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MY MYSTIQUE MISHTY thread 2:imp note page 130

madhubala123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 6:06am | IP Logged

Hi frnzzz 

Thank You for your amazing support...Hug

I feel so proud and happy to start a new thread for "MY MYSTIQUE MISHTY"

Love is blind...

U may fall in love with a person at the first sight

U may fall in love with a person whom u dont know

U may fall in love with a person whom u have never seen

U may fall in love with a person whom u know but u have never seen

U may fall in love with a person whom u havent seen but heard about

U may fall in love with a person even if u know they wont love u back

U may fall in love with a person knowing that they belong to someone else

But will u love a person even if u don't know whether they exist or not???

An unusual love story of two pure souls!
Here comes a mystified love story...

"MY MYSTIQUE MISHTY" -A soulful love story!!

His heart had so much of love deep within...that unveiled when his mystique mishty walked into his life...
He wasnt sure if she exists but he is sure that his love is true and that exists in his heart...
Will the mystique mishty love him like he loves her?
If she loves him,will she fulfill his dream?

 His simple dream to have a life with her! 

Is she a fairy? an angel? a spirit or a human being?

He dont know nor does she...but still they are in love...
The world may call him crazy or possessed but he didnt care!

He is happy with his mishty...she exists only for him!

But will she cross her limits...her world for him??

Time will answer...
Here begins a love story of two souls...

"MY MYSTIQUE MISHTY" - a soulful love story


Thanks a lottt dear... Big smile




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abinash079 IF-Stunnerz

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congrats for the new thread
waiting for the updateWink

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madhubala123 IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 6:17am | IP Logged


Then he saw a slender body lying on the bed.His eyes moved up to meet hers,but they were closed as if she was in a beautiful dream! He then scanned her face. She looked pale,yet there could be nothing more pure,more beautiful more serene that he had ever seen.
'Gee..t',he gasped.

He ran near her. She was lying there pale and unconscious.

Maan: Geet.. Geet ankhe kholo! Meri taraf dekho! Me a gaya hu Mishty!

Thats when he thot about Mishty.How would Geet be alive if her soul is not within her! Thats when reality struck him.Each moment Mishty stayed with him,she was embracing the inevitable death.He lukd around for mishty. She was standing away facing the window. Maan walked upto her.
Maan: Mishty,go back to your life. You don't have to wander now.
Mishty: ...
Maan:sun rhe ho?

Maan sensed her discomfort and hugged her from back.
Maan: hey,don't worry. U are always my Mishty,na?
Mishty: sachi?
Maan: bilkul
Mishty: even if i don't have my super human powers?
Maan(smiled): hmmm...??
Mishty: Maaan??
Maan: U don't even have the least idea about wat u do to me! Its not those powers but ur simple gestures like your smile, a blink of ur eyes, ur cute talks...
Mishty: aur agar ye sab na ho? Agar me aise hi na ho to?
Maan: jaise bhi ho,tum meri mishty ho,sirf meri!

She turned around and hugged him.
Maan: I will never let you go. Never ever let u go!
Mishty: i love you Maan
Maan: love you too Mishty!

Just then they heard speed boats rowing towards the mansion.

Maan: Amit? The CBI is here. We have very less time.go to your body mishty before they take you to hospital.

Mishty nodded and tried to get into herself.But like other objects,she couldn't touch herself! She tried again and again but it was like her own body is repelling herself.
She helplessly lukd at Maan.
Mishty: i cant Maan.mujse nhe hoga!
Maan: nhe Mishty,try again. Concentrate. Do it before they come for you.

She attempted once more but in vain.

By then Amit reached the bedroom with Abhay and Piya.

Abhay: Dev aya tha. He told us everything and surrendered himself to the law.
Maan lukd away in hatred.
Amit: Thank U Mr.Maan Khurana. But now we have to take your Geet away.She needs better medication.
 Maan: but sir,i need some more time.She is very weak.U cant take her now
Amit: sorry Maan,but i cant help you! We have the whole team here. And its obivous.She is dying.She needs a doctor!
Maan: but she is lifeless!
Amit: but the instruments say otherwise. I am sorry. Its my duty to save a dying victim.

Despite his protests,they took her away.Maan instructed Mishty to follow them to the hospital.

The hospital was already filled with policemen,medical students and the media people.
Geet was rushed to the ICU.Maan tried his best to accompany her but the doctors didn't allow him to enter the ICU.
Maan: Mishty tum jao. Jab tak tum yeha rukogi Geet ki jaan ko khatra he. Go!

Mishty again made several vain attempts to reach herself.
Mishty: i am tired Maan. Ab aur nhe. My body is repelling me!
Maan: par mishty,u cant give up.
Mishty:please Maan.

Maan went to meet Arnav. He told Arnav watever happened.
Arnav: Maan,i think the root cause of all these problem is YOU!
Maan: me?
Arnav: yes. U are the one who is stopping Geet to reach herself. Geet doesn't want to leave u. She fears if she may lose u. It is this fear that is making her repelling her own body!
Maan: wat do u mean? Is it she who is rejecting herself? But she knows very well that if she isn't able to go back,she will be dead!
Arnav: In that case,i must say she prefers death if that means she can be with u! Maan u r one lucky man,to be loved like this.

Arnav patted his back and left.

U can love a person even if they don't exist, but will u love someone even if u don't exist??

The answer is yes! Thats his Mystique Mishty who wanted to kill herself just because she can be with him.So madly was she in love with him that her own life felt worthless without his presence in it. She wanted to be mystique,his mystique mishty so that she could be his and only his forever!

 Tears rolled down his eyes. How could his mishty be so naive? How deep have their relation gone? He himself didn't want to part with her,not even for a second. He knew he couldn't argue with her,for he himself would have done the same thing for her.
Maan(self-thot): i need to convince Mishty that i want her to be a part of my life (sighs) my normal life! Thats the only way.

He found her sitting in a corner of the hospital.
Mishty: plz Maan i cant do it anymore.Even if i return,its not certain that i would live. Let things be like they r now.sab kuch theek hi to he
Maan:nhe mishty sab theek nhe he! U have a long life and i am sure u will come back to me as my Mishty and we will live together. I want to live with you mishty. I want the world to know u as Geet Maan Singh Khurana! We will be together mishty

She hugged him with tears in her eyes.
Mishty:phir mujhe itna dar kyu lag rha he Maan? Jaise me apse dur ja rhe hu?
Maan: tum kahi nhe ja rhe ho.Tum to mere paas a rhe ho aur paas.
Mishty: U wont hate me na? Agar me aisy na hu. Apki mishty na rhe to?
Maan: Do u believe in our love?
Maan: to bas apne Maan par vishwas rakho. I promise U Mishty. I will never let u go. Chahe Geet is mishty ko mujse jitna bhi chupaye, i will do everything to be close to u. Humara rishta kabhi nhe badalnewala mishty.Chahe kaise bhi ho,hum ek dusre ke bina adhure he.. Today i promise u that i will do everything to complete us. I will be with u mishty,forever! Even death cant separate us.

He pecked on her lips,his eyes urging her to return back so that they will be together forever.
Mishty stepped back. Arnav took Maan to the ICU.
Through the glass,he saw his mishty calmly entering her own self. With a hiccup Geet rose from her bed and fell back unconscious. The doctors rushed to save her. They were themselves astonished to see her pulse rate and heart beats returning to normal. It was one of those situations which they call as medical miracle.
Outside the intensive care unit,stood he Maan Singh Khurana worried for his love.For the first time in life,he felt helpless!!
What does fate have in store for them??



Hope U like this...

Waiting for ur commentsDay Dreaming

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ambbiha IF-Rockerz

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congrats on new thread

mindblowing update
loved it
waiting for more
y dont u update more

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Audiwalia IF-Rockerz

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Congrats 4r new thread...

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sk_75 Senior Member

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congrats for the new thread...superb update..

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angel_smily IF-Dazzler

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congrats for the new thread
awesome update
luvd it
continue soon
thanks for the pm

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_nandy_ IF-Rockerz

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