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1st ff on maaneet SIRF MERE LIYE THREAD 1 (link 2) (Page 139)

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Posted: 03 July 2012 at 8:01am | IP Logged

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thank u for waiting for me so much, love u all for yr support and special thanks to those who took their time for comment and likes.


Ok 1st of all,, I wanted to say something,, in the previous updates I have said there will be mahendi function 1st,, but I have changed my mind,, my friend who is pure Punjabi said I can use haldi 1st then mahendi and sangeet,, so I m taking her suggestion,, and giving u the haldi part…..




Sirf mere liye


Part 53


Armaan lift his eyes to only see maan and geet cute romance,, they were arguing on something geet trying to hit him but he was on his naughty plans,, making her land on his chest,, tickling her sense,, she was laughing. Giggling enjoying life,, happiness surrounded everywhere… her eyes showed how much she loved maan…. Only maan,,, HER MAAN………………….


The night flew away in seconds for maaneet,,, but it was a hard for armaan,,, he have tried to block her thought but somewhere it linger in his mind,,, he knew its not right,, geet takes him as her best friend,, nothing else,,, if she loves him she have told him much before,,,, he closed his eyes to remember the painful thoughts……




Geet has become best friend of armaan,,, not only him all the doctors and patients loved her for her sweetness…. Riddima started loving her like a sister,, protect her from evil eyes,, they have a group of 6 ppl, abhay piya arman ridz geet sid,,, abay and piya was from her collage and rest of them she met in hospital,,, they hang out together,, sometime did party also, though gee was not a kind of party animal as she doesn't have to,,, her friends love her like that only,, they were sometime got over protective for her as she was too innocent…. Soon armaan started falling for her seriously,, and to know her feeling he often flirted with nurses or doctors or her friends,,, sometime geet gets irritated, sometime she frowned and sometime just laughed at him… geet didn't liked those girl with whom  he flirted,, armaan thought its her jealousy but one thing he didn't realize it was not her jealousy,, it was concern for her best friend,,, she doesn't wanted him to be involved with wrong person,, she wanted the best for her friend,, in these confusion armaan sometime hit on riddhima also,,, only to fuel geet,, he wanted to hear her feelings 1st,, but he didn't knew his small flirting was taking riddhima to the edge,, she started falling for him with his antics….  Geet asked him, does he like riddhima or not he agreed that they are a couple shocking everyone including riddhima too.. she didn't knew what to say,, he have never ask her or anything just declare that they are a couple…. Armaan pleaded her with his eyes not to open her mouth and she agreed,, without trying to find why he have said this,, just followed him blindly…..


And then the time came when he tried to express his feelings for geet,,, armaan was really nervous and geet  sensed his tension….

Geet: kya huya hain tujhe?

Armaan: nothing,,, its just,, umm wo…. Main…

Geet:  bhakri ki tarha main main kyun kar rah ahain,, jo kehna hain saaf saaf bolna….

Armaan: I wanted to ask u something…

Geet: propose karna hain? armaan's jaw fell on the ground…. And face became red like tomato….. he didn't knew what to to say….. kya huya??? Main janti thi tu aisa hi karega,,, ladka hoke bhi Sharmata hain..

Armaan: what do u mean by ladka hoke bhi sharmata hain,, sharmane ka kota tum ladkio ke pass hi hain kya,, he saw the teasing smile she has on her face,, he was all embarrassed,,, so look away instantly….. 

Geet: oye hoye arman malik sharmata hain,, breaking news,,,, she laughed whole heartedly and armaan lost in her laugh,,, then she realize he is not saying anything,,, accha sorry,, nahi hasungi… but beaing a guy u should propose na,, u know ladkiya,,,,,,

Armaan said quickly: yeah I know, I should confess 1st,,, armaan was thinking geet knew his feeling but wanted to hear from him…. he tried to say something when geet stopped him…..

Geet: ok sun,, abhi kuch kehne ki jarurat nahi hain we will decide a place and then we will sorted everything,,,  ok she hugged him and turn to leave when armaan held her hand,,

Armaan: what will I get? Yes or no?

Geet smiled: no girl can say no to u… he felt an unknown happiness and smiled covered her heart…..






After 2 days geet called him….

Geet: armaan I want to meet u at ***** coffee shop at 6pm,,

Armaan: huya kya?

Geet: tu sawal kiye baigar kuch kaam kar sakta hain?

Armaan: okk meri maa,, main ajaunga……





Armaan enter the coffe shop but it was pitch black,,,

Armaan: hellooo koi hain? light nahi hain kya?? Aap logo ne inverter chees ka naam nahi suna kya?? But not hearing any reply he gets little worried… I guess main galat address pe agaya,, ye geet mujhe kaha kaha phasayegi…… he was leaving when a spot light came on him…..  a voice came from the back,, and a screen lit up…….


He recognize the voice its geet…. A small smile crept on his lips…

Geet:  abhi kaha ja raha hain,, abhi surprise baaki hain,, maine socha tu to apne dil ki baat kehne se raha so main hi keh du…. He raise his eye brow…. Hmm abhi girl itni modern hogayi hain k apne dil ki baat khud keh sakti hain,,,, he smiled wider…. Then his eyes caught the screen where a message flash….


 U are 1st person who taught me the meaning of friendship….

U are the person who taught me to enjoy life…

Whenever I was sad u were there to bring a smile on my face,,,

I was alone in the path of  life when u hold me to protect from the evilness of world…

U are the true friend I always wanted to cherish,, and u are the one who gave the meaning of LOVE in my life…..

Armaan has a big smile on his face,,,

I know it will be silly to ask u something like this when I know u will fulfill my every wish

But still

I want to ask u mr Armaan Malik

Do u hold me in every path of happiness and sorrow the way I wanted to hold u?

Do u love me forever knowing that I may not hold my beauty the way I have now?

Do u conquer me the way I conquer u?

Do u love me the way I LOVE YOU?



Armaan has no bound of his happiness,,

Armaan: YES,,,, I love u the way u are,,, I'll give u company even in hell,, he smiled shyly,,, I'll conquer u till  my last breath… I LOVE U more than anything….

The light comes on,,, someone was standing in front of him,, having tears in her eyes,, but armaan get shock of his life,,,

Armaan: riddhima,,,,,,,  everyone thought he have complete the line I love u morethan anything riddhima,,, but sadly it gave him only hollow in her heart…. He looked at her confused and then noticed geet walking towards them,,,

Armaan: ye sab?

Geet: maine kaha than a, surprised hoga she said and hugged riddhima,,, dekha armaan aaj k ladkiya sab kar sakti hain propose bhi,, I know tu thoda shock hain,,, but accha tha na?? riddhima keh rahi thi pasand nahi ayega but sach bolo mera idea kaam kiya na?? armaan was just looking at her  with a puzzle look…..

Armaan: mujhe kuch samajh nahi araha,,

Geet: are buddhu,, isse pehle tum RIDDHIMA ko propose karte maine riddhima ko kaha tumhe apni dil ki baat keh de,, ye sare arrangements maine kiye lekin tumhari pasand na pasand aur ye notes sab riddhima ne decide kiya…. She loves u a lot,, and understand u more than anyone… armaan was gaping her continuously,, he can't believe that she have arrange this only for riddhima and him,, if she loves him how could she did this? And her eyes the way they are sparkling,, its said it has only friendship and happiness for her frnds…   

Armaan: but I thought tujhe mera dusri ladkio se baat karna pasand nahi,, he spat the words without realizing anything but there was someone who understood the hidden meaning of his word,, riddhima has tears in her beautiful eyes,,,  she looked at him with painful eyes,, but he seems lost in geet…

Geet: arre yaar,, mujhe to teri wo rina meena tina wo chote chote skirt wali pasand nahi,, na baat karne ka dhang na koi respect badhi ke liye,,, unme se koi bhi tujhe sach me pyar nahi karti thi lekin riddhima un jaisi nahi hain…. she loves u a lot,, and I m really very happy to see my best friend are in love with each other… a single drop of tear escaped from arman's eyes but he hide it quickly and plastered a smile but what that smile means only riddhima can understand…. She felt a lump in her throat to see him in pain,, she understood he didn't love her anyway,, he just love geet… bur unfortunately geet never understand this……..




Flashback ends………..





Armaan comes back to reality when he heard a loud knock,, he was seating in that position from the night,,, he wiped off his tears and opens the door only to see the bunch of boys entering his room….

Sid: itni late kar diya door open karne me?

Abhay: sayad yaha bhi bad luck chal raha hain,, and then enters a fuming maan,,, armaan was shocked to see their faces,, some sad some boring and maan with anger written on his face…

Armaan: kya huya? Tum sab ka chehra utra huya kyun hain….

Abhay: sare ladkiyo ne apna group bana liya hain,, aur hume bilkul vao nahi de rahe….

Armaan: matlab?

Adi: aaj haldi hain,, aur sari ladkiyo ne kaha hain aaj se ladkiya sirf geet ke sath rahengi shaadi hone tak…

Raj: aur issi liye maan ka mood itna kharab hain,, he teases him with a cheesy smile… maan only fumes on it…..

Sid: hmm or hume isko haldi lagana hain,, and then shagun ke haldi geet ko lagenge…

Armaan: to accha hain na? ye hi rasm hain,, maan looks at him,, he saw a glimpse of real armaan,, the friend of geet…. Armaan looked at maan and smiled at him that assured him further….

Raj: hello,, isse haldi??? Pagal hain mujhe apni haddi nahi turwana,, ek baar mazak me lagaya tha mere piche padh gaya hain,, maarne ke liye….

Armaan took a seat beside maan: but abhi  iski shaadi hain wo bhi apni dreamgirl se,,, abhi to shoukh se lagayega,,, maan smiled at him….

Adi: oye hoye blushing and maan singh khurana… accha hain,, maan gave a deadly glare to adi, enough to shut him but next min armaan n maan laughed together leaving a shocked aadi…






Its time for their haldi,, dadima told everyone to come at the hall where all the arrangements were done…. At 1st it will be maan's turn and then everyone will apply it on geet….  But the condition was maan will not see geet,,, he was fuming in anger as he can't see her….  He excuse himself by making a fake phone call……


Maan was searching geet in the whole mansion but couldn't find her,, then he bumped with someone,, she was going to fall when he held her…

Maan: riddhima sambhal ke,,

Riddhima: excuse me,, takkar apne mujhe mara aur main gir rahi thi to apki wajah se aur aap hi..

Maan: oye hello ek to maine tumhe bachaya aur upar se tum mujhe hi suna rahi ho…

Riddhima: jisne galti ki sudharna usiko chahiye…. Aur kaise nahi bachate akhir saali hu apki,, she snorted her nose with her finger in attitude…

Maan: huh, saali? Meri koi bhi saali meri kuch kaam ki nahi hain….

Riddhima: hawww…… aap pehle kaam to bataiye fir dekhiye main kaam ki hu ya nahi…

Maan: oh really?

Riddhima: hmm…

Maan: then tell me where is geet?

Riddhima: wo to,,,, but she stopped and smiled at him,,, wo to main nahi batane wali,,, maan looked at her with fire in his eyes….. but riddhima only giggle….  Ok ok batati hu….  Lekin ye sirf apke liye nahi meri sweet frnd ke liye hain,, bechari bhi bohot sad hain apse kuch der ke liye bichar ke,, she laughed at him and maan frown at her…. They were giggling laughing,,, maan never felt so comfortable talking to a girl…  but riddhima is sweet and friendly girl,, who can gel with anyone… but there was someone looking at them who didn't quite loving it,,, don't know why he was not liking her to talk to other person,,, armaan clenched his hand when he saw maan was heldin riddhima in his arm,, and then they were talking so comfortably…. She was giggling with him….  

Riddhima: wo outhouse me hain…. aaj se shaadi tak wo outhouse me hi rahegi,, maan's eyes got big…

Maan: what??? but wo to abhi 3 din baad…

Riddhima: uff seems like someone is getting impatient….  Okk aapko usse dekhna hain na?? he looked at her with hope…. She smiled….  Abhi sayad uske room me koi nahi hain,, aap jao,, usse milke aayo….   He gave her a full smile.. and cupped her face…..

Maan: thank u so much,, tum sach me bohot acchi ho,, I don't know uss idiot ko ye baat kab samajh ayegi,, she smiled through tears… he kissed her forehead and hugged her,, patted her back…. Hey everything will be ok… he wiped her tears,,, wo pagal hain jo aise sweet si angel ka pyar nahi dekh paraha,,, but don't worry jaldi hi sab thik hojayega….

Riddhima: I m sorry,, mujhe aise din pe ansu nahi girana chahiye,, akhir meri best best friend ki shaadi hain….. she smiled at him…. aap jao,, wo apka wait kar rahi hain….. he was going when she held his hand,, that was enough for armaan to merge in….

Armaan: yaha kya horaha hain? riddhima looked at him horrified…. Don't know why he is so angry… maan hum sab tumhara intezar kar rahe hain aur tum yaha iske sath gappe maar rahe ho,,,  maan watch some kind of jealousy on his face….. he get a wicked plan…. He just hold her hand more to his embrace….

Maan: main apni saali se baat kar raha hu,, tumhe itni problem kyun horahi hain? armaan fumed in anger and riddhima looks at them in confusion…

Armaan:  riddhima I think tumhe geet ke pass jana chahiye… maan smiled and gave a smirks to him only to irritate armaan further…. Armaan just looks away,,, and then thought about something,, riddhima I wanted to talk to u…

Riddhima: ha bolo….

Armaan: yaha nahi,, come with me…. He tried drag her by holding her hand,,

Riddhima: ek min armaan,, she gave a packet to maan,,, maan ye haldi hain,, wo sabse pehle tumse haldi lagana chahti hain,,, go now,, maan smiled and takes it from her and goes from there but before that he winked at armaan who just rolled his eyes…..







Geet was in her own world lost in the thought of maan and her togetherness,,,, she was missing him,, she wanted to apply haldi on him before anyone can touch him….. then heard a creaking sound,, without knowing she got worried,, and scared… she was alone in the room,, so thought who can be here at this hour, she never gave a thought that maan can be here….   She got up and realize it was coming from the window… she held a vase in her hand walked to the window,,, and when it open she just hit it without seeing who is it….


Oouchhh…. Oops that was maan,, who was now holding his head….. geet dropped the flower vase and put her hand on her mouth…..

he just walked to the bed.. and sat on it….


Geet: I m sorry maan… maine wo dekha nahi tha apko,, mujhe laga chor hain.. maan just looked at her amused,,

Maan: geettt,,, chor is waqt aise andar ayega????

Geet: sorry maan,, aap window se aaye na, so maine socha chor hain, kyun wohi to khidke se aate hain na,, ap pehle police wale ho jo apne ghar me khidki se andar aate hain she giggle softly,, it was melting maan,, he so wanted to capture those rosy lips….. he just grip her hand and pulls her towards him….

Maan: bohot hasi arahi hain na??? 



geet shook her head in no,,, he came dangerously close to her,, looking at her lips,,, her cheek was turning red due to blush…..  ha to tum kya keh rahi thi? She looks at him nervously….

Geet: maan…. Aap yaha, aise,, she was having difficulty to talk as he was so near her face….  His breath fans on her lips… making her craving for his touch,, he brushed his lips on her lightly,, not so touching it….. she closed her eyes in anticipation….

Maan: tum kuch keh rahi thi geet,,, that brought her back,, she looks at him and his smirking face,,, and cutely pouted her lips,,, twisting it…. She turn her back to him…

Geet: aap yaha kyun aaye ho? Hum sangeet se pehle nahi mil sakte…

Maan: lekin geet mujhe to laga tumhe aaj mujhse milna tha,,, wo rddhima ne to mujhe yehi bataya…

Geet: nahi to,, maine aisa kab kaha…. Ye riddhima bhi na,,,  accha aap jao, mujhe taiyar hona hain sab niche but before she complete he turn her with a jerk and sealed her mouth with his,, she was too shock to react but slowly calm her sensed and started responding him with equal passion….. he nibble her lower lips and she opens her mouth to give him more access…  he tasted the sweet essence,,, and his hand roamed around her waist,, and then her bare back….  She moaned in the kiss…. He twirl his tongue with her,,, leaving no place to dance around in her mouth…..  she accepted all his naughtiness,, slowly their kiss has ended with a slight peck on her lips….  Both were breathing heavily… maan rest his head on her forehead….

Geet: maan aap yaha,, kisine dekh liya to,, but he puts his finger on her lips….

Maan: geet ke chehre pe haldi lagane ka pehla haq isrf aur sirf maan ko hain,,, he said while a pince of mix haldi he applied on her face…



she took it in her hand and applied on his face

Geet: aur maan pe sabse pehla haq sirf geet ka hain….  he pulled her to a sweet hug…. And kissed her forehead……

And then came the disturbance….. knock knock………………


Riddhima: geet main hu,, darwaja kohl… maan looks at her frustrated….

Maan: tumhare bodyguard tumhara picha kab chodenge? Pehle jab araha tha tab sab darwaje pe the abhi ye riddhima arahi hain…. geet smiled at him,, but her eyes pleaded him….. 

Riddhima: abhi darwaja kholna hain? ya sabke aane ke baad???

Geet: arahi hu…..





Precap: meri doli saji hain fulooo wali,,, 


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lovely ! 
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geet tsng armaan..
nd maaneet haldi scene
lvd it..
precap- Big smileBig smile...

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after long time awesome lovely i love the way maan and ridh talk so sweet haldi haila maan and geet become so much naughty
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YES armman getting jealous for ridhdhima 
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aww...thank god armaan n maan ki dosti ho gayi...
omg armaan is j 4m maan bt 4
khatra toh hoga hi msk ke jaddu se koi ladki kahan bachi
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lovely   part...enjoyed it...
armaan JLOLLOL...great...
waiting to know the next...

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