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(Ipkknd)ArHi FF - Forever Mine -NOTE pg 53 8/11/12 (Page 8)

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 10:21pm | IP Logged
awesome start dear...
plz continue soon...
do add me to ur pm list...

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 11:21pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by xXShriyaXx

hey it was great.
pls add me to ur pm list...

Hey thank you!!! and yup added u! =)

Originally posted by Aussie2011

PLEASE PLEASE pm me! loved you SS , you should start writing more stories about arhi, your really good ! great job ! Thumbs Up Clap

aww thank you so muchh!! this really means a lot! hahaah lets try to get this done...then i shall think of more...but again thanks a bunch for appreciating! =)

Originally posted by Mysticnavya

Hats off !!!! It was very gud !!! Plz do continue and pm me !!!! ;)

thank you <333 im glad u liked it! and will PM u! 

Originally posted by deeps_92

good work...
add me to ur pm list...

thank you! will do =)

Originally posted by slgirl

update soon Smile

Loved it!! Clap

thank you so much!! will do =)

Originally posted by minimuffin86

me love this ss!!! make it an ff!!! *munching on albino jalaibies and sighing contentedly*

nothing like a monday afternoon, great ff's on IF and a whole week of IPKKND to look forward to!!!

hahahah aww thank u so much!!! lmao u too?!?!?! lol yeah im thinking about what to do..whether to turn it into a ff or not! gosh u all are spoiling me so much haha! and again!!! WHAT IS albino jalebis?!?! lmao! thank u so much hun! <33

Originally posted by Zeee

omg! this sounds great!! love how arnav is feeling and i just drawn to khushi.please please please pm me!

awww thank u so muchhh!!! im glad u liked it =D and yes will PM u for sure!!!

Originally posted by angili

I loved every part of it you are realy good

thank u so muchh! =)

Originally posted by KaushalyaFan

Hi Hershi,

Great stuff. I enjoyed reading it. Your writing is great. :-)



thank u so much really glad u liked it! means a lot! 

Originally posted by PurpleFairy

OMFG, Hersh, lovely start and I love the titleClap
Haha! Same as your Ian's siggy textLOL.LOL
I'm looking forward to this. Poor Khushi, ,man and I love how Arnav wanted to take all her pain awayDay Dreaming
The poem's beautiful, omgClap.Clap

Continue soonHug

neetttzzz my love <333333333 thank u so muchhh!!! hehehehehe u noticed!! yes i got it from that hahaah!! I am glad u liked it!! ooo the poem!! i know i was so proud of myself hahahah!! thanks a bunch hun!!! <3333

Originally posted by Yazzy91

Lovely start! Please continue and add me to your PM list! xxx

thank u so much <333 will do! <3

Originally posted by Meenakshi_Dhane

Really nice..
Please continue Embarrassed

thank u!! =) will do!

Originally posted by ..-Sanzz-..

Add Me To PM List : D Embarrassed 

added u!! thank u =)

Originally posted by desisweetheart9

Loved it. Do continue soon.

thank u so much! will do =)

Originally posted by Devil_Of_Heaven

wow di that was sooo awesome...
it was really beautiful...
He would be Arnav. Her Arnav.  i loved this line...
and the poem you wrote at the was amazing di...really beautiful...
you have to continue this...i know you will make it awesome...
and do pm me when you update...


mah! thank u love <33 im glad u liked it =) yes i continued! its all thanks to amazing readers like u!! and i knowww the poem hahaha i was shocked i wrote that too! and ofcourse will pm u! thanks again love <3

Originally posted by ccuteaangel

Hey, I really liked this first part. Please do continue and PM me when you do. You write really well and I feel you capture the characters as they are. Great job :)

aww thank u so much! it means a lot coming from great writers like u! im glad u liked it =) tried something new lol! will definitely PM u! thanks again =)

Originally posted by tes_v1


Great going and there's nothing wrong with your stuff! Keepo it coming. Btw, ''This girl will definitely drive me crazy'' reminds me of Maan Singh Khurana. I thought that was his patented dialogue but I guess Arnav Singh Raizada managed to get the!

tiaaa!!! ur reading my ff?!?!?! omg that makes me sooo happpyyY!! thank u so muchhh!!! im glad u liked it =D and really?! lmaooo i havent really watched geet as much so no idea hahah! but thanks againnn <333333

Edited by Smileyface - 30 October 2011 at 12:26pm

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 11:22pm | IP Logged
Originally posted by Aahaana

Hershu...I knew you were good but never realized you will be so goodClap 

Starting is so good and I liked your version..Lets hope it happens in real show tooLOL

Cont soonEmbarrassed

meliii <333 thank u darling!! im so glad u liked it hahaha! and ugh i wish this happens in the real show lmao!! thanks for reading love <333

Originally posted by Angel-Jot.

So, i have no idea what was happening in the story and what you were going on about but hey! You're good. Approve
And i read this only for you so you better feel honoured. I no longer read any FF's, or OS's or whatever. Stern Smile 

But. Wow. You went for the story format this time. Me like. You're good at it. Continue it. And you've improved. Shocked Like, when i started reading it, i was like, woah. She's good.ROFL 
oOo. That little quote/poem thing is good too. *frowns* 

So, yeah. That's my comment. Big smile 


YO! Wink

lmaooo!!! u should watch the show!! its good...just do it please!! And yes i am honored! thank u =D what?!?!?!? u don't read anymore!! HIGH FIVE me neither!!! i dont read any except the ones for this show! im glad u liked it doll =) haha yeah tired something new! i like this format =D and thank u thank...thought of the quote all by myself hehehehe!!

Originally posted by malluangel

hello my jaani <333
i finallly got to reading this!
bitch.write. ok ill say it nicely.
didi didi. please write O_O

haha ok sorry dude, just UPDATE!
she cant stop at that! he has to flip out and like drag her to the temple n drag her around the saat pheras and everything before she can go hai devi maiyaa!

aishuuu!!! hiii Big smile
ShockedShocked -__- be nice!!! lmao!! 
hehehehe im glad u like ittt!!!! and hahaah i love being times...taking revenge on all the writers...hahahaha!!! but yes yes i updated!! =D enjoy and thank u for liking it love <333

Originally posted by evanjaidan2226

hi hershi    my name is hershi also           i really love part 1 of this story.     can't wait to see what happens next

heyyy hershi!! that is so cool hahaha!!! thank u so much! im glad u liked it =D

Originally posted by Krishnaluv94

Loved it! Can't wait to read more! 

thank u so much!! already updated =D

Originally posted by meenaluma

pls continue pls pm me when u update next part

thank u =) and yes will do!

Originally posted by shaheerdiwani

Amazing beginning ... I like ur writing style Hershi .its really gud ..pls continue as I want this to be a big big FF with lots of ARHI scenes Wink ... n I have likd d post for d PM ...thanks very much Big smile

awww thank youuu <333 im glad u liked it!! and hahaha  u too?! loll im really gonna have to think about making this a ff now!! u guys are all too sweet! thank u so much and will pm u for sure! =)

Originally posted by ipkknd8

hey i rly loved ur ss yaarSmilei rarely read such good ss's. most of them go overboard and show the 2 to be totally different. its rly hard to maintain their character while writing ss's.i would rly love to see arnav finding out about khushi marraige in da currently im living wid da ss's and stuff. keep on writing ok??u rock!!!!!and dont 4gt to pm meBig smile

aww thank u so much!! wow im really humbled! thank u =) your comment means a lot! I am really glad u liked it! and yes will definitely continue! thanks for ur comment! Will Pm u for sure =)

Originally posted by faayey

woow this was amazing please update sooonn =)

thank u!!! will do =)

Originally posted by Princess_Khushi

It's by YOU
M sure it's gona be great
Will read it whenever I get time :)

Shocked ur following my ff?!?! omg that makes me so happy!! thank u so much! haha and yes read when u get time =) and don't worry bepanah will updated veryyy soon! =)

Originally posted by aquablue17

Off course you will help me silly! I would be horrible at this if not for you!!LOLLOL

Ahh true. Fine I will just make you surfer in other ways... Maybe not talk to you... nahh that would be more me sufferingLOLLOL I will just update later then usual!! Kay?? Wink

Oh please! You are a much better writer! Do you not see your responses? I do not get pms telling me to change my stuff into longer pieces of writings! I am just happy I don't get pms saying "Stop torturing me! It burns!!"LOLWink

I am not shocked at allGeekGeek I sooo saw this one coming! I mean come on? This is just amazing here!!

Yes people are so nice here! It makes you wanna abuse their kindness even more by updating ROFL Well I try to give them a break haha ROFL

Why are you thanking me silly?? Thank you awesome writing skills!!


ahh i love u so much!! hahaha you are doing really well so no worries there!!

and ur wriing in my fav color!! see i noticed ;) thanks hhehehehe!

and psht..u can't not talk to me! u love me too much =D and nooo wayyy!!! u have to updateee!!! i shall hunt u down if u dont -__- 

bahahahah!! i already told u what im planning to do with this ;) so no surprises there and omg shut up!! u may not get PMs but do u see the number of pages u get for comments!?!?!? freakin 32 pages after just one thats saying something!

and god u arent...but im shocked...i can't believe people liked this ff! ahhh everyone is absolutely amazing <333 hahahaah i knowww!!! like goshhh!!!

i love you soumi! <333 now go edit ur comment once u have read the next part <3


Originally posted by shaz01

plzzz continue and make this into an FF!!!  it was a brilliant start...dnt even think about throwing this away...or else!!!

Shocked is that a threat?!?!?!?! Shocked Ouch LOL ROFL thank u so muchhh!!! im glad u liked it =D heheheeh and about making it into a ff...i will have to think about it since there are so many of u who want it to become a ff lol! This really means a lot..thanks so much <33

Originally posted by MeetPremeer

awesome start dear...
plz continue soon...
do add me to ur pm list...

thank u so much hun! and yes will add u =)

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Posted: 29 October 2011 at 11:30pm | IP Logged
woww thank you so much for all those kind words all you wonderful people!! goshhh you are spoiling me hahhaah!!! But without further is the next part!!!! Enjoy and i hope i lived up to your expectations!!

Forever Mine



[Flashback Continued]

As if on impulse, his hand lifted to touch her shoulder. Before he could say anything he saw her lips move. And he froze. The words that came out of her mouth, made his heart clench. He felt like he would suffocate as his mind registered what she just said.

"They are making me get married to him next week." 

His hand dropped from her shoulder and he looked away as he felt something shatter inside him. He wanted to say so much but no words came out.   

He didn't know why but all of a sudden he felt angry. Very Angry. He didn't know why he was angry. He didn't know why he was so upset. All he knew was that this wasn't right, he wasn't right. How can this one girl evoke such strong emotions in him? He was Arnav Singh Raizada, nobody ever affected him to such an extent! He turned to her to do what he does best in this situation. Vent out on her. But again he was taken back when he saw her face. Her head down, her lips quivering, he knew what was coming next. It was the same look she had, whenever he had hurt her. But this time there was something different. There was a fear, but it wasn't the same fear she had when she faced him. This was more painful and hounding. And whatever it was, he wanted to fix it! 

"Khushi" He called her name, but he got no response. "Khushi?" He said a bit louder, but again nothing. Finally he pulled her arm making her face him. His heart melted when he saw her eyes, they were a pool of pain and fear. He just stared at her letting her know that he was there. He didn't know why, but at this point all he wanted to do was comfort and tell her that everything would be ok. Whatever it was, we would solve it together! And as if she understood that, once again her lips started to quiver as unshed tears gathered in her eyes. "NO! Not the tears!" He panicked in his mind as he saw the wetness in her eyes, ready to spill any second! Before he could stop her, the tiny pearls fell from her eyes, each one piercing his heart with a pain unbearable. He moved his hand from her arm and reached to wipe her tears, but before he could register what was happening, he felt her in his arms. He froze as she hugged him tight, her face buried in his chest, finally breaking down.

She looked up shocked as she came out of her reverie when she felt his hand pulling her. But then calmed when she looked into his eyes. This was the third time, she saw concern in his eyes. The first time was when she had told him about her parents and the second time was when he had come to see her bauji in the hospital.. But this time, there was concern as well as worry. It couldn't be for her. Could it? The eyes that always held no emotions other then anger, had showed concern for her. Forgetting her sorrows, she felt like drowning in the pool of his eyes which gave her a sense of calm and strength. Her eyes started to sting as she felt the unshed tears come to her eyes. The numbness left her cheeks as they warmed up and left a tint of red on her cheeks as she tried really hard not to let the tears fall. She didn't want to seem weak in front of him, but she knew if there was anyone who would understand her pain it was him. As if on cue, her tears started to spill, one after the other, leaving her open like a book. And without a second thought, she went to the one place she knew she would always find shelter. His arms. She felt him freeze, but she didn't care. All she knew was that, she needed to let it all go. She wanted to be whole again, being broken hurt. And this pain she couldn't bear alone. As if a volcano erupted in her, she blurted out everything that was in her heart.

"I can't do this! I can't get married to him! I don't even know him! This is not what I wanted! I wanted a marriage where I would be happy. Where my husband would love me as much as I would love him! My dreams, my wishes, everything shattered! I don't want to do this! But how can I say no? Buaji says this is my bauji's wish. How can I not go through this if this is what he wants! But how can I kill my dreams like this?" She spoke between sobs, it was as if a dam just broke and she had to let everything out! She couldn't take the pain anymore. The taunts, from her own family, more specifically her amma, and her buaji. 

"They are my family! I consider them everything! Then how can buaji say that I don't care for bauji? How can she say that I need to do this to repay bauji back for taking care of me and giving me shelter! Do kids have to repay their parents for the love they gave? Amma wants me to do this too. She is my mother, doesn't she understand I don't want this? How can I say no to her, when she begs me to save her husband, my bauji. They say this is for my better future, but if they knew what was good for me, they would never do this to me! My one moment of weakness, and they decided that was it, I was ready for this marriage! They told him that I was ready and that the wedding would be in a week! I am not ready Arnavji, I can not marry that man! He may be the nicest man in the world! But he can not be the man for me! The one you are suppose to marry should make you feel happy and comfortable. But when he comes near me, why am I uncomfortable? As if I don't belong with him? Then how can I marry him? I know my bauji would never want this from me! HE WOULD NEVER WANT ME TO BE UNHAPPY!" And with that she broke down completely, she knew she wasn't going to get any comfort from this man but she didn't know why he was the only one she could tell all this to. 

Arnav just sat there as he saw her break down in his arms. He heard her vent out everything that was in her heart. His eyes clouded up as he heard what she was going through. A rush of emotions went through him. First it was sadness, he felt for her, didn't she go through enough that god was making her go through this too. He looked up and glared as if telling god that this is why I do not believe in you! You only inflict pain! Then he felt anger, he never liked her buaji, the woman meant trouble! He knew how much Khushi loved her family. How could that woman tell her to repay the love and care that was giving to her! And how can someone be forced to get into a relationship like this! Then sorrow, that her mother couldn't understand her daughter! The mother had become selfish and ignored the wish of the daughter who would give up everything happily for just one smile from her family! And somewhere in the corner of his heart, he felt happy. Yes happy, that she did not want this marriage to happen! This was not her decision. 

Without realizing it, his arms slowly went around her. Holding her close to him. He murmured a soft "Its going to be ok" as he soothed her! He gently rubbed her back with one hand while the other rested on her head. He felt her freeze for a second but as she registered that he was comforting her, a new set of tears started flowing from her eyes. She hugged him tighter, feeling that if she let go now, she would be lost forever. Just like her he reciprocated, and tightened his hold on her. He was never one to comfort, but he knew that she needed him right now. He gently told her everything would be ok and that he was there, just like how his Di would comfort him. Just like how she would take him in her arms and soothe him when he would wake up form a bad nightmare when he was little.  Letting him know, that he was protected and that nothing would get to him. 

As each second passed, while he tried to calm her down, his decision got stronger. He knew what he had to do. Now, this was not her battle alone. He didn't care that he was Arnav Singh Raizada. The man who didn't care about anything. At this point, all he knew was that he had to protect this girl. This crazy girl who had turned his life upside down. This innocent girl who was being forced into something that should happen willingly. He had to protect her from this horrible world. And no matter what, no one was going to hurt her now. Khushi Kumari Gupta was no longer alone. Arnav Singh Raizada was there, as a shield for every harm that would come her way. And with that he hugged her tighter and made the vow to never leave her alone.

As he made his decision, Arnav felt Khushi's sobs subside and gently pulled away from him when she felt his arms go tight around her. He looked down at her and saw that now instead of the fear he saw confusion in her eyes which quickly turned into a shock. And just as quick as she had hugged him, she moved back and got up and walked a few steps away from him. Watching her move away he got up as well and held her hand before she could leave.

"I promise to fix everything. You won't have to go through this alone" He whispered to her gently, just loud enough for her to hear him. Once again she looked shocked, and was about to say something when the voices of Lavanya and Anjali broke their moment. She quickly turned and wiped her tears and walked to them but not before turning back once and looking at Arnav.

Shocked at his own actions, Arnav saw her walk away and then walked towards the pool. "What in the world just happened?" He thought to himself in shock as the events of the past few minutes went by in his head. He just stood there staring at the water as he realized, he just invited a hurricane to come into his life. And with that, he sighed and walked to his room to take a shower and clear out his thoughts.

[End Of Flashback]

"Chote, come on. It's time for dinner!" His Di's voice brought him back as he realized he was here thinking about the encounter with Khushi once again. He put away the spray bottle and the watering can and went inside. Khushi was long gone home, but his decision was still firm as ever. Each time he thought about what happened, his resolve strengthened. And his final decision was made. He was going to stop this wedding. And the first step was to find out who this jerk was that was hell bent on marrying Khushi! With that he strode to the table  and joined his family unaware of the storm that was going to come in his life. In their life. Due to his decision!!

pheww...alright that was the part!!! hope u enjoyed it!! comments and criticisms, both welcome!!! Please do let me know what you thought of it! And yes...please press the "like" button if you liked it lol!

thanks once again you guyss

oh and if you want a PM please add me as a buddy!


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yay!! so we once again accomplished the awesomeness and here I am number one once again. When was this? 1 at night?? See dedication has no limits! You just gotta be strong n know your goal. Mine is to stalk you ROFL ROFL

Kay do I even have to say how awesome this was?? No I do not cuz it makes perfect sense to even a small child, and since you are not one I will not say it .
Though just incase you did not realize yet, this was an AWESOME update!!! I luved it to bitss!!
 All she wanted was love but silly men can't even provide that little LOLLOL

Going bk to your comment above, You can't hunt me down! then I will die!! No updates!! MWAHAHAHEvil Smile
Ha gottta hand it to Dracula, being evil is good. Very good.

See I commented!! I edited too!! CREDITT!!StarStar
Yes you noticed!! awesome! Next time I will make it bold. Since this is next time here it is BOLD!!

Update soon!!


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awesome part dear...

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OMG...sooo excited abt the next part!! This awesome dear:) Khushi shuld realize that Arnav is the person she loves n that's way she finds comfort and solace in his arms!! loved the detailing in this part!!! Great job!!

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wow..v goood..arnie comforting her..protetcing her..loved it..plz add me to pm list

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