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J.Creations//C//Arhi/EMAET-Page135 (Page 97)

Jyo. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2010
Posts: 6640

Posted: 18 December 2011 at 5:45am | IP Logged
Originally posted by JanakiRaghunath

Amazing update Jojo, everything looks superb! As usualy, your IPKKND creations are beautiful and I also love your EHMMBH ones.Thank you Janu Hug I am so happy to know that you like the IPKKND and EHMMBH creations Embarrassed Means a lot to me :)

This one has got to be the BEST of your update, awww! It's SO SO SO SO SO cute, loving it so much! Sanaya looks gorgeous and Barun is so cute. Thank youuu Hug Glad you like it SO much! I personally love the way this turned out and so happy to know everyone else loves it just as much! They are freaking amazing together :D 

Originally posted by pinky0902

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous stuffs, Jo!

Thank you Pinky Embarrassed

Originally posted by -Arhilicious-

jo this is my first comment on your shop... awesum stuff man!! cant stop staring at them.. you kno how much i love your style.. new sarun sigs are just awesumm... coloring everything is brilliant..

will post detailed comment after sumtym

Thank you Deeps Hug I am yet to drop a comment on your shop! It will be soon, promise :) Glad you like the style I use in my siggies Embarrassed I will be waiting for the detailed comment :P

Originally posted by Sunshine Girl

Heyyy i adore ur creations sooo much...ur stuff is super awsm...awl the sigx aviz r beautiful and magical..from coloring to textures font everythng is perfect...waiting for u to plzzz open ur shop !!!

Thank you so muchh! Embarrassed Glad you like everything :) I will be opening soon, be one the lookout LOL

Edited by ..Jojo.. - 18 December 2011 at 6:14am

Jyo. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2010
Posts: 6640

Posted: 18 December 2011 at 5:47am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Madhura..

Jo ur avis r beautiful on arhi and sanz 1s too stunning! Thank youuu Madhura Hug Glad you like them :)
Arhi siggies have come out wow.. Aww! Thanks Embarrassed Means a lot :)
Love the La stuff...using  u know which La 1..and 1 arhi..see my dabba Thanks for using the La/ArHi siggies! Saw your dabba and it means a HELL lot to me Embarrassed
Monaya and BALH stuff is adorable! 
Suku 1 is mast.
Sonam 1s r stunning!!
Thank youuu Embarrassed Glad you like everything :)
Loved the upd and using..sorry cudnt use La 1s kal had some net probs.. Use aaj karo ya kal, it will still mean a lot to me! Thank youu Hug Imma edit my comment in your shop soon, promise :P

Originally posted by Miss-Pakiie-KMH


-edited -

heey myy lovely dost Hug Holaaa Hug sorry for the previous reserved  , i couldn't edit it & i'm editing this one before i cannot again :DLOL Awwiess! It's okaayyy! As far as your are visiting the shop  [which I know when you reserve LOL] it's okay :) Doesn't matter if you get the time to edit or not, i know you got exams and stuff :)

the update is absolutely stunning ; each & everything is made to drool overDay Dreaming Tu bohot zyada hi flattery karti hai :P The first line made me go red in the face, lord knows what the hell is going to happen next LOL But on a serious note, thank youu Embarrassed Glad you like the update so much :) the 1st avis were the most used by all of us : REMEMBER ? Big smileLOL LOL! Yes ma'am, I sure do remember! I am so happy that you all like the avis :) Means a lot :D all of theem are realy superb : the bigger size ones too $ Thank you Embarrassed
the siggies are all sizzling especially this one : saaved <3 gonna use it soon

this one is to die for Day Dreaming ab to i'll pakka die LOL He's got killer looks nahi? ;)

everything else is gorgeeous : the virman i siggy is so prettyy , the jeevika one is supeeerb <3
loved all the monaay stuff : loved the 1st siggyy more :D the icons are all supeerb ^$
the suku siggyy is soo cuute Day Dreaming so prettyy 
all the sonam Siggies are FREAKING AWESOME especially this one Silly

I don't want to sound like a broken record so, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for all that you've written above! I am so glad you like everything! Really does mean a lot to me Embarrassed 

Love yewwHug Me you love morreee Hug

Originally posted by -.Aisha.-

first two sigs are stunning. liked Lavanaya sigs also
http://i.imgur.com/IUhz7.png wowDay Dreaming LOVED it
liked rest of update also


Thank youuu Hug Glad you like the first two siggies and the Lavs sig Embarrassed Thanks for the comment :)

Originally posted by Kokila11

Lovely update, great job with all the wonderful avis and siggies, loved the Sarun updateThumbs Up

Thank you Kokila! Embarrassed Glad you like the SaRun update =)

Edited by ..Jojo.. - 18 December 2011 at 6:26am
Jyo. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2010
Posts: 6640

Posted: 18 December 2011 at 5:48am | IP Logged
Originally posted by shootingstar.xx

gorgeous update Jojo (: like always, everything is just flawless. Thank you Embarrassed how do you do it? LOL I don't know, I think Photoshop works it's magic on the siggies and avis LOL love the style of the avis on the Sanaya ones (: Thank youu :) Glad you like that style :) Not entirely mine though, inspired by Sary :) and uff ALL the ArHi stuff is to die for. your COLORING <3 Day Dreaming Awww! THANKSSS! Glad you like all the ArHi stuff and the colouring on them Embarrassed 

http://i.imgur.com/xWbRe.png - this one is SO PRETTY :| I like how you made the text. and the Barun one is amazing too. love his smile.  I was SO unsure about this yet I posted it! :) Glad you like it, especially the way the text has been done because it took me 32974198 years to figure it out ROFL On a serious note, thank you :) Glad you like the Barun sig as well =)

http://i.imgur.com/fnOku.png - ahh the coloring here is perfect. Thank you again Embarrassed I personally like the coloring on this sig as well =)

sonam kapoor sigs look the best hands down Big smile the woman herself is stunning too (; love your choice of pics.  Thanks a lot Hug I swear she is just SO gorgeous <33 This woman is just awesome.

almost every update is this shop is PERFECT LOL I mean it :D  Hug THIS meant the WORLD to me! Thank youu Embarrassed Seriously love you for saying this! =)

Originally posted by fri42911

fantastic work!!!!!!!!!

Thank you Embarrassed

Originally posted by -Aysha-

Fab creations!
Love all the siggies & avis Smile
these siggies are my fav:


Thank you Aysha! :) Glad you liked the ones mentioned above Embarrassed

Originally posted by dbr_kmichi

all are just gorgeous...
its texture n the way it is made...it look absolutely gorgeous..
love your these stuffSmile

Thank youu Embarrassed Glad you like the way I use textures =) Means a lot 

Edited by ..Jojo.. - 18 December 2011 at 6:35am
Jyo. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2010
Posts: 6640

Posted: 18 December 2011 at 5:49am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ARKJ_4EVER

Hey  Jo, really love all ur creations!! they r wow!!!
Love the Jeevika  one, superb n that of Viren together also, n then Sanaya n Barun ones r wonderful!!! Love 'em!!!! All of them r beautifully done...

Thanks 4 the pm
Take care

Thank you Pranishta Hug Glad you like the Jeevika, VirIka and Sarun stuff the best :) Thanks for the comment Embarrassed

Originally posted by Sano88

All the signatures turned out super gorgeous Jyotika, loved the effects on them :)

Thank you Sano Embarrassed Glad you like how the siggies turned out :)

Originally posted by -Ammie-

 Lovey Update Jo...love absolutely everything... Thank you Ammie Embarrassed
The Arhi sigs are so stunning...love the blending and the coloring..truely amazing...!! Thank you :) Glad you like the blending and the colouring on them :) The sarun sigs are so adorable specially this one
 I personally like how this sig came out :) Glad you all like it too :D
Love love love the Ehmmbh stuff...so stunning...the virat manvi one is gorgeous... Aww! Thanks a bunch! I personally hated them all LOL
Love the sonam sigs...gorgeous coloring and love ur style... Thank youuu Embarrassed 
This was a truely a fantastic update Jo loved it and looking forward to more from u... Thanks for dropping by Ammie :) Glad you liked the update I will be updating soon :)
Love Ammie

Originally posted by devishree

ClapStarwow u r truly amazing i loved the emotional hug siggy between arhi ..Dancing

Thank you Embarrassed Glad you like the hug scene sig =)

Edited by ..Jojo.. - 18 December 2011 at 6:39am
Jyo. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2010
Posts: 6640

Posted: 18 December 2011 at 5:50am | IP Logged
Originally posted by Love_Anant

huh...so its officially my 1st comment on ur shop Embarrassed Yay :D
O-M-G Jo...ur update made me *speechless* seriously ClapClap Aww... thank you Embarrassed
P.E.R.F.E.C.T blending & coloring ClapClap Thank you again :)
i love love loveee ur text style...lovely fonts Jo EmbarrassedClap Glad you like the text style and the fonts I use Embarrassed

^^ this sigg is seriouslu gorgeous gorgeous Jo...i luv the coloring yaar Clap luv the way u use textures EmbarrassedClap Once again, thank you :) I personally like how that sig turned out as well, glad you like it too :)

the EHMMBH stuff is just beautiful Day Dreaming luv ur blending man...Clap Thank youuu Hug

^^ this sigg is seriously my favv Embarrassed lovely caption...& coloring is just fab Clap Glad you like the caption and colouring :)

Gosh...the Ram-Priya sigg is sooo gorgeous Embarrassed luvd it 2 the coree...Embarrassed using it Big smile Glad you like it. Thanks for using Embarrassed

icons r marvellous Clap luv the avis style yaar Clap  
luv the way u use brushes Clap

awww! Thanks a bunch Hug

the Sonam Kapoor stuff is just mindblowing Embarrassed love each & evry sigg...Clap simple yet gorgeous Embarrassed lovely coloring... THank youuu Embarrassed Glad you like it :) :) 
the Sukirti sigg is nyc too Clap Thanks Embarrassed

my sugg:- Damon-Elena & Taylor Lautner sigg Embarrassed Will try to get them done ASAP :) :)

Stunning update Thumbs Up Thank you :)

Thnx 4 PM Hug

Thanks for the comment Juhi Hug

Juhi Heart

Originally posted by Shamsaaa.

Fabulouss Update!<3

Thank you Embarrassed

Originally posted by sashazmohit

fab n just gorgeous update totally loved it to the core i must say muaahh
specilay la n asr ones i loved these tooEmbarrassed
n then coming to sanaya n monaya ones just fab n loved the colorings
n all styles & the blend rite now m using la n asr ones n my fav monaya ones
the hug had chemistry poor gal feeling bad for herOuch

Thank you Sadi Embarrassed Glad you like the La&ASR ones and the MoNaya stuff :) Ya, I feel bad for her too, but she has to go for ArHi Embarrassed

Originally posted by -Fatz-

Amazing update jo...everything is gorgeous,... Thank you Fatz Embarrassed
loved each n everything...i love the way u blend in pics...just superb..!! Thank you :) Glad you like the blending :)
and it's amazing how u have a different style for nearly all ur sigs... :O Really Shocked I thought they all look the same ROFL But thank you :)
all the sigs are awesome and the ArHi stuff is justSilly 
the ArHi sigs are just perfect, the text, blending and colouring...just superbbb...amazing work...keep it up...!! *Jo goes red in the face* Thanks a bunchhh! :D Glad you like everything about them :)
love the bollywood sigs too...ur colouring is justtt amazinggg <3 and the blending is the bestt...!! amazing work...!!
and everything else is gorgeous too...superb work !! Thanks for the comment Fatzy Hug

Originally posted by HiraHasan


Thank you Embarrassed

Originally posted by MoNayaKiDeewani

this has got to be one of your best updates, actually every update of yours are just SOO GOOD! I'm loving everything from this update esp Sonam stuffs, gosh I'm in love with Sona stuffs they're gorgeous, the last one is amazing the soft colour you've given to that siggy is awesome! & The second ArHi & ASR-La ones are the BEST.<3 the text used for those siggies support the pics really well!

gorgeouss update Jojo, keep it up :)

Thank youuu Hug Glad you like the Sonam, ArHi and ASR-La stuff Embarrassed Thanks :)

Edited by ..Jojo.. - 19 December 2011 at 4:55pm

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Jyo. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2010
Posts: 6640

Posted: 18 December 2011 at 5:51am | IP Logged
Originally posted by ..Ragzz..

not reserving this time Stern Smile ROFL i always forget to edit:) LMAO! Better than me, at least you wrote a comment! I forget all the time ROFL
ufff stunning update jyo Hug lovee everything Hug the Sarun ones are the best ones, love the colouring on each and every one of them, but the monaya stuff is LOVEEE<3 ur work comes out so beautiful on them always Day Dreaming cant help but just stare at it , keep up the good work jyo, love you always Hug Thank youuu Hug Glad you like the SaRun and MoNaya stuff Embarrassed Love you tooo Hug

Originally posted by Reenoo.

Great workk! :D
Love how all the sigs have trned out :)
Thanks for the pm...

Thank you Reeno Embarrassed Glad you like how all the siggies turned out :)

Originally posted by ..SheWolf..

meee Dancing yes youuu LOL

aah! I edited twice..Ermm & this net of mine it went out both the times..Angry now I'm annoyed Stern Smile toh chota comment LOL I hate your net ROFL But comment chota nahi hai meri maa, it's pretty big :) Big or small, a comment is a comment for me! :) 

you know that I heart your avi's Heart they are gorgeous..& oh hoyee..I love your blending too ;) Thank you ji Embarrassed Glad you like the avis and the blending :)
the arhi one's are super gorgeous the colouring & blending <3 esp the asr one..I love the way you've used the motion blur tool Embarrassed awwiiee </3 Thankooo. Glad you like the ASR one :) the asr'lavanya scene was so aahh..it touched me..Ouch I feel bad for lavanya Ermm anyway the style on the first one is 'love! <3 make more using that Embarrassed I knowww. Me too felt so bad for her, but then it was necessary to make way for arhi :)

the sanaya avis are OHSODAMNBEAUTIFUL! Stern Smile Thank youu Embarrassed  aah..how much more should I tareefo you? LOL You don't need to if you don't want to LOL the sanaya & sarun one's are..they stole my dill Embarrassedesp this one Embarrassedhttp://i.imgur.com/IUhz7.png the style <3 I love ;D Aww! Thank youuu Hug Glad you like them :) I loved that particular sig too LOL

the ehmm..the virman one..oh! I love angsty stuff Embarrassed Me too me too :P I love angsty stuff too LOL we are VERY similar nahi? =P the jeevika sig the blending ;) Thank you Embarrassed But I hate that sig ROFL

the coloured borders you've used on the monaya one's & the second one..it makes them look even more better Embarrassed the ram'priya one is so cute LOL Thank you again :) [do I sound like a broken record ROFL]

isshh..you've already seen my reaction to those LOL I love them & thanks for making them Hug Aww! Your welcommmeee! :D Good to know you like them! :) And it was my pleasure making then =)

I'm done Big smile I AM DONE TOOO! LOL
Hug Hug

Edited by ..Jojo.. - 20 December 2011 at 4:42pm

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Jyo. IF-Rockerz

Joined: 21 September 2010
Posts: 6640

Posted: 18 December 2011 at 5:53am | IP Logged
Note: Before I update, I needed to get this across to you all :) I have been meaning to say this for a while now, but just couldn't but now that it is bothering me, I will. Umm, I don't know why, but I have been getting these vibes from people that they don't like me and are just commenting here for the heck of it. If there's anyone here who doesn't like me, hates me for something I never did, then please don't be fake and just don't comment :) I wouldn't mind. Well, I would a bit, but then it's for the better :) Delete me off your buddy list, both me and my PM account so you don't get notified of this gall. at all. If you don't like my creations, then don't post fake comments about liking them. Like I said, just delete me off your list :) It seriously is for the better. I don't want to hurt ANYONE here, not at all, just getting this across to you guys. It's been eating me since a few weeks now, so I thought letting it out would be better :) To the people who are being original and like my work for what it is, thank you! Embarrassed


I can update now LOL I bakwaas-ed enough up there so no bakwaas here LOL Just one thing, I will get a few suggestions done in the next update :)


These two are pure obsession! <3 Seriously, I have never loved any couple like this before, both on-screen and off-screen! Sigh!

Feel free to stack but credit me if you do :)
^Way to start my update with such ew icons! :|

^Their expressions here were priceless LOL

^Don't get confused. You know how Khushi says all those bad things, it's in regards to that LOL

Feel free to stack but credit me if you do :)


They had me floored in the last few episodes so I was bound to make something on them :)

Feel free to stack but credit me if you do :)



^This took me WAY too much time to blend Stern Smile

Feel free to stack but credit me if you do :)

Feel free to stack but credit me if you do :)



Done :)

Edited by ..Jojo.. - 19 December 2011 at 7:23am

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cutie13kajenarshianya-nikki-maghalakshmi..-Niru-..Aisha202dbr_kmichiFebruaryFlowersaniya.xdevishreeKaJen_addictionfri42911ClaraOswald.Kokila11CoolioqueenAquaBluez17.infinite.SandCastle.ARKJ_4EVER-Ammie--RabiaKSGKaJen--Garima-dua_44evernyxx.Saraa.muffins2wafflesMadhura..cant.be.assed.Farzu-ARJRANSIDVARSKChandani_ClipshaaKash-Gurti-Visu-Aysha--Hoor-pinky_blueskiesyulZ--sunshine--.Kiran.-Kina-saraaa.Mariaa.SG..Enchanteur..OnepoundChic.Jazz.AS..ragzz.-Fatima--Anku-_Oishi_relentless...-Jia-..Sunshine GirlMehRya...YixingsManal...RamKiJanaki..saher_90serendipity.Sano88

cant.be.assed. IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 27 January 2010
Posts: 16698

Posted: 18 December 2011 at 6:36am | IP Logged
reserved :D
Okay firstly about the the note, I can safely say i have NOTHING against youLOL So you dont need to worry about that :)
Now on to the update ;)
Everytime i see your ArHi work, i love it even more than before <3
She is so damn adorableLOL LOL Again your colouring is Day Dreaming
Wow she looks so pretty! I love their expressions :D
OMG The Virika Icons and Avis were perfect! <3
I find this one my favourite <3 Its so simple yet unique! Ad it has that special glow in itDay Dreaming
They were all beautiful as usual <3
Update soon x

Edited by zARqaa_X - 19 December 2011 at 7:43pm

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