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Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee
Geet - Hui Sabse Parayee

-ANIMOSITY- Thread 4-Part 44 page 55 (13 AUG)

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ANIMOSITY= strong dislike' low type of behaviour' (have lots of meaning.. this are few)
Maan: a Byronic HERO'

Thread 1: part 1-15

part 43 page 18
part 44 page 55


The burning heat ran through the body in incredible speed with each thrush from maans strong hard muscle. She laid there, leg wide open, eyes tightly compressed to-gather. Hair nonstop brushed against the pillow as he moved with rhythm. She drank the saliva to put her self back in to the reality, to feel how each wave was creating millions of butterfly in her body. His lips came close by and gently gave a peck, reassuring him self she is alright and capable to take in his body. There was no time to waste on the understanding or the word love, only pleasure, passionate. His hand came by, gently suppressing in-between her, and there she went, moaning with delight, with plead of go even more wild. The animosity kicked In with certain jerk, looking right through his eyes, animosity why wasn't he thrusting any faster, the slowness had it's own enemy...



It's been few days since geet have stepped in to HP. It's been long. Her mind wanted to block everything about maan, she just gets the sense how dangerous and powerfully he is. The normal life that she always had suddenly disappeared out of bloom. Nothing in place. Geet took a sigh breath, hating how everything was in place. Perhaps like last two years, if she doesn't call, or wonder he may forget her. That's a possibility. Geet laid on her bedroom, the old bedroom before she met maan. Way better, much better. The silence seems to be so sweet, almost perfect. No one in her family knew she have been with maan for past few months, to be precise with him allot... Using her for own benefit, what a selfish person have she became, although she have gained high class but still there was no satisfaction and she surly did not like it.
Geets mother walks in, rather happy seeing her daughter. "do you remember dev?" geet looked in confusion towards her face...
"he came here before, long time back. His family have asked for your hand."
Geets eyes widens instantly. "what?"
"very nice man, nice family... I have told them it's a yes."
"what? Have you considered asking me? Does my opening matter at all?"
"of course it does, that's why... He and one of his friend on there way soon. So ... Take your time." rano left with a smile.

Geet was rather shocked and irritated, one hand she told maan, sault this shiv problem out and then come and take her, and here Her family already planning for a marriage. She closed her big eyes with irritation. She planned to spend nice 2 weeks of holiday, nice, quit, not like this? What a mess.

Geet instantly went over the bed to grab her phone , dialed. The number to but then hanged up. Was there any point? He will go mental and then ugh, god knows what his anger will do to her family. She decided to hang up.


Somewhere in deli...

It was rather odd Evening, a smile clearly visible on shiva face, then dev.
"do you think this will work, I mean we are lucky that my family arranging engagement with geet.
"this should create a week point in maan. I think this will hit tight on the target. Then I can step in while you take over the HP... Why don't you show the invitation to her friend pinki..."
"nice idea"

After long time dev have entered the khurana, but just only up to the reception. He still remember the humiliation. The animosity toward this man, agony towards this man called maan khurana was enough to burn his skin. "who cares about geet. It's you mr khurana. I will make sure you suffer each and every moment."

From pinky he was alerted mr khurana will be somewhere, 850, one of the most dangerous night club... Soon as dev walked out, it was far to easy. Mr maan sing khurana have won one of the biggest deal. The casino,
Owning over 80 % now, he was celebrating...

Ye sarrati sarrati raftaarein hain
Aage bas manzil hai peeche hawayein hain

He walked up the stair. Wearing a loosely black top, black leather trouser with black leather shoe. He loosely through the tigh and waste coat to some of his body guard...

Ye sarrati sarrati raftaarein hain
Aage bas hai manzil peeche hawayein hain
Tharrata tharrata ik toofaan jo chhoo ke jo guzre tto
Tham jaati raahein hain

A wind blow by, the angry clear face became visible, hat-read, the blood shot eyes, the anger was coming out of his body. He clinched his fist, hot blood running through his vain with anger beyond control, anger that could not be explained. Animosity, one of the most dangerous inner disgusting , anguishing scorching fire that would burn you with one look. Few girls came by with dance... He held them tight to make it bleed with pain, while they licked, he through them far.

O Ik iraada hai koi khidmat ki ik jo naa maane
Jalta ik shola junoon ka hai
Gole ujaalon ke khaane

Another two girls came by, he pulled there hair backwards with agony, his pride, the maan sing khurana, who dare not touch with a second thought, who dare not fight back.

Raato'n ko cheere subah ki teerein
Kaali zanjeerein tod ke hi bana dil naya

He made a fist, graving the night, showing who is in control, showing who is in power. A power that no one can touch. A don sat by with ak47, he took each step, holding the collar, then bashed him against the bar, but no one dare not to say a word.
His money, the fame and most importantly even the biggest don works under him the. Who dare to question him?

Waqt ne jaise (Ho..) Lamha chuna ho (ho..)
Sare itihaaso pe choodega apna nisaan ho

ITs his power, it's his time. It's his right to ripe the fabric of time apart. That's what he is made out of. A world famous business tycoon...

Sarrati sarrati raftaarein hain
Aage bas hai manzil peeche hawayein hain
Tharrata tharrata ik toofaan jo chhoo ke jo guzre tto
Tham jaati raahein hain

Mushqil woh mushqil hi kya hai baazi jo jaan pe naa aaye
Dil hai dil kahaan hai aasani se khul jo jaaye

Khayalo mein bhi jo mumkin nahi ho
Wahi kar dikhana hi hado'n ki tto pehchaan hai
Khud me khud hi ka kuch bhi kahaan hai
Jaan bas wohi hai yaariyo'n pe jo kurbaan hai

Sarrati sarrati raftaarein hain
Aage bas hai manzil peeche hawayein hain
Tharrata tharrata ik toofaan jo chhoo ke jo guzre tto
Tham jaati raahein hain

He took a bottle of vodka, drinking without limit. As he had enough, maan bashes the glass full of drink to a pillar, every person in the club jumped with frighten, he is a man with no mercy, love or no love, a clever witty, pure hatred that could never be removed. He held the fist, blood shot eyes, looked back right through a man, a world biggest politician. A powerful figure to the public, stood there shaken. A nasty smile escaped from his lips... A very nasty smile. His each foot lazily stepped on the glossy steps, light glittering. The music was on, the crowed was silent. Anticipating where this man was heading. He came by, rests his hand just over his ear, and then smacked right against his skull. The man already was near fainting, he looked for something stable but in return nothing... His body crashed against the floor with a painful skull!
Maan stepped on his hand, bending down, "now haven't I told you, don't you dare mix business with family!" he took the front part of his shoe high up and with full speed a kick came to his private part. "b****! Exposing my past?"
He shouts at the guard to take him way, & to make sure his family also mets the same fate as him, a torture death!
Maan takes his cell and quickly runs out, enjoyment was over.

"geet..." a name came back. The girl who he loved beyond limit, a person who he is willing to die for. A guard came over and quickly bandaged his hand. Maan wasn't in good mood, peaches off with the politician who wants to revel his family truth, reveal his past. A dirty smile came out, a very dirty smile that didn't give out good sign to anyone. Maan took his cell phone, calling ...
"don't kill him. Make sure every past of his, every dirty secret of his family is out I'm media. Shame. Remember the word shame."
He cuts the call whole looking out to his and geets house. A wife! Maan steps out, opening the door wide, only one person who had the ability to control him and she not being here... "god save everyone!" because her disappearance, running of to the mika will not help at all!
Maan opens there bedroom door, she surly ant expect him to go around and beg for her hand. He is not that type-of-man! She needs to learn better. He is maan sing khurana and she mrs maan khurana.
He takes of the watch, then the shirt, every muscle flinched, showing the clear line. He twists his neck in a circular motion, breathing in slowly... "geeet..." he whispered...

"geeettt..." she jumps up. Sweets crawling down her skin, "maan?" there was fear lingering deep with in her heart. A unknown fear that had no explanation. The thought being mr khuranas wife was enough. That man loved her, and somewhere perhaps she to, then what's stopping her to five I. To that feeling.

The morning sun at last appeared. Maan lazily gets up from the king size bed, alone. It dint loom right. He wanted his love. He wanted her to be here, with him. One, together! What exactly he have done? Maan couldn't find out his mistake exactly that would upset geet. She knows everything, she knows what he is like since the first day...
Maan stretched, then quickly gurgling his mouth with strong mouthwash, then rinsing quickly before walking in to the work out room...

Geet was cutting vegetable, without any knowledge that it was close to cut her finger. Rano came up, quickly removing it. "what's wrong?" she panicked. "that was close!"
"sorry mama..." geet bluntly looked at everywhere.
"just go and I will do it."

Geet walked in to the living room, silently sat at the back, watching news along with others. "breaking news!" geets eyes widens, the mp, she have seen with maan few days back, it made her blood boil even further. How disgusting. She could easily guess it's only maan. No one els.

She stands up instantly when dev walks in. Geet uncomfortably looks everywhere, then Walks off. He knows very well that she and maan have something, then marriage?

Dev touched everyone's feet, taking bless... Then kindly asked permission to take geet out for lunch, and promised to bring her soon...

Geet hesitated at the beginning then walked out with him, he drove to a near by restaurant.
Geet could seems something was wrong by his look, something horrible... He didn't say words, taking some photo out, and some information about maan. The information gave her no surprise, that how dangerous this man is! But photo... He was with few girls, nearly kissing... Her blood boiled, that's not it then video! A tear formed, but again, she should have expected this, a man like him sleeping with many girls wouldn't be surprising. & precise she didn't let him to touch her, he won't wait to fil full his body desire...
"I know you know everything. But I don't feel like he is the man for you. I find him to dangerous, I care for you." geet nodes, looking down.
"merry me... I love you..."
He rests his palm over hers. Hoping she will say yes. He knew well she always knew this facts but just little push to the edge will break it completely.
"we will go far way, where you can make your dream come true. Where we will make our dream come true..."

As they walked off in the silent, dev holds geet hand, slowly brings her close, slides his hand around her waist, and another resting on the cheek, "you don't worry... Everything will be fine.."

Maan stood there with clenched fist, he have came all the way to take his wife, not to see her in someone's arm. He walked across, grabbed geet by her arm, digging his nail, then in a jerk pushed her way, towards his direction. He looked at geet angrily fast, with blood shot eyes then dev, who he could kill on the spot. No one touch his geet. No one dare. Maan frees geet, then slowly walks to him, and without a word a punch across his cheek.

"DEV!" geet shiriked, and that boiled his body further.
Geet was in shock, looking here and there with confusion, then quickly pushed maan way, to stop the fight...
"STOp! It stop it.."
Maan came close and held her by her hair... while his body guard came and held dev.. " I hate you." she grits her teeth. "leave me alone. Get out of my life. I will merry dev and that's final!"

Maan shockingly looks at her, shockingly observes her threatening face, she is the only one who is capable of tearing his heart apart, tearing him down. "what are you talking about?"
Geet pushes him way, screaming "have you ever looked at your self, I fear you. I don't know you! Every second I have this fear, a threat from your behavior... From everything...

Maan wasn't sure at all, what exactly feared her? He have let her to walk In his personal life, to explore everything about him, to trust, what feared her? He have let her to know what he is like, who he cares, and moat importantly how much he loves her, then?
A anger, frustration and animosity clearly visible towards geet. He was about to loose his mind, but he needs to keep him self calm, think through everything as possible, think through what he will do now, because he surly will NOT LEAVE HER ALONE! "leave before I kill both of you!" he grits his teeth, looking down...

helloo... umm... what to say..

from here on it will get very dark... early warning..
will update again today me still typing :)
have i told you yet whats behind those door
maans past...

lol can i ask for comments and like?

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r 1st me 1st!!!Dancing
wow keya...after a long long lonnggg tym u updated!!!!
love u for this!!!Hug

wonderful update dearie!!!!
sumwhr even i fear this Animosity maan...
so possessive and so much powerful!!!!

no wonder geet is so scared
but then she loves him ryt!!!!
glad tht she is not scared of him in the present!!!!
now me seriously hating dev and shiv!!!
continue super soon babes

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Omg omg omg
It's animosity
I just can't belive it's animosity

I am scared of maan,he is way to dangerous, specially
Oh gosh,
I am kinda getting the Impretion here why maybe please next part hurry hurry

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Am so confused with Maneets past...thnksss a ton 4 it

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awsome continue soon finally you have updated animosity

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Am so confused with Maneets past...thnksss a ton 4 it.

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awesome dear loved it bring it on wanna see more dark update s
congrats for the new thread

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OMG cant believe u updated after so long...
glad ur back to it again...
cant wait for more

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