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ArHilicious Droolers#3: Life is bright like Diwali

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ArHilicious Droolers #3:  Life is bright like Diwali

Shine: Fairy after so much fight with I am done so finally I have thought to give u Shayam babua as ur dulha
Fairy: No u r bigger than me so u keep him :)
Shine: U need to follow my order u keep him
Fairy: No you
Shine: You
*Minu comes out of her dream of Arni cz of fight voices*
Minu: dont tell me u guys are again fighting for some but obvious reason. Okay I am ur mod so I am judge he is none of urs he is only and only mine
Shine and Fairy: eee now only we two are in war zone she selected Shayam babuaROFLCool
Minu: No... I mean what. I will ban u two
Fairy and shine: And we will do jadoo tona like ASRBig smile
Minu: Now I will leave burning crackers on u guys

Welcome to this week's Diwali Special Edition of ArHilicious Droolers.
I would like to thank all the team members for being so prompt and punctual with their sections and helping us bring this out. Congratulations, guys! Great effort!Clap
And of course, biggest Thank You to Minu who is the backbone of our forum.

Please enjoy reading further and do drop in your feedbacks to help us improve and
 u can discuss whole week episodes over hereEmbarrassed (:

1) Dialogue of the week: PurpleFairy

2) Song of the week: --sunshine--

3) Message to CVs
: minuu

4) Poem of the week: Cute.Sadaf

5) Siggy of the week
: minuu

6) Video avi of the week
: Miss-Pakiie-KMH

7) Video siggy of the week: minuu

8) Icon of the the week
: Miss-Pakiie-KMH

9) Summary of the week
: Tanthya

10) Funny scene of the week: the_rain

11) Joota Scene of the Week: rechup

12) Rakshabhandan Scene of the Week: aquablue17

13) Achari Scene of the Week: Mahi0809

14) Best Character of the Week: shobra

15) Most Irritating Character of the Week
: Wafa_94

16) Funny Character of the Week: -Ammie-

17) Most Active Thread of the week: -Fatz-

18) Most Active Member of the Week: -Fatz-

19) Best FF of the Week: Suvi7884

20) Best OS of the Week Suvi7884

21) Costume of the Week: PurpleFairy

22) Picture of the Week
: DaShIng_GiRl

23) Blooper of the Week: mazkachazka

24) Filler of the Week: cindrella255

25) Rating of the Week: PurpleFairy

26) Videomix of the week : khushix

Winner animated avis: --sunshine--
Newsletter banners/logos- khushix

Much love,
Newsletter Heads: Neethi (PurpleFairy) & Sanjana (--sunshine--)
and offcourse Minu (minuu) CoolROFL
Sanju(--sunshine--)  Neetz(PurpleFairy) and Minu(minuu)

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Anjali and the ladies are busy preparing for the diwali celebrations ,The workaholic Arnav is closeted n his bedroom..The ladies of Raizada try to get him down , when their effort fails, they turn to Khushi for help..A reluctant Khushi manages to get Arnav down ..Khushi almost blurts out about the pressure put on by her family to get her married but changes topic on seeing Arnav's shocked expression..Both steal glances at one another when Anjali is expounding about the glories of love & marriage ..

Lavanya continues her training on being an ideal Indian Bahu.. she requests Khushi to teach her on how to drape a saree..Khushi obliges  by tying it on herself  , Arnav watches Khushi's teaching lessons from his window , entranced..Khushi notices Arnav  watching her and gets uncomfortable, thinks she has become sick and rushes out to get medicines to alleviate her supposed 'acidity'..she begins to see Arnav everywhere ..Realization dawns on Khushi that the reason for her acidity and the fact that she been declining the marriage proposal of Shyam is down to one factor alone and that is , KHUSHI has FALLEN IN LOVE with ARNAV ..Khushi is shocked and very confused ..she cries alone thinking that  her love for Arnav will always be unrequited ..Shyam seizes this opportunity and tries to get closer to Khushi only to be rebuffed by Khushi..

Undaunted, Shyam continues to play his manipulative game ..Shyam pretends to be very active and sociable when  a group of nosy neighbors visit the Gupta house ..Buaji is embarrassed by the ladies obnoxious questions  and is very much impressed when Shyam defends the Guptas stoutly ..

Nani who was against La seems to be grudgingly accept La, La meanwhile wants to learn Diya making , Khushi happily agrees to teach her , discovers that she has forgotten to get clay..La suggests that Khushi can take some mud from Arnav's pots .. A tensed Khushi does so and is caught by Arnav..Khushi lets go off the mud in fright, part of which enters her eyes and causes her irritation ..Arnav eases her irritation , while this process makes them intensely aware of each other ..they step back awkwardly and continue on their routine...while in the middle of Diya making..Khuhsi mistakenly assumes that Arnav is employing some sort of magic on her and decides to teach Arnav a lesson..she mixes some herbal concoction into his juice, which causes severe cough in Arnav...Khushi comes to know the truth ,decides to confess and apologize for her stupid act ..However before she can even embark on her apology, A furious Arnav who had caught khushi's prank in his webcam yanks her angrily inside and points at the monitor in cold anger..A remorseful Khushi admits to her mistake, apologizes and seeks punishment ..A flabbergasted Arnav cannot even  think of a punishment and asks Khushi as to what sort of punishment she deserves...Khushi drinks the same adulterated juice , begins to cough and fulfills the in sickness  part beautifully  and like a concerned wife, she urges Arnav to drink up the herbal concoction to ward off the cough..

Anjali gifts sari's to La and Khushi ..The saris are inadvertently exchanged, khushi gets La's sari.. which is a red colored one and one which is a fav color of **Ahem** Ahem** Arnav Singh Raizada..Khushi leaves for home with her gift..She is met by a saintly looking Shyam, a serious looking Buaji ..Shyam continues his march to pseudo sainthood by saying that he does not want to embarrass the Gupta's further by his presence during festival day, a day when neighbors will be dropping in for visits while in actuality, he is leaving for RM , since he knows that Khushi will not be at the RM mansion on the day of Diwali..Buaji applies emotional pressure on Khushi , urging her to marry Shyam..Payal lends her support to Khushi , tells Khushi that the family will stay by her regardless of er decision...Khushi smiles sadly..

This is the time again for Funny Scene of the Week. Quite a few contenders this week as it was a rocking week full of wonderful scenes. This week's Funny Scene of the Week is of course the black magic one, beating Khushi's multiple hilarious dreams throughout the week by a little margin.

What a scene! Here our dutiful Chotey was tying lemon and green chili in the Neem tree, talking to someone in his Bluetooth headset. And our Sankadevi thought that her Lard Governor Arnav Singh Raizada was doing black magic on her. Honestly! What an imagination. She even took trouble to imagine him wearing a black voodoo outfit and chanting. The whole scene was directed very well, when they showed the scene from Khushi's perspective, it actually looked like Arnav was chanting something since his words were on mute and they didn't let the viewers actually wonder by showing simultaneously that Arnav is actually talking to someone on his phone. And it would be a sin not to mention the wonderful score that was being played in the background.

Khushi recalls her Buaji telling about her being under some spell and decides to stop Arnav from mouthing the words. And what she chooses to do, ofcourse something stupid - complete Khushi Kumari Gupta style. She mixed some spice like thing in his juice and hid instantly behind the curtain watching him drink it. And though it was kind of mean the way she was imitating him cough, who can not smile the way she was doing it? Only our Khushi can pull up something like this.

All in all, it was an amazing scene, well directed, well acted, a bit illogical but who cares about so much logic when it can deliver a good laugh, right?

A special mention to the scene when Arnav sees mud in his room and blurts out 'Mitti?' while still on phone and poor Aman asks tentatively, "Foreign clients ko mitti dena hain Sir?"

Wish you a nice weekend with lots of ArHilicious dreams!

Evil SmileJoota scene is the scene after watching it we all are about to break our TV scenes.Evil Smile
This week was somewhat cool, we didnt got much opportunity to takeoff our chappals.

The two people in the show, towards them we loose our temper is Shyam and Buaji.Angry

Then it is obvious that the joota scene will be of them only. So here comes the joota scene of the week.

" Shyam acted nice infront of some guests in Buaji's house, they suspected the presence of him in the house with two girls, Khushi and Payal. He acted to be irritated infront of Buaji and expressed his desire to leave the house. He then gifted two gold bangles to Buaji and pressurized her to speed up his marriage with Khushi. Buaji was left fuming in anger and decided to talk with khushi regarding this matter."

ArHi are among my favorite jodis of all time, and I love writing the Achari scenes about them. This week I was stuck among 2 ArHi scenes out of which I had to pick the hottest one Blushing. One was the soil spilt scene with Arnav coming to the rescue, while the second one was Khushi talking about the prospect of marriage with Anjali and Arnav eavesdropping on it and by the end of it, he ended up being the one on the bottom ROFLROFL... with Khushi on top. 

I just adored how Khushi was blabbering to herself about marriage and Anjali caught that LOLLOL. So she diverted the entire conversation to Anjali and began to ask a 'professional', 'experienced' person regarding marriage. When Anjali answered that she had fallen in love, Khushi was delighted at the thought of a love marriage: "Aap ki shadi LOVE wali thi "... awwwHug.. and Arnav who was putting up the lights on the pillar pretended to be engrossed in his work while actually concentrating on Khushi . 

She then asked Anjali about how she found out that her hubby was the one for her.. (my reactions at this point: Broken Heart D'ohDead), and the best part was that Arnav did not even once interrupted this conversation Embarrassed. Makes me think, he actually doesn't mind Khushi talking about 'Love' Day Dreaming... After Anjali left, Arnav staggered on the stool and fell. Khushi tried to warn him of the disbalance, but too late, he took her down with him Evil Smile... and then the INTENSIVE, the PASSIONATE, the SEXY-LICIOUS eye lock BlushingHeart ... the bg... Aaj Khushi Uper, Arnav hai neeche ROFL... I mean Bahon ke Darmiyan, do pyar mil rahay hain.LOLLOL... no no our ArHi anthem "Rabba Ve"Heart played at the background.

They say when people in a fight are made to patch up, they are either told to shake hands, or to hug each other to forget the old differences Geek. So I feel the closeness in proximity actually does work. These two who at a point couldn't each stand each other are now so close to each other, and one of the reasons is due to the lessening of the distances. Next week looks highly interesting Dancing, lets see whats in store for us!!

Well this week, the best scene was definitely between our lovely Arnav and Anjali. How sweet this two are. Yesterday, poor Anjali told Arnav to take his nazar off. The poor guy got in so much trouble due to that since his soon to be wife thought he was doing jhaadu toona!! Only Khushi would think that I swear haha. So I thought the best line was when Anjali told Arnav that he would have to do what she is saying since if he did not then she would get mad. And then poor Arnav would have to go around the house saying sorry to Anjali, trying to get to forgive him. Following which, he will have to do what she said. Now that is a smart sister right there. She has learned from her brother on how to be a good business woman and from her creep of a husband, how to be a good lawyer. She sees the deal and lays it down. Then she uses examples to strengthen her statement, arguing as well like a good lawyer would! Love this two. They are amazing!

Well that's all!

Lots of Love


This week was full of Mami's yapping...First  it was Mami bani Master Chef ...They are airing promos for every other 5 minutes...What is the necessity for promoting it thru IPKKND...It was so stretched and irritating

Then Mami eating Mud's cake...If it was included for comic relief...Sorry CV's, It did not serve the purpose...And her name-calling is getting way to repetitive and irking

Apart from these two scenes there were lot of scenes in which she did nothing but taunting Khushi n calling her phatee saree...We know her dislike for Khushi...repeating it again n again does nothing but irritates...Hope we will get to see episodes with less fillers in the week ahead...

Sharmi Smile

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 2:05pm | IP Logged
for this week's BC i thought of taking anjali but later i thought no need cz she was praisin la for changing arnav! so this tym too he is d best character nd he is none other thn my favourite my own handsomeWink                               
 he has bcome so different nw! he longer becomes angry wit khushi! when khushi was dreamin of arnav as diff avatars nd hit him he didnt ask her wat d! he juz looked at her weirdly. when she stole his soil ASR as usual should get angry but told her to take another soil! he blowed her eyes when mud got over her eyes too! nd when he came to know dat khushi put dat thing in his juice, he first scolded her but didnt remind of her aukat! thnk god! he listened to watever she said patiently! ithna carin he juz have gone crazy over khushiji!Wink pyaar pyaar sirf pyaar humari arnav bitua ko pyaar hogaya!LOL  

Hey peeps! This week's most irritating character definitely has to be Shyam. His usual antics were not something exceptional, however what he is doing in order to marry Khushi is disgusting. Though there was a tough match going between Buaji and Shyamji for this category but ultimately Shyam babua won! Throughout the week, he irritated me like hell(and I'm guessing you all feel the same). I don't get that even though Khushi has refused him time and again that she doesn't want to marry him, he still continues to pursue her without shame. I mean he has a wife, for God's sake!!!  How does he plan to live his life with two wives while managing to keep them away from each other when Khushi and Anjali have gotten to close? Shyam needs to open his eyes and think before getting mental in the quest of marrying Khushi. Well, the guy has got guts, i must say. He's switching places often even though he knows Khushi is at both places. So frustrating!

Hiya guys and welcome to the funniest character of the week section..!! This week has been filled with laughter and romance...each and everyone contributed to making it hil-a-rious...Mami eating "Mud cake", ASR asking Khushi whether he had to pay her extra sallery so she would shut up and Khushi thinking that ASR is doing kaala jadoo (black magic) on her was just hilarious..and all we ipkknd Fans could do was Roll on the floor laughing!!ROFL
So yea Deciding this week's funny character wasn't hard at all..!! We all know that there is only one winner in every who do u think won the game of making us laugh this week?? any guesses?? no? Oh well i'll just get over the suspense bit cause m epicly failing at it and tell u guys the winner...Yes it is our Jalebi Girl, Miss Khushi Kumari Gupta, sister to Payalya, BFF to la and Love Interest of ASRROFL
So KKG is back on track and she's giving us the fits of laughter yet again..!! Her wild Imagination is just amazing, she can even manage to imagine someone like ASR (Who smiles once a month and laughs once a yearROFL) as a dhoobi, security Guard and a auto Khushi good imagination...wish we could do that too!!
She has also started seeing future (cosult KKG if u want to see ursROFL) so she sees herself as ASR's wife, and makes him jalebies(awww)Embarrassedand then asks him how she looks to which she gets told that she looks like the Mumbai ka auto riskshawROFL Now that's ASR for Khushi..!! LOL
And last but not the least Khushi imagines him as a Tantaric doing magic on her...well all i can see is that Khushi ji jadoo tu he is doing on u...but its the pyaar ka jaadoo...and u can not help urself from falling for him wat so just give up on that one cause no matter how hard u try u will end him falling in love with him that's for sure..!!Wink
Okay guys done with the blabber for this week...for those who hate reading (like me) this might help:
Love AmmieEmbarrassed

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Khushi over here seriously looked different total autowaliROFL

As ArHi are khoye khoye so they are thinking what has happened to him. So the song is Kuch to hua hai from Kal ho na ho

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so ever since this week started we all experienced a number of obvious bloopers like the suddenly done Rangoli,OP appearing behind mami and so on,well also we had few scenes where Sanaya's body double (BD) was used,like this scene ,but my point is when Sanaya and Barun were present to make this scene together,I fail to understand why they had to re-shoot the scene with Sanaya's BD??..then after like replaying/re-watching the scene for like plenty of times I realized it was perhaps done to capture ASR's weird expressions..though I totally never encourage BD's..Sleepy

and not to forget enormous amount of mixing-matching done with Barun's look with the old and new hair-cut..esp. in this scene, a part of the scene had ASr in his old look and part of it with the new hair-cut..this little thing irked me as it broke the continuity for me..Ouch

new haircut 

old look

Lastly this peculiar blooper caught my eye..its when Khushi is choraofying mitthi from ASR's gamla' to deliver the mitthi at the diya-making  place,Khushi carries a handful from the pool-side till the main hall and in this scene,she starts off with full-mitthi in her hands and at this point the mitthi seems to vanish and then when she's about reaching the hall the mitthi appears in her hands  ..Confused

luv Kauser Smile

Dialogue of the week goes to Anjali when she explains about to Khushi that how she found the perfect guy. That dialogue carried emotions

Pride and Glory
" Beautiful Collision Of Feelings "

The softness of those eyes
Erased everything I had known
Everything I once believed
They made me vulnerable again & again,
As I lie in my bed,
Your name running through my head.
All I can think of is you, And all that you do.
The way you look at me., I feel as if I'm in a dream.
The blue sky, Reminds me of your eyes
Which gives me butterflies., You have brightened my life
These Feelings brings shivers down to my spine
As I've stepped In the Dreamland Of New Castle
Your Memories, Your touch, Your smile
All makes me subtle, when your single pat gives me strength
When I think of my past, Nothing can compare
With how my life turned out now
You've taught me the freedom of Love
Given me a reason to go on and Live
I never thought of this feelings before
All I have was black and white in my life
Now that you're here in my silly heart
I wonder why do I see rainbow in front of me
Now what should I do?
With this crazy feelings inside
A feeling that lets you float in the air
You've pulled me inside in this lovely world 
Still Unfelt sentiments is running in my Head
I feel your fragrance In my Heart, near to my Body
In Paradise Of LOVE, I See You and Me together
Where beauty existed, Without envy
When time elapsed, Within a gust
These Melting Emotions are On a Blazing Flames
Where My heart is seeking for the Key to Open it Up now.

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and noow presenting the best avi of the Weeek Hug

& the winner is ... " ..." anyy names coming into your minds !? i think many must be comming atleast theey should comeLOL for me its clear and the mosr deserving maker is ...

none other thaan the super talented " Jyotika " (...Jojo...)ClapHug

for making these beauitfuuul Avi'sBig smile )=


Congraatz Galz !! <3 DancingParty

the best icon of the weeek is ... drumrollzDancing
any guesses !? 
well this person is a superb user of PS i caan bet thaat ROFL
IS She famouus in I-F Cityyy ?: damn suureROFL
okaay no more suspense Big smileLOL the winner icon is 

made byyy Aish Hug

This week choosing SOTW was extremely difficult.. due to the amazing ArHi scenes we've had, everyones been making so many sigs.. Lekin, the talk is of the new promo.. Jadu hai nasha hai Day Dreaming So the SOTW had to be from the CAPs of that promo naa? Blushing And the winning siggy is:

Made by: aishhh.

Unfortuneatly, we don't have many creative who make video siggiesOuch.. But we have one amazing creative who does Dancing This video siggy was made on request and was made on a very romantic ArHi scene known as the 'light scene' Embarrassed.. The winning VSOTW is:

Made by: ~*Ani*~

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 2:55pm | IP Logged

To the Precipice...MARRIAGE !! The GORDIAN KNOT by tanthya

I feel we had a decent week. However, it wasn't as good as the last couple of them. But I'm giving CVs the benefit of doubt of festive season. Maybe they didn't show much with the assumption that people will be busy with Diwali preparations (which is totally justified). 
On one hand, we did have some good ArHi moments like the Rangoli one and the one in Arnav's backyard but some of them were forced and unnecessary like the whole jadu tona misconception. La and Mami with their whole Mission 'Promote Master Chef' was a waste and I'd rather change the channel than watch Shyam. However, as least interested as I was in Nani accepting La, it does add to the story so objectively speaking, it's a positive point.
The latest promo happens to be the saving grace even though it is, technically speaking, a part of next week.
However, despite being slightly loose, this week had it's highs and I won't say I'm disappointed for the reasons I've already mentioned.


CVs.. CVs.. UFF Silly You are making us viewers crazy!!! What romance.. kya passion.. kya paar hai yaarStar 5 stars to you. Enjoyed each and every ArHi scene.One thing, viewers also want to see some more of PayAsh and very less on Shyam, just expose him soon naa.. he is doing us viewers head inSleepy Looking forward to the upcoming week diwali special episodes.. promos say alot, we have high expectationsWink

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Ni hao!

See, I'm learning new languages for you guysTongueLOL

I hope you all had a great DiwaliBig smile 
Ok lets just start because I have an exam and I haven't really studied...muchEmbarrassed
So here goes:
The Beginning, by the_rain
Me likey the poolside sceneBlushing
And the writing style is awesome, like her's always is..
To her it is 'Lame and Long' but to me its 'Lantastic and Lawesome'
Sorry, I tried googling compliments that start with L, but mujhe kuch nahi mila..ConfusedLOL

The Most Unromantic Romance, by shailusri1983
The characters are all ulta phulta, but I love the conceptEmbarrassed
Virtual friends, but real life mein not so friendlyLOL
Looking forward to reading moreBig smile

That's it for now
Ta-ta bye bye..
PM me your FF/OS links if you want me to read them...
I read a lot of OSes, but there may be many I've missed..
And FFs, I'm trying to read all of the new ones, which makes it harder for me to catch up on old if your FF has like 50 parts already, I'm sorry but I'll be slow, but you can still PM meEmbarrassed
Thank youBig smile

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