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MY MYSTIQUE MISHTY thread 2:imp note page 130 (Page 59)

ridhz21 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 18 January 2012 at 1:29am | IP Logged
Nice update

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madhubala123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2012 at 3:55am | IP Logged

First of all get ready with your juti and chappals... Ouch LOL


Maan couldn't take his eyes away from her.Her innocence and purity couldn't be xpressed in words.

Geet: bas! If you have finished your drooling session,lets attend our wedding.

Maan blushed at this naive accusation. Either babaji should have knocked some sense in her or he shouldn't have blessed her with superhuman powers!

Wait Maan,u cant even think aloud. Thankfully mishty had already left or else he would have been in great trouble.

Maan (followed her): Mishty... Dadima ko bhi bula lo..Nakul! Get my car ready.

Dadima was elated. Finally his grandson is getting married.

Maaneet took the blessings of dadima.
Geet: ok dadima,lets go!
Dadi: ok beta.

They left in the car. Adi was all ready at the court.
Adi: welcome Maan sir.
Maan: everything ready?
Adi: yes sir.

Abhay and Piya were also there. An excited Pinky hugged Geet.
The people at the premises lukd amused as they saw the cutest bride jumping and laughing at her own marriage. Finally they signed in the presence of registrar with Abhay and Pinky as witness. Dadima handed the ring to Maan. He put the ring on Geet's finger and kissed her palm in front of everyone. Abhay and Piya handed them the garland.They exchanged it with some fun ofcourse! And then dadi gave the sindur to Maan which he applied on her forehead. Adi gave the 'mangalsutra' which tied mishty to Maan forever and ever in this birth!

Everyone wished them a great life ahead and they happily accepted all the blessings.

Somehow a few media people reached there and enquired about the marriage. Its Savitri Devi who answered them.

Dadi: We are arranging a grand reception and all of you will be invited there.

Maan put his hand around her shoulder and stood proudly. In between they had some very private small-talks,
Maan: Mishty, so you are now Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana!
Geet: hmm and you are Mr.Geet!

She giggled as Maan eyed her. He couldnt hold back and he laughed.
Maan: ok, Mrs.Khurana wats your first wish?
Geet: first wish?
 Maan: My wife's very first wish!

He would have xpected a diamond jewellery,honeymoon or atleast a romantic dinner. But is he still capable of judging Mishty?

Maan:me tumhe?
Geet: wo..
Maan:bolo na Mishty!
Geet: Maan..i want to go for a long drive! Really long rash-drive!

Maan was shocked as always. Wat was so romantic in this that she blushed! And may be she is the first ever wife to ask for a rash-drive as a wedding gift from her husband.But then, her wish is his command.
Geet: sachi?
Maan :yes!
Maan informed Adi about the drive and askd him to bring the car.
Maaneet left without informing anyone else. Maan took her on a ride through Gurgaon road...

The moment their car went out of sight, Abhay came running to Adi,
Abhay: Maan aur Geet kaha he?
Adi: wo log to drive pe nikle he
Abhay: which car?
Adi: Maan sir's BMW! He he he..his fav!
Abhay: my God Adi! Stop them!
Adi: why sir?
Abhay: i got an info now. Dad wants revenge. So he had set up men to kill Maan and Geet! They disabled the car's break!
Adi: wat?
Abhay: we dont have time. Try to contact them. Piya and I will go for them!
Adi: me bhi aata hu
Abhay:no! U stay here with dadima
Adi: ok.

Every one tried to contact them. But Maaneet had already switched off their mobiles. Geet was driving the car, the way she wished, rash-drive! Maan watched her lovingly as she enjoyed herself. They were singing songs,whistling and were just freaking out overwhelmed by the joy of their life being united together.

Pinky and Adi were trying their numbers but in vain.Abhay and Piya tried to follow Maaneet but they were too far to reach.

 Geet was driving the car zig-zag all the way while Maan was enjoying her. At some point Geet had an intuition of something wrong coming. By then she could see Abhay's car through the rear mirror. For a fraction of second, her eyes met with Abhay and she got it. Suddenly a tanker lorry came from the opposite side. Even before Maan could comprehend wat was happening, Mishty threw him out with all her power. As he rolled out of the car,he saw it hitting the tanker.The car skidded away and the tanker busted!

'Mishtyyy... ', shouted he.. as his eyes witnessed the horror! Abhay stopped his car as he saw the explosion from a distance. He knew it was them. Piya and Abhay got out of the car and ran towards the spot.

Maan had some rashes on knees,arms and forehead,otherwise he was fine. But Mishty??? A chill ran through his body and his heart became numb as he saw the tanker almost burnt and the car crushed under it.

PRECAP: Will mishty come back or will Maan have to wait for her forever and ever????? Cry Cry

 Hope u like this. I think that was the most cruel update i had ever given. I am so sorry.. but after all this is a 'mystique love story' Embarrassed

One more update coming up...Big smile

Edited by madhubala123 - 21 January 2012 at 4:11am

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honeygrape IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2012 at 4:15am | IP Logged
you better update soon cant leave us at this waiting eagerly for the next part

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madhubala123 IF-Dazzler

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Posted: 21 January 2012 at 4:57am | IP Logged


The fire was spranging out still. But Maan didn't even notice that. He moved ahead towards the tanker luking for his Mishty. Thankfully Abhay and Piya stopped him at the right time.
Abhay: Maan where r u going?
Maan:let me go...she is there! My mishty! My girl!
Abhay: Maan its dangerous.plz..
Maan: my wife is in danger damit!

Maan ran near the car and Abhay followed him. They lukd for her everywhere in the tanker and car. Not even a trace of her body was found!

Finally Abhay murmured to Piya: i think..she is..b..burnt completely!

Maan heard it and he stared at them like a mad man. He walked away without uttering a word. Just then a cold breeze touched his chest.. He knew that it had her scent. He became alive again.
He shouted,'She is here..somewhere. Mishtyy.. Kaha ho tum?'

A few metres away he found her dupatta flying in the air. He followed it and finally found some movement near the bushes. His heart almost stopped beating as he saw her tender body lying in a pool of blood. It was evident that she was thrown out of the car at the very first crash between the two vehicles. He remembered how she refused to wear a selt belt when he insisted to do so. Thankfully she didn't or else she wouldn't be alive.

Some stray dogs were sniffing around her. He shooed them away and took her in his arms.

Maan: ankhe kholo Mishty! Look at me...

But she was unconscious.Thats when he noticed that her ear was bleeding. It was a danger alarm. A head injury! He couldn't think anymore.
Meanwhile Piya had called for the ambulance. They rushed her to the hospital.

Six hours passed,
Dadima was sitting outside the ICU with tears in her eyes. Maan stood in a corner pale and lifeless.
The doctor came out atlast.
Dr. : its a head injury.internal bleeding. We have tried our level best. Anyways,just inform her relatives. May be they can support her..umm morally.

Maan was indifferent while dadima cried her heart out,'meri bachi!'

Maan askd coldly,'can i see her?'
 Doc: yes but..She is in coma.

The doctor was shocked when Maan smirked and went in!

He saw her lying lifeless among those beeping instruments which claimed to be saving her life. He went near her and sat next to her.

Maan: Mishty... Its my fault! I.. I should have stopped you! But u know na..i cant stop you ever! That day i had asked you to live for me... And you did it for me! You left me for me,Mishty! You became Geet for me. But still our love had won! You again became Mishty! And once again i had caused you this! But Mishty..this time i dont have the right to demand anything from you! I dont know if i could see your smiling face again but i cant ask for it, i dont know if i could see your innocent eyes again but i dont have the right to look for it! I dont know if i could hear your voice again,but my ears dont have the power to search for it.. You came to my life on your own will...and today also,its all your decision..either to punish me or to give me back my life! I am not scared Geet. Death dont have the power to separate us anymore! I would leave this world if you are not here! I love you Mishty...

His eyes were filled but he didn't shed a drop of tear. He turned away without even luking at her pale face.
As he was about to leave he heard a feeble voice,' M..Mishty nhe..ab.. Mrs. M..Maan Singh K..Khurana!!

He turned around and almost fell on her hugging like a lost child who found his mother.

Mishty: jo mishty apko paaney ke liye khud ko maar dena chahti thi wo apkey sath ke liye dobara ji sakti he!

He lukd at her amused,' tumhe yaad he?'
She nodded.
Mishty(in weak voice):ap bhi na.. Pehle hi sir pe zor se maar diya hota. To mujhe yaad aa gaya hota. Ab dekhiye mujhe itna bada accident karana pada.

She pouted her swollen lips. Maan shook his head smiling. Mishty bhi na!
Meanwhile the doc,dadima and others came in.

Dr: This is a great improvment. But make sure she doesnt sleep until her condition is stable.
 Dadi: ye kya kar diya bete, humari to jaan hi nikal gayi 

Mishty made a sorry face that would melt anybody.
Mishty: i am sorry dadima. Ab to grahpravesh ka time bhi nikal gaya hoga na?
Dadi patted her cheekslovingly,'ap jab bhi theek hokar ayengi wahi sabse shubh mohrat he'

Mishty smiled slightly blushing. Maan made dadi leave with Abhay and Piya. Adi stayed back for help.
Mishty: Maan..mujhe neend aa rahe he!
Maan:nhe Geet,bas 4 hrs aur. Doc ne kaha he na
Mishty: but i am bored. Ap to itney chup ho aur yeha koi bhi nhe!
Maan:matlab? U r bored of me?
She bit her lips.
Mishty:nhe nhe..wo to bas..ha mera matlab apko to meri bakbak achi nhe lagti na?
Maan: nhe to. Aj tum bolo aur me sunta jaunga..
Mishty: sachi?
Mishty: pakka promise?
Maan: ha baba.

That was all she needed. She went on talking and talking while he just kept luking at her. And after 4hrs when the doctor came, it was Maan who was asleep and she was playing with the Rolex on his wrist!
PRECAP: Mishty tantrum special!! Wink LOL

Hope i will be spared after this one Embarrassed

Please press the LIKE and give me longgg comments for double update... Big smile

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maaneetmaahi IF-Rockerz

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Awesome updates dear..
continue soon

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keenu_kk IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 21 January 2012 at 5:23am | IP Logged
ossum part dear
u made u wrote the first one
then we saw the secong 
we felt our lives came back
ossum dear
update the next part soon dear
waiting for ur update dear

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Krishna_Sourav IF-Addictz

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Posted: 21 January 2012 at 5:36am | IP Logged
awesome, brilliant parts
loved them
 twist suspense then all fine
continue soon

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tamanna1391 IF-Stunnerz

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awsem update thanx for two but want more please do next soon as possible

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