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1st ff on maaneet SIRF MERE LIYE THREAD 1 (link 2)

tich.1990mg Goldie

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 10:09pm | IP Logged

MY  1st ever SS ON MAANEET...





                     SIRF MERE LIYE

A handsome yet cute looking man in his early twenty standing infront of a beautiful portrait of a woman,,, her angelic face, cute smile with dimple,, hazel eyes which is full of mischievous,, just like an angel of heaven... beauty of epitome...

there came a elegant lady and place her hand over the man's shoulder...


What r u thinking Geetansh? i have notice u often,, whenever u came to this mansion u always stand here like this, like u were trying find out something... what is the matter? u never told me any think...plss tell me,, main apki patni hu,,, i know she is ur mom... but aap hamesha inhe is tarha kyun dekhte hain aur itne mayus kyun hojate hain?


Geetansh; mannayata,, she is my mom but before that she is the wife of my father... she had  leaved  him because of me...


mannayata was shocked to here it...Geetansh continue

Geetansh; don't think wrong about her,, she loved me and dad thats why she leaved us...its a long story mannayata...


mannayata; but i want to hear it.. pls tell me...

geetansh continue,,,,




A beautiful girl scared hides behind a tree,her face is cover with a dupatta,,, her beautifull hazal eyes, hair is in a mess... a gang full of boys circle her,,,

oye  jaldi chal ghar,, waha sab shaadi k liye intezar kar rahe hain aur tu waha se bhaag aayi... mere khandan ki izzat agar dao par na hoti tujhe main abhi yaha maar dalta... magar sirf daarji k liye main tujhe baksh raha hu,,, chal abb...




brij; GEETTT

hamare yaha shadi ladkio se puch ke nahi hoti,, sirf bataya jata hain ja humne tujhe pehle hi bol diya tha...

geet; plss veer ji mujhe mat lejao, mujhe shadi nahi karni mujhe jaane do... mujhe aur padhna hain..

brij; jitna padhna tha padh liya, itna padhane ka anjam abb main dekh raha hu,, meri khandan ki izzat ko tu uchal ne me tuli hain... abb chal yaha se...

he started dragging her but there was a man holding his hand





brij; oye tu hota kon hain? aur tera naam kya hain


MAAN SINGH KHURANA...the name is maan singh khurana...

brij; to main kya karu,, tu hoga shehzada apne ghar ka yaha mera raaj chalta hain...


maan; main apne ghar ka aur yaha, dono ka hi shehzada hu,, aur tumme itni himmat nahi k tum mere samne tik pao,,,chodo isse,, ye tumhare sath nahi jana chahti,,, and i think she is an adult,, to wo apna decision khud le sakti hain,,

to hear all this brij started laughing historically...but his one man stopped him and said HE IS THE NEW ACP OF DELLHI... maan just gives his famous smirk...

maan; i think abb aap sabko apne sawalo ka jabab mil gaya,, i have the power to stop u for doing whatever u want without her will...

they leave from there but brij was fuming due to anger that he couldn't do anything...


now maan faced geet


maan; i think tumhara naam geet hain, m i right?

geet looked at him puzzled don't know how he knows her name and now what to say, where to go...

maan; maine tumhari aur uss admi jo ki tumhara so called bhai hain wo tum dono ki  sare baate maine sunli thi,,, i guess abb tumhare pass jane k liye koi aur jagah nahi hain,,,,,

geet just looked at him blank,, for some reason maan too lost himself in her hazal eyes and innocent face which has so many emmotion, pain, sorrow, helplessness everything,,, so he decided to help her,, basically he is a rude arrogant guy for the world who loved to rule everyone but inside he has been craving for love, to love to be loved...

maan; if u want u can come with me, but to see the expression of geet's face he changed his words no no i m saying IF U WANT. aur tumhare bhai k gunde tumhare firak me hain kab tumhe pakde,, so main kehna chahta tha u'll be safe with me and i m not a bad guy u see,, gives a heartly smile which melt geet instantly...geet agree to this but somewhere she has a feeling from now her life will changed but whether its bad or good she can't figour it out... ( me thinking maan k sath hain aur bura kaise ho sakta hain :/ but never knew what is store is in future :) hain na?)


maan; come geet here is my appartment,, ghar nahi keh sakta q k ghar k liye jo hona chahiye wo to mere naseeb me kabhi tha hi nahi,,,


 geet saw the pain to be alone in maan's eyes,,,

maan; geet hum aaj yaha rahenge fir 1 week me delhi niklenge,,

to here this geet looked at him suspiciously to that maan only smile widely and said geet maine jitna tumhe sidhi sadhi samjha tum utni nahi ho,, u r quite intelligent an brave.. then maan comes closer to geet and huskly whisper kya huya geet dar gayi,, mujh pe bharosa nahi hain? then he smiles sheepishly and continue geet yaha tumhare jaan ko khatra hain,, issi liye main tumhe delhi le jana chahta hu waha jake tum apna study continue kar sakti ho, and u can believe me,, i m an ACP dammit...

to this geet only stares at him and thinking in mind ye insan hain kya cheese...








to be continue

if u guys press the like buttun to let me know whether its good or bad,, should i continue this??? and if u need  to get pm plss add me in ur buddy list...

part  1 & 2 at page 1

part 3 at page 2

part 4 at page 3

part 5 at page 4

part 6 at page 6

part 7 at page 7

part 8 at page 8

part 9 & 10 at page 9
part 11 at page 10
part 12 & 13 page 11
part 14 & 15 page 12
part 16 page 13
part 17 page 15
part 18 at page 17
part 19 at page 19


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amreenshameem Goldie

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 11:04pm | IP Logged
Waiting for update
mrk-1 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 11:18pm | IP Logged
nice star yaar,,,do pm me !!

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Nihson Senior Member

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 12:09am | IP Logged
interesting concept
Plz cont. and add me to ur pm list

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tich.1990mg Goldie

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 12:15am | IP Logged
thank u so much guys for supporting me... nihson i have added u in my buddy list...
tich.1990mg Goldie

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Posted: 30 October 2011 at 9:33pm | IP Logged

part 2


maan; geet mere baare me baad me sochna, pehle jao fresh ho jao, right me tumhara room aur left wala mera, kuch chahiye to puch lena,,,

geet; jee

maan thought yeh ladki haan ji bolna aur darne k alawa aur kuch janti v ya nahi,,, chod maan tujhe kya karna hain jaake rest karlu neend arahi hain...

 geet goes to her room but her mind thinking all the happenings throught the day, what mess she is in,, she is staying with a complete stranger jo kab kya kare,, kya kahe, kisiko pata nahi... but she washed all the thoughts from her mind with a warm shower that help her to calm down to some extent...after a relaxing full 45mins shower she went to maan's room to see a half naked maan umm no shirt just track (tich thinking kya hot lag raha hoga yaar,, hayee but ye geet to sab kachra karegii uff)

geet; hayyee babajii ye kya dikha diya.. inko sharam haaya hain ya nahi aise nange pange kaise ghum sakte hain,,,

on the other hand maan was just lying on his bed with no shirt to relax for some time,, it was a tiring day for him,,,but when he heard geet blabbering he was just amzed by behavour... girls r ready to died for his one look and to be looked but here this girl cursing him for his hotness oopsss.. i mean yaar ye uska ghar uska room wo jo chahe wo kare...

maan; kya huya geet tum is tarha yaha aur kya bak bak kar rahi ho apne sath...

geet; pehle to aap apna shirt pehniye,, ek to aise ghum rahe hain aur fir...

maan; ek min ek min ye mera ghar, mera room, main jaise chahe rahu.. aur tumme itne manners nahi k kisike rom me aane se pehle knock karo,to hear this geet couldn't help to hold her temper...she walked to him 

geet; maine knock to kiya tha aapne hi suna nahi hoga aur jab aap jante ho ghar me ek ladki v hain to ye sab now maan fill the gap by walked more close to her

maan; ye sab?? kya geet bolo geet lost her word,, and maan continue to walked to her and finally blocked her with the wall behind her and himself...geet was lost in his breath but suddenly maan huskily wishper to her ears bhook nahi lagi geet?? geet snapped open her eyes, chalo khana kha lo... now geet comes to reality and she is hell embaressed...

geet; hmm yeah ,,main wohi kehne aayi thi,, i m hungry so lets eat something...

maan; geet tum baitho bahar main abhi aata hu aur kuch khana laata hu...




maan; here it is geet,, tum v kya yaad rakkhogi maan singh khurana k hath ka bana huya khana kabhi koi nahi vulta he said prouudly but

geet; pastaaa,, i hate it.. hatao isse.. tumne ye laane se pehle mujhse ek baar v pucha?? mujhe ye bilkul pasand nahi..

now its turn to maan to be shocked by her response cz he never thought geet the innosence girl can behave like this...

maan; geet tumne kabhi pasta khaya v hain,, ek baar try karo fir batana accha hain ya bura...

geet maine kaha na main nahi khaungi,, mujhe pasand nahi ye fika khana,,

maan; to fir jao kicthen waha hain aur fridge v,, lelo jo khana hain...

geet goes to kitchen but to her luck there was just some food packet and full of continental she id fed up...

geet; wo waha to kuch nahi hain khane ko,,,bas kuch packets hain...

there was a knock on the door and before


maan could open it a cute but smart looking guy enters the apartment...


abbe saale maan,, main kab se tujhe phn kar raha hu aur tu yaha khana kha raha hain,, fikar k maare meri jaan ja rahi hain tu,,,,, but maan interupts

maan; aadi come down yaar,, ACP maan singh khurana ko kuch nahi hosakta ye tu v janta hain...

aadi; ACP k bacche pata tha yehi bolega but wo thakur k admi tujhe kutte ki tarha picha kar rahe hain aur wo log tujhe maarna chahte hain aur tu keh raha hain fikar na karu,, aur ha mr acp tu hoga p. station me mera to chuddy buddy hain na... till now geet was a silent spectator and aadi didn't notice her as well... but by look at her maan stop aadi and intruduce her with him...

maan; geet ye hain aadi, adhiraj srivastav.. senior inspector of crime branch delhi...

geet; who was shocked to hear the convo break out from her thought and said hello but on the other hand aadi to was shocked like hell... there was lots of thing he wants to ask,,,, but all he manage to say a meekly hii 

maan; geet tum andar jao main kuch lata hu aur tumhare pasand ka...

aadi; ahem ahem we need to talk ri8 NOW...

maan; hmm, 

aadi; ye sab kya horaha hain acp saab? ye ladki aur aa iske liye khana le jaoge oye hoye chal kya raha hain?

maan; aadiii,, aisa kuch nahi jo tum soch rahe ho,,he said while his face betrayed him,, he was continuously thinking about his encounter with geet,, and the moment in the room,, they were so close,, just the mere sight of that he feels something in his  stomac,, maan singh khurana and this feelings rubbish he thought,,, he just met her in the morning and now he he is thinking about her only...

aadi; kaha kjo gaye acp sahab? kuch bataoge ye sab kya horaha hain?

maan; tumhe subha ki baat yaad to hogi na,, main dhandiwal se bahar hi ja raha tha k mujhe geet nazar aayi,, dari huyi jaise kisise chup rahi thi, isse pehle main jata usse kuch admio ne gher liya,,,and tells him everything happens there...

aadi was hell shocked,, ek bhai aisa kaise kar sakta hain,, but yaha kuch v ho sakta hain...

aadi; accha kiya man usse yaha le aya,, bohot pyari ladki hain (abb to aadi ki kismat futi)

maan looks at him like a lion, don' know why he feels JEALOUS,, hmm J ans MAAN SINGH KHURANA cut the crap maan thought but the look on his face tells everything,, an aadi being his childhod frnd knows him very well,

aadi; maan kya soch raha hain, kis duniya me kho gaya?

maan; kuch nahi yaar,,, chod ye sab tu bata jis kaam k liye gaya wo huya? bindiya ka pata chala?

aadi; yaar pata to chal gaya lekin wo thakur k kabze me hain... wo gabahi nahi de sakegi lagta hain,,, tu to janta hain wo kamina kisi v haal me ye case jit k rahega,, ye uske bete k zindegi ka sawal hain... aur issi liye wo tere piche v padha hain, tujhe maarne k liye gunde bicha k rakhe hain q k uske bete ko ko jail poucha sakta ahain to wo tu hain,,, aur waise v ye delhi nahi dandhiwal hain jaha kisiko koi maar v daale to koi nahi jo karna soch samajh k...

maan;who was listening all this finally speaks aadi mujhe pata hain ye jagah kaisi hain,, aur mera yakeen maan mujhe kuch nahi hoga,, jab tak main us kamine ranjeet ko fansi na dila du tab tak shanti se nahi baithunga,, jo v hojaye... aur MAAN SINGH KHURANA ko marna ya marwana itna asan nahi,, hawa v mere se izazat liye bagaid mujhe nahi chu sakti...

aadi; ha but ek ladki tere dil pe jarur raaj kar sakti hain...

suddenly maan n aadi remember geet is in the room and waiting for food,,, now what will happen to them...




to be continued if u like it...



precap;  who is bindiya? how will maan rescue her? what she knows?

most importent abb geet kya karegiii maan aur aadi ka?? :)


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nyc one

waiting for next

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Downhill IF-Addictz

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simply superb

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