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Anyone can join the fun and take part in the discussion of the show, characters, scenes and many other things related to the episode. Give words to your thoughts. Approve

RULES to keep the discussion flow nice:)

1. No actor bashing & No derogatory terms to be used.
2. Keep the discussion off of issues not concerned with this show.
3. Feedbacks appreciated not sarcasm or digs at the actors and the show
4. Do NOT quote more than 3 times.

"Format, name and rules exclusively for kuch toh lounge bhi kehenge"

*Permission given from the Dev Team*

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Sabki Baja Di

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-TeekhiMishti- IF-Sizzlerz

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 8:36am | IP Logged

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kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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Posted: 24 October 2011 at 8:49am | IP Logged
Nisha   aka  @Du_Nish's  take on KTLK . 
It was overall entertaining and the feel of the show is kept as reel.
As the show is an adaptation of Dhoop Kinare, I will highlight few similarities too. The first 5 episodes succeeded to tell the audience that the show is an adaptation and not the copy of dhoop kinare. Now met the main characters, I can see the sense of the title too as ''kuch to log kahenge.'' Like Dhoop Kinare was a masterpiece by giving the ehsaas of each episode with the title justification, slowly KTLK is also justifying the title.

We must realise that the story is the same but the way it is being presented is different ++ a slight different traits in the characters too, that are understandable.

 I watched again DK for me to appreciate ktlk and I realised I was wrong looking forward to seeing a ''mature'' story.
It is actually another story that explores human relationship in a very refined way.
  • Ktlk decides to start the show with Ashutosh who hates the person who owned the home where he kept all his happiness,showing that indeed the ''house'' is a key factor in the show.. the show starts with tht house. climax must linked with that house itself and end with that house too. 

  •  We must acknowledge that even the characters are adapted from the characters in DK , meaning even if the theme is the same, the character manisfestation is quite different.
    What I liked in Dr Ashutosh character introduction, it started with a raw concern.

  •  Let's face it - ''Heritage'' ''Property'' turn to be some major conflict and concern at some point in time in some persons' life and most of the time when ''property'' is discussed, it is connected with the male gender more than female gender.
    It actually comes from the basic instinct of the masculine and feminine personae of humans, while men instinctively are considered to be bread winner, so naturally any assets were their main concern while about feminine and womanhood,it was always connected to ''support and warmth''

  •  The character is introduced with the concern of that particular property.

  •  Later it developed with the connection, memories and ''his life'' that he has attached with that property. A clear and beautiful way to distinguish home and house:)
  •  Then it contrasted with the freespirited and smart Nidhi, giving us glance to gaze and applaud another show that is exploring father-daughter relationship. The two type of fathers: One father who is friendly and the other father who is stern, even if is explores in comedy about being stern towards his daughter, but we daughters we know which one we belong individually. Well here, I must highlight that the father daughter relationship in dk better,anyway it is admirable also the fathers daughters relationship in ktlk.

  •  And like any of our life, we have family life - where ktlk is dealing with a complex web around a property and it gives a gist of professional life.

  •  There is no other job to keep the divinity of the flow to explore human relationship by keeping the main profession in the show as doctors. Though ktlk is not showing it in its depth,yet it is adequate to show the professional senior and the easy going interns.
    Nidhi's behaviour cracks me up, remembering my own first job I took five years ago, lol, how the boss was stern, how much i was being shouted at in the beginning,how i felt on once or twice occasion to cry and i cried just then to refrain to prove i am a good accountant, well now when looked back,it is a sweet memory, how i built myself to,.
  •  Seeing that even Ashutosh was once standing where Nidhi is now standing, just that when you grow in that profession, it is true you devoted all your time to others, and withdraw from socialisation, it is more a personalised life live on, it is as described ''aloof'' - I was still sensing the professionalism of Ashutosh and efficiency of Nidhi, then a beautiful touch of friendship was added - that of ashutosh malika , raghanath - the man of everybody and nidhi and anjie. I quite admired the friendship of ashutosh and malika - mature. Still lurking in the woods of aloofness of Ashutosh when the ''loneliness'' of Malika was seen. How the world rules - Women need support - may it be man or kid - but one support to rely on - even if Malika is still waiting for something more than friendship with ashutosh but the friendship is her support in the dark alleys of life.

    The new characters added are the cook and driver instructor - haan kuch toh log kahenge - how love develops in the most unexpected and at times weird way.

    And not to forget the bhua representing the old fashioned lady - no she is not wrong but the way she saw world is different than what nidhi is seeing- yet her overcaring makes her fussy ;)

    What needs to be improve:

    Cut the background music, I personally feel to get the real feel that is enoug by the actors tone of voice.

    The destiny feel :)

    the show has micro dissected dk, i can see it will go aram se, some scenes reflect as dk, thats not a problem but then hopes the feel and gist remained, they have to remember dk was a masterpiece.

    i think if they cut the background music, keep it simple, it will work
  • also in addition to the above, the production and direction team have to decide on the atmosphere they will like the show to give: Sentimental or Realistic

    If the show wants to be realistic, then they have to work again on the editing of the show, that's when the background music must be cut, where it must to let the tone of the voice provides the feel of the show, and the script must not be re-written, despite it is going slow, that's not a problem.

    If the show wants to be sentimental, then nothing has to be changed.

    I personally prefer the show to be realistic , it will keeps the ''exploration of the human relation'' must better. It will also be eye catchy and different compared to the sentimental show.

    I noticed that indian shows focused a lot in ''emotions'' and that gives the reel the drama I wonder if the mass audience needs.

    Agan personally, I feel it is not needed, I wonder is it because I am an international viewer and I watched shows in other language, I get attracted to them more than indian shows because they show the ''right level' of emotions.

    Now coming to KMH1, there may have been the background music, the difference remained the background music enhanced the feel and we knew the show is a love story about arjun and arohi, which is why it kept the ''right amount of emotion'' with everything.

    I wonder why I feel uneasy to see a medical show dramatic :)

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    kavyasam IF-Rockerz

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    Posted: 24 October 2011 at 8:50am | IP Logged
    Note : wont be able to write in lounge for couple of months.   Till first week of jan.  Will miss writing abt KTLK.
    Episode :
    Scene of the day :  Ashutosh , Nidhi keeping their hands on couple and mallika looking over.
    Character of the day :  Nidhi again.
    Episode was nice.   Everyone looking as gorgeous as they can be.  loved it. 
    Did not get why bride's mom expected Dr. Nidhi to clean Ashu's shirt.   Wedding hall mein itne naukar hote hai,  I was surprised she asked her daughter's friend to clean a  man's shirt that too in upstairs bedroon, for that lady both Ashu and Nidhi are either strangers or just collegues right.  
    Did not like the scene,  found it unnecessary and  forced.
    Bride's bua asking Nidhi details about Ashutosh for her nanad who is a divorcee.  I found it reasonable, I mean he is anyways older guy not married for so long, so she felt like asking for her SIL,  good thought.  Nidhi's reaction was equally good and she doesnot guess talk anything here and sends the lady to Mallika,  that was nice.
    Mallika's defence and offence for Ashutosh is getting more stronger day by day.  Now she finds Nidhi a threat slowly,  Rukhsaar emoted the fear cum jealousy expression very nicely.
    LOL  another golmaal ,  joote kisike lene gayi thi aur sayyaan ki lekar aagayi   LOL.   Let us see how she is going to handle this one.

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    Episode 16 24/10/2011


    Although a light mooded episode but the sparkles portraying the beginning of a romantic relationship was clearly evidented...


    The scene was very sweet-softly done with Dr Nidhi almost bossing Dr Asutosh to change his shirt...her sudden "mat karo" ordering Ashutosh not to rub off the stain and then the instant "Aise Mat kijiye" as if realising her change from app to tum was superbly expressed by Kritika...it was a very subtle moment but had a lasting impact on my mind...her worry regarding the stain was very cutely acted...


    Dr Ashutosh was in a spree to be bossed around today...it was Priyanka's mother's turn to give him advise regarding the stain and asking Kritika to clean it..(although seemed very illogical but khayer serial mein sab kuchh chalta hain ).thus landing both of them in the bedroom ...with Nidhi in the role of the Dag se pareshaan" ads-wife...and our blushing hero in the typical Rab ne bana de jori istyle..it was hilarious to see Dr Ashutosh tripping over at the door and then fumbling with his shirt and Nidhi like a sherni demanding him to strip his shirt off in front of her..her bindast "chaliye apni shirt utariye" was really cool and one could see Kritika in it..Mr Behls expression was worth watching on that particular moment,,,,loved that scene especially when Ashutosh signals Nidhi to turn around ...there was nothing physical yet it was one of those moments that does sent a ripple of pleasure...

    The rest of the episode was okaish...Seemed like Priyanka's mother has taken it on herself to bind Dr Ashutosh and Dr Nidhi...Ruksaar did a wonderful job her possessiveness over Asutosh..although the tone of jealousy was low but one could easily see the fleeting expression of pain and despain on her face at seeing them together...Bua was good...


    Loving the show despite of few incongruity'.



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    Day DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay DreamingDay Dreaming...oopsTongue..sorry sorry i forgot i have to write the review tooTongue...so...well epi was...was...was...Big smileThumbs UpStar...maza aa gaya...haaye what an epiDay Dreaming...sab chodo let's jump to the bedroom sceneEmbarrassed...omg...so cute how hesitant was ashu that time and our nidhi madam just on and on and onLOL...ashu's expressions were priceless...so amazing...koi meri izzat bachaoROFL...and when nidhi turned and put her hairs in front ashu wasDay Dreaming(sorry no more deep going n allLOL)...and ashu looked so good in that t-shirDay Dreaming...and then ofcorse the bua ji sceneLOL...omg she was about to pull her saree up to let her joint to be checked by ashuROFL...and then nidhi's reply from the bathroomLOL...so great yaar...poor ashu bua aur nidz ke beech phans gayaLOL...loved the way nidhi got so much insecure and sad when bua asked about ashu's marriage for her sister-in-lawTongue...after that whole time nidhi's mood was offTongue...and i didn't liked that peeth par haath scene a lot but that joota chori was wow.Big smile...a great epi..but missed some cute anji ranganath scenes and also a dose of the naughty anji...otherwise a great epi...loved priyanka's mom.

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    Originally posted by Anupa28

    boy am I excited to see this post.  Welcome back Anupa.  luking fwd to read your views.

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