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JiYa FF: The Masterpiece Ch.4 P.8 jan16th (Page 4)

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Originally posted by piyabhay4ever

Nice startSmile. Looking forward to the masquerade party. I am guessing jeh will be an arrogant dude
Thank you dearSmile
Jeh will be...
I think it is better u wait and watchLOL

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Originally posted by Amu.PunjabiKuri

Nidha that was amazing yaar.. seriously!!! please update soom Smile 
Thank you Amu...
The credit is due to Tich as well...
This part is written in half and half, half me and half Tich...Smile
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Originally posted by ..-Komal-..

Omgg love it! Fabulous job
Continue soon (:
Thank you Komal
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Originally posted by -Zeenat-

Amazing updateee!!
Cont. soonnn :))
Thank you Zeenat
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Chapter 2

The Masquerade
Misha and I reached at the party. As I handed over the car keys to the valet I looked at Misha pulling down the lower hem of her dress.
"Misha darling, keechne se tum aur zyadha sexy ho jawogi" I said with mischievous grin.
"Huh?" Misha frowned, confused .
"Means you will probably tear it which will further reveal that sexy leg of yours and Sid will have a hard time keeping men off you" I said in a sing song manner, all the time moving away from Misha's reach. Misha glowered at me but didn't make any attempts to catch me as she was busy trying to walk normally in the short dress.
 All thanks to Sid that he has put a  dress code. Only gowns or dresses for the women and jackets are mandatory for men. Or else it would have taken me hours to convince Misha to get rid of her stupid jeans and wear that knee length sparkly dark orange dress with a matching face mask.

 Well perhaps Sid wanted everyone to be least recognizable at this masquerade party what with masks and all. I was damn sure no one would easily recognize Misha at one glance. Ah! But the very first thing I thought to do here was to meet the new photographer. How would I identify him? I decided to leave this matter for time-being and we entered the party. I had worn a long  black off shoulder gown with golden studs and a golden mask.


-"Wow! Piya, just look at there?" Misha pointed out enthusiastically.
-"Who Misha, the new photographer?" I asked looking at the direction.
-"No bimbo" "the drinks.."
I shook my head. "I'll meet you ok" and she ran to the bar.
Sid's parties were always exceptionally the best and never to be missed. He loves theme parties especially. Everything he decides would be elegant and authentic. And he has his arms open for everyone. That's the reason all looks forward to them. One would have a very great time.
Kabir came to me. "Hey piya" I know anyone can recognize me. I'm the only one with long curls.
-"Hey Kabir," I greeted, "Wow you look dashing in your white t-shirt, but aren't you supposed to wear a jacket and a mask?"
-"Actually I was helping here in organizing. I'll wear once the game starts"
-"Game???" I was excited. "What game?"
-"A aa!" Kabir nodded in a no. "It's a suspense" you'll know. It would start soon as everyone needs to see others faces"
His eyes searched here and there.. "Where's Mish?" he asked.
-"Kabir.. if mish isn't with me then where would she be. Obviously near the bar."
-Kabir looked at that side, "Where?"
-"There in orange dress" I pointed out.
I could see a clear shock in Kabir's face. He excused and went to her. I could see he lifted her mask. I giggled. Obviously he needed to confirm.
Then I met Sid, Panchi and all. Mish joined us. Then we saw Tanushree entering the party. OMG! I exclaimed to Misha. She leaves no chance to grab attention. Whether it's about being clothed for namesake in shortest possible dress or anything else, like coochikooing with the boss. Whatever!
 Our attention was turned to the stage. Sid said few words about being very happy about the magazines progress. Then thanked everyone for being the part of the evening. And promised to make it memorable. The one lady who shares a perfect chemistry with her partner will be the queen of masquerade. He atlast handed over to Kabir after thanking him for his efforts in the magazine and also for organizing todays evening.
-"Ok friends, I know everyone's eager for the party to start. And I know you must be thinking how couples would be chosen, isn't it?" Kabir said in his ever zealous voice.
-"Yes!!!" all of us shouted.
-"Ok, it goes like this. Sorry my brothers but it will be girls who would choose the partner of their will; afterall every girl wants to be the queen."
-"Oh no." all the guys expressed their dismay. while there was triumphant smiles on the girls' faces.
"That's not fair" one guy spoke up.
-"Hmm" Kabir said "then let's make it fair"
Misha exchanged a wondering glance with me.
"All the guys would stand in a group with their masks and jackets on. And the girls would select them without seeing. That would be equal." Kabir challenged.
"For example, I love Misha" his zeal was replaced by a soft tone as if some music was playing in his background "but unfortunately if she doesn't chose me, then I should abide by my rules this entire evening I will have to watch her with someone else" dissapointment clearly laced his voice. He was bothered about the mere idea of seeing Misha with some one else.I always had a little suspicion that Kabir loves Misha. And Misha is ignorant of this, even now as a matter of fact. But today it's undeniable from Kabir's side atleast. Actually, Misha, Kabir and I were like three musketeers. We knew each other right from our school days, we were in the same college and now we are colleagues. Perhaps this was the reason why Kabir has always been hesitant to tell her what lies beneath this thick friendship. I put a bet with myself; if today Misha chose Kabir then they'll definitely be together someday.

He gathered himself and his zeal returned "is that ok guys, that's the rule. And girls, whoever you select, whether you like it or not he is your partner for tonight. It's just a game for you to win the title."
"Now is everyone ready??" he stretched his hand towards the crowd bellowing out.
-"YES!!!" all of us screamed back.
After a few minutes, the lights were dimmed. All the girls were waiting for the guys near the bar. And all the guys entered and assembled at the centre of the dance floor. All their jacket buttons were closed and each had a different mask. Girls one by one went to each and every guy who stood like a statue and selected one. When Misha went there I was eager to see who will be the poor guy. I didn't even knew if Kabir had joined them. Then Misha selected a guy with a white jacket. I looked at him carefully. What could I see? Nothing. But no wait, I did see something. His watch. Yes, it was Kabir. I was so happy.
Then it was my turn. I went through all the rows and looked at each and every one of them. I had decided to select a guy who looks hot even in a closed jacket. That's possible I checked their shoulders and abs. Why do guys put lots of eau de cologne? Someone should make an announcement that instead of turning on a woman it would drive her away. Duh!
As I reached a guy towards the middle of the last row wearing a black krissh mask, he smelled of a very mild mineral and aloe. Definitely it has zero percent alcohol in it. It was heavenly. I slowly caught hold of his arm and brought him to my side.
All the partners were chosen. Guys could open or take off their jackets if they want. It was the time to rock. My partner gently put his hand around my waist and his other hand was in mine. We swayed along the slow romantic music. I could sense that he was little hesitant.
-"I know its little weird" I started the conversation "but I belong to you this evening just as you belong to me"
He smiled a little and unzipped his jacket. Red shirt with top tow buttons open revealing a little of his well toned chest. Hotness personified I must agree. He made himself comfortable by opening the buttons on his cuffs and rolling his sleeves upto his elbow. A Rado watch adorned his wrist. He relaxed his hands. And was now back to dance.
-"I'm ok now" he said.
Our slow dance was replaced by a little fast pace as the music changed to jazz.
-"it's so strange, all these masquerade parties.." I said.
-"Why?" he asked in rough husky voice which was like music to my ears
-"we don't even see the person's face and try to make a connection. I mean so silly" I said. But I was shamelessly stealing glances at his chest in between. Thank god, I wouldn't be noticeable behind the mask. I was helpless, his physique was undeniably hot.
-"connections happen through hearts not faces,"  he expressed, "and what is in a person's heart can be read through eyes. May be that's the reason why the faces are hidden exposing only the eyes"
"Look into my eyes Piya, and you'd know the irrational rationale of  a masquerade ball" he said in his rough husky voice. The whisper was driving me crazy and I did as he said. Looked into his eyes.
That was unbelievable. His topaz grey eyes were sexier than his chest. I then abruptly remembered, didn't he just call out my name?
-"Hey, how do you know my name?" I asked him.
-"Actually when I submitted few pictures for cover page Siddharth told me that Piya will be selecting one that fits her story and he showed you to me"
-"So you are the new photographer?" I couldn't believe my fate.
-"Hmm" he said casually.
-"I saw you in the morning. I mean I didn't see you.. no I mean I didn't see your face, you left and.." I fumbled with words trying to make a coherent sentence. His alluring scent, sexy physique, sexy as hell eyes and seductive voice were playing havoc on my senses. People might think it is weird for a girl to be driven this crazy by a guy at first sight. That too without seeing his face. But hey! I am.
-"I left in a hurry" he said. And I admired his lip and jaw movement. They were so alluring.
-"I expected you to turn back to see how many were swooning over you" I blurted out and then bit my tongue
-"Honestly' the reason is that I get nervous if I'm given unwanted attention. I prefer to be in a woolgathering crowd, except before the ones who are close to me" he replied with an almost nervous smile.
Misha was right, he isn't arrogant. But a true gentleman. He seems to have won my heart. No one  had, ever before in my life, interested me so much .
-"If you don't mind," I asked him "May I know your name?"
-"I just want you to feel me right now, I just want to see if we both would share a chemistry and win the title as strangers" he replied with a smile
-"But that's unfair, I want to see you at least" with this I tried to touch his mask to take it off but he immediately caught hold of my hand. He slowly lowered it and turned me around along the dance.
I stopped this resolve of mine as he was adamant. The music then changed to rock and roll. The fast dance moves have become faster with more swifts and prompts. I have never enjoyed so much in my life. Everyone were trying to catch the music in their steps and ending up in laughs. I saw my partner was also smiling fully and laughing a little as he shaked with me. That was the most dazzling smile I have ever seen. He was right, names and faces aren't needed to make a connection. From the time I looked into his eyes, I have never left my gaze into them. Nor did he. His eyes were fixed and piercing into mine.
I didn't know how it happened but as he turned me around as the fastest music played I hit my bosom onto his hard torso. That was when I let out a sudden gasp in panic. Not due to other reasons but because I thought that perhaps I know him.
-"Have I met you before?" I asked him with a sudden stop in dance.
The music changed to a romantic song.
-"I just love this song. Its one of my favorites" he said in a husky whisper as he put my hands on his shoulders and then brought me closer through my waist. "Come let's dance"
-"I have asked you something" I pleaded.
-"Well, actually'" he scratched his temples, "i.."
He was at the exact moment interrupted by Siddharth's voice on the dais, "hey lovely people, now I'm going to announce the queen of masquerade and its none other than'. Piya'."
I went onto the dais and Siddharth put a crown on me and gave a bouquet of roses. "aah! Piya, my love, what a dance! The smile on your face didn't vanish even for a second. I just love your enthusiasm"
-"Thanks Siddharth" I blushed with a smile.
-"Wow! What a million dollar smile! The credit should be given to your partner"
"May I have her king over here please?"
He came and stood next to Sid.
"So, the king of masquerade what can you do for your queen?" Sid asked in his lan.
He smiled at me. I smiled back. He asked for a guitar.
Woh pehli baar jab hum mile, haaton mein haath jab hum chale
Hogaya ye dil deewana, hota hai pyar kya iss ne jaana'
Teri aankhon mein jannat basaaa ke chala,
Teri zulfon ki chaaon mein chalta chala'
Tere naino mein chain tere lab pe khushi,
Tujhko hi main mohabbat banaake chala'
My heart skipped beats on beats when he slowly sang it. Or did it stop beating totally?
I came to senses when he started the speed phase of the song.
Woh pehli baar jab hum mile, hogaye shuru yeh silsile
Hogaya ye dil seewana, hota hai pyar kya iss ne jaana'
Khilti kaliyonmein dhoondu bas tere nishaan,
Main jaanu ye aakhir hai kya kaarva'
Maine kho ke hai chain paayi tujhmein khushi,
Tu bani jaane jaane meri zindagi'
I was just transported into my dreamland. My prince charming was right in front of me. And I think fallen in love with him.
He left the dais as soon as he finished his song. I wanted to follow but as I got down all surrounded me congratulating. Nevertheless I wanted to go. I crossed them and came outside the house. I looked in the lawn.
And there I saw him. He had his back towards me and then turned sideward. He was talking on the phone; from the side I was watching him. So he didn't have his mask, while his other hand was in his pocket I guess. I walked towards him slowly as the moonlight fell on me. As I approached him I felt so stupid of stalking a guy when it should be other way round, after all I'm Piya Jaiswal. I reached him, he finished his call and then' I put my hand on his shoulders. He turned to look who it is and found me. But I was dumbfounded when I saw his face.
He looked at me with all the happiness. And here I was a bit confused. He smiled with joy.
-"Jeh???" I asked hesitantly. "Jeh is it you?"
-"What happened Piya? I haven't changed so much that you fail to recognize me" he asked with a raised eyebrow.
I didn't understand what to say. I couldn't make out if I was happy. One part of my heart was glad that he was Jeh and the other part was screaming, why it had to be Jeh?.
-"Piya, I would just love to talk to you. But right now I need to go. Mom had called. She is alone and it is already late"
"It was a pleasure meeting you Piya. See you tomorrow. Bye"
And he walked off with a smile.
It has been a while he left but I still stood there. After five years I met him. In a way he has changed a lot. But in the case he hasn't changed at all. He isn't the fat and nerdy Jeh who had thick glasses and braces now. But he's still the same Jeh who was honest and polite. i was comparing with the past when I heard my name "Piya'" I turned back. It was Misha.
She came to me and I asked her,
-"Misha Dobriyal, you knew right, that the new photographer is Jeh Khurana?"
-"Off course yaar, after all I am the one with brains" Misha gloated with a grin
-"Now I know what you were hiding and why didn't you reply me. You could have told me earlier" I gave her a whithering look
-"Whoa!! C'mon Piya. You saw him right. How changed he is, so I thought when you see him... I wanted you to be total surprised"
"Ok now lets go home, I'm hell tired man"
I agreed.
'Surprised?' I thought 'I'm bloody shocked'
-"Kabira you talked to Jeh and didn't recognize him?"
-"huh.." he gave perplexed expressions, "no, who's he?"
-"arre that nerdy jumbo in our school who had excellent painting skills"
Kabir scratched his head trying to remember.
"yaar, the one who was fultoo lattoo over piya"

Okay girls!
Here is the next one, majorly written by Tich with certain teensy editings by me...
Comment and Criticize!

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Res !!!

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loved the update. The connection between piya and jeh is amazing!

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awesome update! can't believe jay was a nerd. lol
cont soon (:

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