sensed her slowly opening up to him. The sweetness of her lush lips kissing him back sent a current racing through his body and setting his nerves on fire. He had lost count on how many minutes they had been kissing, this moment was endearing. He broke off the kiss, and kiss her back again slowly this time. He liften his head then to take a mouthful of air. He locked his eyes on an immobilized Shilpa. Her erractic heartbeats could be heard and their was a light shade of red flustering her face.

'That was fire!' he said at last, still trying to gain a steady breath.

'My head is blank!' she blinked.

He laughed at her simplicity. 'How about you admit that the spark between us is never-ending!

She had to admit it though that he was right. Everytime he would kiss her , she felt intoxicated by his touch. The spark was never ending because she still loved him and he did too. The silly pranks, the denials were just a way to show out her frustration and to irritate him to wits because she wanted to teach him a lesson, he somehow deserved it.



'Can we put an end to this Tom & Jerry fights now?' he asked sincerely which made Shilpa gradually smile.

'It's always you who started them though!'

'Liar!' he mused. 'I feel to be the victim of this kidnapping now.'

She laughed at his comment. Armaan marvelled at this beautific moment. It was the first time she was smiling at him like that otherwise it was always for other people or stuffs.

'Forgive me!' he added in candid tone.

'I've been such a putz.-face, isn't it?

'A sharp-cookie brat i would say!' she laughed at him.

'That should be obvious, that i wasn't going to give in that easily!' she stated.

'Obviously obvious, but does that mean you have given in now??' he focused his gaze on her.

'Hmmm...well i will have to think again, I told you there was going to be more cross-exams for you to go through!' she replied mischievously.

'Christ...NO! No more cross-exams please or whatever, you are wasting our romantic holidays with all this folly!' he acted fed-up.

'ROMANTIC HOLIDAYS?' she raised her eyebrows.

'Honeymooning type!' he gave his boyish grin.

'Oh God! No no no... what do I hear from this?' she felt her going stiff.

'You won't hear only baby, but you will feel and you will act also.' he said huskily.

She covered her face with embarassment while Armaan laughed at her. 'That's one of the reasons I've always been a poker-face to you since we came here.'

Why? are you scared of me?' he added naughtily.

'Scared of what you are capable of doing to me preferably.'

'Don't worry about that, we'll take things slowly if you want!'

'See you are starting again!'

'Ok mouth zipped!' he kissed her on her nose which made her eyes twinkled in delight. 'But on a serious note, am apologising again!' his voice filled with sincerity while he waited for her response but instead she rolled him on the ground with a swift movement and on sat on him.

'Heyyy!' he looked at her astoundly. She pinned his hands like he did to her tightly. 'I love your agressivity and wildness at times' he replied cheekily.


'Try me!'

'You want my forgivness or not?'

'That's what i'v been pleading you since i forgiven now?' he again looked at her face for an answer.

'Hmmm...maybe...Yes!' she replied pensively and slowly.


'Yeaaa!' she smiled at him. 'Your second chance has been granted.'

'No phony at all...right? It's a genuine second chance?'

'Genuine one, promise!' her smiled remained intact looking at his surprised face.

A look of relief crossed his face when the words sank down his mind. This is what he had been waiting for long. 'Thank you!' he said softly.

'You have been bearing the brunt for quite sometime, it was high time to reward you for the your bravado for tolerating me!' she grinned.

'This is music to my ears, I know am not worthy of it but THANK YOU SO MUCH!' he grabbed her face down to him and kissed her hard and long. 'I love you!' he felt like a happy cramper at the moment. 'I Can't promise to be the perfect guy you wanted, but i'll promise to always there for you and i'll do anything to make you happy!'

'That also includes that you will not desert me again and leave!' she poked on his chest.

'Done! and no pranks, no silly games, and crazy plot against me also. Deal seal?'

'Huhh...that i can't promise but deal sealed!' she chuckled along with him while he embraced her in a bear hug.

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debby_11 IF-Rockerz

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awesome...loved the prologue...its too good..
do update soon...all the best for this ff :)

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OMG OMG OMG!!!!There couldnt have been a better beginning to this beautiful morning...the frst thng u read is such an amazing story..U knw i have never read any story like this..i mean i have read runaway types, but this is totally different...i totally loved the emotions, the simplicity yet meticulousness wth which u have described the emotions...plz plz plz cont super duper soon and plz plz plz pm me...

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