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Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon


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I thought of updating this post as Mega post rather than making a separate post for Anniversary

One year Journey of Arnav & Khushi ...kyun dard hai itna? 

Note; Please wait for all the pics to appear/upload on your screen b4 u proceed to read and scroll!

Lets cover the journey from the beginning,,,,


Rich,, shrewd arrogant business man
Barun Sobti as Arnav in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon

Sweet, bubbly,  simple middle class innocent girl
Sanaya Irani in Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon tvshow


This is how they met,,,,it was purely an accident, they dint attract each other at all!, even though they were so close physically! But there was something.,,,,,,,
Arnav and Khushi

For no reason he hated her! Insulted her, was very rude to her, she never saw such a monster! the most bud-tameez human she ever came accross!

Khushi and Arnav

They never wished to see each other, yet they crossed their paths again! She had a chance to take revenge by bashing him , n tell him that he is wrong!

Khushi and Arnav

He would not tolerate a middle class, low aukat girl crossing her limits n telling MR.ASR what is right or wrong, so he tried to do the disaster for her, by releasing the video tapes of her in his arms over news channels!


She crosses his path again when she leaves for Delhi due to the humiliation he has caused for her! bumps her scooter into his car! only to get more aukat crap from him! He hated her more n she hated him more!

Fate lands her into his office as an employee where he, ASR is the boss! poor girl had to face more humiliation!

Khushi and Arnav

But she was not going to give up easily on this rakshas Mr.arrogant, so she challenged him! and Mr.pride could do nothing but accept it! So more n more hatred mixed with vengeance between them!

Khushi and Arnav

He never loses, and she will never let it go! so who will win? HATRED between them!
Arnav and Khushi

He filled her path with thorns, that is full of challenges, but she was dedicated, honest and hardworking so she dint step back! He was furious at her endearing strength n efficiency!! he hated her more! coz no one ever gave such a tough time to ASR

Focussed more on being ruthless at her! She thought he is no human! 

Arnav and Khushi


OUCH! his object of hatred, the tiny little aukad girl , can she be an object of attraction for him! ASr clean Bowled by her mesmiring beauty which he dint notice before in her oily hair, n chamkeeley dresses! Beauty ..full of innocence!

Completely lost! ASR

Khushi and Arnav

Oh no! she cannot do what no one else couldnt...She cannot attract him ,,no she, the low class girl who is a gold digger! ASR is not so weak! he thought to himself..SO.. NEXT STEP,, MORE TORTURE!

Arnav and Khushi

ASR IS NOT ANSWERABLE TO ANYONE FOR HIS DEEDS, THEN Y GUILTY? why did he try to save her! Why was he feeling protective for her! ASR aur pareshan! He dint know the answer! what happened! Arnav inside ASR was in a guilt for torturing this tender little inncocent girl, but ASR was dominant as she kept challenging him , the stupid girl who does not know her limits of her aukad!

Arnav and Khushi
Arnav and Khushi from Iss Pyaar Ko Kya Naam Doon
What's happening with ASR! he wondered within!  more rudeness and ruthless behavior is required!She was sending chills down his  spine!

Arnav and Khushi

Not able to stand her anymore in office, he sent her to an under construction  guest house, not seeing the risk for her life there!

Arnav and Khushi

Arnav was still alive in ASR, so he rushed to save her when he sensed danger for her! she was a human whom he wanted to save!

Khushi and Arnav

She dared to shout at him ,,yet he got lost in her innocense! he still hated her, but dint know wat was happening to him! all he knew was to protect her n save her, he got worried for her, as his guilt starting ruling him!

Arnav and Khushi

She hated him for wat he has done to her, decided to resign, leaving him shocked and devastated with her thoughts! he was confused but accepted as he knew he was wrong!

Arnav and Khushi

Again they bumped into each other, he was attracted to her, he thought he owes an explanation to her, but she hated him and dint allow him to do so 

Khushi and Arnav

Of all the people around, all he could do is stare at her! he was attracted to her, plus she was being bud-tameez for not listening to him! He is ASR!

Manorama, Payal, Khushi, Anjali, Arnav, Lavanya

but one thing was clear that he cared for her a lot! and he dint have the answer to it as well, that y did he?

was it merely an attraction that kept him on his toes for her?

Now in this  interesting scene he kept staring at her

accidentally touched her hand!

her expression is worth " no touchin no touchin, only seeing only seeing"

she somehow manages to avoid him completely

But kept staring at each other n they dint know y?

aaa! now he gets the opportunity to give her a earful of aukad crap! She has to listen now! she cannot get away so easily  with wat all she said to him! she came to his office when no body was there, to collect her stuff! (bachke tu jayegi kahan)

Arnav and Khushi

so what if he was angry, his attraction dint diminish! He still felt that for her! but she had nothing to do with him! she hated him!

Khushi and Arnav

 he shouted more at her!

aaww, a new discovery for ASR, her tears made him weak! she declared that she is leaving for gud! he got  worried, yet accepted the fact, thinking now he can live peacefully and get over this stupid girl!

Khushi and Arnav


He decided to stick to his GF, for whom he had no feelings, so that he could forget her But he could not get over Kushi kumari gupta the low aukad girl! He was annoyed!
Lavanya and Arnav

He kept missing her n kept thinking about her!


Fate again brings them face to face! this time he was totally trying to get over her, so he will not tolerate her at any cost! She too was not interested in seeing him, but she was majboor!
Khushi and Arnav

OH No! this was the last thing he wanted, she working in his home! She too hated it, but had to  n was scared of him, ! So he kicked her out of his house, he dint want to go through the hell of emotions again, he was trying to bounce back! he hurt her to the core.. n thought that he hated her!
Arnav and Khushi

HE was then compelled to bring her back by emotional blackmail of his sis!

She learns about his emotional side with his sis, also about his live in relationship with his GF! how dirty it is she thought! He is not only a monster, but a bad man too!!!
Lavanya, Khushi and Arnav

even though they dint want to see eachother, they still kept bumping into each other!
Khushi and Arnav

But every time one thing was certain, that he couldnt stand her tears! it was something more than attraction for him! And he dint like it, so he started battling with his thoughts! and kept yelling at her!
Arnav and Khushi

Her only aim was to do the job, n she kept ignoring his insults, and him! so as her duty she tricked him into thnigs which he dint want to do, so he got furious! Al he knew was that she is crossing her limits!
Khushi and Arnav

So he grabbed an opportunity to back fire , and also he was furious with her  condition of not seeing him while on work in his house! was the condition that irritated him, or was it the fact that she had nothing for him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But he dint like her meddling with his personal life! and she thought its her duty to reform people, than y would she stop ,,,so what if he is ASR! she dint care!
Arnav and Khushi

Ruthless ASR, abandoned KKG on road in night , only to regret his act and search for her later that night! kya ghussa tha is insaan ka!
Arnav and Khushi

ASR, was relieved when he saw her safe in her house, but was angry and shocked to see her nautanki! wat a great nautanki this girl is, he might hav thought! he did realise that he cared for her!


But she hated him for leaving her on the road! she dared to get back on ASR by playing pranks on him!
Arnav and Khushi

ASR finds the truth that its KKG who has been meddling with his life and playing pranks on him .. he is all furious and gives a earful to her on her aukad! only to realise that he feels bad after assaulting her, n making her cry!
Khushi and Arnav

So he wanted to talk probably, but she misunderstood him and threw hot tea on him!
Arnav and Khushi

For the first time, she was at clear fault, he had done enough wrong with her n never apologised to her due to his arriogance but she is a simple girl, she knew she had to apologise..

wat made ASR, hide her mistake from others  and endure the pain silently! Surprisingly he dint shout at her!
look at the changing expression in his eyes! its anger, but different! there is no hatred anymore in them! 

He was melting with her innocence, and her crying like a kid ...whoa he smiled at her for the first time! (thanx sparkle2985 for the following million dollar pic)l

Finally Arnav Singh Rraizada softens towards Khushi Kumari Gupta! 
Arnav and Khushi

O O the softening was short lived as she meddled with his personal life again, she did worst this time! she encouraged his GF for marriage, n Lavanya was adamant on it! she wanted to marry ASR, n he hated that! so he confronted khushi kumari  gupta, as he was furious at her!
Arnav and Khushi

Her avoiding him was  a limit to his tolerance, so he cornered her only to hear another lecture on marriage and assault him with a phrase of "charected dheela"  ASR, could have taken the revenge, but warned her, only to feel something wierd for her as he held her so close! uff,  y did u stop ASR?

Wat is that, which always compels him to protect KKG from harm, n he doesnt even care for his so called GF, with she being around! KKG was shocked to see this!

Khushi is shocked to see the softer side of Arnav, and rethinks on her opinion about him! she dint hate him so much now
Khushi and Arnav

She tries to sympathise with Arnav after seein him in pain due to his past and parents death! only to be insulted more by him as he doesnt understand her gesture, n doesnt know about her past! he still thinks of her as some one who can do anything for money!
Arnav and Khushi


Arnav urf ASR, melts again for her, as he finds about her parents, and her past! This time he decided to do big, he decided to say sorry to KKG, the low aukad girl! it was tough for him , but he made his mind up! 
Khushi and Arnav

So the hiding Arnav inside ASR, steps out to gather courage to say sorry to a mamooli girl Khushi " KHUSHI IS TAKEN BY A SURPRISE, SHE NEVER EXPECTED THIS GOOD DEAL FROM HIS SIDE!! she was surprised and created a soft corner for him in her heart! now she knows that he is not al that bad!
Arnav and Khushi

she reveals her past to him, only to make him emotional! ASR to arnav transition on a small scale was happening! wow now look into his eyes, more regret and pain n no anger at all.

But again, as we thought they will come closer, khushi 's encouragemtn to La for marriage only angered him n he decided that he will not let her do this and asked her to go away from his life as he n La broke up!
Khushi, Lavanya and Arnav

He never cared for Lavanya, n shrugged khushi's attempt to bring them together, n scolded her even more!
Khushi and Arnav

Only to realise that he cannot tolerate her tears and cannot see her in pain! he was agitated from inside, he dint know wat was happenning to him or what this girl was doing to him! so he decided to give in to her wish!
Khushi and Arnav

ouch !so much hurt! kyun rolaya usko ASR???????????

so he re united with LA, only to b shocked to see khushi's reaction,,,ouch! this he dint see coming! She was taken by a schoking surprise herself as she dint understand this! she was the one who wanted them to unite, than y did she cry, she couldnt take the fact that the man who she kept fighting with, does not belong to her! she was puzzled n so was he!
Lavanya and Arnav


She started a new project of testing her feelings when he is around, he was getting friendlier with her, n she was feeling free around him, but her different emotion towards him started troubling him! he was seeing her innocence and her naughty nature past his opinion about her!! Also felt that she is wierd
Khushi and Arnav

later he was surprised to see her responsible side, splly when she took his and his di's timely care when they needed!
Khushi and Arnav

He was moved n knew that he likes her! Plus he was changing! his attitude changed and his perspective towards life was changing as he laughed heartily seeing her antics!



Fate played a new sweet game on both! She accidentally ended up with him on a high way without petrol in car, and no other means for them to return quickly
Arnav and Khushi

Arnav got to know her more, her innocence, her naughtiness, her sweetness, her cuteness and her childish antics were attracting him! yet she kept annoying him! he was behaving with a responsiblilty towards her! n this time dint abandon her on the road!
Khushi and Arnav

They were getting close, she was getting attracted to him, n he was beyond that point, he had developed this liking for her,,yet dint understand wat it was! 
Arnav and Khushi

This relationship  which began with hatred was definitely going on another level,,,,,
Arnav and Khushi

The same as first scene, but no hatred in arnav or in khushi, both like eachother! but Arnav's anger is not all gone! he still gets irritated easily!
Arnav and Khushi

He definitley likes her, but doesnt want to admit! plus her antics and nautanki sometimes crosses the limits, n he get angry on her! look into his eyes now n compare the above pics!

Getting all irritated with her nautanki, he warns her n leaves her outsied the room all alone in dark, coz he never uses his brain in anger, n he was angry with her!
Arnav and Khushi

The first thing he realises in the morning is that he has done wrong with her, regretting his action he takes care of Khushi, and realises and goes further to feel her innocence and charm, he is all apologetic!
Arnav and Khushi

Have a look at the all mellowed down, caring Arnav who has finally stepped out of ASR!
Arnav and Khushi

Here comes the final blow on Arnav, physically hurt khushi! the last thning he can tolerate is anybody hurting khushi!

Look at the rage in his eyes, he ''ll definiteyl destroy shyam!

This left him devastated, he was shocked, surprised, and he dint know wat happened to him, he was in love, he should not accept it, his heart started beating, for khushi, he cannot accept the fact! Khushi felt weird and confused seeing this side of Arnav! who thought that Suave sophisticated Arnav oops ASR will pick up a fight with goons for Khushi the low aukad wat did the bewaqoof do? he threw her out of the car, when they reached Delhi
Khushi and Arnav


When he found that Khsuhi is in a great pain due to his dad's health, he couldnt stop himself from going n supporting the support of his life! to his  surprise, she i ran upto him only to gather strength from him. the moment she bumped into him to hug him, his soul, his body , his heart , his mind, felt as the arid land in drought would feel with the first drop of the rain drop! her tears did magic on him!

Although he wanted to hug her, but something , was stopping him, Arnav singh raizada is in love, but cannot accept it! but than it was too late before he hugged her back she realised n stepped back!
Arnav and Khushi

Khushi kept wondering y she needed his shoulder to cry on! she knew she has some feelings for hiim, but,,,,,,she is confused!n embarrassed for her act!

Arnav is all regretting that he couldnt reciprocate at right time, he wanted to hug her back, n console her, he is full of pain, due to her pain, he cannot handle this pain! he so love her! awww look at him, the monster has changed ! looks like he would do anything to remove sorrows from her lyf!

So arnav;s heart reaches out for khushi, n he provides moral and financial support to his sweet heart! She accepted it reluctantly I mean the financial support!
She now knows that she matters to him! her happiness , her sorrows affect him!
Khushi and Arnav

Both cannot take off thier eyes from each other, still not sure about their feelings, but they know, that they both feel good around each other! only khushi is a liittle scared of her lard governor! And aslo scared of this overwhelming emotions towards him!

aaaww look at him, he is secretly putting  silver coins into a wasing powder pack, as his sweet little girl wished to win them in the pack after seeing an ad!

She is sooo excited to find those coins, actualy the shagun

and voila, look at him seeing her happy!

Finally the initial physical attraction turned into friendly concern which turned into emotional bonding which turned into love and care which is giving rise to loads of emotions and reducing the resistance for physical attraction!

its becoming hard for him to keep his hands off her as he wants to feel her, caress her, n go through the emotinanal saga now! he might not be clear with this yet, but its the scenario !

Look at her, the sweet little naughty bundle of his love clad with decor lights, how could he resist the sight! the tender innocent sight, invited him to go ahead with what he could do rather than using his brain by switching of the lights,, 

There we see, but did  he expect this reaction from her! He was all electrifuied trying to unwind her seeing her heavy breathing and her close eyes! He knows his touch slight though, was affecting her deep!
Khushi and Arnav

and so he enjoyed! bechari pareshan! and confused and realising a little that she loves him!

So , this is our our RICH HUNK ASR CHANGED INTO A POOR CHAP ARNAV! look at him doing household chore, which JP, Op should have done!

What an upheaval of emotions from a mature arrogant shrewd, confidetn business man for a little naive, innocent yet smart nauhgty young girl...thanx to such accidents!
Khushi and Arnav

he he he ! look at him!!! pyaar aur ASR ko!!! this is wat he kept saying!  the way he is lost in khushi , who is trying to drape a saree! I bet he wondered how lucky the saree is!!Wink

"Khushi gets worried and realises that she loves Arav!" phase!

The weirdo! and her imaginations! sweet na!

and she sees him in all low aukad people ,, whatt a way to fall in love with a man who always reminded her of her  low aukad. Looks like she is taking revenge for his low aukad crap!! look at the watchman! ha ha ha! in her imaginations...

He still maintains as if nothing happened! very smart Arnav (in ajits style) but he is confused to see her actions! all lost!

Her dreams hav no limit! she can almost dream anything! she is one such cutie pie, Arnav cannot resist her at any cost! she is dreaming as if she is Mrs.Raizada!

oops! Arnav babu caught by his sis, all  lost in khushi's thoughts, but di is so dumb she thinks its LA! haila!

But falling in love will not make KKG mature instantly , she is still up with her antics!

But look @ him, is he still angry with her, I dont think so, he is all wooed by her childish antics, her naughtiness , he does get annoyed a little, but all he would b feeling is to caress her, pamper her!

He has decided to remove every little minute particle from her life that can cause her trouble,, all he knows now is to take care of this sanka devi, ,,,who wouldnt want a patner like this! is this the same ASR?

Just scroll up n see!

He knows k mauke ka fayda kaise uthayajaye,, caressing her near the eye! with a bahana of removing dust from her eye!

and ouch,,look at her! he really had to resist her, I wonder how he controlled himself from kissing her cheek atleast! 

oops she did it again, misunderstood him and mixed khus khus (poppy seeds) in his drink to make his throat go soar n cough! n he saw the deed in his lap top recorded video! but his anger is not the same as it used to be!

gives her a chance to explain herself!

she admits her mistake n drinks the same drink to punish herself!

and arnav's reaction,,what the... KKG u r  giving me more pain instead of relieving the existing pain!
aaaww u sooo luv her! look@ his expressions!

look @ them, so lost , so vulnerable, so much in pain as they are not able to express their love to themselves , leave expressing to each other! are they same, specially ASr?

Comes DIWALI with dhoom dhadaka, Khushi totally looking like Pataka! where Arnav babu cannot keep his eyes off her! oye control yaar!
Khushi and Arnav

Both were totally lost in each other, she noticed him staring at her...itna ke she starting trembling and melting at the party! haaiye!
Arnav and Khushi

He met her at the pool side while she as alone, n she accidentally sprained her ankle by a twist, n  his job next was to get the ankle straight, but with all the pleasure he could derive with his touch for her n drooling over her, n she too felt it totally, so what if she was in pain!
it was one of the most romantic treatment he gave her!
Arnav and Khushi

he gave her the anklet, which she lost, as he realised that its imp for her, and it belonged to her mother, he had it with him all this while! chori pakdi gayee!

what happened next is history, but a very romantic and painful one!

Her looks, her aura , her charm, her beauty, her groaning in pain Wink, n her very presence, invited him soo much that he couldnt stop himself from gettign intimate with her! take a look! CLEAN BOWLED!

If he couldnt stop himslef, she to couln t stop him as she herself wanted him!

then...voila they were so close!

He was almost going to do something he might never have dreamt of, and he would never want to come out of such a dream! He was about to kiss her! OUCH!

But a phone call breaks his trance, and Arnav Singh Raizada realizes that he was abpout to express his love for KKG, which would be the last this he would wanna do at that time! nahiiin!

Khushi needs answers to his actions , her payal posession n the attempted kiss! so she confronts him!


Egoistic Arnav is scared to face the fact that he is in love with KKG so in a fit of rage, and to prove to that he doesn't love her, he announces his engagement with Lavanya in the part! leaving Khushi heart broken and devestated

The brave girl, still pretends to be happy , hiding her tears which annoys Arnav, the confused soul!
Arnav, Lavanya and Khushi

Arnav drops Khushi home that nigt only to break her already broken heart by giving a fake explanation that he doesnt care for her n her Payal, n she dint mean anything, nor did the attempted kiss meant anything for him!
Arnav and Khushi

Both end up terribly hurt! ofcourse it was to Arnavs credibility , Also under the pressure of her family and filthy Bua, Khushi agrees to marry Shyam the creeep! After all that she had gone through that evening with Arnav, she finds it is the only resort for her!

Khushi decides to quit her job and comes to RM one last time to meet them all, n to return Arnav's mannat ki chabi she finds in their second meeting at Dargah! Arnav is in all pain and doesnt wat to see the cause of his pain, KKG,,so he mistreats her! And she hurts her finger with a lying broken glass over there!
Khushi and Arnav

Arnav watches over leaving Khushi, as a losing  team captain would see his last wicket falling from the pavillion! take a look!!!!!!!

When Arnav realises that Khushi was hurt, (physically), he follows her to the temple, with a bandage,,,aawww! Despite of Khushi's reluctance he ties the bandage to khushi at the mahoorat time of the engagement
 on the right finger with all chants and shloks in the background! awww!
Stupid lover, he is sooo caring!
Khushi and Arnav

have a look @ this !

then the confused soul Arnav who also confuses Khushi with his actions, declares that he doesnt want KKG in his life anymore,n they both decide never to see eac other or meet!

Shyam plots and succeeds in doing the engagement ceremony with Khushi, meanwhile Arnav unaware of the happenings in Khushi 's life, is all devastated with her memories and the very thought that she is not there in his life,,,so the fool decides not to remember her anymore! Uff his bechiani/restlessness was awesome

Anjali calls Khushi home, n Arnav is shocked to see her, n insults her, but doenst miss an opportunity to hold her while she trips!
Khushi and Arnav

When he realizes his mistake after accusing KKG, he decides with khushi that they will not speak to each other anymore, as they always end up having an argument
Arnav and Khushi

Khushi happens to recieve an imp call from Arnav's office and is suppose to give Arnav a message abt imp meeting which she does my miming as they are not talking to each other, indeed she is childish,,,

Arnav doesnt get the Message n in his ego, he consumes very spicy daal made by Lavanya ignoring khushi's prepared daal to prove that she means nothing to him, n it's all Lavanya he cares about! Only to end up with the trauma of spice and burning sensation in and out!Wink Khushi is shocked to see this...

Khushi tries to offer him a remedy only to be shrugged off by ASR! n his ego, but he does save her from slipping into the pool, she should hav slipped, that is the only time when his ego leaves him when she is in danger or pain!

Arnav is all sad and emotional with his sis, remembering their MOM, n Khushi sees this! it is so wonderful, that He shares his emotional side with Khushi, even after so much have been goiing on between them n he breaks his oath of not talking to khushi again!
Khushi and Arnav

Khushi too does not hav any reservations n talks to him when he wants to share his pain with her! the beautiful scene...

Dunno what the man wished for, at that particular moment while he was so vulnerable, n his wish probably got answered in a disguise of  curse, that he found Khushi's engagement ring, by the pool side, poor chap he still doesnt know that it's an engagement ring, which will become a barrier between him n his heart beat! while leading him to the realisation of the level Khushi's importance in his life!


Next morning, Khushi and Arnav bumps into each other, n Khuhsi takes out all her frustration of lost ring and her Buaji pressure to find the ring on Arnav, by telling him that he must apologize to her, n she will never apologize as he was the one who bumped into her, leaving Arnav frustrated with anger!
Khushi and Arnav

Look at him all angry with the woman he loves, but realisation k liye zor ka jhatka was needed!

So , Arnav wants Khushi to apologise and take back the ring!

Khushi reluctantly does, as buaji pressurizes her for the stupid ring,  even though she dint care for the ring!

OUCH! Arnav lost again, he was melted with her tears! tries to put the ring on her finger! awww look at that!

KKG tells him that its her engagement ring,, n his expression in the following pics says it all "zor ka jhatka hai zoron se laga , haan laga"

He is all frustrated, and confronts Khushi, saying, that he has a right to know how it happened,n says that it matters to him because...whoa! this man was on the verge of confession only if his sis had not interrupted them!
Khushi and Arnav

Later, shattered Arnav hurts his hand while chopping off his plants in anger in the name of trimming, n denies to get bandaged by KKG, n Lavanya steps up, as KKG asisits her!
Lavanya, Khushi and Arnav

Arnav with a heavy heart, congratulates Khushi for her engagement, n the jealous arrogant ASR taunts her for not getting a rich man to hook up with! while she leaves silently all shocked with all his weird reactions, confusing her even more! "wat does he want" she must hav wondered!
Arnav and Khushi

Next day, as Arnav is all devastated, broken, shocked, irritated, lost, frustrated etc etc with Khushi's engagement, he realises that she is not all happy with her engagement! He taunts her again for not being happy as she did not get a rich man as a would be partner, n khuhsi retaliates that asking y he is not happy inspite of being so rich! OUCH OUCH OUCH! SHE HIT THE TARGET!
Khushi and Arnav

In a fit of anger, n frustration Arnav prepones his engagement to the next day itself, but something is definitely brewing up in his mind! but wat? All we know is that he loves Khushi to the core! 
Khushi and Arnav

Khushi get worried for Lavanya, as she is not ready for the next day for big event of her life!
So she follows Arnav, n asks him for an explantion for his hasty decision, n says that she is asking this on behalf of the family n lavanya!


ASr confronts her and asks, "meri engagement se tumhien kya farkaq padhta hai?"Take a look @ his expectant face...

 khushi gathers all the courage to lie, n says "humein koi faraq nahin padht!

Khushi and Arnav

(ASR all set to make Khushi realise her love for him, n he soo loves her, OMG the sweetest torture phase)

Arnav postpones his engagement with La for a week, n asks Khushi to organise the event, challenging her n telling her that this might also not effect her sarcastically) poor khushi is left with no choice..

keeping with his emotional atyachar tactics towards Khushi, Arnav, buys a necklace which Khuhsi likes, and gifts it to Lavanya, leaving a very hurt Khushi watching him helping Lavanya to wear the necklace, while he stares at her to notice if she is affected by this action or not!
Arnav tells Khushi "I hope ab bhi tumehin koi faraq nahin padhta;;"
Khushi, Arnav and Lavanya

Arnav, LAvanya, Anjali, and khushi go to a boutique to shop for engagement dress. Arnav is hell bent in making Khuhsi eat her word "humein aapki sagayee se koi faraq nahin padhta", so more emotional atyachar coming up..., but now he crosses all the limits at the boutique!

seeing Khuhsi in Bridal wear, Arnav is taken in to her, n in a trance reaches out for her, only to realise that he no longer has the right as she backs off!

So he ends up breaking Khushi 's heart saying her fiancee cannot afford the expensive attire n he will gift it to her a s a tip, leaving Khuhsi shattered!

Later Arnav witnesses Khuhsi who breaks down, n mutters to herself that being in dream land is better as in reality heart s break! Shocked Arnav is even more shattered than khushi to hurt her, n see her crying! khushi doesnt realise that he witnessed this!

Arnav leaves the place,as he himself is shattered seeing the love of his life in pain, n who caused it, whoa, he himself!

Poor egoistic soul is trying hard to keep away from Khuhsi n his thoughts n bam! he lashes out at Lavanya, for dressing up like khushi, insulting Khuhsi again!
Khuhsi confronts Arnav who is devestated and repentful for giving her tears again n again!

Arnav after realising his mistake apologises to lavanya and also indirectly to khuhsi while lavanya hugs him! oops, what was his reply to Lavanya's "i ove u", ha ha ha , it was "I am sorry" that too directed to khushi!

Arnav has decided that he wont hurt khuhsi any more n keep away from her!

6 months story done!
For the remaining story or continuation go to page 14  n keep following! OR click on the link below at the end

what an emotional, beautiful awesome, love saga! I will keep updating it!

Look at he difference in these two pics!

Khushi and Arnav

LOOK AT OUR HERO! (Now this is to show how he changed with time)






EXPERIENCING THE JOLT N SHOCK AS A REACTION OF HIS OWN ACTION (After the news of KKG engagement) did he forget the psychical law, every action has an equal an opposite reaction)

Arnav' the lover boy is back again as Both Arnav n Khuhsi are free again! look @ that now, Arnav staring At khushi and compare with above pic!! 

aww the smiling Arnav, credit KKG!

aww look at that!







HATS OFF and Kudos, to creative team, production house, Barun & Sanaya,, and other cast, for making us fall in love with love again!

plz plz plz comment everybody! 

i might have missd any pic,, but did wat i could,, tried my best!

Haila I am mad! need a  psychiatrist!

Edited by UltimateBarun - 05 June 2012 at 11:14am

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shaheerdiwani Senior Member

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 1:48am | IP Logged
Awww ...luvd it ... can never get enuf of these two ... they make me gooo crazyyy Big smile

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sparkle2985 IF-Sizzlerz

Joined: 29 July 2011
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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 1:48am | IP Logged
nice one Clap i hope u wont miss any arhi romantic pic Smile plz add the teej pic where khushi is in saree... sorry for it if u feel bad but i dont want u to miss any wonderful moments picSmile

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.Sam. IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 1:51am | IP Logged
hey really nyc...Thumbs Up...its really wonderful to read their journey by far...

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Juicee_Sushie Goldie

Joined: 29 September 2011
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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 2:46am | IP Logged
Awww what a fantastic post!!!!!!!!
I loved it & the picture update!!!!!!!!!
Thank you very much & I hope you will update it soon and bring to the present time!!!

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Shahu Goldie

Joined: 07 October 2011
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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 2:53am | IP Logged
Those pictures!!!! O  M  G!!!

Look at those two! He is tall, dark, brooding, and drop dead gorgeous! She is small, fair, chirpy and oh, so pretty! Their babies are gonna be outta this world!!!!!!!!!!

If only they'd hook up for real. (JOKE!)

Love ARHI. Heart

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Coolioqueen IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 2:55am | IP Logged
Awesome post. Hope u'll soon update. Description was like wow! Added pics were gr8.

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-Sneha25- IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 2:56am | IP Logged
Thanks for the fantastic post...!!  Bookmarking this thread..!! Cant get enough of this couple...!! keep updating !! Big smile

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